Wow! AMAZING Tropical Paradise in Thailand

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  1. If I go awhile without posting a video it’s because I’m planning something MAJOR for the 250,000 subscriber special in a few days. Seriously, this is a big deal 😉

  2. I went to the ‘beach’ beach back in the late 90’s. I was travelling Thailand 🇹🇭 and fresh from reading the book (the beach) I visited the actual spot. Words simply can’t explain just how amazing it was.
    Ps, another great vid dude👍🏼🇬🇧🇹🇭🍺

  3. here is some Maya bay trivia … there was some controversy there becasue before shooting the movie The Beach the film studio Twentieth Century Fox actually bulldozed a bunch of the palm trees that were in the way there to make it look more “paradise like”

  4. Wow, this video has all kinds of amazing going on. I’m glad you are getting the chance to experience all of this beauty without the crowds, because I get to experience it as well. Thanks for sharing Chad. I think if it were me, I’d tell the guide to drop me off at beach and come back at the end of the day.

  5. Wow indeed! Phi Phi islands are most beautiful! The waters are now crystal clear, the place is pristine without all the usual tourists flooding the location. Envy you that you have the place like all to yourself……… Love to be there right now.

  6. You could see the genuine emotional expression from the guide. Life must be rough for everyone in that business rn and you gave him what he needed in the toughest time. Kudos Chad.

  7. This is so cool how you treat those people,i live in america and im trying so bad to get there now i love that country and i hope i can visit for 30 days while looking into retireing there.pray they drop the 15 day quarantine so we can get in cheaper.

  8. Hello from Australia. I only discovered your channel over Christmas because my friend told me about your videos so my partner and I have been going through your recent and old videos and I think we’re all caught up now, except the car ones because we aren’t car people, sorry! As a Thai/Aussie, I really enjoy your honest opinions about the places you visit in Thailand. Keep up the good work and hopefully you’ll do more video series from other SEA countries as well in the future when ‘the situation’ is over!

  9. 09:01 i Knew that gana come – I loved it man – You did an amazing job – sometimes when you look at someone it’s obvious he is not going to rip you off (world wide) – I don’t know why!! but it made me DAAAM happy when you paid him that amount of money. i loved it i loved it

  10. On the beach you got off at, if you walk along the right cliff face you will find a toilet just sitting in the jungle. If you want another experience if you are going back to Krabi, stay at the Dusit, what you call a baller experience, and take the emerald pool tour.

  11. How do you get to stay in the their country for so long? When i lived in Costa Rica you had to leave the country for 72 hrs then allowed back in for another 90 days.

  12. I have watched all your videos, I never noticed you being rude or unfair about Thailand. It is unique and things are done differently to elsewhere. A theory about that, is it is different because Thailand was never conquered by the British or French.
    The west has become paranoid about minor issues which Thais are completely unconcerned about. Maybe when you illustrate that, some folk don’t understand. I have seen folk get major culture shock here, especially those who have not travelled much; it is so different, but I think the best place in the world to live.
    Great to help Mr. Him out.

  13. Been there a few times. It is amazing. Glad you gave the captain some money. It is all about giving back when you are successful. Keep it up Chad.

  14. I think the key point about reopening that bay to tourists is that boats will not be allowed in the actual bay. They will have to land people away from the bay and then those people hike over. That will reduce the number of people actually visiting and reduce damage done by boats.

  15. Chad, wow. What an amazing act of kindness!
    Just seeing the look of disbelief and appreciation on your tour guides face was priceless and worth watching on it’s own. He’s not going to forget your face in a hurry for all the right reasons.
    Great stuff Chad…

  16. Chad, Chad, Chad awesome content. Was there 7-8yrs ago at PP. It was a shit show & I hated it, was like a cattle yard. It looks glorious w/o tourists. Best wishes from Australia 🇦🇺🍺

  17. I’m taking a week off work and heading there next month after seeing this video. Was there 20 years ago but would not go there anymore with the crazy crowds. It’s great here at the moment without the crowds. I understand why the average Thai does not want farangs back.
    Nice tip at the end as well.

