Video Diary Sept. 19, 2014 – Taking It Easy

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  1. Very good. You sound like you are in chill mode. Forget about dating for awhile. My opinion, at 49 years of age you should be seeing women that can share their similar experiences with you. That means 40 years of age or older; kids grown and out of the picture. I believe this would make for a much healthier start to a relationship.

  2. You mentioned regarding the 3 getting to know you dates then briefly something about shady things you’ve sensed so share with us.
    ” inquisitive minds want to know” (smile)

    1. @Jason Wilson Oh yeah baby!  Except LONG before there was Uncle Tommy, there was Daddy Democracy making the guys understand what they had to lose by getting whipped and stupid.  But hey, any help is good help, even late help.  LOL!

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Good assessment of the party girls, Henry. A total waste of time. Even their local BF’s can’t stand how shallow they are. They’re looking to drink on your dime with no guarantee of appreciation for your fine hospitality. The trick with HO’s like that is to catch them after some other sucker(s) have paid to get them all liquored up. LOL.

    3. @Jason Wilson¬†Who does blame the girls? I just warning Henry`s FB “pals” of the same thing as Henry that what did find out the “..girls just want to have fun! …” ¬†If you get an invitation and are enough “jerk” to feel it really is more than just for fun…please, go ahead! ¬†Funny, funny, funny..MUST be a ….It`s not a stupid who asks, but who pays!

    4. @Jason Wilson freinding is one thing.  but when they are busy messaging and setting up their next little vacation with 2 or 3 of them.. and then, at the end of the day (literally) text you to take them out.  not relationship material.  just girls working the system for a good time.

  3. Greetings reekay,this coming October there will be a masskara festival in Bacolod city,negros occidental maybe you can go check it out and enjoying the sites there,love your videos by the way

  4. How do you go from daily life, business, family, friends, etc- (in the USA)- How due you just chuck it all and start over in the PR? I guess its easy- you just do it…but that’s a big-one.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines – very good comment there Henry, and
      I’ll have to remember that-
      ¬† ” the only women who approach me are pros or scammers”
      All guys going to the PH for a woman should carve this in stone in their mind!!!

    2. @StarManFlorida here in the ph, ‘good’ women don’t go approaching men.¬† they believe that the right man will come searching for them.¬† even if the right woman was right in front of you, literally.. they will wait for you (the man) to initiate contact.¬† some people say, “if you’re looking, you’re trying too hard”.¬† others say, “if you don’t look, you aren’t trying”.¬† it’s all perspective.¬† what i do know is that in this culture, the only women who approach me are either pros or scammers.

  5. Try Filipino Friend Finder. Best decision I ever made. Narrow it down to one or 2 girls that will invest the time emailing you with regards to the same needs and desires you would like in a marriage/relationship. If marriage is your goal make them aware of this in your profile from the very beginning. Any woman in their right mind will avoid you if you are on the fence, keep looking over your shoulder or have too many requirements for the “perfect” girl. Because every one of them will fall short of your requirements. You can find something “wrong” with every single girl you meet. If you keep using phrases like “I dont want anything serious right now” “I will need a year to feel comfortable with the idea of marrying you” Etc. You are essentially rejecting them before you even have a chance to get to know them. A woman needs to know that you are firmly commited to her and only to her.

  6. I love reading your journals. It seems that you have the talent to be a serious writer which makes me seriously consider reading your work of fiction that you have been working on so please tell me how I can access a copy of it¬†once it is finished. I have always wanted to know if your friend Christine has children and if that’s the reason why she has not become your girl.

  7. ¬†How;s it going guy, most decent Philippine girls wont show much of a response, that’s the culture , the girls that are hot and heavy for you , those are the ones that you got to watch for, a lot of Filipinos date for a long time not like in the U.S¬†

  8. Watch all your vids man! Keep em coming. Hey Reekay, good ol PopZ was kicking some wisdom on how to find a beautiful Pinay for a wife and I think hes on to something! Pay attention to the “got off the bus in the middle of nowhere” part. I think you may consider getting out of town and away from all the players. Dont get me wrong, makes for entertaining youtube! Id love to see more vids by expats on dating psychos, hookers and scammers in the Philippines!¬†lol But for what your looking for, I would do more out of town adventures… Just a thought. Here is PopZ vid link:
     Filipinas, Finding & Dating The Truth !

    1. I guess I didn’t catch the cheap shots mentioned by popz. I would not back up such behavior. Hey, Henry’s a single guy. Now you go have yourself plenty of fun with the pretty ones if you want Henry, ya hear?… Im living through you right now! lol

    2. @Grant Bedard¬†You would need to review his vid’s more carefully, Grant. ¬†He’s taken cheap shots at Henry on at least two vid’s that I watched. ¬†I can’t figure out why as he and Henry don’t run in the same circles or appeal to the same demographics. ¬†I would say Henry’s viewers are a few years younger and generally have a pulse.

