1. We have 2 bags all set and ready to go. First one carries all our necessary paperwork-(certified copies) and passport bio pages plus 30 day supply of our meds in our locked room for entire family. Next bag contains all necessary clothes and garments and food and water. That one is in the trunk of our car along with other necessities. We rotate stuff every couple months. If we cannot take car I grab the one in the house and wife grabs the one in car trunk. Had these ready to go ever since 9/11. Great video and necessary Rod.

  2. Did you mention meds and money Rod? That is for.if you had to leave your home. You might need to stay in your home (Covid). I saw that coming and had stocked up on 6 months of food, 8 of the large bottles of water, exchanged my lpg tank for a filled one and bought a second tank, stocked up a years supply of meds and transfered over a good supply of cash. Yes, I did stock up on toilet paper and medicinal alcohol and hydrogen peroxide as well as n95 masks. I was ready!
    Who says aliens are not here? The only possible and plausible explanation for some of the people I know 🤣

  3. I THINK I’m too old to run now Rod.I’m going down with the ship as I shelter in place. But I will put a grab bag together just in case Mother Nature or more likely the government changes my mind! lol

  4. This reminds me of “hurricane preparedness” when I lived in South Florida. When Hurricane Wilma struck 10/’05 I was the only one in the neighborhood w/ice cold water 5 days after. No power for close to a month but I froze 10 one gallon water jugs ahead of time & they were all in the fridge. Amazing how they became a big block of ice that didn’t thaw for many days & also kept most food from spoiling.

  5. We have been very lucky here near Boston. The worst i have seen is the blizzard of 78 & 1 tornado about 10 miles away when i was in another state but it is a good idea to be prepared.

  6. Thanks Rod. I have been listening to your videos for a few weeks and find you the most informative. Waiting for the borders to open so I can move over there, very little info. We’re coming from Virginia USA (wing nut central). Any new info on the borders opening would be appreciated.

  7. Excellent topic rod! No matter where you are full tank of gas, couple thousand dollars of cash (or say 2 months of living expenses)store ur passport, license, immigration documents online, meds, a couple paperback books to keep ur mind occupied during the long wait for help,radio, batteries, hand crank or pv cell phone charger

  8. I keep a go bag in my gun vault. Only need to grab medications weapons and go. (Ammo in the bag.) Food, water, medicine weapons, ammo, and knife

  9. Just last week I found the video ’10 things you need and to prepare for great depression’, definitely real as any natural disaster, interesting how the same things are needed to survive whatever may come. Already started preparing, good advice Rod. 👍

  10. Good reminder for all of us Rod.. I suppose I can just pick up my carryon and my backpack and I am all set to go.. I always have it packed and ready for my trip to Cebu.. been in my closet since feb..It can serve both uses vacation or emergency travel.. Thanks for enlightenment on preparedness… Here I have fires and earthquakes to deal with.. Hope u are well

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