What Is Most Important To Bring With You? – to the Philippines

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  1. I would think that bringing any preconceived notions about the Philippines would be a problem as well as expecting say dumaguete to be just like home would be a huge issue. And for that matter once there to expect the culture to change for you not the other way round. A good example of this is a gentleman I know who moved to thailand from the states and always groaned about this and that being back home was the correct way and how thailand could change for the better and I always thought he should be the one adapting.

  2. Patience is a great virtue anywhere you go. An open mind is mandatory when living in a culture you didn’t grow up with. More patience is required because things are happening around you that you aren’t accustomed to, and definitely at a pace you aren’t accustomed to…So smile, keep an open mind, and exercise patience. 🙂 

  3. Good video Henry, but I actually thought you were going to talk about physical things like … I don’t know … a particular set of documents or sunscreen or something like that. Hahaha.

    1. I also thought that Henry would say something like PF 99 sunscreen or a bucket of whitening cream for your date.
      But in all seriousness what if you come back to your room and it’s all gone… My suggestion is to secure location maybe a safety deposit box with your passport or copy of your passport ATM card and some money at the point of departure. It has happened to me at a location I’ve least expect it.

  4. It’s been my experience, to bring common sense to the Philippines. Leave all pre-conceived notions about how business is transacted, social situations are played out and how day to day life is lived.. As a westerner from a large metropolitan city I found myself being judgmental and critical of life there, particularly in Bais. However, I remembered “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” since that time I have loved every minute of the times I have been in the Philippines. I have learned to embrace the good and even laugh at the bad.

  5. Would you say that you rushed into a relationship with the Pinay you orginally went to the Phils to be with? In retrospect were there signs that it wasnt going to work? Had you not got involved with her would you have ended up in PI?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines p.s.  i didn’t decide to move to the PH until after knowing her for 2 years, then moved here a year after that.

    2. @Garrett Bridges actually, my first relationship with a filipina went the way it should go.  we met in person in california, just by chance.  neither of us looking for a relationship.  she was there to get a divorce in fact.  we talked platonically for 5 weeks and then she went back to Cebu.  we then got to know each other for two more years, waiting for her divorce to finalize along the way.  but by then it got tossed out due to residency requirements and with her husband turning to very ill health, she felt compelled to stay with him and take care of him.  once things got to that point in our 3rd year, we decided it was best we go each our own way.   we’re still good friends, but the situation never turned in our favor.  so, it wasn’t much of a rush at all.

  6. Your advise is what most need while still in the U S A. Nothing really works anywhere without patience. So your lucky, where you are the life style weeds those without patience OUT, and the life style continues on.

  7. Good topic..during my stay in Dumaguete and in Manila I had experiences that required Patient’s and understanding and a let it go attitude. the 1st was in manila going to 7-11 for coffee on my morning walk. I put my cup under the coffee machine and waited a bit .No water coming out , so naturally I ask an employee about the lack of water at the coffee machine and he told me there was no water going to it.I just smiled and said ok and walk down the street and found my coffee No big deal for me. then in Dumaguete at the Sandurot festival I wanted to get a 30 day tattoo so I sat down agreed on a price 50 peso no problem, so the guy began to paint on my temp..tattoo 15 minutes goes by and he said that’s it I am finished sir, I looked at my shoulder and there was No blue on the Tattoo? and he says oh we don’t have blue ! so I counted my looses and smiled and said thank you..its these things you don’t see coming, but actually it kind of brings out the best in me slash my Patients and the love I have for the Philippines. like the Book I have ( don’t sweat the small stuff )..

  8. “Season Greetings Henry”, I’ve been following you for several months now, and I may not agree with a few of your views on some things, however on the view that you spoke on about trust, and patience, I totally agree with you on this in everything that you have said. My wife is there in the Philippines right now, and I have been trying to get her back to the States for several years, and although I may have known her for over 2 years before we were married, and we have been married now for 4 and half years now, I wish that after I had been to the Philippines several time before that, I wish that I would have waited to gain more trust from her, because I feel that she does not trust me after all these years, and I realize that this is part of the cultural and she was grew up in, so I believe that every time I get back to the Philippines, patients must also be with me.. I remember what the Holy Scriptures tells us, that patience is a virtue..

