Video Diary, Jan 28, 2015 – Sunshine, Updates, Tortillas & Sushi

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  1. Man, I’m so happy for you two! I thought you would never find a girl that was good enough for you. I hope you guys have a great relationship that makes you happy for a long time. 😃

  2. I sure hate to bring up something from the past and I am surely WAYYYY OFFF….and yet, It just crossed my mind as you speak of April and a fifth grader can do the math; I just wonder that “thing” you “saw”…….that really threw you off, It just crossed my mind if it had to do with April? Its like one of those questions Im not asking you to answer (unless its ok now) but it sure crossed my mind. Im glad you are happy with Lynn. 🙂

    1. @Israel & Julieta E. reality is stranger than fiction most times.  ha!  it’s interesting how life can be so full of surprises.  good, or bad.

    2. And with THAT….I’M DONE with that subject forever. SMH,  just wondered seem to happen so fast with her. Or maybe not.

    3. @Israel & Julieta E. it had nothing to do with april.  it was something weeks after we’d already broken up.  april had nothing to do with it.

  3. Hi Henry, dont worry what people say about your relationship with Lyn, as long as you and she get along and happy together thats all that matters. Super Bowl weekend GO PATRIOTS!! Did you go swimming in that pool? If you did your lucky, its cold as hell here in Chicago!!!

    1. @Tom Thompson lyn and i went with another couple to the hot springs all day, up in valencia.  it was awesome.  very beautiful up there.

    1. @Very Good a buddy of mine (chinese by ancestry, but born and raised in california, usa).. had two chinese parents and of course looked very ‘chinese’.  he would get bothered by the fact that people would ask him, “so where were you born?”.  he’d say, “how come i don’t go around asking white people, “where were you born?.. because it’s rude and stupid, that’s why.”.  he spoke perfect english.  lived his entire life in california and yet was seen as a chinese-american as if he’d immigrated here.  “i’m an american, dammit.”, he’d say.  and really, that’s all that really mattered to him.

    2. @Very Good nobody wanted to use the term, “americans with african ancestry” so it just became easier to use the term “african americans”.   as in my case, when people ask “where are you from?”, i say, “america” because.. that is where i am from and where i was born, same as my parents and grandparents.  if i were to say ‘mexico’.. heck, i didn’t even visit mexico until i was about 35 years old for a vacation. 

    3. @Angirson Lopez no, i am american, with mexican/spanish ancestry.  actual ‘mexicans’ are born in mexico, just as actual ‘chinese’ are born in china.  ‘mexican-americans’ are born in mexico and immigrate to america.  each term is unique.

    1. My first Western-thinking mindset is that’s pretty crazy but when I see the divorce rates in the states, I figure the odds are greater in Joan’s favor for a good marriage. lol

    2. Guess that gut hasn’t being watching your videos about getting to know the person first (in real life) and waiting a year or so before getting engaged 🙂            interesting to see how that works out 

    3. @Glenn McGee they got ‘engaged’ verbally prior to his arrival, but then when he arrived, they picked out rings and made it official.

  4. Always interesting when Reekay the philosopher holds court. Only criticism is that you should change the Youtube thumbnail. Looks like the guy in the background is taking a pee!

  5. Henry is very simple many expats want to meet you, includeing my self when i get to Phillpines BECUASE YOUR A VERY NICE GUY, YOUR DOWN TO EARTH AND HONEST,,,I think many expats can relate to your viedos,,I have.

    1. @larry morris it’s good to meet up, i enjoy hearing about what brought people to the ph and how their romance plans are coming along.  🙂

  6. Hey Henry let me ask you something — do you think the volume of public videos you have done makes you more vulnerable to scams?  Surely it makes you more visible to scammers

    1. @Slappy Fistwad if any effect, i’d say less since those who have actually watched my videos know that i pay attention to details and question everything. 

  7. Henry people that say you have nothing in common are only jealous and wish they could be in your shoes.Hey Congratulations with Lyn she is very quapa and you make a nice couple. Here is a question off the beaten path is there health insurance in the Phils , is it available and at what price.