  18. Thats the reason I have never gone myself,,,,,pure fact 2 many tourist 4 videos and photo’s,,,,,,but what u have there that is once in a life time seriously??? That will never be that Deserted like that ever again? I would have been there this year again,,,,,I couldn’t be dealing the quarantine tho 😩

  19. Was a good one bro. Made me laugh. Cheers to the Thailand Pandemic crew 🙂 I’m in Trat Next to Koh Chang and it’s deff a weird time to be here. Thanks!

  20. id just like to say it was very cool u helped HIM wiyh money to hfix his motor that he will be in compition to make a living, thank u and God bless u

  21. Great area and nice boat tour . I heard now that tourist aren’t going to Maya Bay the local sharks have come back to the bay but could be a furphy . If you like a good sunset go and see Dead Farang’s latest vlog on Koh Mak island . Nice tip to Mr Him 🙂

  22. Sitting on my butt, bored in Bangkok, watching this and thinking: “Why am I sitting here bored in Bangkok when all this is a couple of hours away.”

  23. Good Guy Chad! Stay in the south of Thailand for as long as possible and away from Bangkok lockdown, really enjoying these island hopping adventures

  24. Chad, such a big heart giving mr him 10 k but you’re right. He gave you what you wanted and didn’t try to fleece you! I’ve had the same thing happen to me when I was there. Thai people are usually so genuine, you made his day….and possibly month!!!! Good on you mate ! Kudos xx

  25. Please answer this! ( bet you won’t). Why is it when people go to the USA to live they’re “Emigrants”. But If you go to live in Thailand, your an “Expat”?

  26. Damn you can be really funny at times. Your little rant about the monkey’s eating off people’s faces. Then you go on about your average face. I laughed so damn hard.
    I know that Mr. Him will not be forgetting you anytime soon.
    Well done Chad !

  27. Great video and nice seeing you this week. It was 💯of you to give that 10k to Mr. Him. We all know people in his position could definitely use it, especially this year. Best of luck on the next adventure!

  28. Chad! You’re a bloody legend mate! I’ve always loved your content and I must say I can see a distinct improvement with each posting, giving back the way you do and giving Mr Him a 10k tip just took you to another level in my book. Love your work mate. Bob 👍

  29. Bro that was great! What an amazing area! I’ve been to Ao Nang & Railay Beach but didn’t get to the islands because of bad weather on the day the booked he trip. You should take a trip to Koh Nuan Yuan while it’s quiet over there, that place is amazing.
    You’re a good man giving Mr Him such a massive tip and thank you for bringing a bit of paradise into our lives. Keep up the top work Chad!

  30. Wow!! brother Him is really lucky to meet Chad.. ten thousand baht is very valuable for the dire situation from this crazy virus right now. //God bless you Chad 🙏

  31. gday cool act of random kindness man. You have to do a vlog with retired working for you love to see you and chris have a sunset beer. Cheers man.

  32. Gday mate, man I went there when there was hundreds of other tourists, and it ruined it tbh, it’s still beautiful tho, we actually had a monkey jump onto our boat and snatch a bag off a woman 😂
    U made that guys year with the 10k baht so good on u! 👍
    And don’t listen to the cry babies, I like ur Vids cause u keep it real, ur not fake and pretending it’s all sunshine and lollipops… Or in your case, sunsets and beers 24/7
    ♥ from Sydney Australia 🐨

  33. ” I still have a face….it’s not a great one, but it’s still there “..hilarious !!
    10,000Thb… You just made that guy’s year.
    Keep up the great vids, man

  34. Excitingly Awesome! Those cliffs are beautiful!
    I moved from the Midwest to Arizona for these types of places and views along the Colorado River. Most of all thanks for helping out your fellow man who needs an engine for his boat.

  35. Very beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.Makes me want to fly over there and experience it myself. I hope you brought food with you.

  36. The people are great, the food is spectacular, The issues comes from the government and the red tape they create. The tourism needs to be managed better so these locations survive. it is natural, not Disneyland! Great vid as always Chad.

  37. Looks much better now compared to when I was there… All that water was full of tourist boats with Chinese people wearing puffed-up water jackets trying to stay afloat with their selfie sticks… I would love to explore it without it being suffocated with Chinese tourists.