    I’m hoping to get back there in a few months, and looking forward in getting to finally meet you, and Lyn, and I’m so happy that you have someone now in your life, that you can relate with..

    God Bless!!

    Archbishop Tony

    1. @Dr W. Anthony Bright often filipinas will equate the level of their love with the level of their jealousy.  it’s a tough one for us men to deal with but it seems to come with the culture more times than not.

  9. Wow you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Everything moves at such a slower pace. I’ve heard it referred to as island time. I have experienced the exact same thing whenever we go to spend time with family there. I hope that all who are planning on going will take to heart your words.
    God bless merry Christmas and remember to slow down and enjoy the journey.

    1. @Rich Schwartz the only time i expect things to go ‘kinda’ on time is when meeting up with expats for lunch or a beer.  ha!  everything else, i pad on some cushion time.  

  10. LOL! Yes Brother Henry, patience is a must.

    There’s actually a multi-step process for prep and then acclamation. Before you leave, a solid year of study and research will help mitigate any surprises.

    Once you’ve achieved boots on the ground, common sense and patience are your best defenses. Relationships are an area were rushing will get us guys in trouble. It takes time to assess character. Flaws are not revealed in good times as they are when the shit hits the fan. That’s when sheeple’s real character, or lack of it, really shows.

  11. Really good advice reekay it would depand as you say if your there a few weeks or moving here,if your moving there knowlage and patince is your best advice iv learnd this from you reekay be smart about things thanks for the vidoe as always 🙂

  12. Hi Henry,
    Patience? Yeah right! I want patience and I want it right now!!
    “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr
    I might add ” And a semi automatic to speed things up a bit.
    You can be patient or you can go postal…whichever achieves you objective.
    I remember making five two hour trips to immigration in South Africa in order to clear out of the country. The last trip was topped off with a two hour stay in an elevator stuck between floors. And a recalcitrant petty official who at the very end of the whole procedure was still looking for a bribe.
    Or how about the next to the last time I went to BOI(Bureau of Immigration) in Cebu. That day for some reason there were over 100 people looking for visa extensions. The result…a six hour wait to get all the paperwork done. And a total of 13 hours for the day including the trip to and from BOI. 
    Or how about all those times in the California DMV.
    Patience, you can have it or you will develop it or you will have a stroke.
    I find a Kindle reader is a great way to help with patience.
    Take care,

    1. Are there days of the work-week and or times of the year that one can plan for a quick turn-around at the Cebu, Bureau of Immigration (BOI)?

    2. @Over The Rainbow – Philippines i’m still trying to figure out how to get the Calif lotto numbers to email back to my sons, since we’re a day ahead here in the PH.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hey Henry, you spent some time in Mexico. Maybe you caught wind of what I think is a secret import-export business between the Philippines and Mexico. The Mexicans are shipping “Manana” over here in little pop-top cans. In exchange the Filipinos are shipping little cans of “What? I’m not late at 11:50, it is still 11 o’clock” over there. Any idea where they sell those things? Or even better a repellant. Probably made by the Germans or Swiss. I think it’s called “Dammit, be on time”. Or maybe “Larry the Cable Guy” has a line of “Get ‘er Done” products.
      Watching grass grow is an excellent way to develop patience.

    4. @Over The Rainbow – Philippines i have a basic rule here;  “don’t do more than ONE thing a day.”  on a good day, i do 2 things on my list.  and if i’m in a hurry.. i’m screwed.

  13. i agree,i remember many times going three days with no power and living next door to someone who liked to sing loud. i learned from my time in the Philippines to just relax and go with the flow with a smile as i am a guest in the country so good to show respect to the locals.It was good for my blood pressure and my heart.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines i think you have to be that was otherwise your going to make enemies and be judged as the rude american (i’m not american but in the philippines i’m american because i’m white) before i lived in the philippines before i was very differrent. now im more soft spoken and laid back and seldom lose my temper and catholic.
      would be interested to see a video in which you speak more of how living in the philippines has changed you.

