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  1. I can relate to the guy from Bohol Rod, this crap is causing many problems for the ordinary folk over there, as you know. Its mind changing. Normally good, well adjusted people, are being affected and i think the authorities behind it, have no idea of the consequences of their actions. Cheers mate, wish i were there to have a beer with you. Bob and Lina.

  2. Wow, Cebu City looks so sad and depressing without all the tourists and hustle & bustle, the government needs to figure something out asap. Hopefully 2021 will be brighter πŸ™‚

  3. I remember those wonderful Cebu City sidewalks well Rod! I’m amazed you can video and walk at the same time and still remain upright! I agree the Philippine people are the happiest friendliest people in the world. Thumbs up Rod!

  4. Rod I truly love the Philippines due to its happy and polite people and also the nature and the beautiful beaches, tropical weather and all together. But so one of my friends who have been living there for few years advises me not to retire there. He argues that infrastructure is not good so if I retire there I will face lots of inconvenience later. What’s your idea my friend? I am 53 now and live in south Korea but I am not a Korean and I am an Iranian. plan to get retired about 3 to 5 years from now. tnx for ur insights my friend.

  5. Hey Rod would you prefer the USA 330k dead because no lockdowns. And rising USA is a example of pure lunacy Trump saying covid was not to worry about. Yanks have little idea at times they have very little knowledge of the real world. Arrogance and pig headed attitude is how many other nationalities view the american way.

  6. There’s much poverty & most natives do not have a easy life. As a guest you deal with inconvenience & nonsense at times but as a mainly “happy culture” it’s still my choice where I really want to be…..

  7. Another question do you have to have a driver’s license for a motor scooter motorcycle. And insurance. If you get stopped what do they do if you don’t have one. Also if you’re in overstayer and get stopped

  8. Thank you for the video. I miss friendly filipinos so much. It’s the case of people make the place what it is. Sucks being away stuck in europe for so long.

  9. Things are sad for sure new strain of the virus in London now borders closed Europe finding the same strain now . Two vaccines which I’ve forgot the names of are being released my countries government has ordered them I’ll wait and see how they go first before I get one . I kind of think this is gonna go on all next year or until they fine these vaccines work

  10. Filipinos are very respectful. Everywhere I go morning Sir. Not so much in America. You need to still wear face shield and mask. I’m surprise there is not more accident because of the lack of traffic lights. I seen less than 10 traffic lights here in Davao City. Anyways have a good night .

  11. Thanks Sir again great walk tour of your neighborhood .But unfortunately yes with the Pandemic issue the tourist industry is suffering and many unfortunately are not employed.I guess we all to wait and see what becomes in the coming months .One only hope for a recovery through time . Wishing you a Healthy New Year. And will watching for your update on your next blog.

  12. …One Mexican city has a reputation for dentistry, having about 600 dentists because of tourists since it’s so cheap. My American dentist said, “$8000” for the work, so I went to Mexico and it was only $900, but they are starving. I was the only one crossing the border when they used to have 4000- 5000 people….

  13. Mr Rod thanks for the information and happy to see the lovely people from the Philippines. Here in Florida is cold 44 degrees. Here pretty much you can go anywhere but you need the face 😷. Happy holidays and happy new year. Hopefully when the Philippines open the borders, I’ll be moving there.

  14. I arrived back in Davao from Cebu on 17 December. At the airport was a sign stating if you came from a covid free place there was no need for quarantine. I explained this but they still insisted I do 14 days quarantine. No one has checked on me. Been free to travel around. The rules are so confusing.

  15. Good New Year, in my country, ( Portugal), started today the process of vaccination, although the vaccination is voluntary I hope people join to achieve group immunity. Stay safe.

  16. Merry Christmas Mr.Rod & β€˜bes fren’! We’re (northern CA) on lockdown (ICUs -15%) so it seem it’s really more fun in the Phils even in pandemic times. Stay safe~

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