1. The CCP changed to faster & more independent economic mode: Dual Circulation. So, not only Export Driven but also Domestic Consumption, i.e., less dependent on the US & EU. China can easily do that with the largest mid cls pop. who has far more disposable Income since the PPP of the USD goes further in China.
    According to the McKinsey June 2019 Rpt. The China Online retail transaction value was $1.5 Tril. compared to the US $0.6 Tril. In fact, it was more than top 10 (US, UK, Germany, Japan, RoK, France, Canada…) together in Online Retail Transaction value
    The world economy is more exposure to China than the other way around. 110 China firms income( among the Global Fortune 500) earned < 20% from the world. From my perspective, the Prime Mover for China economic growth is E- Commerce. So the future economy is no longer Market Oriented, not even Online Retail Oriented but Orienting Consumer Economy. The A.I will recognize consumers' behaviour & will influence their spending habit. With huge data base it will predict what kind of clients, season & place. All of this data will integrated with the Just In Time Manufacturing & Logistics systems. I mean it's already happened but China are fine tuning & refine & refine. After all, A.I is just a machine learning process. Selling machine, Manufacturing Machine, Logistic Machine & Taxing Machine as well.

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