1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, allot of people including myself do the same thing and feel just like you and sometimes we have consequences that we feel bad about after we lose control a little. I also have similar traits and also cats with disabilities here in Davao. I try to always improve myself for my wife and family but sometimes I feel like I came up short. We are all just people and have failed at times and have faults don’t beat yourself up just try be conscious of what we need to work on to be become better. Your not alone, God bless.

  2. I was rushing like that and broke a stray puppy’s leg! What a sickening feeling! I felt guilty for years, but she forgave me faster than I did! That was long ago yet I’m 60 now and last month, while rushing to slide the patio door shut to block my neighbor’s weekly late night karaoke, I slammed the door on my finger. We can all do better. Thanks for the life lesson about first world problems….I’ll use it when I move to the PI in 2 years. Go easy on yourself, we’re all only human.

  3. Don’t let wife clean litter box not good pregnate.because germs in there.they say could harm baby cat feccies Ned read up on it.google it

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