Walk and Talk, New San Juan La Union Express way, New Mall, and Goats on the Beach !!!

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  1. Good video came from Brian’s channel Wow that’s a nice area you live in . I’m living Cebu City 2 years …I’m hoping domestic travel opens up soo to get back to Luzon

  2. Saw you in Brian’s video the other day… glad I picked this video of yours to watch first… it reminded me so much of my days as a youth surfing the breaks around Santa Cruz, CA… I was stationed at Clark AFB 1966-1968… went up to a place we called ‘Longbeach’ many times… as far as I can tell that is south of your location… as I recall there was only one resort there and it was for military officers and their dependents… I like the difference in ‘calm level’ between yours and Brian’s videos… looking forward to viewing more of your videos…

  3. Hey Gary, yeah, Brian hung out here in San Juan with his wife Luisa for a couple of days. Watch Luisa Surfing… she did a good job. I was in the Navy.. 87 to 92. was in subic for mt. Pinatubo. Thanks for watching… Santa cruz has great surf. I lived and surfed Oceanside CA for 22 years. I do miss San Diego.. but love it here. Hopefully you are far from the fires in CA. thanks for watching! Cheers, Mark

  4. A few minutes inland from San Juan are higher elevation areas like San Gabriel. I was looking around some of the higher elevation areas in San Gabriel. For those interested in some cooler temps.. I find the weather is consistently 10 degrees cooler year round and San Gabriel is just 30 or 45 minutes west of San Juan. Not much to do there but quiet and cool.
    Would be no problem to me to be up in that area and commute to beach and shopping. 👍 Thanks for the walk and talk ✌

  5. Wow nice pad you have walking distance to the surf ,I’m guessing that’s a sand bottom surf spots did you ever snorkel out front or gone trolling on a boat? an atv would be a nice ride on the beach it’s long in hawaii I grew up surfing, fishing and riding bikes for fun. Thanks for sharing.

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