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  1. That’s very interesting. Never been up there. Do they have any live music in the Casino yet? The Casino here at Poro Point, The Thunderbird Casino, hotel and restaurant there is a 500 Peso fee to enter. Well it is consumable. So as long as you spend 500 Pesos, there is no fee to go in and check it out. At least your casino is free! πŸ˜‰ I’m not a Golfer, but looks like the views are really pretty.

  2. All this brother here does to teach alot about areas in the Philippines….And you have the nerves to show thumbs down…you lowlife…My Opinion.Great Job Bro ..Tks.

  3. Billions of dollars have been pumped into this area on a massive scale as soon as the entertainment closed it slowed down by the looks of things not many trucks,construction going on.

  4. Hi Brian, thanks for the video, much appreciated!
    I sent you some links a couple of years ago about the expansion at Clark. President Deuterte has big plans for Clark. Do a search on you tube, Clark global city. All kinds of neat stuff. I saw comments about the Koreans funding this, must have missed any comment you made. They’re trying to get International companies to come in there and make it a sister city of Manila, without all the traffic and overpopulation.
    Plans to have high speed rail going from Clark to Manila. They say its a 10 year project, b4 this virus hit. Check it out, its pretty interesting. Kind of explains why all the condos going up off base I guess. Take care! Lot’s coming along well with her channel!πŸ‘

  5. Hey Mark, like seriously, all that beautiful land so that they can hit a little white ball around?? I suppose it’s like camp grounds, lots of money just from the rent of the land. So sad its wasted on old men chasing a dream.
    I wouldn’t bother going back, it will be depressing unless that is your thing? You gave a glimpse of the future in there, only for the wealthy!!
    Take care always, you and your family. πŸ‘

  6. The reason it’s huge its because there are 2 golf courses where you’re standing. When facing the clubhouse, to the immediate right 20 meters away are 10 bungalows and it’s a gated community just for those 10 units. Whenever I play golf on that course it feels like a resort course, well manicured and pristine. In my opinion, this course is in the top 5 in the Philippines. Nice video, keep it up!

  7. Very very interesting and exciting, looks very promising and gives one a reason to return there. Clark is beautiful loved the place for fresh air and quietness. You have given a glimpse of the future of the region, you wonder why condos are rising in AC, its not the bars, it is because of the future Clark. Angeles as you know it will slowly fizzle out, new builds will reflect what is happening in Clark.

  8. When I was a regular visitor to AC from mid 90’s to early 2000’s (for work, really) I always stayed at the Holiday Inn Clark. No idea what has become of that building these days. Used to drive around on the base and check out the buildings being swallowed up by the jungle. Must have been a beautiful base in its heyday.

  9. Hello BRIAN,from Abilene tx., beautiful place. I remember Wagner school, I couldn’t believe how big an area Clark was. Whatever happened to the flight line and hangars? Anyway, great video, play a round, hello to all, stay safe.

  10. And a lot of your subscribers always say without Titty Bars there is nothing to do in Angeles LOL. Philly, the mountain top you were on, I believe that is the mountain you can see from Parade Grounds. They started ripping that mountain apart like at least 6 or 7 years ago. When they first started doing that project I thought they were mining for something, it was a huge project from the beginning. They practically removed about 20% of the mountain at the top getting the land ready to build on. Also, all of the dirt and rock they removed they are using as fill on other nearby projects. Clark is gonna be the new Hot Spot in PI. Tourists are tired of Manila. Eventually Clark Airport will be the Main airport in all the Philippines.

  11. Philly when you do the next vlog about those condos near the casino, Please can you try to get some prices. I wanna buy in there for my retirement. I figure if I buy now I can pay the mortgage for the next 10 years before I retire. While i’m still working here in the States, I can pay off that mortgage before i get there. Thanks Philly.

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