Why This Top Filipino Actress Cares About Social Issues | STAY CURIOUS #23

Liza Soberano is one of the most famous actresses and a humanitarian who uses her massive platform to raise awareness on important social issues in the Philippines. We want to thank Liza for sharing her honest thoughts with us and inspiring other young people to be more compassionate.

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  1. they dont care about us, they dont care about the society, a lot of celebs are just trying to be vocal but they dont know what is happening outside.

    and liza, we dont forget what yuv been talking in social media this past few days. Not only you, a lot of celebs just like you talking without even thinking whats the real situation.

  2. She wouldn’t make it in Hollywood. Asian American actors have a hard time finding work. It’s mostly white, or black actors that get most of the recognition and jobs.

  3. 😂😂 This youngling cares about Social Issues. Think about how you going to lose interaction as much when you become older. You have to know the reality.

  4. Liza blatantly admits that her white privilege helped her in showbiz @ 7:00. And she has no problem with that. Of course baby girl you dont have a problem with that! 😅

  5. ABS CBN is a media that is foreign owned which is against the law in Philippines. Only filipino citizens are allowed to own the media. The CEO has the most selfish intention by not declaring his citizenship for more than 50 years. They do not pay their tax properly by following loopholes which is familiar in most corporations in the world. They have recieved donations the world over and did they utilized it to the maximum and properly for a very good purpose? Why have they failed to put election ads for the presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 election? They were paid for it and failed to give it back. There have been hearings in the Senate on this which has become a priority. Why? There were other issues more important than abs cbn such as the dissemination of funds for covid 19 etc. Most of abs cbn employees do not have proper benefits and a lot of other employees can attest to this. Free speech is a hypocrytical and shallow argument to side a network that supported politicians for their benefit. Moreover, ABS CBN stocks are foreign owned. Get your facts and don’t think your
    beauty will give you support from people all over the world.
    There are better network of news that are functioning aside from this foreign owned media that do not pay tax properly and get donations. Enough is enough ABS CBN! Senate hearing on abs cbn is available.

  6. East Asian people only like good looking people 😂if that good looking person have bad personality they don’t mind!!!

  7. Wow! I’m so proud of her. She’s uses her platform to spread awareness not only to issues that directly affects her but also those causes that is close to her heart—her love for children. Hope she continues doing more of these interviews.

  8. @ 0:02 *”It’s not every day you see celebrities speaking out to raise awareness about various social issues that they care about”*
    LIES!!!!! That’s what they do. And they all say the same things. Almost like they’re fed the same script, and if they don’t go along, they’ll never work again…. I’m not saying that’s true for this young lady, but I feel it’s true for hollywood celebtards.
    That said, I think the best way to help her cause would be to make it far easier for foreign investment in the Philippines. They’ve made improvements recently, but there’s more to be done. It’s the fastest, most reliable means of lifting the most people out of poverty. There’s always going to be bad people who will do bad things, but there wouldn’t be desperate people doing desperate things if they have a job that paid a living wage, a roof over their heads and a full belly.
    I try to donate 1 months take home per year to my favorite Philippine charity, and I think I’ve given a bit of thought to the matter. While raising awareness of 1 issue is fine, getting the most people out of poverty ASAP is the real solution to so many problems there.
    Just my 2¢

  9. Liza Soberano is one of my favorite Filipina celebrities (another being Nadine Lustre). She is beautiful on the inside as much as she is on the outside, eloquently well-spoken, and sincere. There’s just so many things that makes me admire her, not just for her beauty. I’m so glad that Asian Boss got a chance to speak with her. I’ll be looking forward to her future projects!

  10. Thank you for featuring Liza Soberano on Asian Boss. I’ve admired her for a long time, not just for her beauty, but also for her eloquence and her empathy.

  11. Keep on speaking liza as long as your opinions are harmless at walang tinatapakang tao. You are not born to please everyone anyway.
    Being smart, polite, respectful, diplomatic and a good natured person make you a better person. Dont mind haters they dont know how to respect.

  12. Continue with your advocacy Liza, never mind your haters. As long as you feel you are doing the right thing and you are helping others esp the small workers of ABS, nobody can bring you down. It is not always popularity that makes a person whole and accomplished, it is the heart and willingness to help others. 🙏👍

  13. Im loving you more and more and more Liza!😍😘 iba ka talaga idol!..Quen is one lucky guy..actually both are so lucky to have each other..❤️❤️❤️

  14. Always proud as a fan eversince cause she stand what she believes and passionate about. Not just a pretty face but a beautiful person with a beautiful heart, with emphaty to the people especially children. God bless Liza 🙏❤

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