1. Thanks for the info. Also, I find the music in the background very distractive when trying to watch and listen. When on my iPhone I can hear what your saying, but when watching it on my tv I can barely hear what you are saying because of the music. Don’t mean to complain because I appreciate the videos very much, just want to be able to hear. Lol

  2. No-nonsense insights concerning emergency-related healthcare and prevention issues while traveling/living overseas. Excellent, savviest advice ever heard so far regarding this matter. The only thing missing, for peace of mind and for things to be more convincing, I guess is how to track or to dig deeper into both the good and bad reputation records of the hospitals or the healthcare centers named in the video. Thank you for your time, Nils.

  3. An IV is like the 101 for getting $ out of a foreigner.

    Living in Makati or BGC…might as well live back in the west.

    Have an adventurous life, or live in safety and security. Nobody is going to live forever.

    Every time I fly overseas I expect the plane to fall out of the sky, but luckily it hasn’t so far. Same with any kind of transport.

    A friend of mine is legally blind and regularly stays in southeast Asia on medium term holidays, just because.

    1. Exactly right. Living in those places are just like living in a western country. Don’t get why expats move to the Philippines to live the same way they did in their own countries.

  4. Thank you for the information.
    I noticed you shipped supplements from USA using Amazon. I want to order from ph.iherb and I’m told it should be fine. Did you have any problems with customs on that box you ordered? Did you pay duty tax ?

    1. When you sign up for Johnny Air you get a C/O name and an account number after your name at the JohnnyAir delivery address. You also pick a delivery destination address, for example the JohnnyAir Makati pickup office. You then use this address as the Amazon.com shipping address, for example:

      Joe Blow
      c/o JohnnyAir #1234
      Daily City, CA 94030

      Just order and ship your Amazon order directly to the JohhnyAir delivery address in USA. No other special steps with Amazon…

    2. @ASIAN ROMANCE . I wonder if DHL has the same deal because ph.iherb has fast shipping from the USA. Interesting. I know that there is formal paper work that gets signed and my guess is as long as it’s not prohibited and restricted they assume like you say. I have never heard any one talk of the process like you did. Ground breaking info Thank you. Is jonny air plus linked to amazon ? How did you organise that?

    3. No problems with customs when using JohnnyAir Plus shipping. They have a special deal with Customs that does not slow down the delivery.
      My guess is they assume all packages from Amazon or other online suppliers are “clean” and do not need normal inspection.

  5. Thanks for this piece Nils, it’s important to be aware of the worst case scenario and have some plan of action. In my younger days I was pretty reckless; I once road my bicycle across Europe, after a ferry crossing from England, through Turkey and Iran, ending up in Goa, India….all without any kind of travel insurance. I got away with it, but I did go deaf in Delhi, due to an ear infection (my hearing came back after a treatment of antibiotics, eventually). In the meantime a Dr from the local hospital wanted to ‘scrape my ear drum’. Stupidly I agreed to it but as went on to explain that it would involve considerable pain and that it was necessary to stay completely still, lest he rupture my ear drum my, ‘inner wimp’ took control and I called a halt to it. The Dr berated me for having ‘less intelligence than a stupid villager’ but there is something to be said for a having a reasonable fear.

    It’s important to assess risk properly, and although ‘life is a chance’ we would do well to manage our exposure to risk. I am 60 now, still taking risks … I like to eat local street food when in Thailand for example, and I am planning my retirement in the Philippines on a live aboard sailboat (still five years away….sigh)…..your blog is a valuable source of information….thanks.

  6. thanks for more great information Nils. We all need to be aware that when we go to the beautiful but far flung places in The Philippines that we are taking a risk. It’s all very well to be cavalier about these things, but once something happens, health insurance and proximity to good medical care are very important.
    As far as the comments about your style – please continue as you are. You are a low key and deep thinking person and your videos are much appreciated.

  7. Interesting video Nils, it prompted me to do a bit of online research into functional medicine. It seems to be an emerging area here in Australia where I live. One issue I have encountered in Philippines is nutrition. There seems to be a lot of fast food and processed food there and lots of carbs. Staying in hotels I can’t cook for myself there, and finding meals with fresh vegetables can be difficult. When you rent the apartments there do they have a full kitchen that allows you to cook whatever you want?

    1. Yes, never rent a hotel room without a kitchen. Always rent an Airbnb unit with a full kitchen. Vegetables are available (but more pricey than US or Australia) in the big grocery stores and also in the markets on the weekend.
      It takes work, but it can be done.

  8. the chance that you find a bullet in your body is in the united states 1 in 1000 … and then americans worry about hospitals in the philippines

  9. Good advice. Glad your doing ok. May I suggest backing off on your background music. I had to backup a lot to be able to catch what you were saying because of the music. Thanks. Otherwise enjoy your videos.

    1. I am in a process of uploading a new video without loud background music. My video editor is still learning to work with audio. I had to redo the audio levels myself. hehe

  10. Sounds like you may have had a kidney stone blocking the ureter. Arriving in the tropics 10 years ago & failing to hydrate adequately made the situation super-critical; fluids intended for the kidneys went out as cooling sweat! Also, you were putting junk into your body which it couldn’t handle. It’s the same with liver gallstones. The usual culprit is OXALATES. https://sallyknorton.com . Stick to the carnivore diet with little plant food & its associated toxic oxalates, lectins & PUFAs. Limit vitamin C intake to 500mg daily; more promotes oxalate formation. Most important single supplement: Magnesium! Poor urine flow? … Get your PSA blood level checked. Coconut water is great for plant-fixed, bioavailable hydration and electrolytes.

  11. Thanks for the tip on Johnny Air Plus (108 Aguirre St, Makati) for importing Amazon.com products — it is worth a video in itself covering rates, address in USA to ship, import duty and types of goods worth importing (not only supplements).

  12. I left the Philippines on February 8 due to the corona-virus scare. Now I feel fortunate for not having luck with the ladies. No survivors guilt for leaving someone special. If you are an expat still living in the Philippines better take a hard look at the coming storm.

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