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  1. It’s good that those bars are changing to sports bars but I’m not flying halfway around the world to drink beer in a sports bar if you know what I mean.

    It’s about the women lol.

  2. Just as you start your walk down fields from the checkpoint, theres a cleared area. Is that the old PNR railway track that was full of squatters? The trains used to pass there three times a day. The Angeles railway station was downtown, but at least one of the trains stopped right there at the checkpoint, in each direction. I once took it to San Fernando, La Union, and got off there on the return trip.

  3. LOL> Brian, you don’t know what you don’t know…ya know? LOL It’s good news. I am happy to see that things are slowly moving in the right direction. I heard that International travel may open mid summer of 2021. I am still here waiting…..

  4. Every one have to still pay there bills that will not stop so they have to improvise to get some income some how , no one knows when the tourist will come back and how the conditions will be but i guess the same way as thailand is doing it , but at the end only the owners with deep pockets will stay around the rest will close….

  5. We’re a restaurant now… “Can I order a side of leg?” before, before. Lol. Welcome back. Oh, just bought a new plastic face covering at the metro store for 25 pesos.

  6. A little over a week ago you were saying that area needs the walking street. Or a lot of tourists were not going to come. Their food attraction ideas is not a good idea. I agree. Although I had a thought watching your video. Maybe bar girl may become restaurant girl. So they can open. Possibly?

  7. I assume walking street is half of fields avenue, right? Fields used to extend straight from the checkpoint to mcarthur highway. Where the buildings on your left of walking street start. there was just an alleyway behind, and a park where the bar softball league played.

  8. I remember the police figurines out in front of the Natalia from 2007 onward til now…I will miss those guys. Cancel Culture in full bloom the world over…damn.

  9. I was @ Brown Sugar (sunday night)…Its now a Resto Bar…No dancers just waitress…Social distancing strictly enforced…Alot diff buuut jus good to hav another spot to get away from the crib…

  10. With all the enforced changes happening, I see the bars in AC going away in their former iterations and reinventing themselves as open-air sports bars and pubs like the ones in Thailand. Once social distancing eases or disappears and the tourists (or sexpats as you call them) are allowed back in, I see the girls returning to the bars.

  11. I for one always enjoy your stroll down walking street. Interesting to see the changes being made there from week to week. I feel bad for all the people that used to work there and are now without any work. Hope this Chimmp is finished soon and things get back on track.

  12. Shocker……nobody ask you to buy viagrow or seealis cuz we all know they are fakes. Nice stroll down memory lane. So many pessimistic people here. Why? Bars will be back….it will take time but mark my word they will be back. Thanks for the update.

  13. It looks like the girls are coming back. That bar now restaurant definitely had a couple ropers sitting out front trying for “restaurant” customers along the side. Probably have a waitress fine situation going on.

  14. Angeles City will be back yesssss. I loved my time there. All those places should serve as restaurants with social distancing survive till tourists come back.

  15. Oh I get you Brian, well if they manage to do something like the old Shanos Irish bar beside wild orchid, boy oh boy that was one of the best places to go eat and watch some sports, no dancers but loads of waitress to cater to ones appetite 😁

  16. Brian the bottom line is mate all the foreigners got to come back there for it to pick up mate and thats it really. but no chance of that its spiking up all over the world again

  17. That Cebuana at the corner of Fields and Teodoro has been there since about the end of 2007. Before that it was a Mr Frosty restaurant. The security guard statues have been there since early 2009. I stayed at the hotel Natalia when they were new. The owner said he was tired of paying guards to sleep and the statues saved him money.

  18. Hi Brian Dave here from Australia I really appreciate your video mate you walked from one end of the place to the other all those places i used to hang out thanks so much

  19. Nice to see businesses in Angeles are opening up again. I am not for red light district but people need jobs to survive. My Full support for those businesses. Take Care

  20. i wonder where all the girls have gone to maybe back to the province areas trying to make a living i think the provinces are a better bet as this time , i could imagine it must be tough for them , one good man said many years ago , i shell return.

