1. Gotta be AKIRA followed by Neon Genesis Evangelion followed by all of Miyazaki’s films.
    And please don’t say you’ve never heard of AKIRA………….. Grrrrrr

  2. first animated movie i watched was heavy metal
    others include akira naucaca and the vally of wind guyver baki ff7 advent children(def one of my faves) robotech star blazers
    i know there’s more but can’t remember off top of head
    oh ya sorry missed stream was gaming and sorry(not sorry) world of warcrack wins over drew
    was also waiting for bouster to charge so could start jeep
    bleach death note 7 deadly sins has gotten interesting

  3. One Punch Man is a really funny anime! I would recommend starting with that. Attack on Titan is also a really good anime but it might be a little too intense if it’s your first anime.

  4. I don’t watch much anime but if you want old/low tech Golden Boy is pretty funny. Animation is just another way of telling a story. Stuff like Graves of Fireflies is extremely powerful and is the best anti-war film I’ve seen. It destroys most people emotionally, even those that say they are dead on the inside.

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