    2. @SeeSee Croft yah.. life is easier and the blood pressure stays in check if we just kinda ‘go with it’.  the roosters, the karaoke til 3am, fireworks on holidays til 3am.  me, i got out of bed and made breakfast til the fireworks stopped.  🙂

    1. @Travis Eddington absolutely.  i always remember my Mom’s advice here in the PH;  “be thankful.  it could have been worse.”   🙂

  14. You hit the nail right on the head with this one, Kuya. Yes! Patience! Something I’m still working on. I always have to remind myself that Philippines is a 3rd world country where a large amount of the population is either uneducated (due to hardship) and/or under-educated. I know you may be asking yourself “Whats does education have to do with it ToktokCali”? Trust me, Kuya. It has A LOT to do with it. 

    1. @TokTok Cali i was an engineering tech for 21 years in the medical device industry.  (angioplasty)  one of my favorite books is; “cheaper by the dozen”.  that should be required reading in the PH, it would hopefully get kids thinking, “how could this be done better?”.  until then.. go roll with it.

    2. Boom! You said it again. I rant to wife ALL the freakin time. People here lack Critical Thinking Skills. Youre good, Kuya. 🙂 P.S. Was in engineering myself. Semiconductor Industry Capital Equipment. Silicon Valley Corporate “slave” veteran here ;)

    3. @TokTok Cali lack of critical thinking results in lack of efficiency.  i’m an analytical person and worked in engineering for years so my mind is constantly telling me, “this could be done better ‘this’ way..”.  but i have to keep shutting that voice off unless it’s something i can control in my own home.  out and about.. i just gotta “let it be”.  🙂

  15. I agree that the most important thing to find in any country is trust… Very elusive and hard to find… 
    As far as what to bring with you, patience is important, but “money number one”… You don’t have any pesos, then all the patience in the world means nothing… 

  16. Thought about the question before i finished the video and have to agree with you. The next thing for me was an open mind with no expectations. I spent about 6 years of talking to many different people from several areas before i met Naomi my wife.  I did not stay in a hotel until my 3rd visit and only because of the many places to be at for CFO, OFW, etc etc. Before that was a 1 room house with outside CR. Bathing was at the spring or from water stored the night before since water was available in the day time in the mountains. Clothes and dishes by hand even as i type and we have a 2 bedroom house for about 160.00USD a month. Naomi is just very industrious and not forgetful about where she has been in life concerning her past. She earns a small amount just from home in P.O. Cards from Prince, lending cash cell loads with Globe or Sun. Thanks again for your videos.

    1. @kgbonez i think you hit on something very important there.. humility.  humility will keep a person grounded here and also avoid certain troubles with the locals.  biting one’s tongue and just moving on to the next thing is very helpful here.

  17. I developed some patience on my short stay in Manila. I was stuck in traffic in a taxi and we moved a total of 5 feet in one hour. All I did was laugh the whole time, especially when someone honked their horn. 

  18. Yes Henry,,totally agree with you,,if your not chill about waiting for things you wont last,,frustration is gonna cause you all sorts of problems and it will be noticed and not in a good way,,on a lighter note one thing that i will bring in future trips to the phils is eyewash,,yeah saline or anything like that,,not drops,,a total flushing system,,you think i could find it in robinsons ermita or sm mall or any of the small pharmacys,,a resounding No we dont have that! I dont know whether any of you other fellahs in this thread have come across the problem,,I used water instead and that was not helpful

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      yeah mate,,there is an awful lot of particulites floating around there,,,shades are key as you know,,Optometrist, last place i wouldah thought of,,drops basically counter red eye,,not if you got something in there as my case was,,im sure it costs an arm and a leg there,,not in the phils now but its on my list of must takes,,that and Angostura bitters,,hardly any bars stock this beauty,,great for a myriad of drinks especially my G&T’s and LLB’s (lemonade lime and bitters) 🙂

    2. @Brandon Q i get dry eyes every so often from the exhaust in the traffic.  but i’ve been getting by with regular eye drops that i keep in my backpack.  i do think i saw full washing liquid at the optometrist though, in a display case with the contact lenses.  try there.