    1. Well said Matt !!  You know just by getting older you learn that some people attack situations that they have no knowledge of. You see some of that in Henry’s replies.

  8. Thankyou for another for another great video from Dumaguete.My wife is from Dumaguete and she really enjoys seeing the locations you shoot at. Do any of your three sons or stepdaughter follow your YT Channel? Have they provided you with any feedback that you are willing to share with your viewers?

  9. Hi Henry,
    Good to hear that things are going well.
    Interview process to see if you have things in common.
    Q.Do you like to eat?
    A. Yes I like to eat.
    That’s one to the good side.
    Q. Do you like to watch movies?
    A. Yes I like to watch movies.
    That’s two.
    Q. Do you like music?
    A. Yes I like music.
    Q. Do you like to sleep?
    A. Yes I like to sleep.
    Need I go on?

    I noticed you emphasized “need” more than “want” about your to do list.
    When “want” gains a much greater emphasis, then the list will shrink quickly.
    But hey, what’s the rush, really.
    Take care,

  10. I like your videos, I follow a few people in the PH and It’s great to see the different areas and get the other perspectives on relationships in PH. Keep making them. 🙂

  11. hello Henry i was wondering if you still had interest in the hog farm/piggery? i remember after the big storm and earthquake there was some damage and some lost hogs. so maybe an update??

    1. yeah i know how some of the people work over there you put up the money and poof the pig’s die or someone steals them… but the reality is they sold them at the market and your just the guy who lost your money cuz your not there to see it happen.

    2. @onelonleyfarmer if i were to ever do it again, i’d do it on property i lived on, out in a rural area of course.  it’s the only way to control piggies that just seem to ‘vanish’ or ‘die’ (according to the caretaker) when you aren’t living nearby.  the one i started in Bogo, i left that and all my interest with my ex/gf and she’s been keeping it going profitably despite the devastation from typhoon yolanda.

  12. Hi Henry, ive met a girls that are very young that have their heads screwed on better than some women ive known in their 30s and 40s. if the two of you are happy thats all that matters.

    1. @Craig Jacob absolutely.  it’s all a case-by-case basis when you really start dating an individual, and not just considering “an age group”.  

  13. Henry, Thank You Very Much, for sharing your journey there.  To me you are my family kuya.  I said to my wife.  If I ever get to the Philippines, I would like to meet You, Ned and Michelle and a few other.

  14. you have maybe been told this before? why dount you set up dating sight there where you are ? would be good as you have lyn would give her work that she would enjoy? and you could guide her with stting up a websight for this as well as the accounting side of things and what the does and dounts are ? and maybe you can undercut the other sights as they do try to charge a lot just look at phinoy cupid

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Sounds like the White Slave Traffic Act, or Mann Act, passed in the USA in 1910.  It really didn’t have any impact on white slave traffic (prostitution laws were a state issue–the federal law just had to do with transporting women across state lines), but it was written vaguely enough that it sure did get a lot of men into a lot of trouble, for reasons completely unrelated to trafficking in white slaves, and led not only to putting a lot of men in prison, but also to a lot of extortion and blackmail.

    2. @TheLeonard1958 ever since the passing of the ‘cybercrime law’ about a year ago (passed in 2012, but ratified around 2014).. the law is so general and vague that it makes running a matchmaker or dating site too risky for being charged as a “human trafficking” offense.  so i never bothered with anything like that for a business here in the PH.  does not seet to apply to dating websites, but if you are involved with the people in their meeting and any money is changing hands, it’s way too risky.  even if they find you innocent, you end up with attorney’s bills just to prove it.

  15. Henry, will be in visiting Duma in March.  Any places that serve Lengua, tripas  carnitas or Mexican style menudo?  (Ph menudo entirely different) I’m fortunate to have a great taco truck nearby

    l need a weekly recharge of  Mex food while traveling.  If non of the above any suggestion for a restaurant that serves a decent taco or burrito.  Thanks

    1. @Ed Navarro Norcal diver there is a taco place about 1 mile south of the Robinson’s Mall, on the main highway, left side.  there is also a new taco place up in Valencia, at the park that is also worth checking out for mex food with homemade tortillas.  🙂

    1. @arman m. yah.. but i don’t want to gain much weight.   might start blending my own juices again.  lyn said she’d help me with making them up and going to merkado for fruits/veggies.

