1. After classic Japanese animes and the wonder of karaoke, ninjas are one of the special things which made my fascination with Japan grow very deep so much so that Japanese is the next foreign language I endeavoured to master after English. Used to pretend-play I was a ninja as a child even if I was a girl. Anyway, thanks a ton for this highly interesting feature. The breathing tips will be specially helpful in lowering people’s anxiety during these extraordinary times.

  2. Kei is right! Because of coro, people inside their houses are turning to ninjas, saiyans, dragons, unicorns and presidents of the united states of america.

  3. Hold on bruh i just got to the middle of this video….did this man just say he sucked his nuts into his body then jumped em loose!?!?! Please tell me im trippin!

  4. *How to train like a true Ninja:*
    1. Find a Mentor
    2. Train
    3. Pass the Chunin Exam
    4. Learn “1000 Yars of Pain” deadly technique
    5. Face your rival
    6. Control the monster within
    7. Be the next Hokage

    _Oh wait.._

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