What my Chinese wife misses about China

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  1. 考個執照,申請住院醫生,就能在美國立足。一般中國來的醫生需要長的英文適應期,妳沒有這問題,走得通,沒問題。

  2. When your daughter starts school and social activities. There will be a whole network of new friends. As daughter grows. So will these new friendships.

  3. It is quite difficult for her to adjust professionally, I can understand. But if she goes back to China, she will not have her husband on her side I guess.

  4. This one hits very close to home, my wife is Taiwanese and we left China in February due to the virus. She has had such a rough time here, very homesick and misses the food and friends. But we’re moving to Taiwan in October so she’s counting down the days to getting back.

  5. I’m sorry you miss your family and friends. That is quite typical. But you seem to have a very good attitude and we are very happy that you are here. Stay strong!

  6. I know China has its flaws, but I’d love to see you and Sasha, and even Matt and Vivi back in China one day, even if it’s not a permanent thing. I miss the old days of you all in China.

  7. Welcome to Southern California! I hope I will bump into you one day at the local supermarket or a restaurant. 🙂 Love your videos and your perspectives about China.

  8. If Sasha is interested she might want to look into medical translation, or working with an home care group. Something to look into when CCP virus dies down.

  9. She misses her chinese people(relatives & familiar faces) but not the china(day to day life). She needs some chinese support group in america, but agent of china will control her. Be careful

  10. I found that it takes about a year to get use to a new country. I moved to 5 different countries, I still miss The Netherlands my
    country of birth. It is more difficult for your wife now because of the Covid-19 virus also. I wish her good luck.

  11. It doesn’t matter how bad some things might be there, she’ll always think of China as her homeland. China is not CCP; one should never resent the patient because of his disease.

  12. This is a very beautiful video. Even if you are not familiar with serpentza at all or even if you turned off the audio all together… The imagery of a happy woman, a family at a table, a mother playing with her child. It puts me in a strange melancholy.

  13. I would miss looking at the beautiful woman. We have all the fat woman you can gag to look at. Please keep that goddess hot. Don’t let her eat the poison we call food

  14. Nice one, big step forward.Hope you post more about USA and its problems/benefits instead of bashing china. I know you got a lot of unreleased footage, but for your future life in US I would focus on airing that kind of stuff.

  15. Please do a video from your view and friends in China about the China digital money. Good bad and the wtf. As well as the things we should all watch about it

  16. What I miss about China is “Hot Pot (Huo Guo)”, “Shao Kao (BBQ skewers) “, Cheap fruits and cheap sea food. The fact that I never had to order food since cooking was way more expensive than ordering.I seriously had an empty fridge.

    How I took taxi’s everywhere, since it cost like 5$.I was driving a motorcycle without license for 4 years.. when a cop pulled me over, i just pretended not to speak chinese or bribed him..

    How cheap everything was compared to the salary.. I also liked that 3 weeks chinese new year break.. It makes way more sense to have 3 weeks off than a few days here and there spread out throughout the week, for a traveller at least..

    The fact that I could buy a case of 12 Tsingdao bottled beer for like 4$(25rmb)

    Man i got really fat in China, i was constantly getting invited to restaurants

  17. Huge respect to her. First of all, she seems to have a great personality. And, secondly, she manages to cope with Winston who obviously has a pretty difficult character.

  18. If you are missing authentic Chinese food and you live in SoCal, visit the San Gabriel Valley (Monterey Park, Arcadia, Rosemead, City of Industry). Lots of Chinese immigrant businesses and restaurants from all over Mainland China. My wife is from Beijing and visits this area whenever she gets the chance.

  19. Aw, you’ll miss the floods, the famine, the police banging down your door at 3AM, the people defficating urinating and spitting in the street, the unsafe drinking water and risky food. Melamine contaminated baby milk. Being told by the government what you can’t say and what you must do. Facial recognition tracking where you always are and guessing your thoughts from your expression. There are people who have been in prison for a long time who feel uncomfortable when they are set free. They’d actually prefer to be back in prison. They miss the regimentation and they also miss their fellow prisoners They have to make a new life for themselves. It’s hard.

  20. Why are you always mentioning ” Chinese wife ” and not just wife?
    Like should you REALLY be mentioning all the time ” Chinese wife ” If she was from the USA, would you be mentioning always ” American wife ” ?????
    bro, just say it wife, we all now she is Chinese.

    Note: I’m talking about the title of this video, and the way you mention you wife in your other videos.

  21. Glad that you and love ones are out of Chinese communist’s grip.
    China will be habitable once the regime is overthrown.
    In democracy, we vote the government out. In communism, change is paid by blood.
    China will inevitably see mass killings again in the near future.
    The communist imperialism will end before the turn of this century.
    Xi Jinping and his lackeys must face trial and imprisonment for the innocent lives they took and the crimes they committed against humanity.

  22. I apologize if this was covered in another video (perhaps I forgot), but has Sasha thought about getting her MD over here? I know it’s a really tough ordeal and perhaps she can’t yet with her current visa status. From a purely selfish perspective, it would be interesting to hear her take on hospital culture in the US vs mainland China.

    Really enjoyed this video too. Love the honest takes.

  23. China and India shares similar very very family values and career oriented despite very different ideologies. I do not like communist government and have my prejudices but you have a very nice woman as a wife Winston and a beautiful family, may you guys be happy always. =) .

  24. whats interesting about the USA is how big it is. People think all Americans are the same but it really REALLY varies. Depending where u live, the Americans are different. due to immigrants, way of life or whatever. I miss New York City when i leave. Although its quite dangerous and disgusting. I miss the diversity. The many differernt people and languages and foods. The cheap Thai food. cheap Halal food. Compared to foreign countries… foreign food is sooooo expensive and nowhere is as diverse as Queens new yrok

  25. As a California refugee, your wife’s perspective about how nice everyone is driving, etc is funny to me. I instantly notice when I am driving in Cali vs other states. When the time comes, if possible, she should look into the Kaiser Health system. They hire many bilingual doctors. I would expect the demand for Chinese to be closer to the Bay though.

  26. Sasha, with the food you can remedy…. invest your time and cook what you know. Maybe you and Winston someday can introduce us to REAL Chinese food! Instant success business in U.S.A! PLEASE? Your not JUST A HOUSEWIFE, you have a Godly CALLING that is appointed us women! Very, very, very, important! It is a great calling! But you must learn that, you must know how OUR CREATOR ASSIGNED US A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE AND CALLING of being a wife and MOM! As you get older you will see the shift, change, someday your family will not be in this world, or friends, but your family will, INVEST IN THAT. ( You are so cute, and beautiful!)

  27. Glad to see sasha is doing Ok. Must be hard for a career girl, (a doctor as well) to all of a sudden become a house wife. But family and kids are the real true happiness in life. She just needs to embrace it as there’s nothing better in life than raising a family. Maybe she could start a new career in the future or set up her own online business or something?

