Western Woman BRAINWASHED in Mainland China

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  1. I honestly used to think China was an okay place but after watching many of your videos and being educated on China, I now see how terrible the government is. Thanks serpentza!

  2. interesting video, though while i enjoy hearing your voice and opinion, if you bring on a guest to talk about personal experience, it might be good to talk less yourself.

    Especially since i have been extremely interested in the exact indoctrination in schools in china for ages now. I really wish i would get my hands on a history text book and its translation.

  3. ”When in rome, do what romans do”. If you don’t like how china is then don’t live there. China is for the Chinese and not for westerners complaining about how they don’t have liberal values. Also, lets stop pretending that people in western countries don’t face the problems when it comes to censorship and corruption.

  4. Yet another video I have watched of yours where I fail to see any beautiful women in China. I love your videos and don’t mean to be critical of you but where are the beautiful women there? If you spend time in any country your mind adjusts and adopts to the level of attractiveness of the people around you. Your brain self-brainwashes itself and adopts to it’s surrounding on many levels.

  5. Aren’t you living in CA? Their public schools suck Bc of their teachers union. They get paid very well, but they basically can’t be fired. There’s no incentive for the teachers to do a good job

  6. i think cia did fund the opposition to Mao in the civil war, and the soviet union funded Mao’s side, it was until cia withdrew the funding, then the opposition lost to Mao

  7. Winston you will find that China and the US are two sides of the same coin. The collective nature of the Chinese people allow for an overt form of totalitarianism, while in America we use smoke and mirrors, illusion and myths. But in the end, the destination will be the same. You are now out of the frying pan and into the fire. Sheeple are not exclusive to China, America is absolutely brimming with them too…..

  8. I clicked on one of these videos once out of curiosity and now they pop up waaaaay too much. U must have a way with the YouTube algorithm my dude. But what I’ve gathered is that you seem to know from experience that china in it’s current state is the incarnation of the devil. Then why the hell not just leave and cut all ties with it. And not make your certified china experience the center of your life.
    On another note. Education in the us is just the other side of the brainwashing ignorance spawning coin. So really whatever u do you’re always gonna be making the wrong choice. It’s up to you as a parent to try and counteract the brainwashing and falsehoods fed to your kids by their schools

  9. “The western world is not equipped or prepared to deal with the level of psychological manipulation..”
    Absolutely true. I lived in China for ten years myself. I tell people back home about these things, its hard for them to process the anecdotes and experiences I’ve had over the years. Thank you for posting this video, and everything else you do.

  10. Look at all these opinions. What few people seem to understand in these comments is that in some countries, you can be locked in prison for voicing an opinion… In the US you can… well this entire comment section, this, you can do… this. No matter what you have a problem with, you can say, “I have a problem with this”, and not get locked up. It doesn’t matter whether you consider progressive teachings to be a form of indoctrination or not, at the end of the day, the truth is available, and discord is encouraged. Granted, people who are being convinced that the CCP has people’s best interests at heart, let’s just rewind back to one of our greatest examples in recent history. The Beijing Olympics. In spite of this, there was a time when I really wanted to move and live in China, especially because of this channel. Fast forward to today, Hong Kong… Enough said.

  11. CCP female agent: Hi Winston! I want to meet up with you!
    Winston: Are you CCP?
    CCP Female Agent: (sends boobie pictures)
    Winston: I’ll take that as a YES!

  12. Faced between China and the U.S. , i knew which was the right choice. CANADA!
    Chinese endoctrination start in kindergarten. Every morning, Salute to the flag and national anthem.

  13. even if it doesn’t come with brainwashing, their national exam and curriculum is too extreme, and i dont think forcing your child to race to the top is a good thing

  14. I rly feel like most Chinese hate CCP , is just they wanna be left a lone living they are lives so they have this facade of being “loyal” . But i also feel in the last 10 years CCP have becoming more and more intolerable for the normal Chinese ppl . i just wonder when that threshold pass what will rly happen in China

  15. Chinese people love their country, Americans are taught to hate their country. One of these countries are in severe decline, the other will soon have the largest GDP on earth.

  16. As a child of Chinese immigrants, I can confirm that a lot of this is true. It’s frustrating. They never think about stuff and question things, they just accept it as truth. When I question back the reasoning for this and that – they see it as being closed minded because I’m thinking back. It’s a broken system but I guess my parents had to follow it otherwise there lives would be ruined.

  17. USA is evil, threat to the whole world with their 800 + military bases abroad, 11 nuclear carrier groups, nuclear submarines. now they move nukes and missiles to the Russian border

  18. It’s absolutely true that they are always loyal to the CCP no matter they get a
    green ,red or blue passport.We should treat them in the same manner the way
    they treat us.Why should we give them the same privileges when our people
    are struggling to get basic rights from the regime.Ponder over it.

  19. They are taught at school that the evil westerners humiliated them for 100 years, therefore it is now their duty to get revenge.
    Honestly they are a lost cause, the lack of critical thinking is just too much.

  20. Will you give up already… Are you really that desparate? You’re making yourself look like an idiot. Maybe you should start talking about your place of birth because I am sure you can pick things to talk about that are true instead of making an ass of yourself.

  21. Winston, you were featured today in a video by the YT channel TFIGlobal about honey-trapping. The feature starts at about 4:56 and last about half a minute. Congrats.

  22. She is right it leads too cognitive dissonance. My grandfather was brand washed for years and still is to do with Communism from the Polish times. China is going to end up a first world power country if Australia don’t wake up we will be a third world country. China owns everything and will lead money and then collect. China communist party are tyrants. Good on you both. They do see it as a tool. Recently heaps of Chinese students bought up all our masks, ventolin and hand sanitiser and sent it back to China – all over night – completely planned – one would think the younger generation living out here would finally know better.

  23. the weird thing is most of these functionaries of the ccp and the communist and totalitarian countries in the world are western educated .. which is very weird .. like kim jong un was educated in switzerland i believe ..

  24. The idea that a large % of Chinese Americans may sympathize with the CCP is
    vry disturbing. I suspicious that CCP money is winding up in various disruptive groups in USA: BLM,

  25. “American schools teach you to be a critical thinker. You can challenge a teacher. You can debate with a teacher.”
    Um did you fall out of a time warp from the 1960s? American schools are literal Marxist indoctrination centers. Try to challenge your teacher and see how fast you get labeled a “far right racist nazi” and expelled. LOL.

  26. If they can brainwash a westerner, what hope do the homeland Chinese have? No wonder they’re so fanatically supportive of their government. Even the majority of the migrants to the west dare not say a bad word about the Dear Leader Vinnie The Poo or CCP.

  27. What this lady seems to object to is the discipline required in Chinese schools and that teachers command respect. You should talk to some American teachers, many of whom are now legally forbidden to expel violent students who disrupt their classes. American History books, to the extent they exist, emphasize “Capitalism” as evil and rooted in exploitation, and Slavery as the basis of America’s founding. I have a picture from a 6th grade classroom I visited where the teacher had put a cut out of Mao Zedong wearing a cape and flying that one kid had made. It had the caption “Super Mao!” A high school teacher friend I spoke to last week said, “If we can make these kids even show up for class, we have to give them passing grades. They don’t want to learn math and science at all because they say it’s too hard, and I can’t make them. Half my students are headed for welfare or prison.” Howard Zinn rewrote American History in the 60’s. Zinn was a Marxist/Post Modernist. American schools rank among the worst in the industrialized world for math and science, and California are among the worst in the US. When I was a 6th grader and moved from California to Oregon, I was a grade level behind. I managed to get up to level with 3 weeks intensive study, but my parents were pretty shocked.

  28. If you think the US education is brainwashing children I’ve got news for you. Unfortunately, the US is fastly becoming like your home country, South Africa.

  29. Historical brainwashing and twisting facts does happen in the west aswell, painting Soviets as good guys when the subject is about Nazi Germany (They were just as evil) or for example, at one point in history, Lithuania and Poland was a united commonwealth country, in Lithuania they teach that ohh yeah, Lithuania kinda owned Poland, in Poland they teach that Poland owned Lithuania, so yeah, and I’m not saying that it’s good, what China is doing, just sharing my two cents that it happens everywhere, maybe not to that extend.

  30. I don’t wanna be that guy but I go to a private international School in Shanghai, and I never learnt whatever bullshit the lady was saying

  31. Do you see the red ties on these kids’s neck? Every kid in China has to wear that, that tie means they’re the pre-communist I don’t know how to say it, like kid communist, and if you don’t wear the red tie, they won’t let you go to school. They told us the red of the tie comes from the blood of the communists who dead for China …something like that. Pardon my English…..

  32. I am afraid the Genie (China) is out of the bottle and his reach is long, the world allowed itself to become reliant on what China produces meanwhile sleepwalking straight into its arms. There is no quick fix now you cannot turn them off like a tap they have amassed the capability to hurt the world more than it can hurt them and will take decades to reverse if at all possible.

  33. Unfortunately, with the the attempted Leftist/Marxist/Maoist cultural revolution occurring right now in the US, we are experiencing the prelude of this evil that the Chinese went through!

  34. The difference between China’s and America’s immigration policies is vast, and greatly benefits China. In China, 0.1% of residents are immigrants. In the USA, 15.4% of residents are immigrants. The global average for all countries is 3.5%.

  35. 12:04 you definitely have never met ethnic chinese that is not Chinese by citizenship still loyal to the CCP because of their ethnic centric belief

  36. Thanks winston and a special thanks to our invisible Chinese friend for continuing to promote truth and transparency in the world we share. We need to treat the CCP like the threat it is.

