1. Perfect selling, a little pressure but letting you sample everything to back up her words. Willing to work and good at it. Hope you see her again.

  2. Why always women lady kids girl that always you help . . . Are they the only one needed . . . But i like that you help someone thanks you show me alot of some part of vietnam

  3. lol you know she is a good sale person when you just want 1 kilos of one fruits and you end up with 2 Kilos of that fruits, the whole bag of Longan, and a Pack of Bananas.

  4. Longyan is Dragon Eye and it grows quite well here in SW Florida. They use to sell it at the farmer’s market in Fort Myers before the Kia virus kicked in. Many Vietnamese here use every square inch of ground to grow food if they can.

  5. Anh 啤i! C么 b岷 tr谩i c芒y gi贸i qua, C么 b岷 hay qu谩. c么 c贸 th峄 b脿n c岷 c岷 Long Bi锚n hay H峄 Ho脿n Ki岷縨!
    She is good salesperson, She can sell the Brooklyn bridge!

  6. Don’t eat the dragon fruits. They’ll make you shit your pants. And unlike in Australia, you probably can’t just run to he nearest business and ask to use their washroom.

  7. I hope you see her again and give her a donation. That would be so cool to see her reaction.
    She might be -50 years old which means when was a small child America was bombing her village . It’s hard to wrap my head around what my country did to her people.

  8. Amazing saleswoman! Perfect balance between casual conversation and salespush. All done with a professional yet female touch. Could sell anything.

  9. I say this with the most admiration and none of the regional discrimination: Northern ladies are masters at sales. They can sell you your own house.

  10. any one tried dragonfruit the ones she was also selling?they are bad,i cut one one day left the rest in the fridge for 1 day next day ate it taste like nothing absolutely nothing the one piece i had the first day to me it tasted between red radish(the round ones) and a cucumber so weird and espensive

  11. Her “scale” is called a steelyard and there hard to find in the US. They make interesting plant hangers that will tell you when the plant needs water.

  12. Maybe if you let the plums sit in the window for a bit they will ripen 馃 If my bananas get to ripe I make banana bread etc out of them. It is very delicious and too ripe bananas is great for that kind of recipe. And isn鈥檛 complicated to make.

  13. She looks well fed, clean and nicely dressed. I wouldn鈥檛 have bought any of that fruit as it looks like 鈥渟econds鈥 or blemished products.

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