  28. i know what she means about the Chinese food. When you’ve had the real thing, the North American equivalent is almost universally bad.

    there are exceptions fortunately.

  29. That is great that your wife is adjusting to American life and one can understand her missing her family and friends there, but they would probably love to be out of China in the current environment.

  30. Real Chinese food can be found by simply watching and learning from videos and online recipes. The United States has so much to offer with the variety of ethnic foods available. Learn to cook and reward yourself and your good friends with your newly found hobby. All the ingredients should be available because of our ethnic diversity. I like to cook at home because I know what cooking oils are healthier and my food does not contain MSG or excessive sodium.

  31. You will always miss something. There’s no place like home, even if it’s a dump. The place where you were born, where you spent your childhood. the different smells and much more. Well, we’re all kind of foreigners who live in a tent, so to speak. and are just passing through. As I see it, our real home is in eternity. All the best to you and your family. Blessing.

  32. You mean to tell me that the local neighborhood Chinese restaurant doesn’t serve real Chinese food? OMG next you’re going to tell me that Taco Bell doesn’t serve real Mexican food!

  33. It’s all what you grow up with and the things you experienced along the way, I love boiled crawfish, blackened redfish, deep fried soft sell crab and since my trip to Japan years ago I love A4 or A5 Wagu beef, we are all different. There are a few weird things things I like from being shot down by a Mig 21 on the North/South Vietnam border like frog and monkey meat while I was trying to escape, I would love to try it again. Maybe I loved it because I was hungry all the time while escaping back to South Vietnam, I don’t know but everybody is different. My Russian wife misses this rotten potato soup from her hometown, it is nasty and she makes it every week or two and expects me to eat it lol One more thing I miss is pumpkin soup that is real simple to cook, we had it everyday at this prisoner of war camp (after being shot down I was eventually captured). Anyway, God bless our differences. Things we grew up with and things we picked up along the way are the things we dream about. I had a Chinese girlfriend years who could really cook, I miss that to, the world is complicated. Anyway, God bless you and your beautiful family.

  34. Aww, don’t feel useless! Sure, being a housewife doesn’t pull in a paycheck, but the time you spend with your little girl is just as valuable. I often feel useless in my silly desk job when I see my friends with their families, talking about their kids hitting all of these new ‘first’ milestones.

  35. Some very familiar messages here. My wife is from PI and if her family was not mostly here in the states, I think she would have gone crazy. For me, a Euro-heritage guy brought up in the US, family was something that happened on holidays. In Asia, family is the whole family and it is everyday, in the house or next door. Over the almost 40 years we have been together, she has found a happy medium of daily texts and calls, monthly family gatherings in parks or restaurants, and holidays (crowded) in someone’s home. Food has been a non-issue, except for some of the exotic (and fresh) fruits., mainly because she cooks “old country” at home. Actually, she now prefers French and Mexican cuisine. Driving? Not much driving in PI, more riding in Jeepneys; definitely not missed at all. About shyness: she was so shy in the beginning, my goodness. With kids and years she has gained self confidence and then some = hidden Tiger. Stay awesome guys!

  36. It’s hard when you’re in a new place. No friends or people that share your life experience. It’s not like you’re in school with a bunch of new people you can get to know. Plus when you’re older your world gets even smaller. With this fucking disease, it’s impossible.

  37. Singapore chow mein Fong is that an American dish or something from China? It has curry sauce in it it’s never on the menu but when I asked for it they can always make it?
    Thanks for your video look forward to the next one !

  38. My wife got here in December, right before everything kicked off. So I felt bad for her since we both loved traveling and working etc then the Corona Virus locked us down. To make matters worse, her father passed at the height of Chinese lockdown so she was unable to fly home for the Funeral. She’s been adjusting well as she gets ready to take her RN test to move her Chinese Cert to the US RN licensure.

    Luckily we live in Houston. We have a huge chinese community here and can get fairly great imported ingredients so she is able to make accurate foods to help with that homesickness. Might see if y’all have a 99 Ranch market or equivalent near y’all to help with some of those missing ingredients.

  39. The bay area is probably some of the most authentic Chinese food, especially comparing that area to the rest of this country. Just stay away from the main stream chain restaurants that add sugar in the food or make it sweeter, so far from real. The whole in the wall is will probably be the best and most unexpected.

  40. Brother I seen you in my dream last night o never dream which I can remember you were on the news I think sky news I think you were presenting or on a panel yesterday day I say leyafette I think I got the spelling wrong name 3 times on different places take care

  41. Careful: interviews with your husband that then get put on the internet might be slow poison. Hopefully she’s finding ways to integrate and outlets for talking with people that aren’t on Youtube, but you never know – it’s a weird situation at the moment, let alone the massive culture shock of moving to another country and the life-change of having a kid.

  42. California has many cities that are majority Chinese. Your wife would have lots of friends and feel more at home. It’s your presence that would bring a lot of baggage.

    And the CCP would find out where you live.

    Her life must be like living with an international spy.

  43. I believe the key is to find a new career in the US once baby is ready for school/kindergarten. My wife is from China and we live in Sweden. Before she worked she felt more isolated and missed home more. Of course she had family and some friends, but once she started work in hospital here in Sweden the life got more complete. You know, every friend she has isn’t my friend anymore, stuff like that can substitute what she left behind in China..

  44. It is not easy moving to a strange land. I hope Winston appreciates your loss and that in time the longing will lessen and more friends will enter your life. Your daughter is absolutely adorable, by the way.

  45. Later as your daughter gets older and starts school, Sasha may want to look into taking the USMLE exams. My wife is a FMG from China and while she never quite received a good enough score to get licensed, she did pursue medical research and is now an associate professor at a university. Through work and ties with her old medical school classmates in China she has been able to enjoy a life in the US without a sense of isolation in a new country. She has also made some great new friends in the US Chinese community.

  46. I love your wife’s honesty. ‘Baby baby, husband, baby baby, husband’ – I completely get that, haha. I felt the same for the first couple of years. Don’t worry, it gets better! 🥰 I am glad you are both safe and well now and a HUGE congratulations on your baby girl! P.S. My husband is the German guy who borrowed Mr. Rubbish for a week and survived 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Going from career woman to mom with baby at home is a huge adjustment. I suppose in China she would have kept working and her parents take care of the baby as is tradition there.

  48. Sasha, we live in LB. My wife is from Taipei ( that is still Chinese ) but she is old enough to be your mother but still great looking. She is the ultimate Tiger Mom, she can guide you in good programs for your child to be able to meet all your expectations ( and cheap too ) . If interested reply here and I’ll eventually see it in my Youtube messages and I’ll put you in touch with her name is Cheng 🙂

  49. Just not being able to speak your native language on a regular basis must be burdensome enough. After English, Spanish is the only real “working” second language spoken in the United States.