    3. @Brandon Q i get dry eyes every so often from the exhaust in the traffic.  but i’ve been getting by with regular eye drops that i keep in my backpack.  i do think i saw full washing liquid at the optometrist though, in a display case with the contact lenses.  try there.

  19. Reekay,
    Yes, patience is an excellent thing to bring with you to the Philippines, but a close second would be humility. This culture has been doing just fine on it’s own without any input from the West. I don’t mean this in a mean way, am just saying. I think it is important to understand the culture, and speaking as a man, to understand the women in the context of their culture. I am dating a Filipina and I can tell you from experience that patience and humility have saved me more than once. (smile!)

    1. @Tapatauterash i absolutely agree.  people with big pride and quick tempers get themselves on the local blacklist very quickly.  here, you want a good rep around your living area.

  20. Patience and Understanding mate…understanding on why things are they are the way they are in the Philippines. And not to get upset and angry when things go wrong. Just take a walk , let off steam and move on again. Hope this makes sense….

    1. @clubmatt009 absolutely.  it’s like staying in a zen sort of state and if that gets all flustered, get some time alone to regroup.  🙂

  21. Henry…I 100 percent agree!..but let me add you need patience back in here the states as well. We don’t think about it because we are not dealing with cultural differences..but alot marriages here in the states would have been better if people have waited and sorted things a little better. Here in America…people think having resources is all it takes to make a relationship to work…it is not until those resources runout that they realize they have nothing in common. We also have a very Hollywood view of relationships thinking they
    will end up like the movies..sad because movies are designed to end to keep us coming back for more. Reality dictates that is not always true.

    1. @JackTripper for myself and many other expats seeking a real relationship, starting one in the us is much like watching an albotross try to take flight;  clumsy, awkward and very slow progress.  the ones that work, great.  but with a 50% divorce rate, i’ll go to where i hear the odds are a bit more in favor of the real thing.  

  22. Absolutely true Henry.  After coming to the Philippines since 2008, and finally marrying a filipina only last March, I can say how glad I am to have taken much extra time in all facets of life in the Phils.  Even now, my patience is sometimes tried by those that try to suck money in various ways, but I write that off to the opportunistic nature of the quintessential Filipino(a).  Sometimes, I just have to take some personal time and space for myself, and do my own thing.  It’s a great place to live and experience, IF you have patience.  Great vid.

    1. @Beyond Idaho you’ve got the key to freedom by the sound of it.  enjoy life and when the real thing comes, it will pass the test.  🙂

  23. I think I also will bring acceptance. Accepting that I leave behind all I know about culture and that I have to embrace a totally differente culture. It worked for me in South America: trying to forget my Dutch ways and embracing the Latino way. I also have to accept that I will experience a culture shock, and that it takes some to adjust. Patience is part of that. 

  24. for me it was understanding and respecting the philippine customs and laws and being adaptable will be coming to the philippines with my wife in march or april hopefully to live permanetly plan A balatic cebu island or plan B dumaguete

  25. I never really thought to much about what was most important to bring to Philippines, but I do agree on the patience. I went over to Davao to meet my soon to be wife, we had known each other for a long time over 2 years, It was nice she took care of me like a stray puppy kept me out of areas I didn’t need to be in, cooked for me and made most of the choices on going out to eat plus stopped me from eating a some places I probably would have stopped at. I was lucky to have her and still am. I would have listed her as the most important thing but she was already there. I love her so much we have been married for 6 years now and I never regret a day of it.

  26. I think your rite on target with that . I have been watching vids on the Philippines for years and I have seen a lot of people just lose it over silly things . And I’ve seen people get into these crazy situations and relationships . Then after it don’t work out they bash the whole Philippines for there own mistakes . And than two to three vids later there on to some other crazy thing .
    That’s why I really enjoy you and Mr Neds vids . When things go wrong or don’t work out , you guys put them in prospective and move on . Never seen you guys blame the Philippines . Great vid as always .