  37. It’s gone to a point where if you dare to speak/think anything different from the mainstream ideology, you are considered abnormal and a potential threat. Double thinking is required nowadays.

  38. The yes man mentally is about to explode in the face of the CCP if the 3 gorges dam bursts, forget chernobyl this will be the biggest human made catastrophe in human history

  39. This ”Woman” is Brilliant ! Your sense of the situation is spot on, everyone needs to hear what you have to say. Its an immense obstacle to overcome, and the level of indoctrination will become more severe as tensions heat up.

  40. Every country shades history in its Educational System. It’s just a matter of degree. Some countries offer and encourage open critical thinking. China is more closed minded But the so-called open-minded Western countries are equally blinded by their arrogance and misguided sense of place in the world.

  41. I really appreciate the information, and personal experience you present. My Chinese wife discovered you independently, and unfortunately thinks of you as anti Chinese.

  42. There was a professor who did lectures in several collages around the globe he said Chinses students were the most difficult duo to them not having an independent opinion (not calling em Stupid far from it)

  43. China is our generations Nazi Germany. But who is pushing immorality and racial tension in the west.. who opened the boarders to countless 3rd world immigrants? It’s not China.. figure that one out and you’ll come close to the real problem.

  44. I mean this literally happens in America too. Remember the food pyramid? That was taught to sell you cheap food that is subsidized by the gov.
    We are at the point where these people get brain washed from 3rd grade on up. By the time they are in college they have no knowledge of real history and even get convinced their own parents are part of the problem and then disconnect or condemn them publicly on social media.

  45. Let me update u on the situation in the west.. i live in the Netherlands, over here they use sex magic to damage our boys and create soy boys who are vulnable for psychological warfare let alone political psychological warfare.
    The clicks in the pre teen schools to universities are under control of occult like organizations that are funded by the Government. to keep the boys down to go as far as tracing a victem walk by him and leave negative comments about him, when he does find a girl Police will harras the girl and so will they attack her with political psychological warfare in her inviroment, the girls are beeing raped and scared to death with treaths and they are forced to do prostitution, in Germany/UK/Sweden the situation is even worse…

  46. Conversations I had in China with party supporters always went the same way: illogical, doublespeak, unrelated statements, stupidity, narrow-minded, inability to think rationally/imaginatively/creatively, repeating of memorized propaganda, xenophobic, prideful, blindly nationalistic, unable to understand analogies or sarcasm, says disagreement is because of language/cultural barriers rather than facts presented and understood, change the subject, pretend not to know about important and well-known things (Tiananmen Massacre, for example), changes the subject, attacks your government leader instead of discussing the current focus, and too damn zealous about convincing others of their POV.

    Oh yeah, and ultimately I want to toss them out a window or into a river.

  47. George Orwell’s predictions have come true in spades. However with all the protesting morons running around, desiring to destroy our culture, you have to question our western education system likewise.

  48. Western women are brainwashed in “American” schools which are leftist indoctrination centers. I doubt Chinese schools teach the white hate that today’s “American” schools teach.

  49. All dual citizens with CCP ties should have their assets seized as proceeds of crime. Cut the CCP mafia families off at the knees. The money given to Taiwan to defend itself.

  50. Do you think the baby looks like you? Paternity tests are widely available in America. I don’t want to be rude. I’m concerned. I’ve been a subscriber for several years, and I love watching everything you put out.

  51. I feel like I’ve lost all my confidence to face an uncertain life. I feel lost. I don’t even want to leave my flat and go outside and when I do it’s at 5 am so no ones around. Thats where I’m at. One good thing though is I feel closer to God

  52. He said it right, just like Fa Lun Gong anti-China Cult indoctrinates and brainwashes school childern while they are young ,and they are easy targets., they do all these under disguise of ‘ religion’.

  53. It’s exactly the same in the west. About 1 in 25 of all working age adults in the U.S. work in some capacity for an intelligence agency or an intelligence front.

    Now you know why those riots got so out of hand for so long.

  54. BTW you are not safe in the US… there are killing going in the US/Canada/Europe/Australia… demographic killings… from multiple countries, Saudi/Turkey/Qatar/Syrian and african units.. this is confirmed in 2016, covered up by the UN laws. if u want to see evidence i have body count from the netherlands. it was removed from Facebook and Twitter, but i have it on Gab for a while now.

  55. “People in the US are slaves to their gov’t”

    Meanwhile in the US Tens of Thousands of heavily armed but peaceful protesters can protest laws to disarm them.

    Sure buddy

  56. Winston, please bring her on as a guest again. I really enjoyed the interaction between you two and her insight growing up in China. I have been watching you on YouTube for years. This is my favorite video from your channel! Keep up the good work!!

  57. Thank you for posting this video. It is hard for me to get my head around how evil the CCP is, especially in their dealing with the Uighur Muslims. But also how the Chinese people allow it to happen in their own country. I am slowly learning (through this and other videos) how the CCP brain washes the Chinese people to not even THINK of asking these kinds of questions, and therefore never do anything about it.

  58. 30 years ago the US should have been watching their back instead of running in head 1st with little regard for what would happen down the road. Now untangling the mess is near impossible without major losses.

  59. Welcome to my life as a Venezuelan American. The authoritarian government in Venezuela tries to play mind games with us.

    I know this game that China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. play, very well.

    Keep these videos going.

  60. I have lived and taught in Mainland China, I do agree with the woman in the video that the Chinese education system is influenced by the CCP and schools teach a sanitized version of historical events they even had a class where students were taught to be “model” citizens and classes had to place propaganda posters on the wall. The “indoctrination” was not too blatant and its not to the level you would have in say North Korea but it is definitely present. I also think it varies according to where one resides in China and the type of schools one goes to.
    Although it is easy to criticize China, I would say that it is very difficult for any education system to be completely objective. Growing up in North America we do tend to overemphasize the degree to which America contributed to winning WWII deemphasizing how much the Russians lost in their struggle against the Nazi’s. Even the American revolution is taught as a struggle about the colonialists right to liberty in the face of British tyranny which is not entirely true. The Japanese education system still wants to deny the horrors and atrocities their army played in WWII. I do agree at least in the west you have access to a narrative that is contrary to what you learn in school but unfortunately we live in an age where people would rather takes sides before being knowledgeable and well-informed about the truth.


  62. Do you post your content anywhere else? I don’t know how long they will let you post stuff when they start getting wind of it and I’d like to see what you have to say

  63. More than by the US mainstream media at this moment? Can’t believe that. Sorry. Look what happened now in the US and how brainwashed woman are. China is not to blame for everything.

  64. No clue what’s she is talking about with lies being taught in international schools in China… . There is a big difference between international schools and private bilingual schools. Having spent time in international schools in China during my school education, we didn’t have any of that at all. We stuck strictly to the curriculum we did(one of the major international ones) even the incorrect bits(for example the invention of the compass)

  65. Yes this is the kind of cobtent we need. So revealing great guest excellent talking points. Your a good interviewer why? You let her tell a story you know so well. So it gives her credibility keeps you neutral but in control. You have so much to offet with 14 yrs as a western wirh critical thinking skills. Glad you family is here We need you now! More than ever…

  66. If the Chinese beat creativity out of you why we have so many engineers scientists and businesses men are working in the US or with the US. How come technologically and culturally they are way head of us.

  67. I agreed those in China are being brainwashed. However, people in western are being brainwashed too. The difference is just different direction or different extend.

  68. The US is not going in a good direction either currently. If nothing changes, if the Left Wins, it will be A Woke anti science, Communist Education System of Anti American Propaganda.
    China’s propaganda won’t be that effective in the States because the media has blasted more propaganda at Americans than China could only dream of.

  69. I like your videos a lot, and this was a really cool guest appearance idea, but you constantly brought the conversation back to yourself, and it kind of stifled the whole thing. That’s a shame, it would have been more interesting to question her more about what she thought, and not bring it back to your own opinion. Your own opinion is already very out there and known.

  70. If most Chinese Americans who are citizens of the USA are still loyal to the CCP then we have a huge problem. That means they are anti-American. They hate America and white people. Maybe we should start hating them back and not be so nice to them.

  71. This was terrific! I’d enjoy much more from her – and things are getting pretty spicy between US & China. USA too permissive for many decades now – I say reel it back in!

  72. i can’t understand those mainland Chinese and it’s ccp government, they just don’t make sense to me. they are brain washed since when they are born!

  73. Foreigners in China should go to International school instead of public school to avoid being brainwashed. Public school in China waste a lot of time on Marxism theories.

  74. Robust brainwashing.
    Example recently shared by Human Rights laywer –
    Equivalent 1st year Junior lesson: Mum and Dad and Chinese Flag are all ‘drowning’ … Which one do you choose to save first; Mum and/or Dad or The Flag…
    Correct answer, The fkn Flag.


  75. She’s talking a lot of good points. She saying cut them off and that’s 100% agreeable but at the same time there are more than enough reasons to do so and just the latest is the corona pandemic. For not handling the outbreak better by notifying other nations of the situation.

  76. I was born and brought up in India, in a state ruled by communist parties. All through my young age we were brought up on conspiracy theories against America. CIA is doing this, capitalism is bad. But they never told that there is free school in USA. Government programs are there to support the disabled. There is food stamp here.
    Most of these governments, specially the communist ones, will brainwash the whole population. They politicised our colleges, police force, judiicary.
    So even if are not getting any service from the government, people would never raise the question.
    The CCP has brainwashed their people.