  16. Henry, right?  I just want to thank you for all the great advice, and helpful tips about living there in the Philippines.  You are really a great guy in my book, and very happy for you and Lyn.  Secondly, my intentions are to relocate and move to the Philippines in August or September at the latest. So, greatly appreciate everything you’ve posted.  Also, would really like to have lunch sometime once I arrive and get settled in.  Take care my friend.

  17. Most of us that follow you are pulling for you as for the rest C’est la vie . People need to think before writing . You are happy and I think they should be happy for you. I am happy for you and wish you guys all the best .

  18. Henry, are U going to watch the Super Bowl over there?
    Can you even get the broadcast ? As far as dating, people should not make negative comments. It is simply not anybody’s business.

  19. The way I see it Hank, is 2 months isn’t really all that long-It is still new and fun.
    Now after 1 or 2 years, that is when you will start to really know more about a person.

    1. @doer23 that’s the way i already saw it.  2 months is 2 months.  but so far, been very good.  things will work out one way, or the other, with time.

  20. Glad that your life is content and certainly we all want that. However, over time you’ll need to move forward and add something new – whatever that may be. As I mentioned earlier, relationships are between the individuals involved who has a vested interest. So in your relationship with Lynn, what matters is what is between the two of you. I like the backdrop and it looks so much like Southern California. If not for the typical coconut trees, I would think you are in Laguna, CA absent the Pacific Ocean. I’m really surprised how western Dumaguette is. Wonder who owns Robinson Mall.  There’s a number of malls with the same Robinson name. The one I visited is in Malate Manila in the Luzon island. If not for the presence of Filipino’s and the noise, I would have thought I was in Fashion Mall in Newport Beach, CA. Maybe you should post your visits with other expats. I would be interested in learning the dynamics of expats. It is nothing new to me as relationships between Americans and Filipina’s date back when President Taft conquered the Philippines by defeating Spain in the Spanish American War. Even in WWII so many GI’s brought Filipinas home to the U.S. In our family, we have had 2 such relationship and it actually prospered.  I myself am a Filipino married to an American girl. That duo is more unusual than what you have, but I think more and more I see partnership between many races, including a Russian woman that speaks Tagalog and in fact more Filipina than Russian. My brother is heading to Cebu to visit in March. Every year he spends his 4 weeks vacation by heading to the Philippines and visiting places that I myself have not visited. I would love to visit the furthest north of Luzon. Anyway, keep posting.


    PS: I am also fascinated how well you video. You single handedly produce video that a crew would do. Maybe you should set up a stable camera and show us how you do the selfie. I am just impressed. Who needs a crew?

  21. Glad everything is going well for you !!  Do not fight Clubber Lang in an attempt to get your hunger back, that could be dangerous !!  LOL……

  22. Henry consider going back to being private as many folks in Europe and the West especially just wouldn’t understand.  Most need to be here in the Philippines to understand the culture.

    1. @llewey R but meanwhile, i’m going to continue doing what i do.  it serves as a means of letting future travelers know what to expect when they get here.  🙂

    2. @llewey R i’ve given up on western, non-expats, understanding how things are here.  as you mentioned, it’s hard for them to imagine (let alone accept) unless they’ve traveled beyond their comfort zone.

  23. Now that I decided to leave my subconscous is letting me be aware of how much I have come to dislike Mexican society. Nature is beautfiul, the weather great, the people, these days, just suck. I am literally the invisible man no matter waat my attitude is anywhere I go. You do business and I am the one that says, ‘thanks’, the Mexicans never do. There is no gratitude or respect here anymore. I am going to be bappy to leave…too bad it was not alway like this….

  24. Henry I have been watching you for years knowing I was coming there this fall. For some reason and maybe just today but YouTube will only let you go back 2 years. You may consider offering A DVD package every year at the end of the year. DVD architect could get a lot of videos on one disc.

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