  21. Well the imposter is a jerk to say the least. Nuff said. They are talking vaccine soon but I don’t think that the gov there will open up until after the new year. Take care all.

  22. My three guesses of how to classify Brian’s identify thief: 1) competitor to the restaurant. 2) competitor to Brian’s vlog 3) random Karen who can’t stand people not following rules.

  23. Well this could be big problem… if no dancers and girls are “waitresses” how would you justify hygiene and work permits? I’m thinking freelancers hanging out and they will not be required for hygiene

  24. MY MAIN problem with these food businesses in the Philippines is hygiene. I seriously doubt the workers go to the restroom and wash their hands right after, before touching the food. The water is also contaminated with sewage (domestic wastewater) and effluent (industrial wastewater), so the only way to really disinfect it is with with chemicals AND pasteurizing it (boiling water in itself isn’t enough) by a high quality water treatment plant (will never happen), so all those juices and other drinks that come with your food are highly contaminated, even your “cooked” food. Could slowly cause serious health issues on the always “breastfed” and gentil westerner’s body. 🙂 Philippines are notorious for leaving food outside the fridge the whole day and I am pretty sure restaurant owners there will not let left-over foods from the previous day go to waste and would sell them as fresh. I heard horror stories about the food industry in the Philippines from my Filipino friends back in college.

  25. Good evening, Brian and Hi from Germany. Your walking videos are my favorite part of your channel. I’m glad that some of the business are able to reopen so that people that make a living and start to earn money again. It’s definately a step in the right direction. The Filipino people deserve this. I’m also helping my partner in Mindano who also has a small business. You are living one hell of an adventure. You guys take care. These are small steps but very important ones. By the way, I love sports bars.

  26. Angeles City is down for the count but not out. It survived WWII, Mt. Pinatubo, and other disasters in between, and like the proverbial Phoenix, will rise again. Thanks for the update.

  27. I follow your flog long times we are trust you and we like you 👍 regarding who used your name he or she is jealous and stupid. You can know the source by tracing anyway enjoy your times 🍺

  28. Looks like you made it back from that wonderful vacation, what magnificent sunsets they have there. Just as I remarked on Lot’s channel. We’re going to Tybee Island for one last beach trip/ end of season, but because of hurricane sally and low pressure, I’m afraid it will be a rainy trip. So perhaps I’ll focus on fishing rather than sun and fun. ☀️

  29. Dayumm, somebody did you dirty, boss. That’s F’d up bigtime! I’m very sorry to hear about that, I hope they pay for that! That’s character assassination among other things.

  30. It’s still weird seeing Walking Street shut. And don’t worry about the scumbags …. those idiots have actually enhanced your reputation. Everyone knows your messages are always positive and helpful.

  31. I only been to Angles City once a couple of years ago….ate at the Margarita Station…have the shirt to prove it…LOL and liked going to the American Legion there and Garfields. Guys at the American Legion were very friendly. They got a van and took me on a tour of the death march. Don’t get emails anymore so I fear the guy has passed. Do you know if the American Legion Post is still open?

  32. Not related to this vlog, but a question none the same…in one of your vlogs posted quite a while back, you were dressed up and eating a good looking steak (you seemed to really enjoy it)…what was the restaurant name and where? Have you talked anymore of moving to San Juan?

  33. Good idea sports bar. Then the girl can wear sports outfits like hooter girls in America. A different sports team for every girl. Skimpy style. Big money come back. What ya think about the idea?

  34. It all sounds good in theory, however, we long time sexpats know that without tits and ass, most places will not survive. The rents are very high unless the “Lazatin Family” has reduced the rents. You need the gals to bring back the “tourist.”

  35. I think the girly bars will remain closed after the pandemic has subsided. Would someone please tell me why would tourist visit Angeles City if there are no bars? The rents are relatively high. Why would a tourist visit Angeles?

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