Video Diary; Dec 17th, 2014 – Boracay, Typhoon, Lynlyn & Trolls

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  1. Great comments. There is little you can do to bring about any change in a negative person. Use your time here, helping, working, living, with others who have a positive out look on life, and actually want to share that day with you.

  2. I hope you do find what you are looking for.. But it sounds like you don’t know yourself, or there is a part of yourself that you don’t let out. Do you have repressed rage? I might be able to help you deal with it. 

    1. @Bradley B. one thing i’ve been blessed with is a massive dose of forgiveness to others.  maybe even to a fault.  i suppose if i am hard on anyone it’s always been on myself, expecting a lot from myself.  i have the same frustrations others have (like when people cut in line at the grocery store or gas station).. but i have no one to really be angry with.  🙂

  3. Henry your having to much fun lol… dating is getting to know people and i think you like to get to know people… it seems you fall to fast in love but its a good feeling so its all good. take care my friend and enjoy your life you are truly living it the way you want to.

    1. @onelonleyfarmer thanks.  she’s a real sweetheart.  i get lost in my own head so often when by myself.  she brings me out of that, into the ‘now’ with her cheerful countenance.  🙂

    1. @mainenwo yah.  and i was honestly really getting into a groove of just being single, footloose and fancy-free for a while.  then.. i met lynlyn.  ha!  

  4. Enjoy to the max and take care of yourself, Henry. Nice to see different backgrounds of your video. Love ko ito 🙂 Regards to Lynlyn. PS: Waiting for your Christmas Special Videolog 😉 😉

  5. I don’t comment much, as I’m here to respectfully listen; but if people hate on you then they are completely anti self-determination and anti-positive.
    Long may they freeze their nuts off in some cold wasteland while you swim in Boracay!
    (actually I’m typing from a cold wasteland right now, but at least I was swimming in Boracay  (at the same Mama Mary shrine) last year!

  6. Henry, don’t let anyone drag you down. Please do not waste a minute of your time on Trolls. You feed them with attention and they multiply in folds like Gremlins, hahaha. Keep on living the way you want.

  7. Hi henry that was a good talk there and i am jeluse you are living my dream now jejeje but im very happy for you guys its good to take your time in a relationship really and what the hurry anyway,the best part is falling in love i think and descovering each other age makes no difference to me me and my gf are almost 20 yesrs apart on that and we dont care one anyone thinks because we are happy there will always be the trolls as you say the haters the disbelievers,just kick them out and dont give them a secound thought,i mean its ok to speak there mind if its done with respect and tastfuly,wishing you and your gf the best holiday season thanks for the video 🙂

    1. @matt hajas thanks, man.  things are going splendid with lynlyn.  we’ve begun cooking together which is both fun and (to me) an important bonding activity.

  8. Ignore the haters Henry .Probably just jealous and miserable in their own little world  . What a shame. Anyhow glad you enjoyed Boracay, hard not to eh. Nice to see you are doing well there . Take care .. Aloha

  9. Henry, don’t pay any attention to the Haters.  They hated on you when you moved to the Philippines and now they hate on  you when you have a relationship.  They see you enjoying your life and they feel jealous over your lifestyle.  Just do what you want and ignore them. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      I may have mentioned before that I will be moving from Oz to the Phils in March next year. If I visit your neck of the woods, I will say g’day. Don’t worry, you will recognize the accent!!…lololol

  10. Sometimes that age difference is the other way around. My wife is 63 and I am 44 and we have been married now almost 10 years. Wouldn’t change it for nobody!

    1. @Brian Bonnet i’m glad for you.  in life, how could we be happy by denying ourselves what we want to appease the changing opinions of others anyway?  i don’t remember “other people” asking me for my opinion on who they married or dated.  yet they want to tell me who i can or can’t date?   nah.  we love who we love and others can either like it or go suck a lemon.  ha!

  11. as long as individuals are of an age and mentality, where they are able to make their own choices,  without breaking any laws, I wish them all the best, I make no discriminate between, religion, gender, disability, age, or culture, and it is not any one’s right to do so

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines So when the guys joke about the “imposter” looking better than the “original.” I suppose that’s what you mean by “attractive?”  LOL!