  38. You are such an amazing guy Chad. The tip for your tour guide was awesome. Phi Phi looks beautiful and I really appreciate the tour you brought us! Well done

  39. That was a Sea Eagle, Fantastic bird, I was at Wha Hin a few years ago, at the south end there is a place with monkeys ,past the fishing Market, A Guy was teasing a monkey, It jumped on him and bit his scalp. it striped a piece of like a piece of banana skin. He went to Hospital t get it stitched back on , Respect Monkeys.

  40. Thank you Chad for your genuine gestures, my heart melted when Mr. Him just looked at you totally in awe because of the large amount of money you gave him, 10K THB is pretty much for a “normal class” thai.

    Thank you for showing us Thai love and pointing out that Thailand isn’t perfect like people thought it would be, but also pointing out the positive things about the country and its people.

    Stay safe brother, much love!

  41. โห คงถูกใจมากที่ไกค์ พาเที่ยว สื่อสารได้ดีแนะนำได้พูดคุยถูกใจแน่ๆ ดีใจด้วยครับ ทำดีไว้กันไว้ครับ เขาจะได้พาเพื่อนๆมาเที่ยวเยอะๆ

  42. I missed my sons birth , because goog le maps in Thailand. You never heard a person loose his shit hahahaha like i did. i hate goog le everything ! wow, you gave him about 500 AUD. Respect bro. Good karma coming rite at you…

  43. Awesome video Chad, definitely in my top 5, brought back some wonderful memories of swimming at Maya Bay in April 2007 – was still a bit quiet back then as just before all
    the Chinese tourism ramped up. A great tip gesture to Mr Him, that will go a long way as you know. Good on yer mate.

  44. I hope Mr. Him gets all the good customers now. I just hope he doesn’t pick up one of those turbocharged long boat motors form an earlier video.

  45. Thats cool u gave him that giant tip, these tourists guys must be suffering a lot. I have been to some these places( in your recent vids ) and to be honest they are shit when crawling with hundreds of tourists

  46. Man it looks surreal not seeing those areas not inundated with boats and tourists… Enjoy it Chad as it really is a unique time to travel Thailand!! Also props to the generous tip, I reckon that money will be a big relief for him!

  47. Thanks for help Mr. Him, great guy I’ll try to meet him when I have a chance to visit phi phi island and off course I’ll let him know that I’m going to see him because of this video. Your channel is great man keep it up 👍🏻

  48. Damn! It’s utterly awesome & fun to travel into such a beautiful & amazing place without any other tourist, it’s like you’ve booked them all, that’s the extreme privilege & speaking of the ARK of yours, spread love & positivity in the world. Dope & respect bru✌️

  49. That was very nice of you to give Him the big tip. He will remember you forever and you will never be able to pay him for his services again. Chances are he will not even speak of it nor accept if offered. He seems like a nice guy. I’ll look for him when I go at the end of this month.

  50. Chad the more I watch the video the more I want to go back. I’m planning my move back over to SE for next year. You remind me of all the things I miss. I hope to run into you next year when I move back over. A++ videos!

  51. Big up for helping Mr. Him, he’ll throw a turbo on his engine now 👍
    Thanks for the tour while such a beautiful place is void of humanity, you can see why it is so popular wow.

  52. Great video! I can’t wait for my husband to get here and through quarantine and I get a few days off so we can go check some of these amazing locations out! I love that you are not only able to help the locals out, but that you take the opportunities as they come!

  53. I’m glad you’re putting our Patreon money to good use. With the lack of tourists these days, that’s probably more money than Him will make in a few months.

  54. Really nice gesture with that tip.
    Been to all those places in early 2019 and again in Feb 2020. Going to miss it this year darn it due to you know what. You’re spot on with your description of it. Simply beautiful and that water, wow.

  55. If you’re still on Phi Pho, you should check out Viewpoint 3. I think that’s the best viewpoint of the island. It’s further up through the forest from Viewpoint 2.

  56. Just waiting on my passport renewal and then I’m on my way before the tourist start coming back. Cant miss this opportunity. Thanks CB media for the content.

  57. givin this guy 10.000 baht on those dark days of tourism . is an amazing gesture . keep doing great vids . i am flying to phuket tommorrow cant wait for it

  58. Chad, did you notice how he said thank you in Thai? The height of the hands means your up there with Monks. He must have been very, very grateful. Well done Chad

  59. I typically watch your videos on Firestick so I don’t have access to comments but I logged in to thank you for taking care of Mr Him (sp). It’s great to bless those that provide wonderful service in this time of need!

