1. For those, if I can I buy food instead of giving money. At least they won’t be able to buy alcohol or cigarettes.
    And yes, we need to be able to say no

  2. bud yur friend is a cheap charlie in the years ive followed you ive always seen you buy the kidds sandwiches ,burgers all the time yur a great man i ve told all my subs about you when asked by them who is yur favorite vloggers number 1 bud brown ,ive learned alot from bud ,and lance

  3. When in Dumaguete, I always wanted to give a few pesos to only the very old and disabled who I considered to old or unable to work for a living. Had no choice but to give them priority. Others, I said “no”………….

  4. On my first visit I was in the Hinigaran market and I gave a few coins to a little boy of around 10. A few minutes later I was swarmed by 5 or 6 of his friends looking for more. I realized then that my methods would need to adapt. While I do not want to be overrun by requests I also do not want my heart to be hardened by an uncomfortable situation.

    As you said “give if you want to.”

    Take care.

  5. The larger question I have is what is the societal accepted gratuity standard. For a hypothetical example, what if you did except assistance with your bags at the Duma airport? What standard should apply to tip the person carrying your bags? I am looking for the happy medium between over and under compensation. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Couldn’t join the live broadcast, but naturally have enjoyed the recorded version. Your giving philosophy is spot on. Give when you want to; trust your gut. (PS – I think this video of yours has the most commercials ever. Interruptions every several minutes.)

  7. Bud, great topic! I do give to charities. But when I was in the Philippines I didn’t give to any beggars since I don’t know how much to give and having trouble looking at the currency/coins lol. Then, I was also concerned getting swamp with beggars. I do give great tips to people though because I want to brighten their day!

  8. If you give sometimes and don’t give other times. If that will be me. I might ask myself did I screw-up not giving that person. Lol I might have to do like your friend did not to give at all? It’s tough.

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