Was Going To Relax, Change Of Plans…

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  1. corn good situation —–corn for development good roots irigation at middle zone road at distance root 20cm ……at road middle zone where not exist plant corn ,root absorbation alone water

  2. for feed big tree banana ,,,,,,,,make a hole one meter on one meter put compost full and cover at 1,5meter distance of tree banana roots for food 5 years big production !!!! ,,,,,,rain and water transpoortation minerals at root banana deep in soil for take food tree and result big production banana 5 years !!!after 5 years make similar idea

  3. if bins function good keep seed of at they for reserve !!! and put similar for aclimatization at clime filipine in time ……..25 000kg at 10 000mp2 production bins. Compost chicken are very good ,after clean at chicken keep soil that are good ,eficient for amelioration soil ……soil must become very black deep colour are sign very fertile

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