  60. I’m subscribed, but now I have added notifications so I do not miss anymore of your late night live ramblings. I caught one by accident one day… hilarious! Hoping to catch another.

  61. I was there 25 years ago, which is before the book “The Beach” came out and there were very few tourists. I had the beach at Maya Bay to myself for about an hour and for around two hours there were only two other people. Thailand in general has a crazy amount of tourists compared to the past, although there’s nothing worst than being the guy talking about the “good ol days before everything was ruined”.

  62. Walked on Maya beach 2012 with just a few boats on the beach. Went again 2016 and our boat just stayed in Maya Bay merely trying to avoid bumping other boats. FYI… many other places just as nice as Maya such as Hong Island.

  63. Chad’s giving him his cut for being part of the reason the video is so awesome, and he’ll be able to fix his engine because of it. Amazing.

  64. God bless you Chad for helping the poor boat owner. Koh Phi Phi is going thru very tough times and your gift is a considerable amount. Well appreciated by all.

  65. Things are tough all over but wow with out an engine his business is finished what you did is called in Hebrew SADAKA the gift of helping someone’s future, i could see what it meant to him and he was truly appreciative .L.A Rob

  66. Hi Chad,wow,the scenery is breathtaking,the colour of the water is beautiful,Mr him was truly surprised at your wonderful gesture,you the man Chad 👊

  67. I could only imagine some of the shit u go through trying to these once in a lifetime place s and with amazing land scape s and sunset s may u should do a video on the tourist trap situation so people get what ur saying , I remember s talking about it on ur last video, , great content love the chanel bro

  68. Bruh. I’m not sure you realize how much your videos are needed since we cannot travel and with all the garbage in the news. Already jonesin for the next video. Amazing generosity, man. Early congrats on the 250K subs!

  69. blown away by you HUGE gesture Chad ! Fucking generous of you to help out the struggling tour guide like that…Hoping he doesn’t blow it on booze trying to get those monkeys drunk…

  70. Awesome Chad, very kind gesture! Great vlog as per the norm… I’m heading down there next month when Maya Bay opens again, if I’m allowed to leave Chon Buri, cheers

  71. Another great one Chad! I think your presenting Thailand just perfect. Showing great things, without leaving out bad things. I believe honest truth is much better than polished ”happy happy joy joy” so many other You tubers show.
    Great one with the tip too! Mr Him can get his engine repaired with that for sure and is ready for the tourist rush after the ”situation” clears.

  72. Bro are people serious you say nothing but good things bout Thailand your not out here showing how bad the drug problem is there you show all the good things to do on a daily basis so screw them bro keep doing it please love the content

  73. Wow !! $332.56 tip !! You are a legend chad. Mr. Him seems like an awesome guy and he definitely deserved that bro. The world needs more people like you chad. 🤟🏻🤙🏻🙏🏻. I would give anything to be able to live like you bro. Man you have got the life !

  74. Nothing is perfect. Even Thailand. If everything was perfect the world would be a very boring place. Went Maya beach 20 years. Everything was better then in Thailand

  75. Durn you Chad! You made me cry! When you gave Him a tip!!! To help start or help rebuild his motor!!!! 10,000 bah that smile was worth it. The tour was worth it.

  76. When I went to Maya Bay it what absolute madness. It wasn’t even an enjoyable experience. I’m glad they closed it down. There was rubbish everywhere.

  77. Chad, this video was night and day from the prior videos where you had more of a dark tone to your mood. This video was great and your change of attitude was very refreshing . Showing how you help out the people on your trips is a big win. I understand and respect your choice to not always paint a rosie picture of travelling in SE Asia, but please don’t let it consume your videos.
    This video was 100% great, thank you for sharing.

  78. $332 tip. That was amazing. You are making a real positive impact to real people. That was really moving. You always show a lot of beauty in your videos and make me feel like I was there too. Keep it up!

  79. I love the places you show and your clear respect for the people you speak with. I think you are a good dude and like that you present your life as is good and bad. I watch all you videos all the way through and sometimes more than once. I cant always watch the other utube channels i watch a little and turn them off . I found your aditude and personality a bit offputting at first but as i watched i found you to be genuine and likable keep being yourself .