    2. @Paul Hart yes, that is my view as well.  lynlyn and i were in the supermarket last night and a foreigner was there shopping with his g/f, a very attractive ladyboy.  naturally everybody noticed and they were turning heads.  both lynlyn and i just kinda shrugged and said, “well, it makes them happy”.  they must be in a relationship to be seen together at a grocery store instead of just a night-club, is my estimation.  after all, when it’s all said and done, nobody is getting hurt or abused.  same with age-gap relationships.. if two people love each other and are both over 18, then that’s all that matters.  i already know most of my immediate family supports who i date.  but others will simply have a heart attack over it due to the big age difference.  ha!  

  12. Thank You, for what you do for us and yes there are a lot of A-H out there in the world. That want to impose there will on us. Then complain when we don’t comply.  To them i say, “what goes around – comes around.  God Bless

  13. Hi Henry,
    Good to see you made it back to Duma in one piece. I am sure you are happy to be back to your “piece/peace” as well. hehehe. You didn’t miss anything by not going with me to Subic as I didn’t make it there due to mechanical problems. There’s always next year as the season lasts until about May.

    Actually I love Trolls. I often wonder if they realize how much of themselves they are exposing. They make me think about the guys who go to public places wearing nothing but a raincoat. They think it will be great fun to “flash” people. Then just can’t understand why people laugh at them instead of being shocked.

    Keep up the good stuff. I know that someone, somewhere is affected in a positive way every day, by the work that you and others do here on the “Tube”.

    Take care,

    1. Right on Brother Fred!  A little piece–ERR–peace can sure help the happiness.  LOL.  

      Sorry to hear you didn’t make Subic.  I’ll get back to your channel and catch up.  Hope all is well as you make repairs.

  14. Hello and thanks for the videos. I have one question. In earlier videos you talked about your friend moving in with you and you all having a work/friendship relationship. What happen with her since you have a new lady in your life?

    1. @Jay Hall that was bea, my ex/gf.  she turned down the job position, partly due to appearances with her family and partly due to how it would appear to any foreigner she might get interest in.  they’d likely not believe it was a platonic situation so she is now sharing a boarding house with a filipina friend of mine.

  15. Thanks for the update with Evelyn.  I’m happy for you.  One of those trolls commented on my video with you at SM City that in America we would be locked up for dating younger ladies.

    1. @My Philippine Journey yah, they feed on making a presence.. squatting, if you will.  by deleting them and banning them their little campaign just starves to death into obscurity.  🙂

    2. @My Philippine Journey ha!  why am i not surprised?  must be some ‘new law’ or.. they’re just making stuff up again.  last time i checked, a 21 year old can enlist in the military, buy their own liquor, make contracts and purchase a firearm.. but not date?   hahaha!!  trolls really do live in some funky fantasyland under an eternal grey cloud.  Keep rockin’ Iloilo.  🙂

  16. As usual Henry good video love them all, yes it is a shame that we all are not peace loving people and let each other just go about our daily lives with out being treated like a cesspit, I am very happy that you have a good and respectful attitude in life I do feel the vast majority of your viewers all just wished they we you travelling and enjoying them selves in a beautiful country. Henry one thing I can say as a 62 year old man with all that I have learned from my experiences in life the most beautiful of all is having a young woman half my age who loves me cares and respects me and treats me as an equal not an ATM as so many westerners seem to think, I just ignore ignorance not worth the time of day 🙂      

    1. @Bernie Cook i showed your comment to my g/f and she liked it.  it’s good to hear more of the happy couples.  too often we only hear about the ones that didn’t work out so good.  glad to hear all is going well with you and your missus.  🙂

  17. Lynlyn looks like a sweet woman, and of course, very cute. Regarding the trolls and haters: They are mental weakings, not worthy of attention They very likely were dropped on there heads as babies and deserve our sympathy, Or were un loved and abandoned, and have issues that are far beyond a lifetime of professional help, and thus should be pitied.  It may be difficult but try not to laugh at them.