  27. Good advice for not only the Philippines.  20mins in the checkout line  with only four people ahead of you? That’s often the case at my local Walmart too.  

  28. Henry, I am one of these lucky people. When I want to the Philippines I had been married to a Filipina since 1988. So, when we took a trip to visit her home in Negros Occidental, I had the Family to teach me.  Yea, Patience is an important trait to have.  Because, no matter what we did or place we went to, we had to wait.  I would joke about that and say “Honey. we are on Filipino time”.  Also I think it is very important to have some Toilet Paper in your Back Pack.  “HEHEHE”.  Don’t forget to smile Kayo.  GOD BLESS

  29. Agree.

    I found out two important things.

    1.Knowing about what´s your weak point in the game.
    2.Being able to live a completely other life, not the same life like before just in another place.

    I think the most important things are mental things, expecting nothing, looking for nothing, just dealing with that whats comming up next.

  30. I better bring a marriage ring next january
    ….. someone’s getting impatient out there after 2,5 years…. 😉

    By the way, no problem…..
    As you see she is not only the most nice girl I ever met in my life, but also very beautiful.

  31. I think your a very unique individual Henry, and adapting to culture shock
    would have been easier to you than most people. You said you grew up
    on a farm tending to chickens etc, and then lived the life of a hi-tech engineer
    in the medical device industry, along with a 3.85 grade average. I believe
    this gives you a wider scope and appreciation of life. You have lived at
    one time a rather poor humble existence, and then lived an upper middle
    class life in California as an engineer. ( both ends)
       These kind of life experiences teach you that some of your happiest and
    most fulfilling times in life, where you have your fondest memories, are times
    when your had little in the materialistic sense. Those times however brought
    you closer with your family and loved ones, which very often bring much more
    joy and happiness into one’s life, than the “materialistic life.” Certainly a lot
    less loneliness. Look at all the wealthy people in North America that need
    and depend on anti-depressants in order to cope with life.( is that any way
    to live ?? ) I think they should expand their horizons, like you have.
       I see this come out in you in all your videos, and can see why you’d be so
    happy and at home there, and are the ideal guy to do these videos. I’m much
    like you in that I’ve experienced life at both ends of the spectrum, and some of
    my happiest times were times with large family get togethers where everyone
    had very little in the materialistic sense, but we sure had a lot of fun and good
    times together. I’ve also lived a very hi- end lifestyle, with many fancy cars, a
    huge house, where I spent most of my time in only a couple rooms, and very
    often spent a lot of the time by myself. I do like nice things, but to become
    obsessed by them, and live your live exclusively for money and materialism
    so you think you’ll fit into society, is not really a fulfilling life. ( IMO)
      After experiencing both extremes myself, life has really taught me to appreciate
    the simple things in life, and the people that come along with it. I can see life
    in the Phils can humble a person, and for the people that seek the good company
    of a nice woman, and friendly people, and good happy family life, the Phils is
    really a good place to be to experience happiness and contentment- providing
    you have enough money for the basics in life, and maybe a little bit more.

    1. @george brett Oh yeah right, I remember you from your rant about the Commander-In-Chief. What happened, all you got was a lump of coal in your stocking again this year?  Maybe you need Preperation H or try some Midol, it might help with your male PMS, at least maybe stop the whining. Ho, ho, ho a belated Merry Christmas every one and Happy New Year! 

    2. @Grant Bedard just yesterday i had some sliced watermelon for breakfast.  it reminded me of summer evenings with my cousins and family growing up as a kid.  tables of watermelon, corn on the cob and tamales.  we didn’t have much but we had family.  an uncle playing guitar under the big avocado tree while my aunts sang along.  and me, going for another corn on the cob.  here in the ph, having watermelon or corn on the cob brings those times back to me so clearly.  some of the best times of my life.  🙂

  32. Henry is so right. For me.. you won’t really know a person’s character and intentions until you lived-in with them. It is so true, time will tell. I experienced this before.. sweet, loving, in the beginning, we were clicking, but at the end a couple months later, she was a psycho… Disrespectful, selfish and unsanitary biatch. Got to get out..LOL     

    1. @Master Joey and there’s no hurry to cement things into place with marriage after a few months if they are truly in it for the duration.  getting married so early really is such a roll of the dice.