  77. Isn’t there an American schools in china? Like the Shanghai American School or The International School of Beijing? Maybe even an international school you can send your children too? Are those curriculum affected by the CCP too?

  78. Is it just me or has anybody else had difficulties understanding her? Admittedly, I am a non-native speaker but Serpentza’s voice was completely clear whereas I did not understand lots of words she said and had to focus really hard. Maybe a bad phone call quality or her pronounciation was really not so clear?

  79. Oh, I never really knew that the CCP poisons their citizens against the western world, thanks so much for sharing, I’m glad you are safe in the US and all the best wishes for your wife and child! You stay awesome too!! 👍

  80. Great guest! I’m glad you will do another interview with her. Too bad she has to remain anonymous since I’d like to follow her in Twitter to hear more of her insights as an insider in China.

  81. American Man BRAINWASHED in Mainland United States. Yep that would be me, it was not until I got outside the United States that I learned it was done to me. When I questioned what was going on I was called an Idiot socialist Communist Democrat all because I questioned what was being taught and then beaten up by other kids for not blindly following the misinformation that was being spread. No country has ever cornered the mastery in the most demeaning ways as we have, China has problems they are just different from South Africa and the United States. In the United States you have the right to be wrong and I personally would be happy if people would not exercise it so often. Our latest and greatest is that the Coronavirus is not that dangerous and only old people get and should be willing to die so younger can get on with their lives. You just can’t fix stupid.

  82. Unfortunatly most goverments and CEO:s in the western world are either too corrupt or too ignorant and stupid to understand what going on.
    For me it is like looking at a disaster coming and i cant do anthing about it.
    Thats so frustrating.

  83. The American system is not much better. Liberal views are forced down your throat from elementary school through college. Try stepping out of line and having a conservative Viewpoint and see what happens.

  84. I love you man . I almost watched your 200/900 videos in last few days .I wonder why your channel has not exploded over million subscribers.
    I know the drill “ stay awesome “. Btw, you forget to add in beginning “ welcome to another weedio “ 😄

  85. One of the most important points of this video is the fact that most Chinese remain loyal to the CCP even after obtaining citizenship else where. For this reason they are all a treat. How many ethic Chinese who’ve come to America and else where, obtained citizenship, end up working for a major corporation, only to be caught stealing proprietary company secrets and selling them to the CCP. My experience is that they can’t be trusted on any level. I hope President revokes all work and student visas and orders the Chinese nationals to leave the country. We as a nation need to get a grip on our Chinese problem, and it is a huge problem.

  86. So true! That includes in all communist countries ( my own experience as well).
    Thanks to bring this up so our generations know more the reality of socialism, communism..

  87. Hi Winston, loving all of your videos, i have only just started to watch your channel, Laowhy86 and the other channels you have since the lock down but i have binge watched a lot of them. i am from Oxford in England but i am currently living in Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam and have been here since 2007. i am half way through my 14th year. i married a Local Vietnamese Women and have 2 children. i also bought property here in Vietnam. My job is a little different to 85% of the other foreigners here in Vietnam. I restore antique furniture/French polisher. i came from England to teach the Vietnamese workers on how to make new furniture look antique and old and we manufacture reproductive antique furniture. I loved your video on the different categories of foreigner video you did. i feel i can relate to a lot of what you and Laowhy say any many of your videos. Vietnam’s Government is not has bad has the Chinese government , it has if they only really push the propaganda when they are having a bad time or someone in the governments having a bad day. (if you understand what i mean). hope to speak with you and Laowhy sometime if ever you are free and if you are ever back in Vietnam i would love to meet up with if you ever wanted to. love to the family and keep up the great content. Stay awesome.

  88. Growing up in the 80’s in the uk. We were taught to respect china and its culture. I always wanted to visit. Now i don’t want to set foot in or have anything to do with china.
    Don’t get me wrong i do not meant everyday chinese people.

  89. Her accent shows she is not educated in China. I do not believe her stutus represent the truth. Sorry Winston. This video’s is the worst of yours

  90. The china of today is exactly the same as Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Sending them any money now is the same as sending money to support the policies of Adolf Hitler.

  91. CCP got 70 years to refine their propaganda craft. They have learned from Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and North Korea. North Korea system is the best of all for CCP to learn because it is a isolated system.

  92. IF he is telling the truth about China, THEN his wife’s family is already dead meat on a stick. Are they? Or is HE just making crap up? Use your brains, people. Her family should already be arrested pending her return to be punished. Remember, neither of them are US citizens.

  93. I i am using the *chinanever com* site and own research to make sure I do not give the CCP ANY of my money. It is hard to do without staying educated; curbing shopping impulses.

    Good bonus is that you will have an thicker wallet in the end of each month. Invest in humanity! Vote with your wallet. As soon the CCP and their evil allies has fallen for good; I will be giving China some business.
    Always dreamed about vacation in China, but about 6 years ago when I also first saw serpentza content and other even more critical content about the country, that dream got forever impossible for me. Unless the Chinese communist sheep system is cast out and banished, I fear the good people of China has a great many decades of suffering yet. 🙁

  94. i am just scared for africa. As an east African, I’ve been to most countries in this region and the Chinese influence is overwhelming from Djibouti all the way down to Zambia .

  95. I wondered if there was a question you could answer for me, it has bugged me for a long time, what’s the deal with china being able to post their stuff over here so cheap, I am not talking about there shipping containers I get that mass of stuff and all that, I am talking about from the container to your house using postal services that cost us in our own countries 10 times or more for the same , this is no small thing and has destroyed cottage industry hell any small business that is home grown, and must be in a collaboration with the government, what’s the deal here?

  96. Hi Winston, wishing you all the best my fellow South African brother. I started watching your Videos about 5 years ago, when it was first affordable to have an internet connection fast enough for YouTube in SA. I remember falling in love with China through your Lens, in fact I have been telling people China can’t be that bad I know this great YouTuber living there. To see your story and how it has come full circle is amazing. Thank you for the insights in to a country otherwise cut of from the world.

  97. We are certainly also brainwashed here in the West. Who wrote history, for example? And why did they leave out the Briton’s concentration camps in Kenya in the 1950s? And the history about genders in the West? So biased. So, I don’t know if we are much better here in the West…

  98. Broke up with my Chinese then girlfriend and the madness started. Contacted my employer, Asian coworkers, friends and family back home, Facebook friends, even paid money to one guy back in my home country to help. He accepted the payment, but that was their doom. Found out about it and now had huge leverage on them. You either leave me alone or I involve the police (I’m in the U.S.). Counted on their “save face” thing and it worked.

  99. I’m from Scotland, i meet a young Chinese girl and was showing her our town all was good till I mentioned I was an S.N.P member we advocate a free Scotland, the conversation went very quiet and she said to me I shouldn’t be against London rule I should be more loyal to London, that was it she walked off on me as I tried to explain it was our democratic rite to seek independence

  100. The squashing of critical thought and open discussion is one of the main reasons why China has to steal so much tech from the West. And yet ethnic Chinese-Americans are among the leaders in getting new patents and research done – so it is 100% a CCP/mainland China problem. One of the problems with the West is that they simply do not understand how the CCP propaganda system works so insidiously.

  101. Ahh Winston, telling it like it is. I wonder when Winston will be approached by a Think Tank or political campaign to advise on China. He’s serving a valuable purpose here but eventually he belong on the National Security Council. The eggheads needs some practical advice now and then.

  102. I was in the public school system there when I was little. I don’t remember being told anything about the US being a villain. Perhaps they have a diff agenda to push to international kids. The propaganda is ingrained regardless of where kids go to school. Some more progressive parents are aware of it and plan to send their children to study abroad so they won’t be stuck in one system and the echo chamber.

  103. Nice to hear you’re enjoying your time in our country Winston. We need more South Africans like you that have love and appreciation for America and less America hating hypocrites like Trevor Noah.

  104. More people need to hear this! I just hope that other countries cut off their ties with China to prove to the CCP that their government is a joke. China thinks it’s some bigshot country with advanced this and that, but in all honesty, China is just a try hard copycat. I pity the country’s citizens, and hope that they muster up the courage to actually stand up and revolt against the CCP.

  105. I think its hilarious when serpentza tries to fluff up his resume by saying he “trained doctors” like he is some master-surgeon. In reality he probably “trained” them to use some widget. He didn’t train them on any medical science like he implies.

  106. Two of my children go to a public key school in Beijing. Academically very good but I don’t like the political education. I’ll get them out of there once I can.

  107. As a child, you should learn from teachers. What is wrong with learning? Do you expect students to disrespectful teachers?

    In early years, basics of education is universal like math. All countries are centers of the universe according to themselves.

  108. If the us is so evil how come the CCP is dependent on the us for business?
    Maybe the us should save China the dishonor of having to deal with so great an evil!

  109. I bet y will be disapointed in the us where vicious leftards and traitorous politicians both corrupted by infiltrated ccp , practice as much brainwashing than in china.

  110. I don’t disagree that many Chinese immigrants to western countries remain loyal to the ccp despite their citizenship change. BUT that statement is usually true to folks who immigrated at an older age. People who moved as a child or teen, may have a very very different turnout as they are completely assimilated to the western culture and values.

  111. I know it is a matter of degree, however schools in America also indoctrinate and discourage dissent and independent thinking. Basically there is one way of seeing the world that is presented in the public schools. Fortunately children in America have many other influences, outside of school, that would expose them to different ways of viewing the world. Even still, in America people are loosing the ability to think for themselves, much as many Chinese people have.

