1. Thank you very much for watching notime2bsad we hope you come with us on our next adventure. Before you say it, lol, the British flag is backwards. It has been fixed days ago prior to this video. I apologize for doing so it was really unintentional. We lost over 200 subscribers in 1 day and I am sure there will he more. For me it is ok, I think Thailand will be a bad experience for someone who is sensitive and emotional. That being said hope the rest of you have a great day today, and please subscribe and check to make sure you are still subscribed. Cheers.

  2. Have fun in Koh Chang, my GF and I stayed at the Dewa Hotel while we were still in Thailand, 4 or 5 star, got a good low season weekend special at the time but probably nothing like the prices are now. Not that the low prices are a good thing at the moment for all businesses. Look forward to following your adventures as always. Stay and Ride Safe.

  3. Chuck you hit it right on! It is depressing, sitting here waiting to find out if I can get the work permit or not, with nothing I can do to control the outcome.

  4. Man, you guys are living the dream! So jealous listening to your daily itinerary. My itinerary…office/home/office/home/office…lol. Your trip sounds great. Enjoy, and looking forward to your videos.

  5. Don’t sweat it Chuck. My Kalasin girl was 2 weeks from getting her visa and coming over. Now I’m unemployed, my savings have taken a huge hit since March, and we have to rethink our plans. At least she still has her job with Thai Post so i don’t have to send her family money. I figure it will take a couple of years for me to get back where I was, and she may never get over here, but her family is keeping her positive about me retiring there. It’s all good!!!

  6. Watching you and Paige travel and your experiences is as close to international travelling as I can get right now. So if anything your helping to make me less depressed. Safe journey to Koh Chang

  7. I was hoping to visit Thailand this year. I understand all the precautions because of virus but I need to get away from US politics…and your videos give me relief. Thank you…I always enjoy.

  8. A little tip, try staying at “The Dewa Koh Chang”. Looks nice but I have not had the opportunity to visit the place. A nice girl I know, works there as Front Office Manager. Her name is Nichapa, so say hello from me, Bill, if you come by! I’ve known her for a long time … Have a nice trip!

  9. Thanks chuck for sharing ,looking forward for your travels,your pizza always looks tasty,have a great day chuck and Paige,safe travels 🌴✌🏼🌴

  10. When things started to get on top of me, I’d escape to a bamboo hut in Thailand for a couple of months of low-key peace, calm & kindness, and to contemplate life’s purpose while living amongst the locals. It was always the best antidote to feeling stressed, lost or lame. Having our wings clipped now, and our freedoms progressively diminished by governments and authoritarians worldwide is, for me, about as depressing as it gets. I’d be back there in a flash if I could.

  11. Hi Chuck and Paige i love the Kiwi Flag on the wall !!!!! have a magic time, i had booked to go to Hanoi in October to ride to Ho Chi min city and get a train or Bus back to Utapao/Rayong near the Airport i stay with expats, an then fly back to NZ end November but the flight price has gone from $2,000.00 NZ to $11,000 NZ and through Turkish Airlines stops in Istambul TALK ABOUT THE LONG WAY around, will have to shop around when the Covid madness stops Billy

  12. Whatever you do on this adventure you and Paige have my VOTE/THUMBS UP. I always enjoy how you and Paige live life in Thailand and the Koh Chang adventure is like something I dream of,,, living in Carrollton, Texas (Dallas area). For sure, my request is to enjoy and vlog ‘Sunday Funday’ because most of USA does not live and love each other openly like this.

  13. Cheeky bugger! The title had me going! Enjoy your travels because 1000’s are traveling with you and Paige as it’s closest we get to being in LOS👍👍👍

  14. Not being a long time follower, the title of this video made me think you were on a visa and getting ready to leave since they are kicking people out later this month. Glad that is obviously not applicable to you. On your virus comments, I just wanted to say something. For many months, I have felt exactly like you and shared the frustration of lockdowns, masks, etc. Not long ago I questioned the wisdom of heavy lockdowns with a death rate well below the 5% they initially claimed. However recently when an 82 year old person I’ve known for many years recently died after only a few weeks of having it (his wife now has it and not likely to make it either), it’s finally sunk in this isn’t about me, or people like me that feel inconvenienced being laid off or not being able to do many things. Based on the figures, to open everything up, it’s a death sentence for many people over 65 and/or with pre-existing conditions. They have a right to be protected until there is a vaccine. I hate the economic and social consequences as much as anybody, I’m laid off and been cooped up for six months. Places are going out of business all over. However there is a duty to these folks until there is a proven vaccine. Plus here in America where there is no discipline & self entitlement especially, no choice but to stay locked down. Hopefully this will be a bad memory a year from now.

  15. Chuck the big Union Jack behind you is hung the wrong way round …flip the right side to the left so the other side is showing and you’re good 👍…check the one on the NZ flag on your left 😉

  16. สวัสดีครับ คุณ ชักกี้ น้อง ปุ้กกี้ เที่ยวเกาะช้างครั้งนี้ ไปกีวันครับ แล้วจะกลับไป ฉลองวันเกิด คุณ ชักกี้ วันที่ 30 กันยา เปล่าครับ ?

  17. The flags looks great on the wall. Just out of curiosity is the big UK flag upside down based comparing the NZ and Aussie flag where there is uk flag on it? I might be wrong.

  18. I’ll believe it when I’m in Thailand until then I’ll just watch your videos and dream, looking forward to Koh Chang and the trip getting there.
    Thanks for sharing Chuckee it’s all a lot of us have right now, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  19. hope you get some sleep before the roadtrip brother. 🙂 I was planning to meet you guys down there, but funny how things happen. (that damn makro butter!) not cancelled yet, so guess I’ll catch you on the flipside

  20. Sorry to be a pain I’m just a proud British person I know it’s been mentioned before but the union flag 🇬🇧 is the wrong way around if you look at the Australian flag 🇦🇺 you can see the correct way to display it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 another excellent video 😊🙏🏻

  21. As a new subscriber am really enjoying working my way through from the time you left USA. This is the closest I can get to travelling these days . Really appreciate the time and energy you put into your videos. Keep them coming. 👍🇿🇦

  22. Another great video, Chuck and Paige! Pizza and chicken wings!! Just like in America 🙂 As a Thai living (stuck) in Venice, CA seeing you, Paige, Mafia, her friends having natural and awesome fun day Sundays weekly is very moving and inspiring. Giving me great pride and hope for Thailand that seems to welcome many foreigners. Like you said, change is still the only constance now in Thailand but I too sense that the pressure to allow tourists in is building up quickly. I just changed my ticket from Oct 7 to Feb 18, 2021 but if things open up before without a 2 week quarantine I will change it again 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do!

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