  80. Another excellent video. That’s so awesome that you “tipped “ your tour guide like you did. I like how you show how friendly and respectful the Thai people are. And also showing that Thailand isn’t perfect

  81. Your multi talents on display being able to swim while shooting video at the same time. The guide seems to be a real good guy and your generosity will go a long way towards helping him get his boat motor fixed.

  82. not Only are you having a nice vlog all the time and also especially today, but your generosity to that guide heart warming to see, I am sure he was extremely thankful. his original fare of 1200 sounded very fare, and how long was that for?

  83. I got quite emotional watching this as I miss traveling, and Thailand, so much, and I’ve never seen Phi Phi looking so beautiful. Seriously thinking of jacking it all in and coming over there, as this beauty won’t happen again. Wonderfully filmed Chad, one of your best videos and that viewpoint at the end – which I never visited because it was always full of dreadlocked skinny backpackers with idiot pants on – was absolutely stunning. Thanks for this video man, it really touched me with its beauty. Matt.

  84. Chad, you are a pretty well known fellow in Thailand by now. You thank him for his honesty and he thanks you for your generosity. And he will use that money to fix his busted boat engine. Well done!

  85. Fuckinig awesome video as always Chad. Good man spreading your success to the people who help you out on your trips aswel dude. Too many people spending it on stupid shit for themselves being selfish these days. You deserve all the success your getting man. Keep up the great work

  86. Was here exactly a year ago to the day 15th of Janaury 2020 – amazing place. You the man Chad , that cold chnag i promised you just turned into a night on the strip – keep it up man.

  87. Quality of life is unbeatable Chad…………..when you make US dollars to spend to spend in Thailand !!!! Ask the average Thai joe, and the answer will be different.

  88. Bloody marvelous Chad! Makes me want to pack a bag & leave yesterday. If I could find an island like Phi Phi that wasn’t a mass of tourists I would do exactly that. Please let me know if you run across such a thing….”please!”

  89. That was an amazing gesture Chad! Thanks for helping out the people that are most in need. I hope you can do more of these giving-back-to-communities videos.

  90. Your content gets better every upload. Would love to be able to come to Thailand to see the motorsports events. If you ever find yourself coming through Oregon, you’ll have to look me up. I’ll set you up for a track day on my favorite track, Portland International Raceway.

    That Viewpoint is amazing. I think it would be worth the 1,000 Bhat to enjoy a beer.

  91. It is so nice of you to help out Mr. Him , so he can repair his engine. That’s why I keep watching you, you make me believed that there’s good peoples out there 👍🙏🙏🙏

  92. Wow chad 🙏 big respect for your kind gesture. He really was very honest and sincere. Lots of ❤️ for you and your channel CB Media. Chok dee krab 👍 Good luck

  93. I have a Thai student named Him. It’s really odd to have a pronoun as a name. lol but awesome 10k tip! Still hoping we Georgia boys can meet up one day for a sunset beer.

  94. I was at Maya Bay in 2015 and it was packed. The beach isn’t made from sand, Super bouncy the only beach I know in Thailand that has it. Like a carpet with a thick underlay.

  95. ๑๑๑๑ Do you know China is trying to lobby to dick a canal through this area for the new shipping lane. I disagree but many don’t understand that the big ship will destroy the sea permanently. Who want to see the a lot of big container ship part and run around this beautiful island.

  96. Nice one Chief good of you to sort ‘Him’ out cos he really went out his way to do a good job for you I know he prob ain’t got too many customers right now but still he did a very good job. Well done for sharing the wealth Chad it’s not so much to us but that will properly sort out his next 3 months at least!
    Top man 👍 nice view at the end epic even 🤣😂 big thumbs up from the UK 🇬🇧

  97. Another awesome video Chad. Love your videos. Your video quality is absolutely amazing, can you please tell what video format and settings you use when uploading your videos?

  98. Thank you presenter, for helping the local Thais like the boat navigator. I will forward this clip to my friends at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is people like you that reminds Thais that there are generous kind hearted farangs like you….and their services are very much appreciated….have a wonderful stay in Thailand.