  18. I think these age gap relationships are great, and would like to have
    one myself when I go there. The older guys can get a  nice young girl
    over there-“that’s for sure..” There’s many that are doing that right now.
      I do think you have to be realistic, and understand why these relationships
    come about, and why they may last. Firstly the Philippines is one of the
    poorest countries in the world, with about 1 million of it’s people working
    abroad and sending money back home to the Phils- without this money,
    the Phils would be very broke.. There are about 100,000 Filipino’s in my
    city here in Canada alone, which arrived just in the last 8-10 years.
      If you see a 50-60 year old guy with a 20 year old, it’s quite simple, and that
    is the attraction for the girl is money and security. It’s best you don’t get into
    a “fooling yourself” relationship, thinking it’s love at first sight, or something
    along that line. I do believe however, that after sometime, a true love can build
    very strong between a young woman and a an older man. This can even last
    quite some time if the man is healthy, and in good physical shape.
       It truly is an older man’s paradise over there, if you love young women, as
    I do, however understand and accept the fact that the women are really attracted
    to the “benefits” of marrying or being in a relationship with an older man. Nothing
    wrong with that at all- just be realistic and be satisfied you both mutually have a
    lot to gain by being involved with each other. It’s really not all about love at first.
    If you can live with that truth, you’ll be a lot happier, and less disappointed if a
    relationship doesn’t work out. They should not be presented as romantic love
    relationships, at least until quite some time passes. How many big age gap
    relationships do you see in North America ?? or wealthy European countries- just
    not that many at all. Furthermore Filipina girls that have been here in North America
    quickly become like the other Western girls over here.( because they have money!!!)
      So, I say- enjoy all the beautiful young women out in the Phils– bit do so with a
    realistic mindset- you’ll be a lot happier, and have peace of mind.

    1. @george brett – George, you are bitter-why should it matter to you, what
      other’s like me or Henry do, or want ?? doesn’t affect you. I’m not going to
      get into this with you George–“no point in it”- this is my last response to you.
      I guess you must have something against Henry for some reason ??? I hope
      the Christmas holiday season, will allow a bit of peace within you-U need it !!!

    2. @george brett – I guess you should join the “morality police” George, so
      everyone can behave and want everything you think is right. There’s a lot
      of work for such a righteous person like yourself- maybe you can go back
      to the US, and lock up all the Polygamists that have 3-4 young wives,( Mormons)
      or go to the Middle East where wealthy Muslim men have 3-4 young wives.
      I’m sure you “can change the world”-with some of your input.
         Why don’t you just mind your own business, and respect that all people
      are not the same as you, nor do they want the same things as you do.
         I’m surprised Henry would even allow you to make rude comments about
      him, or me for that matter. If I was him–I’d delete all your comments. If you
      can’t be polite and respectful of others, even if they don’t agree with what
      you think is right and proper, you just should keep your comments to yourself.
         I’m not going to waste my time on here having a verbal exchange with
      someone who is mentally compromised like you are George.
         Basically this is a friendly forum George, where people treat everyone with
      respect, even though they may not agree with them. Why does there always
      have to be bitter, mean spirited people causing problems ??? I guess you
      must have a real chip on your shoulder George, and I have no time to exchange
      comments with a troll like you !!!

    3. Well Merv, what I’m saying is these Filipina
      girls are more attracted to character and
      financial stability in a man, rather than how he
      looks or what social standing he has– as a
      Western woman would. They don’t care about
      age gaps etc, or what people will think, as it’s
      most important that he’s a good man, not a
      druggie, or alcoholic, and can provide for her,
      and her future family. A lot of relationships
      come down to what standard of living the man
      can provide–and I think that’s a good thing.
      Totally different relationship dynamic, over
      there, as compared to the Western world.
        Not like relationships in the Western world,
      where their concerned about what model and
      age of car you have, your job title, how you
      look, and all these fine details. The Filipina
      woman over there-just want a good solid,
      and reliable man-“not super picky.”

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines – yes it would be much safer to keep her
      there in the PH with you- why risk exposing her to the feminist culture of the
      Western world. In addition to that, if you can have enough income over there,
      the cost to live is a lot lower, and you have a beautiful climate. Keep her there.