  112. I cannot fully agree with the interviewee’s words. At least for myself, growing up in China the closest thing to “brain washing” was misleading propaganda and the manipulation of truth. They sound bad but as far as I can tell, most of my classmates are still their individual beings. Those who praise the CCP are those who care little about politics anyway. However I understand my experience can’t speak for everyone. I was able to stand up to my politics teacher and get away with that and that will not happen if my teachers weren’t open minded themselves.

  113. That’s become Western women are gullible to put it nicely… Let them stay over there. Especially since a recession is about to hit and China’s economy is about take a big hit…

  114. That’s the reason why they don’t give out Chinese citizenship cos they think that ppl will be like they are and they will then be infaltrated by that person’s country

  115. I watch serpentza’s videos regularly, and as usual, I’d like to play devil’s advocate so we can get a more balanced perspective. Our guest, of course, is entitled to her subjective views. For all that’s trashed about the education system in China, maybe – just maybe – ranking results achieved in objective tests conducted by PISA do matter as follows:

    PISA WORLD RANKING 2018 (Maths, Science, Reading):

    1. China (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) 578.7
    2. Singapore 556.3
    3. Macao 542.3
    4. Hong Kong, China 530.7
    5. Estonia 525.3
    6. Japan 520.0
    7. South Korea 519.7
    8. Canada 516.7
    8. Taiwan 516.7
    10. Finland 516.3
    13. United Kingdom 503.7
    15. New Zealand 502.7
    25. United States 495.0

    As we see, China is ranked No. 1 versus USA ranked No. 25.

  116. These happened not just in mainland China but a large majority of News media, democrat supporters in the US are brainwashed by the CCP propaganda. And a lot of younger Americans through the CCP sponsored Confucius Institute Programme in US education system starts at early grade school to Univ..e.g. Harvard Univ. etc..

  117. It sounds like the lies taught are so outrageous and obvious, that basically it would cause anyone to question anything the government says. I have a friend from Russia who told me he heard many negative lies about the US, that he couldn’t believe crime or unemployment actually existed in the US.

  118. Migration is the most important factor. Subversion of society is easy for an ethnic group if they work together as a community, as the Chinese people value collectivism over individualism they pose a great risk. The Chinese migrants to the US for example disapprove of the first and second amendments, and will contribute to their removal given the opportunity, they will never be true Americans.

  119. Fabricated version of history we are being told to remember as fact here in the West as well. Most of what I have so-called larned is false history. IT is all bad. Wich Lie is better then another Lie or Lies??

  120. after i went to studied in U.S for 4 years, i realised the American education system is fuck up full of brainwashing session of how great America is while other countries are thought to be inferior countries. students in the U.S were taught that we are saving other countries by bombing them and invade foreigner land to liberate them from tyranny while U.S troops were committing serious human right abuses of war captives. female students were taught to view men as the enemy of woman rights. no wonder America of today is full of chaos and riots as people were taught that people who does not subscribe to leftist liberal views are the threat.

  121. Unfortunately, women in the West are brainwashed as well. Fourth wave Feminism, intersectionality, and critical race theory are the sorts of stupidities one must be educated into.

  122. You chose the USA over China for cultural reasons, which is fine. I understand the CCP is aggressive and controlling, but so is the USA. The USA is supposed to be the greatest country on Earth, but the health system is predatory, the workers rights are pathetic (probably still better than China), wage bargaining is non existant due to corporate control, complain for any form of fairness and you are branded a Commie scum bag. The US health system is a profit driven business not a service to its people, it works hand in hand with the Insurance Industry to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. You need to be wealthy to afford good insurance coverage which means the majority of the US work force is not covered well at all. 1/2 the US population probably has 3rd world health care access due to insurance costs and over inflated pricing. If an American complains about the health system and its predatory practices of holding people to ransom over health they are instantly branded marxist or socialist nutters. Workers rights in the USA are horrendous for Western standards, many people are living pay cheque to pay cheque so do not complain about the situation through fear of being out on the street and homeless. Also maternity/paternity rights is a joke, sick pay does not exist so god help you and your family if you do get ill coupled with the predatory health sector. The middle class in the US is being slowly dismantled as this socioeconomic group are the most likely to challenge the US elites in power. And this is the thing, this is all socially engineered in the USA by the powerful and wealthy, which then say this is all a result of the so called free market they completely control. With a US media owned by the powerful and wealthy filling US citizens heads full of total lies and crap just like China and a government that has been sold and bought by its elites, the once mighty USA is in terminal decline. Just watch Fox news for over sensationalised one sided, biased, shouty rubbish, this is not journalism with integrity at all. It was US and European Corporations that dumped their own citizens on the scrap heap for cheap unregulated chinese slave labour in a totalitarian regime. A totalitarian regime that murdered and tortured its own citizens was chosen as a new labour pool for western corporations?? Which then disposed of native staff leaving behind socioeconomic ruin in many Western regions. These short term greedy Western Corporations then sent our entire industrial supply chain over to china, rendering the West extremely vulnerable by not being able to manufacture diddly squat anymore. Covid 19 has exposed how fragile the West now is and how much we depend on China for the simplist of goods. Our Western greedy greasy Elites handed China our industrial supply chains on a plate over night which took us 200 years to develop, trained them all up to compete against us even though they have all our manufacturing jobs anyway. And expect us to believe the rhetoric about the Evil Chinese empire they helped create through there own greed. Of course the Chinese started to build stuff themselves eventually and start to challenge us in our own so called free market. Did our Western Corporations think the Chinese would stay as our personal sweat shop, “yes Mr Western boss man, I will continue to make things for nothing just for you”, I think not! The American people are decent and hard working if rewarded rightly for there efforts, just like the Chinese people. However both regions are run by corrupt greasy power hungry psycopaths. The USA is turning into an Oligarchy disguised as some sort of Democracy, China is run by a megalomaniac and teching up and getting bolder with imperialist ambitions in its own region and abroad. Ohhh shit, the World is going to become a more unpredictable, unstable place. The USA has the highest Covid 19 death toll per head of population than any other Western country (China a mystery). The USA has more homeless on its streets with poor social programs than any other Western country, this does not look good for the leader of the so called free World?! Free to do what, live with a declining quality of life with poor employment prospects, poor health care, poor wages, poor infrastructure, poor public education (private education is top notch for those who can afford it of course). Go figure, you made the right decision moving back to the West, but the USA? I suppose the UK is the 51st state anyway and Oz and NZ too close to China for your liking. I just hope the American people wrench their country back out of the hands of the corrupt cronies that have run it into the ground, we need a strong sensible headed USA more than ever with China on the rise.

  123. I agree with most of what she said, but I don’t necessarily think most 9-5 workers are sheeple lol, many of them are simply needed for society to function. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and work for themselves – the math just doesn’t work out there.

  124. The only part I do not agree is Maintain Chinese citizenship because they are worried about back home to see the families. If it canceled will be more difficult to go back see their family. A lot of Chinese are open-minded.

  125. This lady is basically describing the Dogmatic Liberals that call themselves progressive and ‘woke’. Don’t question the narrative, the education system is entrenched in this way of thinking too. Anyone who disagrees has their face and name plastered all over the internet and news and called blasphemers and heretics and labeled as unworthy of being treated like a human. Both the ‘woke progressives’ and the Chinese government have something in common with each other.

  126. Please do more on the subject of how Chinese immigrants will still be loyal to the Party. This is a very hard concept for Americans to deal with because of the former Chinese Exclusion Acts. The subject gets twisted into a racial bias in today’s rhetoric. I have found myself explaining to large grocery stores the actions of dai guo supply chains as they come into the store and clear the shelves of what ever is on sale by doing the rinse (buy) leave and repeat 4 and 5 times to buy rice or toilet paper, face masks whatever is on sale. The cashiers get so annoyed but can’t stop it. I live in the area of NYC Chinatown for most of my adult life. Not all Chinese people do this and the dai guo are looked down on. But they are loyal to the Party and will take whatever they can without conscience. I did speak to the store manager at two large chains. They are becoming aware. They thought it was just a Chinese idiosyncratic behavior.

  127. Honestly I don’t think this woman gave a fair or nuanced representation of Chinese education. Personally I spent all my pre-college years in China, in ordinary public schools. Indeed I lived in Shenzhen for many years and can’t help but feel the level of “brainwashing” is particularly not true in Shenzhen. In no way I think of myself representative of the entire generation of younger Chinese ppl, yet I’m definitely not alone. So Winston, in the spirit of bringing about a more balanced and nuanced view on Chinese education and China in general, I do hope you can find an opportunity to talk with me. Please DM if interested.

  128. My wife is Chinese and I do not believe I will ever get here reprogram her. But we do travel back and forth a lot. And with the circumstance its easier to just play along and do have a large business and a lot of real estate. I have even read several books on Mao so I understand there reasoning. And a high school education in the U.S. is far above one in China. In some way equals some college’s. In there basic skill sets. But my wife’s family is very well connected to the ccp and like I said while there I just play the game to keep the peace. You can take a Chinese person out of china but it hard to take Chinese ideology out of them. I know the people in her business love me and work very hard while I am there and will give them a break if they make a mistake and will listen to them and make sure they get the help need. It’s like when we shut down during the virus none of them missed there base pay check. I am here in the U.S. and my wife chooses to stay in China during these trouble time. Its because I came back early and didn’t get caught in the mess. I tried to get her to take her dad’s plane and fly to a different country then come back but it did not work out.

