We have the Beach to ourselves, beers @ sunset & Beautiful time-lapse sunset here at San Juan Beach

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  1. Nice you’re eating fish its healthy and great you live a block from the surf that’s so awesome.First time I heard of if you low on rice bad luck good thing I always have a kilo of rice just in case I get guest I can cook it for them. I PLAN TO RETURN IN SEPTEMBER 2021 HOPEFULLY praying for that.Enjoy buddy I think I could relate to living where you reside housing is good But I would need to rent a house.

  2. For all the reasons you have given is why I have chosen San Juan La Union. I’ve watched other videos from prior to the China Virus and there is so much there that I want. I know not much going on now but it will be back. San Juan La Union will be my home. Thank you my friend for sharing

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