We Receive A Package From our Friend Zeny

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  1. It looks like you will be busy planting those seeds. Those bell peppers are colourful, it would look pretty in the garden and in a salad bowl. Those red radish are good to look at and good to eat too, yum! Hmmm… you are lucky to have a friend like Zeny, very thoughtful indeed. And Charlie, wow, just a mom’s touch and it stops him from crying, cute.

  2. I believe you had mentioned that your soil was too compact for most root vegetables.Try planting the beets to use as a salad green – close together and pick at about 4-6″ high when the leaves and stems are still tender.

  3. I know you have problems with the worms with squash and other veg. Do they sell cheese cloth? Maybe cover a small area all the way to the ground?

  4. I know you have problems with the worms with squash and other veg. Do they sell cheese cloth? Maybe cover a small area all the way to the ground?

  5. I don’t know if they do there but as a Hillbilly my mom pickled many things. You need to make pickled beets, pickles etc. y’all would love ’em

  6. let him to listen to the music while he is sleeping, just in case the dogs are barking ….and one thing’s important 2x a day let him poop.

  7. since you are a first Mum, try to communicate with Chat and Lester their baby Katelyn is very healthy and strong. any problems you encountered with Charlie they are the right persons to ask what to do. as suggested by a commenter you need to feed him every 2 hours or when he is crying try to give milk if not the reason maybe he has a problem with pooping. am not sure if he is allowed already to drink water every after breastfeeding maybe drops of water but you need a sterilize water. my niece before used to order a bottled water specified for babies only. and I used to put on music the song of ABBA “I have a dream” it does help to make him sleep. or the most effective solution is to have him check by a pediatrician and tell all your worries at least a specialist on babies our opinions are just based on our personal experiences. be safe all of you take good care of Charlie.

  8. Charlie really attached to mommy❀️Charlie wants some rice cereal πŸ₯£ he is a growing boy. Has a lot to catch up to papa 🐻 stay safe and blessed. πŸ™

  9. Day Maricel, make sure to avoid any spicy food while you are nursing. Eat and drink beef or chicken broth with kamungay and clam soup (di ba imbao ang ngan ana sa Bisaya). And drink a lot of water. Treasure every moment with your baby as he will grow up so fast. He is so precious! Praying that he will have a good night sleep every night to mommy can catch up with her sleep. When he takes a nap in the afternoon, don’t hesitate to get one yourself. Certain household chores can wait most of the time…just wanted to share that! Your a good mom Maricel. And God bless you, Brian and baby Charlie…πŸ™β€οΈ

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