  129. It’s only a matter of time before the CCP will fall. The only question is how many people will die in the process. Of course the CCP will play both the victim and never admit their faults at any point.

  130. I bet they don’t teach that their own people are racis and their culture and history is trash. That’s just the west.
    The USA has huge problems with education now too due to the infiltration of low IQ beta Marxists. Perhaps home schooling?

  131. Please stop give a bad name on China to make your money. By the way, our history blame MaoZeDong for the things he had done, Please have your critical thinking when you listen to some messages. Please bring your brain. And the USA government did spy on our people and your president say bullshit to its residents.

  132. I went to China right after my parents finally split up and my narcisisstic father left. I was hoping for a fresh start but run right into the next narcisisstic system

  133. Just as bad in America right now, still as far as being able to have school choice I still recommend sending your kid to private academy’s in America, quality education, you as the parent have more control of your child’s education. But nothing beats the lessons a parent teaches their kids

  134. I had a friend in high school who was born in America to Chinese immigrants, but grew up in China from toddler age until middle school when her family moved back to America. She was very weird, but not in the way you think when you hear “So-and-so is weird.” It’s hard to describe exactly. She was pretty normal and made friends easily and seemed like a normal American girl on the surface. But her thought process was a little strange.

    When I was in China and married a Chinese girl, it suddenly made sense to me. Chinese people are indoctrinated early on and it changes the way they view things. So I think once they leave that environment and are exposed to Western education, it creates this weird disconnect. It’s hard for me to explain it. I’ve had a few more friends since then that spent their early years in China and I noticed similar thought processes in them, too.

  135. Off topic: I notice you are against dogs being killed for their meat yet you bring your wife to red lobster where fish are boiled alive. All living beings should not be killed to please human taste buds. It’s hypocritical to say one animal shouldn’t be killed and another should be.

    Just wanted to comment on that observation. Otherwise I really enjoy your videos and your wife is cool!

  136. In the Chinese school system, it’s common to bribe the teacher just to get them to pay attention to the child. If the teacher is not bribed, they will often intentionally marginalize and even attack the student. In addition, verbally and physically abusing the students is common. In fact, many parents prefer a teacher who will be “tough” AKA a psychopathic asshole. Finally, Chinese schools don’t educate. They fill kids’ heads with useless propaganda, brutally punish original thought, and insist on rote obedience. This is a primary reason why many Chinese adults rely primarily on theft, plagiarism, and bribery to cover their incompetence. This is how they are raised. The honest few almost have to run a gauntlet to overcome the nepotism and anti-intellectualism of China. China does not value education. In fact, China despises education. China values conformity and conditioning. That’s not education. And China’s reputation as a highly educated society is a total con.

  137. Winston i really admire you guys for your bravery openest and honestly on your podcast,wish more and more people watch it.I was the one born in former communist country only can confirm how true and honest are your videos.Thank you .

  138. Tiananmen Square Massacre had set the truth about the CCP, however, China is still an ok place to live if you could ignore the government. Chinese People and their government are different.America maybe is not a perfect place but at least everything is exposed, they are facing it to make progresses as we could see through history.

  139. Tbh students in America are brainwashed, too. It’s just not so on-the-nose. When you watch an interview of a social studies teacher saying how she teaches her students about BLM talking points and doesn’t even know when America declared independence, that’s a bad sign.

  140. My guess is our guest had to opt out of China’s education simply because she couldn’t make it – the competition was too stiff for her. Ending up at the bottom of one’s class, admittedly, can be a socially traumatizing or humiliating experience.

  141. Seriously though. We truly need to cut out China. I’m not American. I’m in a worse position. I’m Filipino. And right now my country is getting literally fucked. Not only is China economically assassinating my country but our government is slowly employing Chinese tactics to it’s governance. They just shut down one of the biggest news networks in the country, They’ve passed an “Anti terror bill” which essentially grants them the power to arrest, and or kill you if you are under any suspicion of being a threat to the government without due process. They’ve stolen the Philippine’s territories in both sea and land and have kept thousands of Filipino fishermen from their usual fishing grounds taking away their livelihood.

  142. I was involved in a Chinese exchange program here in the US where I worked as a student aid and I always felt like the students were lacking creativity and critical thinking. Very interesting that you both pointed that out as well.

  143. I appreciate Winston’s p.o.v and really enjoy watching these videos, but some of the talks are starting to sound more xenophobic than they should be in my opinion. His guest today saying that China deserves “this or that” is appalling regardless of what she went through. Talking about over a billion lives there, each being unique in opinion, values and perspectives, and to say they are brainwashed or sheeple completely dismisses any analogue that we might have here in the west, YouTube + Facebook anyone? I don’t want to bring a downer on thing sorry, but im just getting fed up of all the foreigner bashing I’m seeing online lately.

  144. This guest is so super smart. She fully get’s it completely. If you can see the difference between those of us who think and what I also call ” the sheep” then you my friend get it!

  145. Please don’t think American children aren’t brainwashed as well. They are. I was born and raised in America and have lived here for my entire 57 year life. Just look at the governmental mantras Americans thrive on, a la, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Flag Worship, etc. These are all governmental ideologies imbued into Americans from birth along with many more. Although, if you try to confront most Americans about these issues, they’ll defend their actions as if it were they who created these concepts. Just look at the whole taking a knee during the anthem controversy. People lose their minds if you dare think freely and defy this belief that body posturing is “the” way to honor a nation. It’s complete nonsense. According to this philosophy you cannot possibly respect or honor your country while kneeling, sitting, standing on your head, etc. Well, this is a prime example of how Americans have been brainwashed. They stand without thought or question because all the other sheeple do it. This is precisely why a brilliant Psychologist stated that most Americans haven’t a thought of their own to boast due to the brainwashing by their government. It happens in all countries. It’s just that most citizens only think it happens in all other countries but their own. Just be careful in America my friend. 😉

  146. Thank you for this. It has come to my attention that Quora, the online platform for answering peoples questions has been infiltrated by the CCP( or 50 Cent Army). There is a huge population of pro Chinese users making up elaborate fabrications for seemingly basic questions but potentially made up by the same very people. These are then up voted and cover up the truth. I would be very grateful if you could look into this because no one has realised so far. This propaganda is incredibly subtle but effective.

  147. I think im in love with the lady your talking with……..Ill synapsise……BOOM, children no critical thinking, Wha Wha Wha…..And ESPECIALLY ,BRING EVERYTHING BACK TO the U.S.A.

  148. Excellent topic!
    It should have been hard to find a western student in the public school system in PRC.
    GREAT WORK there!

  149. What Western women don’t realize is when socialists take over they don’t just murder the men, they murder the entire family or at least starve the children to death on purpose.

  150. I dont mean to pry, I just want to plant a seed…
    Depending on the type of visa you have, I would think any school district would be very fortunate to have you, Winston.
    I can think of a couple of subjects right off the top of my head!
    Best to you & yours.

  151. Hmm… This brainwashing seems VERY familiar somehow… Like it’s being used to undermine a country and it’s government somewhere… At this very moment… And seems like it’s about to be crushed by the masses that see through that facade

  152. To be fair Winston, I have only ever taught adults in China, and despite what we may see as shortcomings in the system of education, I have been lucky enough to have many polite, kind, thoughtful and generally well-balanced students in my classes from 2009 to 2018. I’m talking about hundreds of people here by the way. And even before that, when I first went to China in 2006 and taught Middle school and thought the system was fucked, but 14 years later I’ve seen some of those students become parents, successful in their career and so on.

    Of course it isn’t a perfect system, but it still generates a lot of nice, well-adjusted and balanced people that sound a lot happier than your guest on this show

  153. I wouldn’t call her a western women, i mean she grew up ALL 18 years of her childhood in china and probably most of her life has been spent in china. ofcourse she a foreigner she not a robot and didnt go to public schools and had privileges. I also went to a International school but half my childhood i spent in Canada, I would be very different if i didn’t grow up in Canada. If ur gonna call her a western women because she went to a private school, than all the local Chinese students in private schools would be considered western? Great Video by the way, information from a foreign student perspective of how even the private schools work in china.

  154. The opening footage is precious! Enjoy being a parent the most challenging and pleasurable years of your life. Thank God you guys made out of China when you did. Peace be with you and yours.

  155. All governments have abuse if power but there are checks and balances at least….but the CCP has no governors whatsoever. Total macheivilian ruthless pursuit of power and domination

  156. I have always equated the CCP with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. They operate exactly the same. CCP=NPD
    Edit: and the citizens are a bunch of codependents who make excuses for them.

  157. I teach Chinese kids for a living and yeah, I tend to agree, they seem to be completely incapable of critical thinking or questioning anything. I don’t ask them to criticize the CCP or anything like that, but I will ask them what their opinions on certain subjects are and they always give either the same answer, or the answer they think *I* want to hear. It’s sad when I go day after day doing the exact same thing with these kids and I can never really get them to tell me how they *really* feel about anything. American kids never shut up, they’ll tell you how they feel about every little thing on the planet, changing their minds often, but Chinese kids always have this sort of pre-programmed answer in mind and that’s pretty much it. I often wish I could get through to them to get them to think more in-depth about subjects, but I realize that I’m up against their *entire* schooling system and constantly being trained *against* the sort of dialogue that I seek to establish. It’s frustrating for sure.

  158. It’s funny because America does the same thing with conformity, brainwashing, manipulated history and making certain people disappear. Just on a different and more covert level. It’s an illusion of freedom. I still prefer America but the sins are similar just the level and optics are different.