  33. i brought my filipino girl over two yrs on the fiance visa we meet in 2010 i went over and visited her three times before i brought her over here to usa i have had a few problems with her when she got here after two mnths on the fiance visa a week before we were going to get married she ran off to newyork longisland to stay with her friend for the last 2yrs she had gotten pregnant buy me before she left and she did not contact me for a yr then after that another yr then we got back in contact this yr in the summertime so i decided to take her back and go ahead and get married in longisland now im in ohio were i brought her here to live but she wants me to pick up and move to newyork she does not want to live here in ohio and im not to happy about moving to newyork even tought i lived there before i moved to ohio about 9yrs ago so what do u think we keep disagreeing on what to do i need help with this 

    1. @eugene Thomas i’m sure you care for your son and that complicates this situation greatly.  i’ll give you my spin on this, not saying it’s the best advice but it’s something to consider.  I’d say (a) do NOT file to give her residency.  (b) file for divorce and full custody of your son.  Be ready for some tough sledding though.  The courts in the usa can be brutal in family law.  They may even give her custody and expect child support/alimony from you after the dust settles.  No guarantee you will get what you want in divorce court.  Or… your other option is to wait it out and do nothing for another 2 years.  File for a Legal Separation so that her debts are no longer attached to your name.  (credit cards, loans, etc. made  after the legal separation is given.)  Essentially, do not let her have residency and let US immigration deal with her eventually.  But as far as expecting any loving behavior from her.. it’s time to throw in the towel on the dream.  She planned all this before she met you.  She just needed ANY foreigner to go along with it and it happened to be you.  Nothing she’s done has shown she had any love for you from the beginning.  So, either take your chances in family law court or.. let her face the consequences of being in the country illegally.  But either way, I’d advise getting a legal separation filed so her train-wreck doesn’t become your problem.

    2. yes she is selfish she wants everything to go her way or she gets mad and does not want to talk to me or answer my calls yes she is illegal here cause we did not get married on the 90 day visa she is living with her filipino friend in longisland the past 2yrs after she left me the first time her and my son she wants me to move to newyork when i have a aprtmnt and job and car here its crazy i have tried to get her to move here but she want and she wants me to help her get her green card now she says she loves me and wants to have a family with me i have tried to go along but she is allways complaining and getting mad about everything almost i mite cut ties with her r just hang in with the marriage 

    3. @eugene Thomas if i understand your post events correctly, she left you prior to getting married and overstayed her visa which was only good for 3 months.  this would mean she is now in the country illegally.  but it sounds like you eventually did marry to live in ohio, but she’s not happy with that.  well, it’s kinda late to tell you “know her for a year first”, that would have helped you see what sort of woman you’re really dealing with.  from what you describe she is selfish and definitely NOT in love with you.  what you have to ask yourself is;  Are you willing to divorce and cut your losses now?.. or sign on for a lifetime more of this behavior?  because i can tell you with about a 90% certainty, she is not going to change much for the better by the sound of it.  But that’s a decision only you can make.

  34. Great video Henry. I have learned a lot from your videos (and Ned’s Videos). Wish there would have been something like this before I made my first trip to Philippines back in 2009-2010. I would not have made the mistakes then.
    Thank you.
    I have a new love in my life there, she is going to college in Tacloban now and will be completing her last semester.
    I plan on seeing her next year, and starting our life together. And will take to heart a lot of what you have said in videos

  35. i think humility is very important to the Philippines .  I hear women talking saying  “He is very proud.”  And that is a real downer for the locals.   The filipinos both men and women appreciate a foreigner who keeps a low profile and doesn’t strut his stuff or show off his money.  Even more importantly is humility about culture.   Americans don’t have everything right. Filipinos have a lot of things right. Things go a lot better if we remember that.

