Video Diary; April 3, 2014 – Leaving Bohol, For Now

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    1. I do love it there.. so much greenery and places to be alone.. do some thinking along the beach, day or night.  I miss my midnight rides under the moon on Panglao.  Pulling by the roads with zero lights and seeing the massive amounts of stars overhead.  It’s truly mind-blowing.  Can’t get that in the city.

  1. Good information about the ferry, Reekay. I generally travel with at least 2 elephants whenever I’m in the Philippines. Just kidding, but you know that. I’m happy things are getting better now.

  2. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned the woman that you arrived with especially after spending time with your new lady, April.
    All the best from Australia

    1. I am very open in my relationship with April.  She knows who my ex/gf’s are and women I still stay in touch with from afar.  She has her own long-time friend as well that she stays in touch with.  She’s not the jealous Filipina type.

    1. Yah, seeing it makes me a bit melancholy about leaving and wanting to return.  Everything in it’s own good time though.  🙂

  3. Not having MORE kids is a very smart decision, Brother Henry.  Many dudes have blown-up their budget wanking out kids late in life.  Many more use the kids to generate substantial income off of an already overburdened Social Security system.    

    1. I went there one December, after living a year on Mactan (no trees) and when I saw all the greenery, decided then and there to move to Bohol.  By that March I had moved there and stayed for a year on Bohol and Panglao. 🙂

  4. Romulan1112..  I was an engineering tech with a medical device company for 21 years.  I have 4 children in the US, all in the mid 20’s and up.  🙂

  5. When you find the right you know it.. Better of finding a girl that already has one, Finding a Filipina that does want family would be next to impossible, it goes against the culture they were brought up in. 

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