  159. They seem to teach opinions instead of facts that can be verified either way so you can create your own opinion. My brother lived in China for five years and said all Chinese have the same opinion. Of course that’s only true for mainland Chinese, or maybe a few of frightened diaspora persued by mainlanders into their new countries.

  160. Talking about ridiculous fabricated ‘history’, altogether with the inexistence of happenings like 89·6·4 massacre (4 June Tian’an’man Massacre), they are now trying to make people believe that people born in British Hong Kong had been born in PRC Hong Kong!
    VERY FUNNY interpretation of ‘China’ has always been in its way, when students were taught in Chinese History subject that, the Mongolia which was militarily so strong that it actually took over China and part of Europe then, was just a Dynasty in China called ‘Yuen Dynasty’ and China was so strong that it has conquered so much land up until Europe.
    But the fact is, the land if China was conquered itself, while China (which was a concept which has not yet appeared by then actually 😝) was defeated and DISAPPEARED from the map!
    Mongolian historians have been laughing at Chinese History textbooks across the years!

  161. When i studied in china there was a course for internationals called how to do business in china. During the test i got propaganda questions on which i had to think like a ccp member otherwide i’d fail lol

  162. Every school system brainwashes kids to a certain extent. I’ve seen Basques brainwashed to believe that only Spain is the right way to go. They are forced to learn rivers and mountains a 1000 km away but knew little about local Basque geography. Then there there are Spaniards that say that , nowadays, Basque (or Catalan) kids are only taught Basque (or Catalan) perspectives. Americans are taught that America is best , the freest country in the world. There is generally no mention of the brutal American occupation of Haiti in 1915 or Nicaragua or the murderous war in the Philippines which killed 200,000 people there between 1898 and 1910. Japanese schools are loathe to discuss the massacre of the Chinese in Nanking in 1937 or so. Do Turkish schools discuss the Armenian genocide or the ethnic cleansing of Smyrna? Do French schools mention the brutality of French colonialism in Haiti and how they forced Haiti to pay 150 million gold francs to France for loss of property (slaves). This debt was paid up in 1947 , bear in mind Haiti became independent in 1804. The Chinese schools, like every other school system, have an agenda. Of course. Very few people ever have the time or intelligence or resources to be able to begin to figure out the real truth for themselves. I bet Sourh African history books are vastly different from the ones in the 1970’s. Different governments, different agendas .

  163. Oh boy! I’ve never imagined this! And here, in the Western world, we say that we are all brainwashed by “manufactured consent” as Noam Chomsky put it. But still, we are allowed to think critically, otherwise there won’t be any Noam Chomsky in the first place. I don’t think that, people who criticize the West for its bad behavior, know what real brainwashing is until they see what it is places like China or North-Korea…

  164. Thank you I love the content. It wasnt until I started watching your channel I had a better understanding of China. What China is doing in Africa worries me alot.

  165. The only problem with China is they’re governed by fear. All else are just defensive/offensive tactics, effects etc.
    Their mentality is ‘If the govt is happy, the people should be happy’.
    They truly believe a public role uplifts them, so the people should serve them, make them happy and they’ll get rewarded.
    Power in wrong hands.
    Using fear tactics on the weak… that’s bullying
    Low-life cowards

  166. Love all your videos but wow I would never choose to raise a child in USA under current situations there, especially with the xenophobia and deceit.

  167. Our media is manipulating us in America today. Ironically, 90 % of mainstream western media holds the same slant as the Global Times and Xinhua…and they are not even being paid by the CCP. They just hate the west.

  168. I am curious, what would people say, if you record, and publish videos of western kids on youtube, without permission. I think this is invading privacy of these people, just for the sake of narrative.

  169. Good job telling the truth. You “rasist CIA agent” 😂😂😂😂😂. I come from a former communist country and I am confirm and relate to your content. 🇷🇴

    The CCP’s primary business is to maintain control by manipulation and murder. The most often used method of killing:
    1. Creating propaganda before killing, fabricating lies before killing, and escalating hatred for those to be killed.
    2. To not only killing people through its machine of dictatorship but to actively to encourage people to kill one another.
    3. Destroy one’s spirit before killing his physical body. Leniency for those who confess but severe punishment to those who resist.
    4. Using both carrot and stick, the CCP claims the majority of the population is good, and it attacks a small portion of the population that are reactionary. Leniency to those who confess and long sentences to those who resist. .
    5. Nipping any potential threat in the bud and extra judicial killings. The CCP always arrests, the so-called ringleaders, then draws up verbal regulations and orders and judicial orders.
    6. Killing one to warn others.
    7. Famous people with international interests are usually not killed but suppressed by the CCP. The reason for this, is to redirect your attention away from the deaths of others suppressed by the CCP.
    8. Not only killing people within the CCP. They take delight in killing people abroad, by exporting the killing abroad by killing Chinese individuals abroad. By exporting the killing abroad, send a message; no one is safe from the murderous CCP.

    The murder of millions of the Pol Pot Kemer Rouge, the regime existed for only 4 years, 1974 to 1978 but murdered more than 2 million Cambodian people and more than 2 million Chinese.
    While taking advantage of America, in a contrived Civil War.
    China is going to war with America
    It’s going to be a:
    ^Currency War
    ^Financial War
    ^Kinetic War
    Does America realize that the CCP is using, time well-tested, methods of Chinese propaganda to bury our society?
    Fear Fear & mo FEAR.
    The CCP is an evil satanic cult, making war on heaven and earth.

    ——-••MAO ZEDONG SAID••——-
    Don’t make a fuss about a world war. At most, people die… Half the population wiped out – this happened quite a few times in Chinese history… It’s best if half the population is left, next best one-third.

  171. 1. I think your statement about Chinese immigrants is highly inappropriate, both whoever that lady was and you Winston. The Chinese diaspora have long encountered discrimination everywhere they’ve gone, even when the CCP didn’t exist, you just have to go back to the 1940’s to remember that there used to be a Chinese Exclusion Act in the United States. And the way you seem to reject an entire cultural identity, simply because you dislike or disagree with a government’s policies, it wasn’t your intention I think, but your statements lean highly in that direction.
    2. If you think about the way you vilify foreign governments you dislike, you’ll find that in principle, the way China’s history is attacked, calling people like Mao evil, etc., is exactly the way the Chinese government has chosen to brainwash their citizens against their foreign governments. We all know that the way Chinese government praises Mao and their own system is propaganda, because we know that it’s not true.
    But have you ever thought about how this process is applied in every country? Each country has high incentive to praise their own system of governance. And if your own system is getting attacked, you tend to attack back, and we know that democracy and authoritarianism are kind of pure opposites. So I find it completely natural that both the American and Chinese governments would have policies which praise their own system, but attack other systems opposite to theirs. You tend to focus on Chinese propaganda, but I tend to remember that every country in the world has propaganda, and you have to be very, very careful not to let yourself get caught up in it.
    I think run amok nationalism is a huge problem in China, and that same problem can happen anywhere in the world, including in the U.S.

  172. Lets not pretend that the West isnt heading headlong ito a similair culture. Winston youre a South African, did you not see the recent statement by SA cricketer Faf de Klerk where he apologizes for saying “I dont see colour” in reference to BLM? America is a hotbed of this sort of behaviour, equally as bad as your home country

  173. Mao murdered 80 million people making him the largest mass murder in history. He especially hunted the educated people to near extinction. Some escaped to Taiwan, hence the reason for China not accepting Taiwan. But why celebrate the largest mass murder on this planet❓❓❓🤔

  174. I know the majority of Chinese are Ok, but the CCP keep them in the darkness. But I’m sorry to say that most of the western world had it with CCP And unfortunately the people will pay the price for a totalitarian government. Great report as usual thank you Winston.

  175. In all honesty, the US is following suit. It’s being ripped apart from the inside by all the college educated marxists. If this continues, you will probably have to move again.

  176. You are right in regard of some of the older Chinese people (60’s-70 years +) who have obtained their American citizenship still have very high regards for their former mother land. They are in some how indoctrinated due to their own cultural beliefs and identity . Keep on making these video.

  177. Many AMERICANS have lost their ability to think critically due to willingly being brainwashed by the media. I understand in China you do not have a choice but brainwashing has become common place in the US since the CCP [ays main stream media to push an agenda.

  178. Wow, simply disgusting, this shows again what a serious threat the Chinese Government is to the free world, now I get in what a serious situation Hong Kong is. 🤔

  179. Do not come to the US for any education other than College or Graduated level. And even in college level, make sure you get into top 50. There is little education and a lot of indoctrination here. If you think the CCP is bad come and see the Democrat here lol

  180. Wow, she turn from critical to China to hardcore right wing slogan in 4 seconds. Yes, we need to stop relying on China, but I don’t believe we can bring manufacturing back. That’s another day’s issue, I guess

  181. If our politicians weren’t bought and sold like creepy uncle joe, we would prosecute intellectual property crimes. They guarantee that won’t happen by paying politicians to allow it unfettered.

  182. The people that run this world are a very small cult, and it doesn’t matter what country you live in. If you start digging around and expose them, the’ll come after you.

  183. I remember showing my father in law, an educated and culturally sophisticated Chinese man, a picture of the foreign troops who occupied the Forbidden City in 1900 and his response was, Tamen Canguan (they are visiting). Apparently, in China, they simplify the history of foreign conquest and intervention by emphasizing the sack of the Summer Palace in 1860 and ignore the other episodes.