  50. I am Croatian woman married to an Irish man. I have missed home at first, because everything in the UK was so strange and alien to me. But as time progress, I miss home less and less. After living abroad for over 10 years, Croatia doesn’t even feel like home anymore and I lost the connection. Heard that it happens in many cases, so things would get better

  51. Winston can you please do more Sasha content? The political stuff is covered elsewhere and is better suited to ADVPodcasts & your on the bikes videos w/CMilk.

  52. She can thank her husband for keeping her away from her family and friends in China and not ever being able to see them again for everything that he has posted here

  53. The 3 Fs; Family, Friends, and Food is almost always the answer while everything else is gravy and dependent on your lifestyle. But I will say on the food side, you can get very close to that home grown taste locally. Beautiful baby btw, have fun.

  54. I do agree with Sasha about Chinese food in America compared to Chinese food in China ingredients is different the way to prepare it is different. Take for example wonton soup in US compared to China is prepared differently the cost is a lot different it’s more in US senators in China I would have to say I like it better in China but there’s Chinese food I like in different restaurants in California because it’s just prepared differently

  55. I can totally understand number one missing family and friends. Also I can understand missing the taste of the food. But I will never miss the pollution of China because that is what led to the death of my beautiful wife from Qiqihar Heilongjiang China, at such an early age. China pollution is the silent killer. But I wish you and your family a great life in the U.S. and your English now is amazing and it is good to hear your views once again.

  56. I’m still curious and have never read or heard what type of visa these two are on in the US because the farm in China I have to be on a tourist visa or a working visa I can’t just stay in China and overstay your visa as well because the Chinese government knows where I’m at pretty much all the time I have to register with the local police department with my passport and my visa in China. I constantly hear feedback from others who post on here and saying it’s none of my business but I am an American citizen and if I was in China I’d be on either a tourist visa or working visa and I’ve been on both and I can’t overstay my visa there because the police know how long your visa last yes there are people that do that over there but eventually they get caught by immigration and get sent out of the country. NUS it’s very difficult to track visas

  57. Sashas comment about before being a daughter and now being a mother reminds of a truth that Lady Bird Johnson once said “women act like and view themselves as children until they have children of their own”. When a woman has a child, they stop being a child.

  58. My wife is also from Guangdong and her sentiments are very similar. Food being the number one, while convenience is the other not far behind. Since I am Chinese and speak Mandarin (but not Cantonese), it is an interesting dynamic in the home life.

  59. Wow, that was unexpectedly “real”. “What do I miss about China? Everything!” I hope you will get opportunities to visit friends and family there often. I know it’s expensive and covid is a temporary block. But I hope you can find a way to keep that connection.
    Also, I hope Sasha can find interesting work in the US. “Baby, husband, baby…” Parenthood is the most important thing in life, imo. But still, we need more. I get the feeling Sasha is the kind of person who could make it in so many walks of life.
    All the best to the three of you!

  60. Cool video. When you are stuck at home, you should get Sasha involved in your videos, because she is charming and appealing, along with being candid and honest in her commentaries.

  61. Nice to see you guys to have a small relaxing moment. It’s hard to meet new friends during this corona virus time. This will be a better and more enjoyable place after the virus crisis is over.

  62. To me it sounds like she’s extremely homesick for family and friends in China and her life there which she can thank her South African husband from taking her away and basically posting too many anti-Chinese government things on the site that she’ll never be able to go back, unfortunately and sadly

  63. Recap, She misses family and friends (duh), She misses the food (duh), She misses being single (😆) oof that’s nothing to do with china, and she was really adamant about it.

    Personal experience, noticed that a lot of woman from china that marry foreigners they don’t do it for love but for a Visa.

  64. I’m so glad you and your husband are here. I hope you can adjust to the culture of the USA. I know being a new Mom is an adjustment in it self. Just remember the time with your children will go by real fast and you’ll be off doing the other wonderful things you do so well. It’s just another chapter in your book. Please take care and it was great seeing you. 🤗

  65. I would suggest she try to get involved in a charity. She can still deal with growing the child as much as she needs but still get the purpose in the grander scale. She seems to miss being useful in the society not just in family.

  66. Buy ingredients at 99 Ranch. You can get real Chinese food in Irvine and The San Gabriel Valley.
    I recommend Szechuan Garden in the city of Artesia.

  67. Winston, the family is beautiful. Your daughter is precious. Knowing Chinese culture, is a boy in the future maybe? I wish you all the best. Always have enjoyed your videos for years now.

  68. In today’s society we are never satisfied and probably has always been like that, but sometimes we just need to slow down and be thankful about the things we have and the effort it took you to get it. Beautiful family serpentza.

  69. I always think about the things I would miss the most if I left the US.
    I can imagine it being quite the struggle, but I am glad you and your family are safe and in good health.

  70. You two — and baby (babies?) will do very well in the USA or anywhere else you settle. Yes, it’s a struggle, but you’re both strong and intelligent. These are major advantages. I know, from personal experience and more than four decades of marriage to my Chinese-Filipina wife: She wants a medal, of course, for “putting up with me”; I offered her any of my Navy medals. “I want my own, she insisted, just this morning.” Fun, blending two cultures. You’re both awesome, indeed. 👍

  71. I get an overall sense of her preference towards being in the US! Friends and food can be adapted over time, environments can’t be replicated! Good luck to you and your family!

  72. She’s great. Understandably that she misses her family, friends and things. Hopefully things will one day improve so that you all can return and enjoy the little things that you both miss in China. I hope it’ll improve so that you both return safely soon. The family is beautiful. You and family are way too awesome.

  73. Looking at her, in the quiet park, with plenty of space, and a clear blue sky….I can’t relate at all to missing China with the crowds, the noise, and worst of all the constant pollution. I love to visit China, the energy, but boy, the air has got to take years off your life!!

  74. Hey Sasha, I’ve been watching the channel a long time and your English has gotten a lot better! Are you planning on returning to work in the future?

  75. If I was living in a new country the two things I’d immediately go to as missing is:
    1 – loved ones
    2 – food

    I agree and sympathize with your wife 100%.

    Hell, I live in Texas, and I die a little inside every time I tried BBQ outside of my STATE. Can’t imagine trying it in a different country. 😅

  76. I’m surprised you miss Chinese food because you guys are in California is already pretty lucky because you guys have a lot of Chinese chain restaurants there. For example you have 許留山,味千拉麵,小肥羊,劉一手。
    Not to mention you are Cantonese, Cantonese has the longest history in California. They have the most authentic Cantonese food. You can join some chinese wechat group or just search online, there are tons of Cantonese 茶餐廳。

  77. Just a house wife! I am so tired of people buying into that. You could work your whole life away or you could server you family. A job you trade time for money where as a house wife you give your time to your family and in the end you receive your reward.

  78. What a beautiful family! It is sad that your wife misses China, though. Sometimes culture is more important than “niceness” to people. The rich part of America looks good, but there is a bad underbelly here as well. For example, I just saw a video that said that 1.7 million packages are stolen of American porches on a DAILY basis! The American Dream has often been an American sharkfest! Find a good church!

