WORLD’s 1st Coronavirus kit ON SALE NOW! | The Morning Coffee Show

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  1. Hey Drew, hope you are well. I wanted you to know that Australia has invented the first 20 minute covid kit, I’m not sure why but currently the product is only available in USA market,perhaps there is a higher need and limited production. Imagine how ppl getting tested with results in 20 minutes could be a game changer for travel etc have an awesome day

  2. Also,from tennis perspective many players went in at a disadvantage. A whole group had harsher quarantine as there was a covid positive. This means whilst most players got their practise time in,many were stuck in hotel quarantine with zero practice which affects game. Hey,I read one chain in Japan is selling chocolate ramen for Valentines, sounds gross hence you should try it. Enjoy your doubts. In Melbourne a 19 year old owns his own donut kingdom and fancy ones are $$$ take care

  3. False positives/negatives are too frequent for these to be used alone. Lateral flow tests outside lab conditions are generally just indicators with an ‘acceptable’ detection rate. Also feels like it’s preying on fear by offering a false sense of security.

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