  99. Wow impressive Chad,you helped him out so much,Thais are very good with fixing stuff,No doubt his engine will be repaired and maybe enough to get MAO too

  100. This stuff is Gold! This is why we have Youtube, too se epic nice people do epic stuff! You really made my day with that generous gift to mister Him! Keep the content coming! 🙂

  101. I would like to thank you personally for the awesome travel videos! If someone critiques you, take it as a compliment because they are, let me put this correctly, in a position of self servitude. If the gearhead puts out travel videos it’s likely to not be perfect, similar to life in Thailand. Keep up the good work young man. We, your watchers, are very grateful and I am personally recognizing your excellence.

  102. Chad Phi Phi Island is nothing compared to how it was in the mid 1990’s, I was there and if it had been possible I would have took root there, No joke!

  103. Giving is always better than receiving you know this when it’s more exciting to watch other open their presents from you on Xmas day than you opening yours.

  104. BEEN THERE….SWAM THERE TOO….MAYA BAY IS AMAZING TOO..I WAS ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE AT 6AM.,,that was really nice of you to give him the 10k

  105. Lived there for almost one year, still didn’t discover all. Next time baby…
    Go and try to explore the islands of the west coast up to ranong, amazing…
    0,6 meter of snow here in Switzerland (2feet haha) keep on traveling, see you there


  107. Swimming off of “The Beach” despite the hordes or tourists was probably the most stunning place I have ever been lucky enough to Snorkel. Truly stunning.
    Wish I could visit there now, the tranquillity would be amazing.

  108. Love your videos! Like to comment on what you said about some negative reaction to your frank review. It’s all your tone. I’m Cambodian, but share similar value of culture and region… So we prefer critical criticism, for example, you could say “ Things needed improvement…” “ Things you appreciate “ approach, instead of criticism without solutions offering. But your heart is in the right place… Keep going young man!

  109. Dude… you can literary see between 09:10 and 09:12 that he is fighting with his emotions. Well done chad. That was a really nice act of kindness.

  110. What an awsome video Chad.. One of those videos of yours where it makes me stop and think how much I miss this beautiful country.. Much respect on your 10,000 baht tip to your tour guide and sharing his contact.. 🙏

  111. You forgot to say to the bird “are you a dog”woehahaha like your videos especially cars / pitbabes greetings from the Netherlands ( Europe)

  112. Excellent video Chad. It’s actually nice to see these places and not see hundreds of boats and tourist. However, it will be nice when things get back to normal. Stay safe 😊👍

  113. Damn, Chad…I’m so jealous. I’ve been trying to get back to Vietnam for 2 years but I may have to spend more time in Thailand than I spent last trip.

  114. Good advice Chad, wear shoes on hike up to the view point at sunset. A friend of mine wore flip flops & on the walk down in the dark was bitten on the foot by a poisonous snake, they couldn’t get him off the island until the next day as the boats won’t leave after dark, he ended up in hospital in Phuket & unable to fly for 3 months due to the possiblity of deep vein thrombosis as a result of the poison, just wear your shoes!

  115. Please subscribe to CB MEDIA his selfless actions in this video shows that he’s all about the people let’s please help him help others

    Keep up the great work CB!

  116. Found your video and they take me back to being in Thailand 2003 – being there during covid looks brill as less tourists keep it up and look forward to your next video

  117. Well the us has shut us down on ordering any out of country money.i tried to order 2000 in us and ordering baht i have been told to do this pryer to coming over,well u.s. wont do it.should i come on with my u.s. money?

  118. Damn man as a Thai i know that guy could also just ripped you off with more than 1200 but he is being honest to you and didn’t want more even when you gave him 10k he said it was too much actually give me goosebumps 😂 because normally people would take advantage of the tourist ✌🏻 been followed you for so long now and your vdo made me miss Thailand a lot more now as a Thai who have not been there for 8 years now

  119. Super cool and fun content! like always, please dont give haters any air time just keep on pushing. its always something different but always the best vibes..
    may 2021 be your best year yet!!!!