  79. She miss’s the food , huh.
    No problem.
    Just catch a few rats, maybe a couple pigeons. Get down to the dog shelter and “adopt” a dog or cat or two. Torture them to death with a blowtorch and have yourself a good old authentic Chinese BBQ
    She’ll feel right at home in no time at all.

  80. what is it about the word video that chinese people can’t pronounce, every chinese I know say wideo xD (ofc just the ones who can’t speak fluently just yet)

  81. I’ll bet her old friends and coworkers are so envious of her relaxed housewife life with a beautiful baby girl, supportive husband and American lifestyle.
    We live in an upper middle class suburb and one neighbor (who moved here from Beijing) said to me “this is so wonderful”. We were sitting at her patio table mid-morning on a summer day and I said what? She said look – blue sky, no pollution, no humidity, no bugs, birds singing, so quiet, it is amazing, I can’t believe how wonderful it is! Another neighbor is from Shanghai and she was thrilled when I sent her a photo I took of deer exploring her front yard. She couldn’t wait to send the photo to her friends back home.
    Your wife can do some volunteer work. That is what I did after I stopped my career work. Volunteer work is very rewarding.

  82. Winston my friend, tell your wife to bring all of her family here in the USA. Chinese are not bad people and they will enjoy a life of freedom. They would qualify as refugees leaving a country that is heavy in oppression and non respect of freedom of speech.

  83. Food is so cheap in China. Just buy meals on the way home. Miss friends? Wait until your kid is in school. Lots of tiger mothers especially if large Chinese population in good school district. Many China mainlanders in California.

  84. The feeling of wanting more for yourself is something I am hearing more and more of, people are really done with the way things are… not just money, friends politics but personally, people want something to get stuck into passionate about.

  85. You guys are exactly like my parents when they came here. Regardless, there is no love for the CCP. I being an ABC (American Born Chinese) can only guess what the future holds for your daughter. She will be very much like me. Totally exhumed into the culture. Share with her what you can about your own lives as this brings understanding of why you’re here. She will appreciate even more what builds the new life you choose for her.

  86. EXCELLENT presentation‼️👍🏻                                                                                                                     ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆

  87. As we grow and change, our joy’s in life need to grow and change by choice and also by life. It’s good to remember we are all in this life together going through similar challenges. You’re doing well guys, keep going! God bless your family.

  88. Let Sasha know she’s far from useless. Being a parent is no easy task. Someday she may open her own practice, once she feels the timing is right. 👍

  89. Give it some time Winston. You will eventually find real Chinese food and maybe get to 80%+ of what is available in China. If your wife has a larger friend group, it will improve too. Finally, help your wife imagine *more* about the future and other people around her more in relation to your core principles. Have more farm-raised chicken and Stay Awesome.

  90. I don’t blame her for not driving in China. Drivers from there cause the most horrific & avoidable accidents I never want to see again. Like driving off the 4th floor of a parking garage, turning left into traffic only after cars have no way to stop. The worse one was going through a red light killing a family in a van, etc. Dead drunk US drivers are safer than sober Chinese drivers any day.

  91. You have a beautiful wife and baby. It makes no difference where you come from, your birth place is always home at heart, and with SA’ns who leave will always feel the need to justify leaving with negative comments , as if it’s all hunky dory on the other side. The grass isn’t greener, it just takes more manure. I’m amazed that your lovely wife puts up with you knocking her birth place all the time. It’s seems to be an occupational hazard with you.

  92. Her Serp, here’s an authentic Chinese restaurant here in SoCal which you might appreciate. It’s similar to the street bbq found in China, similar to food in Liaoning that I remember. Smaller place, but worth the visit.

    9510 Garvey Ave, S. El Monte, CA 91733
    Xiao Xiang Zi BBQ
    Phone #: 6262655479

  93. Well, regardless of any situation – it will be hard for Winston to go back to china.
    It will be uncertain if the CCP will hold you responsible incase you visit china. They will do everything to disrupt your life.
    From then on … your life will be in America … maybe forever…. sad as it is not to visit

  94. You missed some and you gained some. Life is hardly perfect for most people. You gained one little thing which you will never get in China – FREEDOM. All the best to you and your family.

  95. Cool video! I really love her nice accent~
    By the way, a housewife is never useless, actually, she is a true treasure and such an important part of society.

  96. Good to see Sasha in a video again and your daughter too wow she’s growing so fast and is getting taller too. Thanks I enjoyed the video, have a great Friday

  97. Thank you Sasha! So nice to see you and the little one! Love how you say Southern California drivers are so nice! When I moved to Orange County from a small town, drivers would actually pass me when I was making a right hand turn because I was turning too slowly.🙄 On the other hand, I loved commuter traffic because the drivers were so predicable because they knew what they were doing driving that route everyday. I came to look forward to my 45 minute commutes to relax and unwind after work.🚗💖

  98. when does she become a doctor here? a amazing brain is a terrible thing to waste. she is a doctor in China now, shouldn’t be too much to be a healer here !!

  99. Wow your personality! You so open now and inhibited. I feel for you missing your work, that’s harsh. I hope you will find your new path career wise. ❤️

  100. Winston, you are a lucky man brother. You have a lovely smart woman and a cute as heck little girl. I can definitely see you in her face. It is completely understandable to miss the place you come from, especially the good parts of it.

  101. Yeah but, yeah but, that social credit score thing tho, and being disappeared tho….you can do without that hanging over your heads. I’d take the bland food and peace and quiet over having the police come knocking in the middle of the night

  102. I respect you a lot Sasha. I’m not certain it’d be easy for me to make that kind of change. Maybe when your daughter is older or when you are ready you could see about trying to get your medical license here in the States? Good doctors are in short supply here and I’m certain you would have no trouble getting work. Stay awesome!

  103. I get what she means. I hope she will try to get her parents to the US too. If she wants to, she should try to become a doctor here. We really need more intelligent people in the US.

  104. Time spent with your child is time well spent. Being a parent is the most difficult but also the most rewarding job we humans have. Nannies and daycare workers can never replace a mother, a lot of problems in modern Western society can be traced to children not getting the love and nurturing that they need.

