1. Great video sad to hear how he lost his hand and there’s no way of compensation. He seemed honest and I don’t think he’s on drugs very coherent and he wants to help others to, nice dude hopefully he can get some more donations

  2. *You are the MAN, Alex!* There’s a saying in the Good Book…..”Give and you will receive.” EDIT—Yet I hope he doesn’t give it all away and spends some to make his life a little easier………..

  3. Nice work Troy. He seems a really good and tranquil hearted guy in spite of the obvious hardships of life he must have been through. That probably accounts for his young looks.

  4. Troy, I just love your humour! I think this is the first time you help out a man if I am not mistaken. Usually you prey on old ladies and children, 😁 This man thinks he is better than others, good attitude, he definitely is from the way he thinks. Thanks to Alex Vuong, he gets a break, and you Troy. 👍

  5. Huge thanks to Alex Vuong and also to Troy!!! He seemed truly deserving, a nice guy. Hope we get to see him again. Alex and Troy make the world a better place… Thanks guys

  6. It’s unbelievable how gracious these homeless people can be. Alex Voung’s money went to the right person. Thanks to him and to Troy, this man’s life will improve in the short term, and hopefully, over the long term as well. I hope that Troy will be able to drop in on this guy from time to time. He seems to be quite intelligent, and if given the chance, looks like he would have no trouble holding a job doing just about anything that doesn’t require the full use of two hands.

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