1. Are you going to ask the wizard for something?. You already have a huge heart. Giant brain. And lots of money for being so nice to people. They have to sleep wherever there’s a roof over their heads.

  2. I agree with you about the fish and other animals. I HATE watching a video when someone shows dead animals of any kind. It’s just awful. Of course this is my opinion only.

  3. i walked a lot when i was in vietnam, oct.2018 thru feb.2019. i’m old and i don’t want to learn to ride a scooter. i’d walk for a while,stop and a few bia’s and taxi back to my room. ha noi,hcmc and vung tau it worked for me.

  4. Wow what is up with comments that disappear? Is it YouTube because I called out the graffiti “artists” as hoodlums? I didn’t even curse. I’ve noticed this liberal type of censorship going on with other accounts as well. Especially if “protestors” are criticized in the US, etc.

  5. Oh yeah you’re right Gold is at its highest price on record , so if you were smart enough to buy 2 months ago you’d be happy. Unfortunately what high gold means is people have lost confidence and the economic outlook is really bad. Lets hope not!

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