  105. Americas is known for its opportunities….which also means less family times. American life is mostly work oriented and it revolves around things needed to relieve work stress. Bostonian (Harvard) guys are know for their sailing…….Join some activity like dragon boat racing, moms and baby jogging club 🙂 ……barefoot walking club, climbing tree club…(joking)……the people you meet in this clubs will be your family. Please note each club will require you to pay a fee…………well come to your paid family clubs. Welcome to Americas

  106. You guys live in LA right? There’s pretty good Chinese food there especially in the San Gabriel Valley area with cities like Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Arcadia and etc., really big Chinese communities there, there’s restaurants with Shanghai food, Beijing food and hot pot restaurants there. Also if Sasha thinks LA driving is nice compared to China, then driving in China must be bonkers haha

  107. being a mum in a new country would be bit of a shock i would expect … and its somewhat of a shame to hear her say she’s disappointed in being a house wife (but being a trained doctor i can understand) but as you show the job she have for now is making that new human you just made between you into a better person of the future in this journey you share together … yeah the english is much improved !! all the best for me i do value her insights in the chance of life come from east to west

  108. It is nice to hear from Sasha again. I glad to see she and your daughter doing so well and happy. Life changes, customs, habits are hard to transition in the best of circumstances…let alone under the pressured way you had to move. Best Wishes..Happy Life..Safe Keeping!

  109. I bet she misses that (not that you guys would get divorced but if you did) if you got divorced you’d be deported and she and her family would keep everything.

  110. I hope Sasha can get her medical license here eventually. AFA Guangdong food, you might have better luck on a road trip to San Francisco, maybe after this covid 19 mess.

  111. Lol, the thought of SoCal Drivers being called “considerate” and “nice” really makes me wonder how truly terrible the driving in Guangdong might be.

  112. I miss China too, and I’m not even Chinese! The Western world is boring compared with China — likely not because it would ACTUALLY be more boring, but simply because China is different and more challenging for a Westerner, simply more exciting and odd.

  113. I am pretty sure Sasha had tried it, but I would still suggest as a fellow Cantonese: The taste will be different since the seasoning and water are different from Guangdong, but we will eventually get used to that. Go to China town or restaurants run by Hongkongnese, they might have 白切鸡 that’s more authentic. It’s never easy to start everything from the beginning again, especially in US. 加油。

  114. Hi Sasha glad your here. It should be very easy to make friends here, because you’re famous. Check out being a movie star, you would be a natural fit. You could become a move star in no time.

  115. Chinese news say she cry everyday, he make her wear burlap and have nothing but babies. last baby she have Winston make her cook and clean while having baby

  116. Your little girl is absolutely adorable, getting cuter by the day. I know what I miss about SerpentZA in China, his awesome village crawls, spilling coffee on himself biking over bad roads.

  117. beautiful family, I hope you get a chance to go to visit in China soon, why can’t you become a doctor here, a better doctor would be a chiropractor like Dr. John Bergman he likes a lot of Chinese medicine and I think he has a school there in california here’s his address, 18582 Beach Blvd #22, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Phone: (714) 962-5891, it’s worth a try and you’d be an american doctor…

  118. For years I volunteered at a local church ( and then on my own ) working with Chinese who were in America doing research at a local university. Most had a number of years studying English but using it conversationally can be hard and intimidating. I tried to help with that. When a new student would come in I often asked how they felt about being new here and what their first impressions were of the area were. One of the most thoughtful answers I ever got was from a young lady. She paused for a few seconds and then said she felt lonely. I assumed it was because she missed family and friends ( I’m sure she did ) but it wasn’t that. It was because she was used to being around large crowds of people when she went out. We didn’t have that here. Gave me a little better insight into being from a big city in China.

  119. Everywhere has it’s pros and cons however family is one you cannot replace.
    Everything else can be adapted to and learned to be adored.

  120. I’ glad that she was brave enough to make the change. For Winston, it would have been very difficult to endure 1) the harassment and 2) the fact that China gives nothing to foreigners…only restrictions and unnecessary hurdles. NOW however, I’m not sure that she can even visit her home and relatives because she may not be able to leave thanks to the CCP and their paranoia. Good video. I wish you both the best!

  121. When my husband got out of the us navy we moved to Alaska because I missed my home. I know what she means.
    In 6 yrs we go to Hawaii…because I miss it, and I’m old enough that the cold is a problem

  122. I miss the crowds of people pushing and shoving me while they spit and piss all over the sidewalks.. I especially miss big brother CCP watching my every move and being heavily armed while they force their way into my home on a regular basis… good times!! I really miss all the yummy gutter oil street food that makes me crap my pants and puke all the time & all that yummy pollution too because being able to breath is for losers. I miss everyone’s racism there too, it’s such a great feeling knowing i’m just an inferior piece of crap non-Han that will never be accepted as part of society… best.feeling.ever. =) =D i miss China soo much =(

  123. (…well, I think the life in China would be changed as well after having the baby. no? You should consider starting up a medical vlog if some sort, mayne, to get a bit of the adult life mixed in witb bejng a mam 24X7, maybe? Can you post on he Chinese equivalent of YouTube from California, I mean, in addition to YT?)

  124. Your wife looks prettier now since being in the states. More relaxed and happier! She’s even more extroverted and her English is sounding 100% better and natural. Beautiful family. Well done.

  125. If your Wife’s family is in China that’s understandable, I’m half Egyptian 🇪🇬 Mother and half Jamaican 🇯🇲 Father A lot of my family live in Egypt and Kuwait, I live in the UK but I love my second home which is Luxor Egypt, I could not live in Egypt or Kuwait compared to the UK these countries are very strict.

  126. hang on a minute… she was a doctor? Now she’s a housewife with no paid job? Dude, she’s going back to China within a couple of years, and she’ll take the kid. Just giving you a reality check, man.

  127. Yeah… food is really different because the U.S. is CLEAN and has food standards and you won’t get fake food. But in all seriousness, aren’t you guys in LA? Bring her to the 626 (area code). You guys were there in your exploration of Chinese food in America. Granted Arcadia/Monterey Park/Rowland Heights/San Gabriel is a mixture of Taiwanese, Northern China, and Southern China. There should be plenty of Guangdong/Canto joints. I’d imagine the reason the chicken is different is not the technique as much as the chicken. Different feed, different environment. Though her comparison to a burger I’d say is a bit off because in the U.S. you still have a Chinese chef making it who is from China making for the Chinese immigrants. They’re not making it for the Americans because they won’t even know to order that. Just their choice of ingredients is different. In China, I’d imagine it’s a Chinese person making a burger.

    If she really is craving for food, the next best guangdong/canto food outside of HK is Vancouver. Be well, hope you and your family are staying safe

  128. Are you guys able to video chat at least with her family in china? I know it’s not the same but at least then she can talk to and see family. Not sure if that is possible or easy with how internet is in china?

  129. I’m in Pauma Valley that’s just down the hill from your favorite place to ride,”Palomar Mt.
    I would love to be a friend to your wife. She seems like such a nice person
    I hope that y’all stay in California for a long long time.
    We need awesome people like you here.

  130. I have met educated intellectual women that have been depressed because when they have a young child and stuck at home they are not in the office having intellectual conversations with their work colleagues.

  131. Take me back to the 80′ side ya! Winston, love the videos and your daughter is so beautiful. You are a lucky man. Hopefully my Chinese Jiujiang wife and I can have our first child soon. Keep up the nice work, I’ll keep coming back.

