1. The reason your channel is so enjoyable is that Paige, the Soi Mafia and yourself are all so likable, kind and positive. Keep showing us a different Thailand than others show.

    My experience with the Thai people is that they are all happy, that is something that most Farang (myself included) are not accustomed to, and are generous to a fault. I never felt safer than when I was in Thailand..

  2. Paige is a rock star! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! I’m hoping my Thai girlfriend can plan awesome trips like Paige does once I retire in Thailand. Love Paige!!!

  3. What can anyone say bad about Paige? She is sweet, happy, joyful, all the time. We all love her and would love to hear her talk more but understand that she is a little camera shy, not sure why when she’s married to a ham. Just kidding Chuck. We love you and your Thai family. Keep up the good work!

  4. Come on Chuck start a only fans site lol jking thank you for the years of entertainment but i do wish we could get more of Paige in her natural habitat spitting words of wisdom 1 minute then acting 4 years old the next I absolutely love her free spirt and fully understand why you do too Chuck

  5. Nothing last forever.
    Just dont have stubborn expectations. Everything has to evolve either for better or worst. .
    Just enjoy every day every minute .
    Enjoy the good and don’t let the bad sticks on you.

  6. You recently posted older footage of your road trip from Thailand to Vietnam via Laos. You may have mentioned that the footage was recently found, etc. If possible, please post any additional footage if you’ve still got it and can find it. In particular, footage of the road trip through Laos. This is of particular interest to me as that journey was extremely unique. Thanks in advance.
    (Scott, Chicago, Illinois)

  7. Keeping it real and enjoying life.
    You have a good life with wonderful Paige and you are part of a wonderful Thai family. Keep the adventures going stay healthy and stay true to yourself 🙏

  8. Good perspective video – I really enjoy what you Paige have – I have learned so much from your videos and yes when i move there I won’t live the same life you live but hope I can as happy .

  9. Hey man I like Paige. She reminds me of my aunt’s. They keep telling me their like a old bottle of wine it’s better with age but I tell them that the cork was a little loose when it came to them. I mean that with respect.

  10. Chuck I’ve met you and Paige and soi mafia, Paige is a charming bright lady you and Paige are a great couple, thanks for sharing,have a great week 🌴✌🏼🌴🍺

  11. I don’t comment much but I’ll just say this. Anyone who says a negative word about a another mans wife deserves the ass kickin’ that’s coming his way. ✌🏻

  12. Most of the flags are so big. Maybe only the small one can stick on the office wall, those big one can go upstairs (using a pole so all flags can squeeze together). It will promote viewers to send a small one if they want their flag to be seen in the office:)

  13. With the millions of restaurants and other things to do in Thailand, I don’t think it’s a lack of content. People just expect instant success and quit. Success isn’t easy and very few of you are willing to put in the work. We all appreciate those of you who do!

  14. it’s not a birthday party until the birthday shotglass makes the rounds! Miss the Soi mafia, sorry I missed the party brother. keep enjoying the ride…….give ya a shout later

  15. Unfortunately misery loves company and many keyboard warriors are unhappy and want everyone to also be unhappy – ignore/block these people – you or anyone else do not need them.

  16. Hey Chuck and Paige, love your channel with your extended family and friends and your adventures. Please ignore the haters who obviously have no life and can’t stand seeing others going through life happy and content.

  17. Chuck/Paige, Thank you so much for making these videos! They are much more entertaining and informative than you know. What better way to get to know a different culture than by viewing every day life. Please don’t let the small petty people who make rude and obnoxious comments steal your joy. As you say, Life is too short and there’s Notimetobesad!!! God Bless you both!!

  18. Thanks Chuck, Paige, Soi Mafia and the rest of her family and friends on your vlog! I was born and raised in Thailand but been living in the US since I was 14 and that was 40 years ago. But only since watching a lot fo youtube vlogs of farangs like yourself who love Thailand and love to explore Thailand, her people and culture that I feel I learn to appreciate so much of Thailand and the Thai people. It’s really funny and strange how life works sometimes. Fortunately I’ve been able to go back to visit at least once a year on vacations. But now with this new knowledge and appreciation from your vlogs I plan to spend more time there. But ALL I need now is for Thailand to open back up again! Urg!!!!