    5. @Grant Bedard yes, i agree.  that ‘initial attraction’, whether it be security or beauty, is only the beginning.  as you stated, it is after time that hearts actually do bond and real love takes root.  i am also of the perspective that marriages have a better rate of survival (with an age gap, filipina) when the couple resides in the PH.  she is then close to her family (and there is some accountability there) plus she’s not bombarded with the materialistic self-worth propaganda the usa media crams down our throats with every commercial and print ad.  here, life is simpler and good filipina women can appreciate the nature and family values prevalent here in the PH.

  19.  I’m glad you got to see Boracay Henry. I hope this girl works out for you because everyone deserves to have that special someone in their life.

    1. @FoodAndGardenChannel thanks.  each day is looking better with her, she seems to be checking out as legit.  we’ll see how the next year goes.

  20. The opinion people give on other peoples relationships is exactly what it is: THEIR opinion. Because every person is different, and experiencing chemistry is different for everyone, the whole culture thing is a personal thing to handle, one can the other can’t, it;s the same with the age difference. So follow your heart Henry (and Evelyn too for that matter) and enjoy life, love, the Philippines and each other. 🙂 

  21. Henry,just continue what you do best,,,Ignore these trolls and haters,Just don’t get caught in the moment,Move on and continue with your kool videos,,,You have a lot of of fans.Peace from California..(fresno)

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Ignore the haters dude. Im a Canadian Filipino and even I am hated by these goofy guys that finally got beat in a country they can’t control women in. Hope all works out for you Henry. Im happy with my little family too.  

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines lool its true..less stressful and u dont have to worry about mortgages and insurance for ur car

      do u have ur own house in USA? im just curious

    2. @lalagirl211 i originally came to be with a filipina that i met in california, who was on vacation.  but after 3 years that did not work out so i decided to stay anyway since i love the PH life.  is less stressful for me and i enjoy the places to see.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines ohh woow im glad to hear that… philippines is indeed so much fun, do u just happen to visit philippines in ur own free will or ur friends brought u to philippines and u just felt in love in that country??

    4. @lalagirl211 the PH is my new home.  assuming the hypothetical that i were to “run out of money”.. since living in the usa is far more expensive, it wouldn’t make much sense to go there, especially with so much unemployment in california.   i do plan on ‘visiting’ my family back in the states next summer, but for 2 months and then return to the PH.  🙂

  22. I think technology and companies that see the need to better police trolling, will eventually find ways to better curb this behavior. Henry, take comfort in your growing fan base that is representative of the prevailing good folks out there. This article was amusing… “Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists”
    Your right, it sucks to be them.

  23. Hey Henry Congrats again to you and Lynlyn for finding each other and being crazy about each other. 
    Haters gonna hate .. but super that you are addressing it. You are right they really have a pathetic life.

  24. Good luck henry. Maybe this one is it.from my experience mine from bicol nutty bouncy 50 years old still pretty
    But as interesting as first time we Taiwan she working there.
    Good luck get to know them best now than sorry later.
    You have a good way of learning people.later really enjoy the vedios.

  25. What’s that old Jewish mothers statement to her daughter?…You can fall in love with a doctor as easily as you can fall in love with a ditch digger, so go for the doctor. This is not finding some rich guy to exploit, it’s just choosing who you date more selectively. The same thing can be said to a guy, but at a different angle. You can fall in love with a woman your age or someone younger, the choice is yours.

    As far as the trolls go, their goal is to make others feel as rotten about their lives as they feel about their own. I work with a guy who is nothing but one negative thought after another, he is nothing more than a victim waiting to be victimized. When a supervisor notes something a little negative about what he has done it becomes the end of the world, at least for him. He makes everyone around him want to be as far away from him as possible, he is repellent on two legs.

  26. Thing is, the news always shows the bad part and poor people of the Philippines. A lot of people doesn’t know that there are a lot of wealthy and educated Filipinos and very nice places in the Philippines.

  27. Great video always love em. A wise man uses his talents wisely. And thank you for sharing all the wisdom. You give many a wonderful friend that we are proud to have. A look back at 1 year ago and how much you really had perceived at that short amount of time.

  28. I enjoy all your vids, I have leaned alot from your travels. I too am from California and now want to at least see Boracay now that you introduced it to me. And maybe be a part time expat. The haters are miserable people who are jelouse and envious. I have known so many in my life, very sad souls they are. Keep up the good work and happy travels.

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