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  1. having a little trouble getting to PI, due to new Visa requirements

    the last info from embassy is the l am eligible for Via to be with Filipina wife if she is there. but not eligible for her to travel with me from US,. she has to be there already for me to travel to join het

  2. Hello BRIAN,from Abilene tx, that place is breathtaking! I fell in love with the Philippines and the wonderful people. Can’t be there physically, but through your VLOGS, I get to see all that the Philippines has to offer. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Keep up the great work, hello to all,and stay safe.

  3. Nice! The separate casa building looks to be longer term rentals. Great place to chill and get a suntan for a few months. Thks, Brain for the beach views!!πŸ–

  4. Great looking place. Looks like the owner bought up every plant in the garden centre. What’s with the, ‘Final’ theme? German bistro; is the owner German? I hate to think there is a connection with the Nazis, ‘Final Solution’.

  5. Beautiful Time Lapse! Final Option has some great Live music. Again, when they are allowed to offer it again. You can go listen to great Live music from 7 to 10 Pm Everynight (except monday’s). Hopefully this Pandemic will start to allow some socially distant live music venues there soon!

  6. Hey BRIAN, just found out that my hometown of San Antonio, tx., is getting ready to open its first Jollibee Restaurant in October!! Will definitely be trying it when I visit relatives.

  7. Angeles city got old fast when i lived there…..You are in some of the nice places now..
    Tarlac—-La Union—Pangansian—Badguio—–The dirt is also better in that area. Many nice farms.

  8. I have to laugh I stumbled onto a vlogger analyzing one of your vlogs.(One about Don’t Move to The Philippines)..Not bashing or anything but desperate to find a fault and pretty much failed. He was a non English Englishman. I’m thinking who is this dude I checked his channel. Minus the vlog about you (around 6.8k) I had to go back 4 months to find a vlog he received more than 2000 views, his average in that 4 months around 1000 at best..It’s kinda like the President of Montenegro analyzing the performance of a U.S. President. Using Philly for views you should get a cut ..

  9. Very nice looking place, good find Bri. I briefly visited a beach restaurant/bar at La Union on a day trip from Baguio, cant remember the name of the place but its where they do a lot of surfing. Very enjoyable. Enjoying your vids from Scotland pal. πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ ΏπŸ‘

  10. Awesome place guys. My wife is from Pampanga and we usually go there every year (skipped this year). I would love to see some clips of your travel to La Union and how long it took to travel there if you have any. Thanks for bringing us videos and updates of our second home. Enjoy your travels!

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