  19. Happy belated birthday Chuck. I enjoy ur videos and I agree that you cannot make everyone happy. People judge because they’re unhappy in their life. You have a great wife and family.

  20. i like your channel as I have visited Thailand multiple times and I love the country. Just seeing you go about your daily life gives me a break from mine. I hope you continue to make your videos.

  21. Hey Chuck stop letting small little things bother you most of us love you and we watch you because of what and who you are not necessarily for Thailand either ,,, it’s all you the reason we watch so stop worrying about negative stuff , they don’t like it they can MoveOn ….

  22. When I first thought about returning to Thailand I couldn’t see enough thai videos. Now with the lock down the anticipation and desire is quickly coming to an end. I suspect the lock down has helped to end the desire to watch

  23. You get new subscription new people every day they might have not watched your videos previously same as me when I joined I ask what kind of entrance is in that house it looks like a garage can you explain , and you sent me link ,, and I thank you that’s the way it is when a new person join your YouTube and I subscribe it’s part of it , no time 2 be sad ,,,,so don’t worry

  24. I love the way Page totally destroys you. You in the middle of trying to make some big important point and Page comes out with two toys and laughs and totally disarms you. She is a total treasure. She reminds me so much of my Japanese wife. It’s uncanny.
    I for one could never ever say anything bad about Page as there is nothing to say and if there was it’s not my place or anyone else’s to do so. I love your blog
    Keep it up as it’s great medicine for all of us. The Buddhists are right on. Don’t sweat the small stuff and get in control of your desires and emotions or you will loose out. Aloha from Hawaii. Chuck



  26. Hi Chuck and Paige
    I just watched your vlog. No one has the right to judge anyone. Paige is a beautiful person. Dont listen to the morons, they probally dont have a life so they are jealous of others that has a life .
    I think your strong enough to take it on your chin, but please understand thats just a minority of your subscribers.
    Anyway you take care of you and Paige stay safe buddy and please keep tge vlogs coming

  27. Ive done that,im sorry buddy,she is an awesome lady and i saw her as a bobble head when i watched your vids…in the begining..shes a great women hahaha,i love kicking the Snails

  28. I think Paige is so brilliant, she definitely adds to your videos , as I’m sure she adds much happiness to your life. I’m shim barax girl friend , pamela. He is crazy like her , I’m more calculated like you . If we had a mirror of our selves to date we’d go insane . Tell her to kick on, and never stop laughing . I wish I could supply her with a lifetime of snails. Just to hear her laughter . I think some people are going to be miserable no matter what .

  29. Hello Chuck and Page , may I share my sadness over negative remarks you receive ! There are many people that have much unhappiness in there lives , they are not all bad but there is pain and despair causes them to direct it to others ! You are not a therapist and your kind effort and much time put into your videos a gift for so many ! Wish them well in finding there own happiness and gift them by blocking there illness . Lets hope they find happiness ! Page is of a different culture and a kind and wonderful lady ! Thank you both wish all people happiness !!!!

  30. We love Paige👌
    Jum and my kids enjoy talking to her.
    Sorry Chuck😜
    Just joking! We love you all… Hope next time we will have more time to get to know the family..
    I would like to thank you for everything and I feel really good when we talk. You speak positive all the time and that’s what I like.👍

  31. Another lovely video. I love your attitude and Paige is lovely. Me and my Thai husband live in the UK and I really hope we can live in Thailand one day. Lots of YouTube videos about Thailand are a bit repetitive and lack originality. Your videos show a different side. Really good stuff. 🙂

  32. Oh well……the Canadian flag is bigger than the US one, which I approve. I live in Edmonton Alberta where you can say is colder than where you are. Brrr…..keep going. Cheers.

  33. Paige always comes across as a genuine nice girl, and honest, what you see is what you get… and I personally respect that… so good for you Paige! And Chuck! Always a pleasure to watch your videos, both of you keep up the good work!

  34. Loved this segment. It answered my big question, “why Soi mafia?” Makes sense “the Boss.” I love the philosophy you and Paige live on, which I soon hope to adopt. Next year, I’m changing to a new surrounding and way of thinking, I hope in Thailand. Ever do a video on “food poisoning in Thailand, for newbies?” Saw a segment last night on YouTube and it got me scared, more scared than from coronavirus. I’m with you guys “all the way.” Here in Hawaii, they just opened up for tourist with 72 hour testing or 14 Day Quarantine, we shall see?