  132. serpentza Your wife is a doctor back in China and I’m assuming she’s waiting on her Green Card to work in the USA. While waiting, she can study for the medical board to get her license to work at a hospital. I’m sure you can take some weight off her hands, so she can study.

  133. I have travel to many places and I am always excited to go and enjoy because I know I will come home. I loved and enjoyed all the places I have been but there really is no place like home. I do feel for anyone that is far from there home.

  134. You should visit Penang, Malaysia if you got chance Mr and Mrs Winston. Because Penang is a Chinese majority state in Malaysia. Is like a little China in Malaysia.

  135. Every time Sasha is on camera her English is better and better. I hope one day soon your whole family gets to travel back to China without fears of the government.

  136. Yes, isolation from family and friends was the hardest for my mother after we, parents my sister and me, migrated to Australia.
    Many nights were spent crying and feeling home sick.
    But over decades even my mother accepted the benefits and opportunities that the migration created for me and my sister. The ability to own our own home, rather than spend our life in rental apartments, freedom to travel, freedom in life path. Homeland Germany has very high level of life and generally free life, but is far far more constrained in life choices.

    Keep up your new life, and keep the freedoms you have gained. Sadly for you there are some losses, but you children will gain much.

  137. Can she get a work permit?

    There are medical related jobs she is qualified to perform online while doing the stay-at-home-mom thing in the US.

    Not even necessarily for the income but to keep her skills sharp/learn American medical ops and build a social/professional network.

    When the kids are a little older and she REALLY wants to return to work, she will already have some contacts to draw upon.

    Are you guys considering staying in the US? If so, I would start looking into what she needs to do to get her medical license, sooner than later.

    If they want her to take classes or tests, might as well take advantage while everything is compelled to be online, and get it out of the way.

  138. No matter what is good about China, it is all for nought in a system where you have no freedom and are monitored and controlled in everything you say and do. Sorry!
    And there is enough to do here preventing this from happening to us. By the way, you could visit your friends and relatives in China if it wasn’t for your wonderful government. How much would you be missing China if you were a Uighur or a Mongolian?

  139. My Chinese wife loves Australia – the weather is the same as Cali … how could you miss Guangzhou during the summer – it’s like a living under a sweaty armpit! She hated the humidity in GZ.
    Also lots of Chinese in Cali and Australia you can find real Chinese food most places.
    Fresh water! Fresh food … the only thing she misses is her family understandably

  140. She needs to find something to do with her life really fast or she will face depression. She was a very active and independant woman, being a mother is not enough for her. Winston you have to figure out something very quick

  141. Winston … Out of curiosity … In the current age of building walls at borders, how did you, Sasha and baby get into the United States? Since you are both citizens of different countries, how did you arrange for immigration in your home country before arriving? Is Sasha working as a physician here? Is she able to?

  142. I haven’t watched all the videos on this channel, but I think her English has improved a lot(I am not a native English speaker, I only speak about what I see in the channel’s contents). I can imagine what she must suffer but it shows that she is a great woman to deprive herself of that and start a family outside of China.

  143. Takes a lot of skills to look after children. There are always things you miss from countries – the smell, the sounds, the climate. There are also things you don’t miss!

  144. She seems to be adjusting well. My Thai-Chinese wife grew up in Bangkok and after uni worked as a PR professional for years. We now live at Palm Springs. At first no lush countryside bothered her, and US “so called” Thai food bothered her to the extent that she will not eat at US Thai restaurants. We keep a house in Bangkok, but after 10 years she really prefers it here. Sure, she misses friends and family, but many come to visit here now and then. And the Thai diaspora is very strong here. Hopefully in time she will be as happy as my wife. Thailand is a lot easier and simpler to visit in China so long as you refrain from dissing the Royal Family. Cheers.

  145. Love the fashion Hu, I also think being candid is important just as Winston says. If you are candid about your needs, people can help with what you need. Adapting is always tough!

  146. If She feel useless She could collaborate with the channel, like She did in this video. This Is really informative so It s helping people. I m gay in Europe so i will never probably have children so idk what that means but She doesn’t seem useless

  147. Winston I know you were quite impressed with some of the Chinese food in America when you and C-Milk tried it, however I think it’d be interesting to get Sasha’s opinion of this as well as someone with a more “Chinese” palette.

  148. It’s never easy to emigrate. I’ve done it, twice! The best thing is to immerse yourself in the new culture. Try to forget where you lived before and move forward. I will say though, I’ve been to so many great places and no place is perfect. The U.S. has good points, but also bad points.. Sometimes, it’s better not to rock the boat and be content…

  149. I felt homesick as well for about 5 years, but not anymore if you can visit hometown once a year, now I hate crowded in Asia , traffic, hot and humidity, I don’t even missed the food anymore, once you busy with friends and family, you won’t missed your hometown anymore.

  150. I totally agree with your wife’s sensation. I’m studying Australia now and I think the most attraction from these english countries is that the better environment for living. Being a Taiwanese as an asian, if you have a chance to living in these countries(living not just traveling for short time), you will definitely know that even thought after 80 years Taiwan or China’s cities won’t have better environment as those western countries, because that’s very different systems, no matter in building, road constructions, traffic, city planning, our cities have not the concept to distinguish the business or sub district, we were mix everything together. Yah very convenient I know but sometimes chaotic as well.Taiwan’s society has highly density 7-11 and an affordable medicare system but the government carrying a lot debt, that system has many problems in future that foreigners don’t know that, even Taiwan people don’t know that, not, they know it but they don’t care it.

    Taiwan, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore are look same, Japan cities maybe are a bit better but also very similar. Asia countries are build on same concept and system, everything are very closed, western countries are use same system. A better environment for living, studying, growing for children or you wanna choose highly density 7-11, very clearly, some people can’t living without the convenience store. For eating, my British flatmate also misses his boring British potato foods, that’s same situation to everybody.🤷🤷🤷

  151. My Chinese wife misses her family understandably as for everything else living in Sydney in certain areas you can almost live a 100% Chinese life.
    Restaurants with authentic Chinese food, grocery stores with nothing but Chinese items. Also, Mandarin fluent, doctors’ chiropractors, dentists. real estate agents, car sales person, lawyers, driving instructors, ect ect. So besides her family and friends, very little.

  152. Shasta, you can try taking the USMLE and redo your residency in the USA. If you pass, you’ll be a doctor in 4 years only, assuming you went to a medical school considered decent quality by the foreign medical school accrediting agency/ama.

  153. Hey mate. Love your work. Beautiful daughter you have! With you being very open with you critiques of the CCP does your wife’s family back in China need to worry about getting hassled by the CCP?

  154. Nice to see Sasha again, and the baby is beautiful. Winston, you should maybe get a part-time job that has great family healthy insurance, to save some money. Or maybe Sasha, down the road. I know those costs can be outrageous without some decent insurance coverage.

  155. Stupid woman. Sorry to be harsh. Why marry someone who criticize your race, culture, country etc. Can her family accept his behaviour? Is she really a doctor?

