We Have Arrived, Empty Island of Ko Lan เกาะล้าน

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  1. Good Morning Chuck and Paige, its 0354 hour in Saudi Arabia, just watching some oldies songs. Now I’m watching your video. Need to change the 3 S to 4 S last S is squeegee. CW

  2. Hello Chuck and Paige, you always have a good mix of places to stay, cost, amenities, ECT.. same with places to eat. Something for everyone 😎 I think it’s cool of Thailand to be helping everyone out with travel vouchers also. Now just open up Thailand we’re waiting impatiently 😎✌️

  3. Back in the day there was maybe half a dozen mom and pop restaurants. No hotels, motorbike rentals, bars, or shooting range. We would call from the dive boat and tell the lady how many divers we had. At lunch time we would show up and they would serve our 5 course meal for around 35 baht a head. Loved it. Thanks Chuck and Paige. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  4. You forgot your water camera in the truck? Chuck you read the sign not to leave any valuables in your car. 😂 No more Leo before swimming 😁

  5. Good time to go it’s normally packed with day trippers and hotels full.
    1000 THB for room is cheap for their and food prices reasonable.
    You and Paige are taking are vaccination for us and trust me I am so jealous. Enjoy the rest of your trip.🙏🇹🇭🙏

  6. From 2010-2012, I’d grab a Moto Tai in Jomtien to Bali Hai Pier for 100 ThB. Then take the slow ferry boat to Koh Larn. at first I went to Tawaen Beach and took the boardwalk to the right off the end of the main landing pier. There was decent snorkeling on the left side of White beach. It was a favorite beach of the Russian Tourists. Eventually too many speedboats started landing there, so it became unpleasant.

    Tawaen was jam packed with very noisy Chinese Tourists. It was the Thai beach. Not very pleasant 2010-2012. It was much dirtier with a lot of street side BBQ huts. Very smoky. I never saw Tawaen beach that empty 2010 -2012.

    After checking all the beaches, I settled on Nual Beach as my favorite. it was clean, quiet & a great place to chill out, drink beer 7 sun tan. Not as good snorkeling. It was only a day use beach in 2015. There were no Guest houses there. It was about a 20 minute moto taxi ride fro the main Koh Larn pier.

  7. Yah, Chuck I was in DC getting my O Visa to return in October. It was a long drive from Palm Beach to Maryland, the Olde I – 95 Route, Anyway DC was nice, the Thai Embassy is located very close to Georgetown and is very nice, clean medical School atmosphere. Saw the Vietnam Memorial and Marine Corps Memorial as well as Arlington National. Well the Thai Embassy required my Step Son to renew his Passport In a person. Seems a eye scan and in person finger print is needed now. Nice to see you relaxing. Thanks.

  8. I enjoyed the start of your Koh Lan island visit. Sometimes your video quality is incredible. Is it the GoPro 8? I had to change my google account name, because in USA you can get attacked with the political environment we are in. It is very troubling how young Antifa thugs and trolls can make it unsafe to post a comment. I really am looking forward to this island adventure. I hope you and Paige and Ron and Gift have a great time…please don’t rush or leave early. I love seeing places, like Thailand, where I hope to visit soon (especially as I can retire at the end of this 2020 year).

  9. Was there in 2017. The Ferry was packed and so was the beach. Mostly Russians. A lounger was 200 bath. Lot more expensive then.
    But it was nice.

  10. Great Video Chuck …thanks for taking us along with you ..I’m in Western Australia binge watching your Videos and thoroughly enjoying them, you’ve really given me a new perspective about Thailand and the wonderful lifestyle you have 🙂

  11. Love the t shirts and the hat chuck and the music on that crossing. That beer looked like ice cream! Be interesting to hear Ron’s story. Wish I was there but have to wait til next year until then I watch your videos. Thanks chuck and Paige👍

  12. Hi, watch you guys on my Apple TV device. Not big on social media. If you are ever in the Sattahip area my wife and I can give you the 50 cent tour of are little home in quiet Thai village and maybe buy someone a Leo. Take care.

  13. Captain says, make ready to get underway, Bridge rings on the telegraph half astern, engine room complies, boatswain chief yells lose the forward mooring lines, now the aft mooring lines, Bridge telegraphs engine room forward 1/3, Underway!

  14. We most defo miss Thailand ! And that comfy room for 30$ is absolutely cheap compared to our rooms here in Japan. I don’t think you could find a room like that here in an island or resort! Miss the food, ambience of Thai.. sux cause of covid I don’t think we’d be able to travel there again this year.. so envious of you and Paige and how nice to have friends who can come along with you. Thanks for great vids as always !!

  15. I was in Kho Larn last February one day trip and I regret didn’t stay their couple of nights . Lovely Island a great escape from hectic Pattaya 🤸

  16. I always buy the Prickly Heat powder every time I go to Thailand. Really good stuff in the hot weather. Nice to see that it is out in towel form now too. But a caution to those who have never tried it before… Prickly Heat is a bit like getting an electric shock treatment on your dangly bits!!! 🙂

  17. Chuck, i stayed there before on the bottom floor and a big snake passed the patio doors, put the life out of me, lovely island, clear waters, cheap as chips for the speedboat from pattaya €16 and collects you whenever you want, grand for a couple of nights

  18. go for a beer tonite, if you are still there, and watch the local fishermen catch their fish on the shore, brilliant sight, throwing their nets and catching buckets of fish and the tide coming in

  19. Never been to this island but heard that due to its popularity it has become more busy and built up over the years. Your vlog shows how relaxing its become now that people numbers have reduced, I guess, like the old days. Like everything…it’s a fine balancing act.

  20. nice…the last time I was on Ko Larn was in 2008 …I was relaxing on the beach when I suddenly realized I will missing my Psychology Final exam at Bangkok University. They would not allow me to retake the exam …..luckily my grades were so good ….that even getting a Zero on the Final ….I passed the course with a D.

  21. It looks great there , At Koh larn, I’ve never been as it was always a bit too expensive for my liking, especially when I have a totally great room in Pattaya for the month 🙄🇹🇭👍⁉️⁉️🙀🙀

  22. Have been this island several time and did not look this much beautiful, great work with shooting and editing Chuck. I enjoyed a lot and waiting for next video.

  23. ไปเที่ยวปราสาทสัจจะธรรมกับไปบ้านช้างสวยมากครับ

  24. I almost die out there once..i was trying flying with paragliding and fall dowm befor takeoff 😅😅but after that we have nice times there..i envy you wery much hope to go agin next year..all the best from Norway..

  25. All your traveling Chuck and you don’t have a checklist for packing? Suspect you take about the same stuff every trip. Checklists are invaluable!

  26. Memories, memories… I love this little hotel, was my first visit in Thailand, meeting my future wife. Not much view but the dinner on the beach is amazing and food is great, and the beach is nice with soft sand, lucky you now for not having around big groups of Chinese tourists…

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