  35. Chuck, never apologize to anyone. Except of course your wife but never in excess. The people who post derogatory comments are the grifters of this world. They love misery. The moment you apologize they continue to pile on. You do you and for those who don’t like it they can do whatever. If they want to see the seedy parts of Thailand they can come and visit for themselves. Just remember what evil you do in life will follow you in the afterlife and if you don’t believe in the afterlife that’s fine also. I’ve seen some evil people in this world and what sins they commit I am sure they would never want to happen to their own daughters. As for your wife the people who comment don’t know what a good woman is or they think they know and live a life of misery and regret. A lot of marriages live in emotional divorce and would trade the years of an unhappy marriage for just one day of true happiness and peace. A lot of men make mistakes marrying the first woman who gives them the time of day or worse married a Sybil where you walk around on egg shells each day least you set her off and she does something bizarre. With this COVID pandemic, divorces are on the rise so most of what I say is true. Men, I mean males living quiet lives of desperation.Thais don’t show affection in public and it’s mostly true for a lot of Asian countries, different cultures and customs so if you want to marry a Thai woman and want to live in Thailand its something you are going to have to get used to unless the girl is open to those western nuances of affection in public.

  36. Thanks for letting us in on your birthday celebration, I’ve celebrated my best friend/brother from another’s birthday in Thailand for the last 7 years, unfortunately of course I can’t this year but just seeing you have fun with the friends and family made my night. Thanks again for posting.
    PS- I see you were in the same t-shirt from when you first heard the soi mafia reference as you had on in the beginning of this video, was this planned if so very cool.

  37. Chuck, don’t ever let the pessimists and negativists stop you from how you see and live your life. I can relate to the nasty comments you receive, as I get some of them once in a while. Keep being the way you are and continue to bring us the wonderful and positive videos of your life in Thailand. I understand the effort and time it takes to make the videos and I really appreciate it.

  38. Thanks for sharing. I struggle to understand Paige when she speaks so having you explain after certainly helps

    As for patience, yes you need that in relationships. My girlfriend of 4 years is Colombian and we do have the occasional misunderstanding due to the reasons you alluded to luckily she has spent over a decade in Europe now so the communication is decent and also being in the same age group we share the similar tastes in music, films and most life experiences of our era

    Anyhow keep up the vlogs, they keep us entertained during this pandemic

  39. สุขสันต์วันเกิด chuck ,,,,,, yes your right we dont have as many get togethers over here in the west we should have more

  40. Been watching all your VLOGs since March. I particularly like this one b/c it shows your human side & see why Paige loves you. There’s nothing unusual with Paige, in fact, she looks almost exactly like my sister and acts like any happy, carefree person who truly understands our limited precious time here. I guess those who are judgmental of her have never been happy in their own lives. They need to watch more VLOGs & learn. We are put in this world for a short period of time & it’s very important to cherish the moments, learn from your mistakes, accept things as they are (most of the time) and appreciate the genuinely great people you meet along the way, and if you’re lucky enough… you’ll meet that one special person that you’ll never ever want to let go. At 45 & been traveling constantly for the last 15 yrs, I have had a few experiences about life & people.

    I follow exactly 107 channels on YoutTube & you and 4 others I really enjoy watching & never miss & like to comment in the community board and contribute. In fact, on Thailand related VLOGs, you & Mickey Stotch are the ones I always wait for b/c you both are genuine people and it’s real & it shows. Another thing I noticed is that there are a lot of VLOGGers who have 5 to 10 times more followers than you, but they get 5 to 10 times less views than you within the 1st 10 days. That’s a compliment of what you’re doing right with your channel/community, and since March, I noticed that your video production skills are progressing along quite well too. Keep on VLOGging Chuck & Happy Birthday Chuck!!

  41. That water slide looked fun! Love that Paige was more talkative in the last video. It’s one of the first times I’ve heard and understood her (the volume is usually quiet when she speaks). Just delete the negative people. She does a fantastic job planning your trips! Be happy ya’ll! 🙂

  42. Hi Chuck
    Have you been using a mask while cycling for a while now? Does it get hot stuffy etc. I have thought about using one when out on my bike, but dont usually stop to talk to anyone so i havent used one. I was surprised to seeyou with one but definately no problem.