  184. I really don’t think they give a shit about you at all. They are way to busy building a future. Nothing is changing for the good here. We are #1 with covid . Proud Americans !

  185. Western Zionism is evil too, aka, Zionist Occupied Government. Routine Infant Circumcision is a crime against humanity. That makes the CCP the enemy of my enemy.

  186. The same thing has happened to a degree here in America where since the 1950s the communists disappereared into universities, government and labor unions. The result is unrest and discontent in children who were never taught the disaster of Marxism

  187. This highlights the difficulty in separating the Chinese government from the Chinese people. Unfortunately in fighting against the CCP I fear it will prove impossible to not at least partially harm the Chinese citizens.

  188. This was really interesting and I’m not sure there are so many commentaries on this? Great upload! Can’t wait to hear more from her perspective 🙂

  189. Hey Winston oh, that was a great interview. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that would be and then as you grow older and find out that everything was a lie what that does to your confidence as a person. Wow she was really Brave to tell you everything that happened to her and what she went through. Thank you for sharing and please tell her we wish her all the best. And we are really happy to see you guys go out and about at different locations in California. All our best to you Shelley and Hugo

  190. Some Chinese people, after obtaining a different citizenship (such as the US) are still loyal to China. The majority don’t. They might be loyal to the Chinese culture, to Chinese people (friends and family), but not to the CCP government. I’m a Chinese American and have lots of Chinese American friends. Most of us view US as our home country, where we plant our roots down and raise a family. A few of them are still 人在曹营心在汉,still dreaming about returning to China one day. Most of them eventually change their mind overtime, as their children grow up in the US and their ties to the US became stronger and stronger.

  191. If you want some incite into China – watch “China Non-Stop” and “George non-stop”. His early videos in China, before he was kicked out.

    Serpentza knows the guy –

  192. I’d say 85% of the population in the world including the USA take to brainwashing very easy.
    I’d say at least 97% of the population on this planet are clueless to what is happening around them

    In the US, most people imbibe what the deep state controlled media tells them.

    Aldous Huxley divided the population into 20/60/20 as far as how easily it is to hypnotize people.

    Here is a list of things people have to overcome
    Cultural brainwashing
    Religious brainwashing
    Ideological brainwashing
    Education system brainwashing
    Scientific dogmatism

    Ideological spectrum left-right spectrum is a false paradigm. The same deep state entity controls the left and right. It was designed to dumb people down. The entire political landscape is fake. Opposition is fake.

    We live in a FAKE reality or in the matrix. Most people take the blue pill.
    Look how many people imbibe the coronavirus threat lie.
    Look at how all the countries marched along with the lie.

    China just has a less advanced thought control system. A new generation of leaders in China will copy the US system.

    Wearing those coronavirus masks just show how stupid people are.

    Communism never was implemented by any country. Those countries people think are communism was organized crime systems.

  193. Serpentza. Can you include China Non-Stop in one of your videos, maybe have a chat with him. He has a lot of valuable incites into China and the Culture. (A lot of people don’t know about his videos and history in China.)

  194. Most of the westerners can not comprehend the level of thought control in China so even though you speak the truth, it is beyond their experience to accept it. However truth needs to be told and soon enough, reveled. Keep plowing on, good job!

  195. U can’t go back to China that’s why , I feel so sorry for your wife n daughter they can never can go back to China because of you. So sad….you are very wanted in China …..

  196. I am a Cuban. Currently leaving in the United States. Cuba is a communist country and I can assure you that the communist do brain wash people or at least they try. They like to blame everything on the USA or the outside world.

  197. I disagree that the Chinese access to immigration to the US should be cut off ( 10:37 ). If some Chinese want to leave the Chinese dictatorship, they should be able to do so easily.

  198. This is an excellent video but I think it’s important to acknoweldge that America Gov is currently running entirely on cognitive dissonance and gaslighting of their population, as well as rewriting reality and facts to fit their narrative.

  199. Your kid is so cute! ❤️❤️❤️ My daughter is half Filipino and we were both really surprised she has almost blonde curly hair but and then Asian eyes! 😂😂

  200. The idea that a Chinese can just marry a US citizen and become a citizen is COMPLETELY wrong. My wife and I have been fighting the UCIS for years. Maybe, at some point she’ll get a green card, after a year or two more of fighting. That’ll be four years then. With paying a lawyer.
    It’s really a 50/50 tossup whether any sort of immigration document you submit will get dismissed for invalid reasons by the current administration.

  201. My brother supports the CCP, when I argue with him, he says that I was brainwashed by the Western media, well I said that I think the Chinese people were the ones brainwashed he said that I was distorting the truth, then I argued back saying that at least here I have free speech and I can say whatever I want without going out to “drink tea” with the police. So after that he started insulting me, arguing with arguments that make no sense, he is also an ultra nationalist and he says that the democracy in Western countries is fake and we are being braiwashed.
    Well I think I will let him be…

  202. You have left China but you still need to be vigilant regarding gender studies and the nice stories reached to young children with worm likes worm and so on

  203. I agree with the sentiment that Chinese immigration to the US should be curtailed BUT the problem is that once you have such a policy, the racists among us will start to harass anyone who looks like an Asian. The sad truth is, most (not all) non-Asian cannot differentiate between all the Asian nationalities, especially all the east and southeast Asians. In that case, all Asians will be grouped together with the Chinese.

    On a side note, it pisses me to no end that there is usually no alternatives in buying something that is not made in China and I am in the fortunate position to be able to pay more to buy something not made in China. Can you imagine the cost of living increases when all the stuffs we frequently buy are no longer made in China? Things are slowly being shifted to Vietnam but that country can only absorb so much. Companies around the world need to further expand manufacturing into other countries, those that do not align with China.

    I once worked with someone who went to the “Ivy League” of Chinese university and then came over here to the US west coast to attend a prestigious university for a graduate degree so clearly he’s not a dumb person. In talking with this person, he always showed reverences to all the Chinese leaders even though he’s already physically in a place where he’s free to talk however he likes. It is so ingrained into their head that even though they are in a different place, their allegiance should always be with China.

  204. China is breeding sheeple and sociopaths. The interviewee’s made a very good point that people MUST conform to survive because there is literally no other way to live in China. That makes the people who’s escaped to the West and still choose to heap praises on the CCP doubly hypocritical and unfortunately Canada is full of them. Feel free to image search Chinese flag raising ceremony in Markham, Ontario. It is totally bullshit hypocritical.

  205. Just curious. How many dark secrets that American history has ignored been taught in China? Although America is still the land of the free, for now, why aren’t news channels, movies and T.V. shows from places like Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba….ect shown in America? Let the American citizen see that stuff, if they want to, and judge for themselves. TRUMP 2020!

  206. You are totally right about how repressive and suffocative the Chinese regime is, a total nightmare for independent thinkers, but we also have to acknowledge that the “West” also applies manipulative and brainwashing techniques to control their own populations; the impressive amount of Trump-Bolsonaro-Johnson-Orban-etc. supporters is a definitive proof of that. We must we have to question everything (based on science and evidence!), including your own YouTube Chanel who’s intention is still not quite clear.

  207. The leftist indoctrination in Western countries through control of Education and the Media has been for over two generations now. The result surrounds us everyday. The goals may be slightly different, but the goal is the same. Complacent citizens under control, using the system and psychology. ie peer pressure. The indoctrinated are now teaching our youth. Thank you.

  208. Western education system especially at university level do the same kind of brainwashing as CCP system does. Kids are indoctrinated into leftist theocracy …

  209. Your daughter is the prettiest little baby!
    Have this lady on again please. I believe she will be very helpful in explaining the ccp machine.
    Our subconscious minds form in childhood. I would go so far as saying that it’s the part that runs the show entirely, based on early education and experiece.
    The adult carries this operating system as a subroutine in adulthood with the completion of the frontal cortex.
    What I want to know, is what if anything, did her parents do to mitigate her “brainwashing”?
    Why were they there?
    Hearing the details she shared was really interesting. I like getting down to the brass tacks; the day to day particulars.
    I was dismayed to hear the OTHER ‘N-word,’
    Narcissism. It’s thrown around too often by too many people, and there are better words to use.
    Thanks for the interesting guest, Winston. I look forward to hearing more.

  210. Thank you,It’s all true,the truth is rare in China 我英文不是很好,看起来比较吃力,要是有中文字幕就好了。
    I can’t see anything in China, I need you to be my eyes

  211. Yes. Sounds very pathetic what they learn and do from school. But Chinese people don’t care. They don’t care if it is true or right. All they care about is their life styles how much money they can make ,how many houses they can buy and how much they can show off to other people what they have.
    If the kids can have a big future when grow up,the parents don’t care how much they have to “donate” to the teachers or school. They don’t care what they learn. Period.

  212. We, the west that is should avoid all economic entanglement with China at the same we should be providing the Chinese people with every and all means at our disposal, the real information about the west, history, political freedom etc etc. This dictatorship is a house of cards.

  213. The current US education system is churning out unquestioning sheeple and teaching an altered history of the world. I suggest you pick another state to live in besides California, and send your daughter to a private school.

  214. The example of “Mao went to US” sounds highly likely a fake example. There is no any of such story/history said he visited US as I know. In fact people in mainland Chine all know that only country Mao had visited is Russia. I know that brainwash is very important for CCCP, but if you are an independent thinker it is easy to tell fake history from the real one. If any one would like to reveal the evil of CCP , Please use true story instead a fake one to make it credible.

