1. I missed you because my friend passed away in the hospital do to a stroke. He was fifty one years old. My best friend and it really rocked my world. Too many losses in the past few years. Catch you tomorrow.

  2. I think the vaccine share takeaway is so unfair. Yeah, there’s a huge problem with the virus here in the states, but the Japanese shouldn’t have to wait while the number of cases keeps rising over there. I hope things get to a straight path where things can begin to work out for everyone because I plan to enroll in college over in Japan. From its looks, the borders probably won’t even be open by September due to people not being able to get the vaccine and the rising cases. I really hope things straighten up and go fairer for everyone. Keep Safe Drew

  3. I like both quarterbacks but I will make a $10.00 wager that Tom Brady and Tampa Bay will win it all. Text me if you are a gaming man! Take care Drew.

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