Walk’n’Talk Sunset at Wang Sai, Mae Haad Beach and Ko Ma | Koh Phangan, Thailand

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  1. Hopefully soon you and your Gracie can be together 🙏🏻 I personally couldn’t or wouldn’t have a dog that barks all day at nothing 🌴👍🌴

  2. At times, it might seem like a bittersweet recon, but keep focused on the prize. You will know some of the ins and outs for when Gracie is in these places with you. Kind of like watching a loved one open a gift. The special smile she has to let you know she appreciates what you are sharing. Be strong and take care.

  3. Neither of my parents have siblings, thus I don’t have aunts nor uncles. That meant no cousins, until an American friend and I adopted each other as cousins.

  4. Aloha Mike, what an awesome beach, a strip of sand with the ocean on both sides, can’t get much better than that……….
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