  36. Reekay just a question if you are retiring to Phil. Is it best to buy property and build house in province. I have purchased lot in lemery Batangas be cause of cooler climate .my wife of twelve years is Philip in a from bicol province .she is fifty now I am 64 so not much longer for retirement. Was thinking no bills there better retirement just utilities.any comments.thanks

    1. @William Austin i’d say it’s a matter of personal preference.  some expats prefer a gated community with other expats.  others start their own farm in the province.  another guy i know prefers central manila because he likes the night life.  me.. i prefer to be on the edge of town, where the province begins so that i’m close to both malls and province easily.

  37. Reekay your a genius the way you narrate your video’s and your camera work with Go Pro is incredible, your good advise with your experience and your journey sharing with all of us is so rewarding   

  38. That’s really great advice, Henry. You know, if an expat is going to get that annoyed over a grocery or restaurant wait then quite possibly, the Philippines is the wrong home for them. I have visited six times and learned pretty quickly that you have to relax and try to chill out. In my opinion, too many guys put an American standard on the Philippines, and as you know, it just doesn’t work that way! I really miss Bohol.

    1. @woodyhoyle i’ve been yearning for alona beach and some of the other beaches there lately.  just with these typhoons would cut us some slack.  🙂

  39. Henry, I love what your doing. I watch your show everyday and sometime the same ones simultaneously .Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your videos. Do you or anyone have any idea what the cost would be for a flight from the US to the Philippines and back be ?including 1 week stay in Metro Manila (pasig city) ? Also if me and my filipina get married in her province island of Leyte how much would that be? Any advice would help me greatly. Me and this girl have been talking on line for 9 months. I want to meet her but I need an idea of some of the expenses before I go to visit her

  40. Ah, I was hoping for things to take with me in my suitcase… I’m going to the Philippines with my boyfriend (dating one year this Valentine’s Day) and his family this summer and I have no idea what to bring besides LOTS OF SUNSCREEN! I’m a redhead, so I burn very easily. Any advice on what material things I need? Things I shouldn’t bring? I heard not to bring fancy looking clothes because you’ll be a target for thieves.
    Also, any advice on meeting my boyfriend’s family? I’ve met his parents and brother and a few family friends. I didn’t know about mano po when I first met his parents, but I did do it with the older family friends and they said “wow! He’s teaching you right!” Any other things I should know? Thanks~

  41. I would like to ask you if you would contact me…I emailed you once..and you said you prefer FB…but I don’t like that as well. My question is about owning a dive boat, ferry, party boat service..I.E. Banca Boat..how to purchase?

  42. I think you should be a good Psycologist. In the way that you talking I find it verry interesting to listen to. Regards: Kristoffer

  43. Patience is absolutely a virtue especially in the Philippines. At a restaurant you order a cocktail, an appetizer and dinner. First comes the dinner, later comes the cocktail, and last, if they remember comes your appetizer. Holy cow! This happened more than once. Patience is King in the Philippines. If the clerk in the grocery store doesn’t know what you’re asking about, it’s usually followed by an immediate, “Out of stock sir.” Later, after some more looking I eventually find it. Solution: Take a pic to show them even if you have to Google it, lol. Yes… patience!

  44. Patience…ah…at the check out. I had an epiphany at the check out one time at Safeway. This was in the mid-80’s when they were showing pictures of what it was like to live in Poland before they broke free from the USSR. So here I am in the check-out line with a large grocery cart filled to overflowing. I was about the fourth one in line, and I’m just steaming about how long it’s going to check-out. And it hit me that here i am upset that I can’t get out of my local store with full shopping cart, and there are long lines of people in Poland waiting to get into a store where the shelves are barren – nothing on them. I had to laugh at myself and every time I get impatient at the store I remember that moment. Patience is more than a virtue, it just might keep you from having a heart attack. Love your vlogs – even if I don’t make it to Philippines they contain a lot of wisdom (sounds like hard won wisdom in some instances).

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