  43. I don’t understand how people can say bad things about Paige. She is very sweet and I like her sense of humor. Shame on those people. Take good care of her i am sure she cares for you deeply.

  44. Why would anyone say something bad about Paige? She is from a different culture and the people who say something like this probably never left their own country. My wife is Thai too and she doesn’t act like any American woman and this is what I love about her. You have a great wife Chuck, so don’t care about the ignorance from these individuals. Take care of yourself and your wife.

  45. I laughed out loud. 😂 Your mother in law is indeed Soi Mafia. 😎 And I just realised that the word “Mafia” in English must have a very baddddd meaning. But in Thailand we just use this word as a teasing or joking. So all foreigner friends, please take light. 😊

  46. I do’n’t know if you hear it often, but thank you for sharing your life with us. I think you and Paige are perfect for each other. She makes me smile and she has a positive attitude. I like seeing the mafia and learning about another culture. I love seeing the temples. If I wasn’t watching I’d never see anything like this in my lifetime. And yes, I love Paige and the snails. Looking forward to seeing all of your videos.

  47. Chuck, we always enjoy watching your videos. I love my Thai wife just as you, she is the sweetest, kindest, happiest and positive. We will come meet you two when in Thailand if you don’t mind. Keep up with the good videos.

  48. Page is awesome! I enjoy watching your day in the life periodically. Shame on anyone criticizing the partner of someone they are spending time to share. Block that crap out please. And don’t read them. Don’t let page read them! Keep it up brother.

  49. You are doing terrific work with your videos. Be proud of yourself and Paige and continue to enjoy your lives here in Thailand. Ups and downs, negative and positive, it’s all part of life everywhere. You have a beautiful life with a wholesome decent extended family. Just enjoy each day. All the best to you all.

  50. Hi Chuck, you are a lucky man with a loving Thai family. Paige is a beautiful lady with a wonderful heart. Enjoy your special evening with everyone. Thanks for the video.

  51. Your videos are great i enjoy wathing you and paige on your travels.the country looks great.its also very nice how paiges family have accepted you as family.i cant understand why anyone would give negetive comments..keep your great videos comeing.i love paiges laugh.your videos brighten up my day when im a little down.you have a great family there.and they dont seem to need an excuse to party.stay happy people😁

  52. Thank you so much for another inspiring and motivated Vlog Chuck, breakfast for me this morning is filled with wisdom and motivation. OMG, neither have I met a gf or wife like Paige smart, full of wisdom, cute, funny, loving and expressive. All those naysayers and jealous [email protected]#$*! can go bury themselves and complain all they want, they either have too much time on their hands or just jealous. Laughed myself off my chair with the hilarious Soi Mafia story, did you intentionally wore the same tee-shirt? Thanks for another awesome family party and celebration for your birthday, what an awesome, fun and loving family. This is what I only wished for in my life and nothing more, what more can one ask for just purely love, fun and happiness. Peace, love and cheers, T.F

  53. Love the parties and the flags Chuck, although the flag sizes do present difficulties for you to delicately handle…good luck with that one! But I must say that the flags give the room a bit of an international flavour, almost like a party after the sumit meeting. Perhaps you can call it the ‘Consular Party Room’? All the best from the UK.

  54. I always enjoy watching you Paige and your in-laws, I miss Thailand a lot. But lately I just have not had the time, you as a ex-mechanic should know how that goes lol. But you do a good job.

  55. Hey Chuck & Page…Haters will always hate Chuck, it’s what they do. The haters are so angry with their own failed lives it’s easier just to hate everyone who has achieved happiness, it justifies their sad existence via nasty internet comments. I love your channel, I’m so jealous of your lifestyle and happiness, your day to day videos reinforces my decision to retire to Thailand, my house is sold, my visa approved , see you in 2021!


  57. Some people are “Jealous” of your life! So they are negative! Some people are “Envious” of your life ! Like me! Paige is like so many Thai women always smiling and laughing. What’s not to like 👍👍👍👍👍

  58. Paige has bodhisattva nature of loving kindness and caring nature… I have been married 41 years, I can see the love you have for each other Chuck….You can have flag day there where you live…

  59. Love the small inserts into your life in Thailand. the positive attitude the fun you and Paige have along with thai life with your thai family thanks for sharing

  60. Hi Chuck hope all is great in my home away from home Thailand… To be 100% honest there is no need at all to explain why you live with your wife’s family as you have covered it so many times or even why you call your mother in law soi mafia ! again its been explained by you in other vlogs..To those that want to know these things they can watch other vlogs from you.. So in closing i think its not worth your time or effort to explain to people over and over these simple facts… Better to use your time and talent to bring fresh content… L.A Rob….. just my thoughts… take care..