      Perhaps he is one of the toxic-elderly that believes ¬†there is only one way to expat–his way? . ¬†

    3. @DemocracyDoctor1 – Hey there Doc- don’t you think people are coming
      down a bit hard on old Pop Z ?? He is boring and certainly can put you to
      sleep alright, but the guy seems harmless. Doesn’t say anything negative about
      Henry, or his site, or anyone. Just looks to me like a harmless old guy, who
      doesn’t have much money, just trying to survive and be happy. What gives??
      ¬†¬†¬† I don’t think you have to worry about him “blowing up” your scammer meter
      with overheated activity–“he’s harmless” He has some good points, like going
      into the provinces to meet girls. Why are people on the old guy’s case???

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines – I don’t know Henry ?? why are you
      being so hard on this Pop Z guy ?? I watched about 10 of his videos, and
      not once did he mention your name, or make negative comments about you.
      ¬†¬†¬† Maybe I’m watching the wrong guys videos ??? but he seems like a nice
      old guy, just peacefully living out his remaining years. I don’t understand why
      people are coming down on the old guy??? Maybe you can tell me?? Just
      seems like a nice old guy, with not much money, trying to survive.

  9. do not give up on dating just maybe older women like 35 and to 40 i think your have better luck like i did with mine and funny thing i met her in calif where you came from and i met on dating site

  10. Hi Henry, long time admirer of your videos. I,ve travelled  to Phillippinnes a good  few times now, and next year i wanna stay for 2/3 months. I was  in Tagbilaran just a few weeks ago  and went to the most popular bar/disco in town. The thing is the bar/disco was full of guys, almost a ratio of 10:1, which was the first time ive experienced a lack of women in the Philippines,. Just wondering what the ratios are like  in bars in Dumaguete.

  11. Sounds great take it easy and enjoy life dont be too serious. The right one will come and you will know when you see her. Have a good weekend buddy.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines¬†I saw my wife for the first time online on a picture and she was hugging her son. She had love in her eyes and I straight away wished it was me this lady was hugging. She said hi to me 3 days later and we talked up a storm. We talked every night into the early hours of the mornings for 5 months. Then I got in a plane to meet her and when she saw me she wanted to run. Even though she knew I was 6″3′ in real life I looked huge. ¬†But when we went to her place in the back of a taxi I knew she was the one. All Im saying trust your instinct and sometimes you know just by looking.¬†

  12. How about offering to volunteer in the local school helping with English reading and comprehension?  That way you would be doing something really helpful and you would meet more people; perhaps closer to your age and interests.  Just a thought.  You write and speak well and others might benefit from your expertise.

  13. If two potatoes are standing on the street corner, how do you tell which one is the prostitute?¬†¬†¬†¬† It is easy….look for the sticker¬† that says….¬† I DA HO

  14. Henry–I just don’t understand why you come down quite hard on this
    Pop Z guy ??? I watched about 10 of his videos, and not once did he
    say anything negative about you, or your site, or people U associate with.
    Maybe I’m watching the wrong guy’s vids, or maybe didn’t see the ones
    that got you angry with him??? The guy lives in Canalon City, in Negros
    Oriental–(close to San Carlos) in the same province as you-right???
       He seems like a nice old guy, with not much money, living with a Filipina,
    just living out his remaining days. Looks quite harmless to me, and also
    seems to be a religious guy, and I never heard him slander, or make any
    disparaging comments about anyone, and yet people jump on his back??
        I must be missing something here??? as you yourself do not seem to be
    a bitter or vendictive person at all. The guy looks harmless to me.
    ( I didn’t watch many of his vids- no time-sort of slow and boring-but harmless)
    ¬† BTW- I think he’s right about going into the provinces to find girls-“very right”

    1. @Grant Bedard the videos are there, trust me.. it’s not my imagination.¬† i’ve posted his videos to my facebook page with no comments from me, to see what others thought.. and they all overwhelming could see he has some bitter case with me.¬† i’ve never mentioned him in my videos, yet he keeps making digs at not just me but other vlogs of expats here on youtube as well.¬† i finally just blocked him and been ignoring him.¬†

  15. With regards to relationships, I have been married to my lovely Filipina dream girl for 22 years. We met in Saudi Arabia, quite a story. Just relax and let it happen. A life partner will appear, you may have to be flexible on the child issue though, all women want to have children, a deep instinct. The trade off having
    is someone lovely, fun with a gentile nature and loyal.

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