Video Postcard: Late Night in Moalboal, Philippines

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  1. Wow.. I missed one turn at Carcar and ended up touring the southern end of Cebu!  After some backtracking I arrived in Moalboal 8 hours behind schedule.

    1. It was Talaytay and you were in Argao. That is where i was at 4/19 to 5/18 this year. Already making plans to return. Talking now to my fiancee about a 200sqm lot for about  3,500.00. Stay safe and thanks for the videos. Also when i post my next one i will be referring people to your channel,

    2. I remember a sign for Argao and also I think one called ‘tagaya’ or ‘tagatay’.. something like that.  Basically, almost to the south tip of Cebu.  ha!

    1. The apartment there got robbed so, since someone had the extra key to my scooter I decided to go to Dumaguete ahead of schedule.  🙂

  2. Good to see your new video Henry.
    Enjoy your travel , have lots of fun and take lots of videos but be careful. , . . Are you traveling alone? you have to take care yourself more and your belongings as well.
    Good luck !!!

    1. I didn’t travel anywhere by myself but i totally agree with you , traveling alone gives you the chance to do what exactly what you want to do. Oh My ! take some video of the sunset , clouds etc…. anything that beautiful and fascinating to your eyes !!! 🙂 Hope your travel is filled with fun Henry!

    2. Yah, I travel alone.  I’ve had offers from expats to go with me on bike rides and such, but I prefer to just meet up in some city for some lunch.  When I’m “on the road” I like to stop randomly and see stuff.. even if just pulling by the road to see the sunset on the coast.

  3. I use a GPS when in Philippines does not have all the roads but still gives you an idea where you are. Even smart phone with OsmAnd+ which is software that can be used offline and is free to download. It offers free maps of the Philippines.

    1. Yes you need space to load it the maps are not small. I installed Australia and Philippines on mine but you can install the countries you want when you go there.

    2. Just checked and your phone does have gps and up to 32 Gb memory installable with flash card and is android 4.0.3 so just install OsmAnd+ from the playstore. Rik

    3. If your using android it you should find it in the playstore or onlin at you need free memory then download which part of the world you want maps for to use off line. Your smartphone needs to also have GPS Function.

    4. What can I search it under in Google, for the offline gps maps?  I have an LG E615 which I think is Android.  But I don’t use it for internet, too small a screen for me without reading glasses.

  4. What kind of shirts do you have that are wrinkle free out of the pack? Just curious.. Your shirts always look pressed.. Just syaing

    1. My secret is.. I roll them instead of folding.  ha!  Kinda like a sleeping bag, just roll them so they don’t wrinkle.  But I don’t mind wrinkled clothes.. it tells single women that I have no one to take care of me.   🙂

  5. Hi Henry, absolutely love your videos they are very informative. I am 50 years old and from Canada, I’m planning to retire there with my Filipina wife (She lives in Naga, Cebu at the moment).Hoping to maybe meet you one day…talk to you again soon.

    1. Awesome, with the travelling I have planned I’m sure we’ll cross paths eventually.  I just ran into a viewer last night at a resto along the boardwalk in fact.  🙂

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