  120. That was a really nice gesture giving your guide that amazing tip. I’m sure he really appreciated it with the hard times we’re in right now. Well done sir.👍👍

  121. Epic bro…man I wish they could keep it that way…limit the boats or something when it’s all clear..maybe this summer…and kudos bro for the 10k he’s still in shock…that’s how we roll…

  122. Greetings brother I’ve been waiting for you to post a new video. I’ve been to Thailand 3 times since 2016 and in the process of making plans to move and work there. Much love from South Africa.

  123. I cry when you give him that tip. Thank you for support local working people. We all are suffering from covid badly. This will help his family and his community a lot. Thank you.

  124. Absolutely stunning! When Thailand opens back up, I was going to skip these major tourist areas. I think it’ll worth it regardless of the crowd.

  125. One of my most favourite places is Kho Phi Phi Islands so beautiful and majestic . I wish I was there. You’re so lucky to be there. I can’t wait to go back

  126. I did the same areas you have been doing the last few days,I was there 4 years ago ,although was full of tourists I still enjoyed it.i spent 2 hours cleaning up rubbish floating in Maya Bay such a beautiful area,can’t wait to get back there 💯

  127. I just have to say , you sir are kind hearted and a great person . handing mr.him 10k bot . who obviously is well deserving of it . you surely helped him in these crazy times ! Our world needs more generous and caring people …. Love your content . i tell everyone about cb media 💪

  128. Chad your an awesome dude giving to that guide when you didn’t have to, that’s why I watch this channel! You my friend are the best and I can’t express how much you care about everyone and everything! Much love Chad!

  129. Mr Him should be a name in a James Bond movie! What an awesome guy he was, as are you too with that very kind gesture! And what a place, as you say, all the better as you had it all to yourself. You’re making the most of it man, kudos to you for that! Those waters will be local to me when I retire to Thailand in a few years time!! Cheers Mr Chad 👍🍺

  130. Wow that place looks awesome and a nice view at the end. Keep up the good work bro Rob the Welsh boy 👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  131. I have to echo what others have said before me,… well done young man. You did yourself and your parents proud. You certainly lifted Mr. Him’s spirits. If you do return please check on him and share with us how he is. This world needs more kind souls like yourself in it.

  132. Awesome vid watched it twice. Just fantasy land scenery and a more than nice gesture. Look forward to the return. Bet Mr. Him is going to hook you up. Oh and that’s a Brahminy Kite

  133. Chad first went to phi phi in 1998 with 2 mates loved it what a beautiful island 🏝
    Must of been 20 since then
    That’s was a great thing to help ur guide with 10,000
    Proud of u bro
    He looks shocked and so happy now he can get his engine fixed for when we can come back
    🍺 hope u enjoyed ur LEO

  134. Nice to see Phi Phi Leh without the usually tourist crowds. High season it would normally be packed with high powered tour boats from Phuket and Krabi and literally 1000’s of people.
    Good time to see it now while you can with just a few Longtails like 25 years ago. Covid benefits.

  135. Dude that is amazing there! I can’t wait to go back! You’re lucky to experience Thailand without tourists everywhere! Awesome video, thanks for sharing 👌🏼👌🏼

  136. What a beautiful island man. That’s what I mean by saying you’re a good dude, you just made Mr. Him’s life SO much easier with that 10000 Baht. Keep up the big heartedness my friend.

  137. Good on you for giving such a generous tip mate!!! You will get it back one day. Such a difference from those that just go there and exploit the Thai People.!!!

  138. I was there almost 30 yrs ago, and there were no 400 baht fee to get in the water? At least the area can get some rest from tourists and rejuvenate. 10,000 baht should be enough for a strip and rebuild, and enough to do the engine as well .

  139. Wow, what a difference between now and when I was there last January. You’ve picked the right part of the world to live in during a pandemic. I should just book a ticket for next January. Travelling now is like winning the lottery. It’s a dream. 😉

  140. That was very cool giving that man such a tip!
    Good for you brother. That was a fine man, you could easily tell. I know that felt wonderful for you too.
    A very good thing!

  141. his first reaction ” no thats too much” Mr Him must get a price for his pure attitude and Chad must get a price for his big heart and gentleness. great move men that picture is touching hearts ♥️

  142. “Too much my friend” were his 1st words when he saw 10k baht, even in hard times like these they have been missing income month after month this is what he says, Chad that was 10,000% the best, well done matey….. Safe Travels…

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