1. You need to put a grill at the back of the rear seats , it serves two purposes, one it stops things flying through the air and hitting you on the head if you have to stop all of a sudden , and you can stack more in the back compartment, im sure they are made for each model or maybe your fsther in law can make one up for you ,

  2. Love the music…No law on how to hang a flag… did they send you flag hanging instructions?… get the Glock shirt and doctor it Chuck!….You would have to pay me to leave your channel, wanna go broke?….Jungle retreat YESSSSSSS!….Oh Guess i got to be Australian Huh?….Is Paige the exterminator?….Make T-shirt Snail kicking Paige…Oh me know Lum and Coke on the rock!…Do Not Kick the DOG!

  3. Thank You for allowing me to view your fellowship with the ladies. My ladies do the same to me, walk 1/4 mile
    down the street, then phone me to Bring the Car. Paige and the snail will be the running joke for months!
    What! Just One Beer?! LOL. YouRock

  4. I love how Paige never seems to stop smiling, she seems like a happy fun lady.

    I’ll be moving over to the yasathon province from Australia with my little lady in a couple of years to get enjoy a simple life on our farm and your videos always make me miss Thailand so much

  5. Chuck and Paige thanks for showing the people who sell merchandise always interesting,Paige picked a great hotel for you chuck the outside is nice the inside surprised me great looking, the pork made me hungry looked great,like always very enjoyable video with everyone having a positive and great time, be safe and have fun 🌴👍🏻🌴

  6. Hi Chuck and Paige. I love watching your adventures and I feel like I’m there on everyone of them. I enjoy seeing Mafia and her friends and how you all are loving life.

  7. I love Thailand. Following you and your family is fun. I have not found any of the famous Thailand silk, or any old style Thai gold jewelry. or art work, or a art supply store. Maybe you have some tips, on where these things hide. Loved the kicked snail, you should do a follow-up with a snail trip to the doctor for a check up.

  8. You said diarrhea so I unsubscribed. Then soi mafia showed Paige her phone and what she really said so I re-subscibed. Jk that was a really nice market. Have a great trip with the ladies. How long will it be ?

  9. I have a friend of mine who works at the VA Hospital in Palm Beach. He says that there are seven patients there that have Covid 19. He said that he has spoken to some of them and they say it’s just like a mild flu. I’m tired of all the hype. I’m never going to forget this year. I did not know what you were eating at the market, my Wife said dried tomato.

  10. Sunrise on the Mekong with a cup of coffee and maybe some pork noodle soup, I’m not envious 🙄 a great day out with the ladies, loved the resort, thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  11. I’ve never been so insulted in my life by you and that snail kicker !!! One day not today I’m gonna unsubscribe!!! Australians are funnier than Americans ? Ha!!! I beg to differ with you sir ! I go out amongst Americans every day they crack my ass up and they’re not even trying to be funny ! You have me so upset I’m gonna make some escargot and margaritas good day sir!!!

  12. Yay all the Gang Together again Road Trip Awesome. Virus in Prison and no other inmates got it that’s because nobody Sneezed Coughed and Farted lol, Great video Chuck the Adventure Continues Cheers

  13. You Will Love this Chuck. Go to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and right on their website ONLY 10,000 died from COVID. The other 180,000 had 2.6 things wrong with them. So if someone was 70 years old and had Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obese… That is what killed them. And so many states like Hawaii say COVID because the FEDS give them a million bucks.. So everyone dies from Covid. Like New York everyone died from Covid… even if they were 85 years old.

  14. Hi Chuck & Paige & Mafias, Love the tango music you play. I watch a lot of Mauro Caiazzo tango on youtube. Out of town in any country is fun. Same but different 555, from old lady in Vermont

  15. So many nice hotels/motels/resorts in Thailand even in out-of-the-way places..place in CM up a winding road in the mountains, after check-in you walk down into a valley to your cabin by a gurgling creek..so nice..glad you’re enjoying the trip…🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  16. yes to me it does not make sense; if one person locked in a jail cell with 34 other inmates; how is it possible only the one person is tested positive? Next is 600 people are tested that have been in contact with the DJ/Prisoner; again zero people tested positive. Then the question is how did this Thai person get COVID if the borders have been closed for months? Something doesn’t add up….?

  17. Every one like Chuck. He is the driver for holiday wiyh chuck like the family life and that’s ok with a i frendly gang of Womans as THAI so its ok 🤣😅 sorry for speaking chineese hihi

  18. Chuck … please don’t complain. We have an idiot president that knew how dangerous this virus was, caught on tape admitting it, and he deliberately lied to the public, causing thousands to die. Thailand has it under control. I so wish I was there. You are blessed.

  19. DUH! Watching you before/while in/after leaving Thailand, I figured out why I keep coming back to watch your videos after 2 years…. it’s because of the way you portray the Thai people…. with respect. I would put the Thais up there with any other country for being great, friendly people. When you understand their culture and become part of it and show that you respect them… you’re golden in their eyes. So what if they don’t have all the latest possessions… they have one thing a lot of farangs don’t…. inner joy. Gotta love that.

  20. Chuck … could you do a who’s who tutorial of Mafia’s crew? Who are the little ladies are are they related to Mafia? How did the principle friends meet … school mates … relatives … Please?

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