  156. Lovely but just like expats all over the world , family all top of the list . Time will ease the difference to “some ” extent . We have lived in three countries and you leave some of yourself behind but take some of the countries with you as well .

  157. I really can’t understand why you look like so happy in your husband videos which hyped up the bad and negative sides of China. You are from China. But your husband obviously had a prejudice against China, though China is not as good as we expected, your husband really hyped up the bad aspects of Chinese society.

  158. my husband is from taiwan. and we are living in japan for long. after living in usa for a while. he keeps saying he doesn’t miss taiwan at all except real taiwanese dish. i dont know what to say. sometimes i feel he wasn’t happy in the previous places. i am not even sure what i am saying…

  159. Wow Winston I can’t believe how big she got since the livestream when you 1st introduced the little one. Stay awesome and remember happy wife = happy life

  160. It is hard to integrate in a new country. I had the same issue, I still am some times. This is somehow related to language and communication with the people from your community. If you can easily communicate with others you can easily make friends and be part of the community. For me speaking easily was a big step.
    Keep making great videos and stay awesome.

  161. Sad to think of citizens of Guangdong. Sending positive loving energy to all of her family and loved ones.
    To all citizens whos heart is sore and worn.
    To heal our planet is to heal our heart, the planet rejuvenates, so too can a freed soul, but only when given time and a chance to soar above an opposing wind.
    She is not a doctor but a healer, I hope she heals more people or animals, then she may feel balanced.

  162. Loved the video. Beautiful wife and child. My wife of 33 years is from Thailand. We are living in Florida. My wife is able to talk to relatives back home just about everyday. She watches Thai soaps through YouTube, but has to make her own food cause most Thai restaurant food is not authentic. Life is good. Good luck to your beautiful family.

  163. Just curious, the reason that she switched to being a house wife after moving to the US, is it primarily to help raise the kids or because of some barrier in accepted medical practice qualifications between countries?

  164. Question is it true that when describing a female beauty, in simplified Chinese it’s a rating system? and describing a guy is like saying young fresh meat or flesh?

  165. She is disappointed to be a housewife? I was expecting her to say that she would miss the freedom and safety that she is enjoying in the US..There is no threat in the US of being arrested in the middle of the night by some secret police..

  166. My wife has been here for over 20 years and she sometimes still gets homesick for Philippines especially her family. Over time you will find America is home although you will always miss family and friends in China.

  167. Just curious, as I am sure you guys have thought about it. What are your reasons for not moving, at least temporarily, to Taiwan? Especially since Prozzie went to Taiwan around the same time as you and C-milk left China/came to America, and his experience there has been amazing. Though in many ways Taiwan is VASTLY different from China, in many ways it is also very similar. Just wondering because Taiwan incorporates many of the things your wife said she would miss from America and currently misses from China. The language (spoken) is also almost the same Mandarin as well which would also be nice. Sorry if this is a little personal Winston, just a thought.

  168. It’s what it is to be a mother and wife in another country. Wife went through the same kinds of things when she arrived in Canada. At least she has freedom of speech and doesn’t have to watch over her shoulder if big brother will barge into the house.

  169. I feel for Sasha and Vivienne. You two characters had to leave China but your wives chose to stay with you two so you guys need to find ways enrich and give these two purpose.

  170. You can never go back. Even when you travel back to visit where you came from, it’s not the same place it was. And you’re not the same person you were. Best wishes and hang in there.

  171. Hey to the wife, you should know there are Chinese communities all across Los Angeles, in Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, etc. Try those Chinese restaurants.

  172. I am very grateful that you have moved out of China and, although making a new life in America will be difficult at first, the end result of great opportunity and much happiness will all be worth it. You have a beautiful family and I couldn’t be happier for you.

  173. Winston, you have a lovely family. Please keep Sasha away from Philadelphia PA. Her opinion of friendly drivers will change for the worse if she comes here. Glad to have you and your family in the US.

  174. I always thought Sasha was kind of mentally challenged because she never articulated herself in any meaningful way. Looks like it was more of a language issue though, because shes improved so much and explaining things really well.

  175. I hope one day she is able to get a job in the USA if she really wants to. It cant be fun being at home all day, although the lockdown doesnt make it easier. Lots of love❤❤❤

  176. I don’t miss it, but down south in Chile and Argentina, I don’t miss the bars on windows everywhere. Canadas so nice and clean, and no one needs bars on their homes to be safe

  177. For the best Guangdong Food restaurants:
    In Irvine, California: there are many Sam Woo Restaurants. This is the only good one, I know of!
    1. Sam Woo Seafood BBQ Restaurant 15333 Culver Dr., Irvine, California 92604
    Phoenix, Mesa area of Arizona we have lots of Guangdong Food restaurants!
    1. The Great Wall on 35th Ave. & Camelback Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85018
    2. China Chili 302 E. Flower St., Phoenix, Arizona 85012
    3. Mekong Palace 66 S. Dobson Rd., Ste 120, Mesa, Arizona 85202
    4. Asian Cafe Express 1911 W. Main St., Ste 3, Mesa, Arizona 85201

    I hope you like these restaurants! Let me know what your wife thinks about them.

  178. Winston, what would Sasha need to do to doctor in the US? Many places in the US would be so happy to have your wife as a doctor. Many of the US doctors received their education in other countries.

  179. If you guys want good chicken, you have to go and buy the freshly slaughtered chicken. They have store in L.A. and OC that sells that. Don’t buy the supermarket pre-prepared chicken.

  180. looks like you kinda screwed up your wife’s life and family by being so negative about her country, just so you could get more clicks on YouTube. it’s a shame she won’t ever be able to go back to China with your kid after your negative reporting – hope you are ashamed of yourself and hope she leaves you with the kid for her home country

  181. Ma’am: You need to go ahead and get your training residency done so you can practice medicine here in the US. C’mon, go for it! Maybe you are thinking about this and just keeping it private — I hope that is the case. You can always get a nanny, but hang on to that career. You were called to be a doctor — come back to the fold 🙂

  182. Sasha should try to practice medicine within the next 1.5 years. I am a veterinarian. I made a career change. It is scary how fast your skills leave you.

  183. Imagine a perfect world where China is a peaceful and free democracy with the ability for citizens like you and Laowhy86 to travel freely back to China as you please. What a nice world that would be.

  184. For me it seems that Chinese wife is a bad wife. She doesn’t enjoy being mother and wife! She prefers to live in totalitarian communist brainwshed sewer. Enjoy being separated from the whole world living in fake reality created by crazy and morderous leaders! Doesn’t care that any day her husband could have been taken for no reason and she as well. Worth to remember that she was left over divorced woman ignored by every Chinese guys! Where is her brain…?!