  61. Hi Chuck, my wife noon says you should put a mike on Paige as well. 👍 Thank you for your videos. From Boyd & Noon locked down in Melbourne 🇦🇺

  62. I post videos but make most of them private so my 3 year old daughter can see them when she grows up.

    I couldn’t be dealing with the neg-ferrets. I stay away from negative people they do nothing for my life or anyone else. I find the trolls have no life off their own.

    Basically because we are moving back to Thailand we like following you guys for information. You can never learn enough.

    Good luck to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your life.

  63. I like Your Channel and I’m also subscribed to Paige’s , BUT I don’t get a lot of stuff from her’s for some reason. Could you Post the link to her Channel again so I can save it to my Computer.
    You Two keep doing what You’ve been doing Especially when you Both show the food. I LOVE Those Segments: BY The way Paige is a Beautiful Lady and I Just Love her Personality. Tell her to keep kicking those Snail’s and I’ll keep Laughing.😂😂

  64. Love your videos, Chuck and Paige, I wait for them each day and when one is not there it is an emotionally empty void for me. It is my opinion that you and Page are exactly spot on in your videos. and super positive about life in general. In a philosophical sense (I do have a Phd so I do wander a bit intellectually, I apologise in advance.) we can unknowingly nurture negativeness from other because we are so positive about life and how we live it. You and Paige are an immensely positive force with your videos, your positive philosophy, and you obvious character of personal responsibility for our attitudes and beliefs is impressive. Through your videos you are a positive force in my life in Thailand (live here retired since 2006) and I want to thank you for that. Your examples has inspired me to take my first driving tour (my own car and Thai driver license) with a close friend driving for two weeks visiting the Thai Temples and other sites in Lopburi, Sukhothai, and Chai Nat, one of Thailand’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. You are making a difference for so many who not only live in Thailand now but for those who want to return and those who want to visit and enjoy this very special place, it people, food and culture. Thank you again for doing what you do.

  65. Chuck and Paige, don’t waste a thought on rude ignorant people, they usually move on.
    I have followed you on YouTube for quite a while now and enjoy your videos on normal Thai life and travelling in Thailand.
    My family has been trapped overseas by the pandemic, we normally spend 3 to 4 months a year in Thailand, we miss Thailand so much, your videos help.
    Your videos may seem same/same to you at times, but they are looked forward to here.
    Cheers to you and Paige.

  66. Paige is a gem, Chuck. So “eff” the trolls. Suggestion on the flags: have you thought about mounting flag poles along the front of your home (where you sit for coffee and start your vids)? You could probably get more than a few of the big ones out there and create space for the smaller ones inside.

  67. Chuck
    Paige is the most beautiful person who has ever been on my computer. She is a free spirit, and you are a lucky man.
    May both of you have many, many, happy years together.

  68. I just want to say that I really enjoy your spirit, very positive, seeing the good side (having a thai wife is useful for that, mine has the same view on life as yours). Not complaining all the time like some do, I enjoy your videos so just wanted to encourage you and thank you.

  69. Fame on YouTube don’t last 5 minutes.the content on some bloggers has become piss poor and they are kidding themselves they will make a living from it.

  70. Hey Chuck….lovely video as ususal….Let us know how your father is doing. Florida is a hotspot in the US. Not much good news coming from there…

  71. I really enjoy watching your videos of life in Thailand. Your wife is a lovely, wonderful woman, and she is very upbeat. I hope to see more videos of your adventures.

  72. I have been watching your video, I think we have a lot in common in life, although I live in Australia now but I am retired and I like travelling. Good luck bro.

  73. I know what you mean. I studied japanese and spent a year in Japan. When i cam back a lot of people ask me questions on Japan. But all they really wanted, was me to confirm their prejudices.

  74. Always look for the good and ignore the bad things in life to be a positive person is wonderful keep it up Chuck. Don’t worry there’s someone in negative assholes out there you wouldn’t believe it.

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