When My Thai Wife Gets Angry, It’s Over. I Want It So I Am Getting It!

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  1. Thank you very much for leaving a comment and watching our everyday life living in Thailand. Dealing with family, buying stuff, and everyday tasks can be difficult but always entertaining to me. Hope everyone is making the best of there day.

  2. When I was at Global House I asked why there were so many people working there. Was told that a lot of them are paid by the suppliers of the various products.

  3. I bought a igloo cooler sometime ago on Lazada. I thought it was #300 baht, but it ended up being #3,000 baht. Lol. I went back to the site to buy another one as it worked liked i wanted to, it would keep my cocktail `Sip & Go` cold for 3 days, but it was no longer available. I ended up buying a plastic barrell look & shaped cooler which was only #250 baht on Lazada…it only kept my liquids cold for a day, but can’t beat #250 baht with free delivery

  4. Great adventure today. Thank You! I want a phone-a-BBQ in my town. The chiller looks great.
    The ladies made short work of that big fish, you got it made. I live vicariously though you. You Rock.

  5. You know Chuck how it’s funny how you notice things sometimes, when you’ve seen them a hundred times and never noticed…. I just noticed how tall Paige is for a Thai woman she’s taller than almost all the other Thai ladies in her life, how tall is she actually???
    Hi Paige 🙏
    Hi Ma 🙏🥰

  6. Those are good options. I have one just for beer and drinks. This stops family from opening frig several times per hour. Beer stays colder as does the water. Good luck

  7. Yah…I’m sure they don’t mean ‘why do u speak’ Thai in the literal sense…it translates more to ‘hey how come u speak Thai so well’ in the complement sense….similar to tam mai pood Thai geng..but u knew that right…lol

  8. Jeez, I need to get my wife to copy Paige’s temperament when she gets angry. It’ll be like comparing a hurricane with a gentle summer breeze.

  9. I got tired of watching you eat all those wonderful dishes……so I decided to have a strip steak (good ol’ Canadian Alberta beef) and console myself. Cheers

  10. dear Chuck you say maco only takes cash yes it is real but maco then has ATM machines so you can then just raise money when you are in there it must be what we in denmark call a thought cod

  11. If you don’t mind replying, I myself would like to know the prices of glasses. I can figure out how much more from a single lens prescription in relation to prices in Canada. Thank you in advance if you can.

  12. We have a Makro here in South Africa. Looks a bit different though from the ones in Thailand. Same concept but the logo here is yellow and black instead of red and white. Been to the one in Pattaya.

  13. What WOW!!! Paige got pissed off or Mad that’s new Since you told the story about when you first moved to Thailand and Chuck you where to nice or friendly and that lady sent pics you didn’t what or ask for. Chuck whoever that person must not be a people person to get Paige Angry.

  14. Nice, enjoying all your videos – new subscriber getting to see Thailand in an every day way – your Thai is good kudos on taking time learning it

  15. Like pickles and spicy food? I dry out my Thai peppers and grind them up then put some in with my pickles,about a week later there great.Also do it with my Bhut Jolokia peppers.
    Could probably just dice them up and put them in without even drying.
    Oh,did ya ever eat your hot chip yet? haha
    I’d come and do the challenge with ya but I’m still in wonderful snowy Pennsylvania watching more snow fall as I type…errr lol

    You can lay friges and coolers down for a short time,just don’t plug them in for at least 24 hrs after you stand them upright.

    Don’t see many CJ 3 Jeeps anywhere.There’s a real nice blue,yellow and white (I think,do know it has blue though) 1st generation Ford Bronco in or around Bangkok somewhere.

  16. Has got to the ultimate complement coming from a Thai ”He can speak Thai Language good” That Must be nice to hear chuck .Said it many times ,can you imagine sitting with the ladies not understanding a word being said .Think that’s why you are enjoying living with the family more than anyone would not speaking the lingo ..Good on you

  17. I got a awesome pair of Armani prescription glasses last week with ultra thin blue tint lenses. Absolute bargain from Top Charoen 10000 tbh would be 3 times this price back in the UK.

  18. …in Thailand, coming with a dent is “good luck” …i kid u not , about a third of my packages from Lazada comes dented, smashed box, or broken.

  19. Hey Chuck, Your Makro is like a palace compared to what we have in Roi-et. You guys sure know how to eat. I can almost taste the food the picture is so clear. I guess that chicken didn’t know you just ate her cousin. I agree with your tipping policy. That is part of our culture and something greatly appreciated by Thai service providers. So nice to see how much Mafia likes the new cooler, she is a wonderful lady and you are lucky to have her as Paige’s mother. I am 69 yrs old and get along with the older women much better than the young ones. Their experience and wisdom has them grounded and have their priorities straight.

  20. Why dont you get your on house ?? I have been living here for 31 years . You have to have your on place !! I now after 21 years With my Parents inlaw !!

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