  185. She forgot to mention one of our benefits. That is the freedom to speak your mind without being whisked away and having your organs harvested. Or to exercise and meditate without that outcome as well. Until the CCP is gone from power and the abuses ended, I see no reason why a former resident of China would want to go back after living here. And what is the attraction to all the noise and crowding like salmon going upstream to spawn? She needs to convince herself that peace and quiet and some space between us is a good thing (pick pockets for example). As a bonus, you can breathe the air! So, Mrs, Sterzel, we welcome you and are happy that you are here. That goes for Mr. Sterzel too.

  186. USA has more territory, than China and 4 times less people. I wander myself why in comparison to Russia US appears to have even less people. It’s not that Americans do not like outdoors, but everyone owing a car makes people very mobile, and since USA has plenty of cultured parks, places to fish, to camp, spend vacation, trails, canyons and wilderness, all those people easily commute to those distant places, to all those areas of recreation, so they appear less visible, instead of crowding in a city or on random beaches. The shoreline of USA is very long, East, West and South. It’s almost impossible to see crowded beaches in USA, because there are so many miles of the beaches including enormous amount of lakes and rivers. That in turn means US has lots of expensive shoreline properties, because above all those shores have temperate climate, not tropical, not arid, and not arctic, like it would be mostly the case on Russian shores. Then again, to see huge crowds, one has to get to Disney Land. 🙂

  187. This is a second hand wife and she still is not happy being with Winston! She is not very pretty and Winston is good looking guy and with lot of style and dignity. He is a good provider for family but it is still not enaugh for her! Fuck this Chinese mentality! And she is not so typical Chinese girl but a better one as Winston said himself. So how terrible is a typical Chinese girl for westerner?! 🤔

  188. Sasha, don’t let being a Mom get you down, that is such an important job! I grew up without a mother involved in my life and it was a huge let down, and I wish everyday my mom was there for me. If you stay home with your daughter instead of leaving for work, she will love you and appreciate you and it will be worth it! Not only for your daughter, but for the strength and security of your family and your family bonds. Stay awesome!

  189. Sad to see fiddy-centers posting hatred here, so obviously brain washed by multi-millennia of dictatorship, self imposed isolation and inbreeding….their minds force-adapted to mimic workers in a colony of insects, or be killed. Fortunately mother nature still finds a way to create a few beautiful and intelligent free thinkers like Sasha, and places like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  190. Funny, it’s like a mirror to how I felt in China… I missed food from home, I had dreams about Montreal style hotdogs for years (its the first thing I had at a restaurant when I came back :), that and a poutine.

  191. Well we all live until around 80 years of age. We can all party and be selfish up until 40 but after that partying doesnt make sense…. what will we do from 40 to 80? Perhaps having a family and not being selfish is the best kind of like to have.

  192. Sasha can go back to school, perhaps getting a master or PhD degree in the medical field or public health etc., or maybe there‘re some refresher courses she can take to help her be able to practice medicine again in the US. There are a lot of Chinese in Califonia and I‘m sure they‘ll appreciate someone who can speak their language.

  193. Chinese are not adaptable whether food, friends, culture … I guess something to do with the fact that the next generation is always educated and mentored by two previous generations. In conclusion, time to open up!!! Between, nothing to miss in this dreadful place!

  194. One minute into this video-
    Wow! Sasha’s English has gotten so very good! There’s “no stopping her now”!
    Next, your daighter is so cute!
    My wife and I wish you both peace and prosperity

  195. Does the USA still use cash a lot then?
    I don’t know why Chinese are so proud of mobile payment, I’ve lived in China for 3 years and am back again now but honestly I don’t give a crap about it! In the UK we just use contactless card payment, it’s even quicker. There are some advantages to mobile pay but it’s not a big deal for me.

  196. Two big disadvantages to mobile pay: If your phone runs out of battery, you’re done for!
    2. The government can (and in China, does), monitor all of your transactions.

  197. There is always culture shock when someone moves from one country to another. Additionally you both are new parents, mothers can go through a post-pregnancy phase when their emotions are a little bipolar while their bodies are returning to normal. Ultimately, the longer you live in America, the more friends you will make, the easier it will be as your child grows up and happier life will become. Winston will need to do as much as he can to support his wife, but it will make their family all much closer. As to the food, its true, but if you buy the ingredients at a store you can make meals that are pretty close to what you miss from back home. Also if possible, invite relatives to visit you in the U.S. or maybe meet them somewhere on vacation outside China like Vietnam or Taiwan, etc. I lived in Japan 10 years, so I know how challenging home sickness can be. Now is a good time for you to request hugs from Winston often. It will help. =)

  198. I enjoy your videos. I like the way you present different perspectives even when it’s not your own. I wonder if there was a way that your wife could continue her medical career here in the U.S.? Keep up the good work!

  199. real chinese food; well from what I learnt from my travels to Asia retaurant, they put in a lot of MSG for great taste so customer comes back for business 😉

  200. I can second that. What I warn all my young friends in China iwantin to come to America: You will feel lonely. To be happy and successful in the US you have to have a very high tolerance for loneliness.

  201. Nice video and location. I think I’ve been to were you filmed this video. Did you film it at 3099 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109 United States? I’m from Los Angeles and I’m a big fan of the channel, I appreciate your videos, and hope you and your family do well!

  202. It is so hard to have your first baby in your own country let alone a brand new one and go through all the covid lockdown
    I think she is doing great
    Hang in there Sasha You got this !

  203. Adjusting to a different lifestyle is never easy, especially us Asians are often very family-oriented and career-focused so I completely understand her point of view. All the best to you guys, one thing at a time, life will get better. 加油

  204. Dude like just say wife for every *once* in a while. “Chinese wife” this, that. I feel like you’re cheapening your marriage and for what: some extra views on YouTube. Other China related videos I can understand but even in personal videos? Well, I can’t to say the least.

  205. I so, so, so, want to have real Chinese food. Here in South Orange county CA the only place that I have found is in Irvine called “Sam Woo”. Sure, lots of Chinese people ear there, but still…mmm…it still seems Americanized somehow.

  206. Doctors in the states make more than China. You have a loving husband, fragile child and a life across the ocean from your home country. Be happy and start something positive and fresh.

  207. Sacha, I totally can relate to the moving from a demanding career to housewife, it will change and you will miss the time you had for yourself, try to enjoy it for now

  208. Wow I am surprised Sasha can’t find 白切雞 in the Los Angeles area. Usually this stuff can be found in Chinatowns in California. Since she is from Guangdong maybe San Francisco area is better.

  209. so it is just food. all the rest she mentions has nothing to do with the country. those r general social issues, you ll miss even when you move to another city inside the country.

  210. I have to say that I am surprised how good your English is with only a slight hint of an accent. I do not worry about what I miss when I am in a different place, instead I focus on what it is like where I am unless the place is really terrible. And Ya, your smile is really nice.

  211. Very sad. That’s why I didn’t marry a Chinese girl. I didn’t want to live in China, and I knew however “prowest” they are, they would of course always miss China.

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