Will Tourism In Thailand be Changed Forever? Ko Samui

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  1. Great videos .. koh samui is a amazing place were booked to go in october we have our fingers crossed
    Hope you and paige are having an amazing time

  2. Visa amnesty extended till 30th September for those still in Thailand .
    Tourism not improving .
    The place looks empty ?.
    A cluster outbreak in Rayong .
    Baring anything unforeseen tourism should start up early September 2021.

  3. I think you’re right Chuck. Thailand won’t fold up. Give it 12 months and things will be back on track. Loving this Koh Samui adventure so far!

  4. Wooow after 9 minutes already 2 dislikes 🙄 that means you’re doing great…keep on and greetings from Italy 🤗🤗

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