  215. Trying to cut China out of manufacturing is ridiculous. Manufacturing is always going where it’s cheaper. That’s not the USA. It would be better to use positive reinforcement with countries such as China.

  216. I have been to China… and was heading to HK in late Feb before my plans were canceled…it is so counter productive for the current Chinese government to turn inward! On the same token… isn’t they’re anything positive about thevChinese people that you could report?

  217. Schools in China beats the creativity out of kids:
    At 8 y/o I had a buddy who was incredibly smart. He stole a AA battery and some wires to build a device sparks electricity arc out of a ball point pen. He used his little invention to hoax other pupils all day long. Our teachers were very unimpressed, told him that he is merely allowed to do well on the exams, reprimand him to never “invent” any hoax devices again.
    The next things I know was he went to Carnegie Mellon university and became a PhD in robotics. Now he’s one of the top researchers in robotics in the US.

  218. I’ve never been to China or have ever planned too. One weird thing that still happened to me though was my Iphone 7 was hacked a month ago and sent out a chinese text 10 paragraphs long to over 316 numbers outside of Canada. I went to Telus Mobility and they literally couldn’t explain how my phone went through it.

  219. 8:20 They called your parents and the businesses around them??!! Wow..that’s the kind of shit the LEFT does in the US if you have different ideas to them.

  220. As someone born in China for fourteen years, I went to Chinese school all the way to eighth grade. I only agree with 5% of this content, and I think this video did China dirty. I was sacred to talk to teacher back in Chinese school, because they are strict and we are taught to respect them., This teaching of obedience from parents and teacher is not from CCP, is from Confucian’s ideology more than two thousand years ago, it’s a cultural thing that rooted deep into Chinese’s world view, and it has nothing to do with the government.

  221. China is going to experience a massive revolt in the coming year……especially now with current events and how China is refusing to help with the floods

  222. No one in America wants Chinese jobs. Do you want to make shoes and iphones? NO THANKS! I don’t want to pay $500 for a pair of Nike Free. There are other countries who’ll do the manufacturing that’s not China so just move it there.

  223. Wow I was expecting this lady to be a flip flopper like China is bad but America is bad too bla bla all the things heard from people coming from countries like China. But she is on point, not afraid to say anything and sees things clearly. A rare sight indeed.

  224. Mr. Serp, the Chinese people are really blessed with good facial features and clear beautiful skin. They do not need extra pampering to look beautiful. I do not know if this is innate in just some of them, but it shows more or better in some of them. I still remember the old times, hair or clothing catalogues with chinese models, like magazines where you can pattern your clothes or hairstyle. They all look good.

  225. Serpentza – please be careful here also. Especially, once you get to universities – education is very left leaning in its point of view. Long ago it was more “down the middle” and you could get an education less “politically” apparent. BTW, if you are in California, there and MANY states to live in where the cost of living and even the cost of healthcare is much less.

  226. The Western people are slaves to their governments and the bankers of course but the Chinese are too. The more Communist your regime is the more enslaved you are. And the European governments are all full of communists even though they dont wear the communist uniforms. They are communists. Merkel for example comes from the Communist party of East Germany.

  227. You’re from SA but you talk like an American … China is prolly trying to protect themselves, regardless of all their capitalism and almost “dictatorship” way of running their country. But at least, they aren’t trying to build a wall or bombing countries thousands of miles away just to get a hold of their resources !

  228. Information like this needs to come into the awareness of people all over the world. They need to understand who they’re dealing with, it’s the first step to healing. Get her on again, she’s knowledgeable and very succinct in her explanations, nice to hear!

  229. You should consider homeschooling or religious school. The indoctrination in our public schools is likely to be little less toxic and surprisingly similar vs. the US as in PRC.

  230. The word “sheeple” makes me shiver. I feel it promotes the idea that you are above everyone else.
    I don’t arque with what she said about people like that. I just feel that the word itself is stupid.

  231. well im from hong kong and i can say this is all true. the fabricated history is so scary to a point like i got this friend from china, he didnt even get to know the 1989/6/4 massacre their education didnt mention that at all. now think of germany, their textbook included the history of nazi as a reminder. This as an example you can see how terrifying CCP is, and in hong kong, the CCP is trying to devour our educational system and everything. I really dont want to see this happen to any countries or places in the world.

  232. I’ve always heard that Chinese people from mainland China have poor critical thinking skills and that they lack creativity. Clearly their school system and the communist government support neither. Edit: They do excel in cyber espionage, though! Have to give them that.

  233. “my perception of reality is warped and that’s a problem with humanity really” she is intelligent, I like her jabs at the deficiencies within our global societies. So true that perception of reality is really deficient globally. And the Sheeple mentality does not help change that for the better. Neither does the outright unethical behavior from those particular people trying to hurt others.

  234. Interesting listening to this woman who had to re-adjust from one form of brainwashing to another – if you think growing up in the US doesn’t subject a person to major brainwashing, well then … you are truly brainwashed.

  235. @serpentza
    are there also any other Contents on this Channel regarding China, that is not only about Criticism of Life in China? I miss the clips showing some “positive” sides. Seems very very very one-sided so far. :-/

  236. Hans Chinese as your best friend today, then getting a signal from some leaders boss, or any CCP agents… He/She becomes your ennemy in less than 1 second!

  237. You doublespeak doublemind you. Admit you were all the time gathering material intended to be sold to China haters or Soros sponsored agencies. The west warmongers and medias are thriving feeding on the biased material you are unloading on the social medias.

  238. There’s a lot of brainwashing in American schools too. Especially college, I’m a senior in college. The professors are socialists and communists

  239. I wish that people would get away from this “alpha “bullshit. People are buying into that crap hook line and sinker. Other than that, I agree with everything that you guys said. Except, that you cannot “buyAmerican” when the USA follows the capitalist system and China has a huge perceived competitive advantage in labor. Essentially, China is beating the West with its own club and that club is called capitalism. Ironic that the CCP would be better at capitalism than the West. For the West to counter China they will have to go against their laissez faire free-market capitalist principles.

  240. The USA bs China choice is a no brainer. The problem is that right now The powers that shouldn’t be are smashing America in partnership with Gates vaccines genocide program, the marxists Sorsos and the Race War they’re trying to ramp up, there is a third more insidious front of financial collapse that smashes legacy systems as they call them. They have the position that for the USA to remain a super power they need to get ahead of china in the AI space and that necessitates bringing American socierty in line with a culture of tyranny like that of China. The first aspect of the internet of things is a completely dominance of people like Chinas social credit system. So become like China to stay ahead of China is the theirs prong in Americas current situation

  241. Thank you for another interesting episode.
    Glad you are here in the usa – its not perfect but at least you can be creative innovative and use creative thinking.

  242. Seems very unlikely a real international school is teaching kids Chinese propaganda. She may have been at one of the government affiliated bilingual schools which are sometimes misleadingly called international schools but in practice are not. Real international schools require students have a foreign passport and all teachers are foreign nationals (beyond perhaps Chinese teachers). The curriculum is not subject to government supervision.

  243. A great accomplishment of the Western system is convincing sheep that they’re critical thinkers because they accept the core tenants of liberalism. Yeah bud, I’m sure you did a lot of critical thinking that’s why you think Martin Luther King was a great man. Sure.

  244. Well, yes, although mainland China is spouting propaganda about the CIA being involved with Taiwan to spy on the CCP, there is absolute truth to that. I mean, c’mon. Lol. Bad example. Is it brainwashing if it’s true?

  245. Bullshit. I attended grade school in China and never learned what this woman is saying. After returning to the U.S., what did I find? History praising Christopher Columbus, praising the destruction of Native American lands, praising American bravery in the Vietnam war, which was largely an American defeat.

  246. I studied in China until 10th grade, and I am so sorry for your experience. My education in China was not even this brainwashing; most people still kept their wits to them.

  247. This is actually terrifying, as I can see the that US is not going to be able to win a war against such a unified people. And that war is coming. China has claimed the South China Sea (which are legally international waters) by building islands (for the last 20 years), they are building their navy and air force and have a huge standing army. Millions of soldiers with such unified (though brainwashed) thinking may make an unbeatable enemy. With four times the population of the US they have basically unlimited manpower. And they have been buying control in Africa, a huge continent with unlimited natural resources, not to mention holding SO much of the US debt. China is playing the long game and the US is not.

  248. brother my wife still lock at china its been nearly one year that she is lock with what’s happen coronavirus hope she can come back soon! I agree with you and with this wtf moment when the gran pa put is belt on an motorbike what the hell STAY AWESOME (im with her for now 7 years)

  249. Unlike Amerikan kids, it seems that the Chinese kids are free from god-infested, pledges, anthems, oaths and even God-slogans on their currency. The West fought for centuries for freedom from government religion and it seems that the Chinese found it!

  250. Not that she doesn’t have valid points, but using words like “sheeple” and “alpha personality” unironically… It’s like listening to a kid who spent too much time on Reddit and 4chan.

  251. Taiwan is on China’s menu next. I mail things all over the world and when I print a label for something going to Taiwan, it automatically prints out as *TAIWAN PROVINCE OF CHINA* in all capitals and all bold just like that.

  252. Doesn’t this happen in every country, they tell you the story from their perspective. I have many chinese friends and they know the truth and are woke, they know there are good and bads on the chinese government even though they have attended school in china. They tell me the ones that go irrational are the nationalist chinese that usually support the CCP. They say the nationalist chinese are the equivalent of trump supporters, irrational, lacking of arguments, racists, etc.

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