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  1. sir i live in bohol and wont to make a sidecar for my moterclcle is there a word in bisaya for the shops that would fabricate such things ??? AFTER SEEING YOURS WOW THEY DID A GREAT JOB

  2. The death wobble can be eliminated by changing the “rake” of the front forks. There are replacement triple forks for Honda Goldwings. Wobble gone. If someone in the Philippines designed correcting triple tree’s for the common makes they would make a fortune.

  3. We just were notified in Olongapo that only residents are allowed to enter Angeles as of this afternoon. If you have any further info we would appreciate it. Should have waited until the end Brian. You answered it.

  4. New phone seems pretty good, which one did you get? I think your right about the wobbles on the trike, thats about as good as it gets on those. Best to just ride and enjoy it. Nice day there too!

  5. Thanks for the great video. Happy birthday to the birthday person . ..That guy in the travel agency is an embarrasment to his country. BTW you have a beautiful home better than most in the USA.

  6. The breakfast looked good! But your hat got to me for a moment. AHAMAY…never heard of it before until I started spelling it backwards…YAMAHA. Good trick and good vlog as always. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  7. Brian – If you’re gonna have music in the background it needs to be a little lower in volume. At times, it was hard to hear what you were saying without turning the music too loud.

  8. ……..the best guy to ask about walking live streams is still Chris in Cebu…….
    ……..EDIT: *H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y B R I A N* !!!!!………..

  9. Good to see you both out and about, even though it’s pretty dead, really strange sight..πŸ€—πŸ€— like an empty
    film set

  10. Nice job. Yeah.. up here in La Union, San fernando is back on ECQ til July 31st. been set back to ECQ for the last 10 days. Stay safe Brian! Happy early Birthday! Cheers, Mark in San Juan La Union!

  11. Maybe you should do a video asking trike drivers about the wobble, see if they say it’s normal or have any suggestions. Might be interesting to see what they say.

  12. Hi Brian, actually the music was good at the beginning – nice. I think when you switched hands with your phone the mic was on the opposite side and then it was hard to hear you. I need to try the breakfast there at Tequila Reef. Thank you for the tip on Pinky’s. Love their english muffins, breakfast sandwiches and frozen sausage and kielbasa.

  13. I don’t go a lot on the music….i can’t here Lut speaking through her bank robber mask….personally i like the natural sounds of the place, i can close my eyes and almosst believe i am there…

  14. Hey Brian, that brunch looks so delicious. You wife is absolutely beautiful. Filipinas in my opinion Brian, are the most beautiful women on earth. 😊😊😊

  15. Brian, I may have mentioned this before, but it might be a good idea that you get some business cards printed up to hand out to people about your channel. Maybe even have the store on the cards.

  16. Gossip is prevalent in the Philippines because officials are never clear on their directives. There always has to be layers of rhetoric to make it look inteliigent and official. Take for example all the “Q” conditions. Utter nonsense. People are worried about their families, money, food, etc and here is an out of touch government elite giving complicated pandemic mandates instead of informing people about virus (not just the superficial fear mongering narrative) and taking sensible measures. Alot of the governments worldwide have mishandled this pan/plan/scam-demic and used it as an excuse for power and money grabs.

  17. Great viblog Brian . Not planning on travel til next year . Wait after 4 Nov for Chimmp to go away ! If CW2 breaks out who knows here in states depends .Stay safe and sane all. Met you guys last Dec with my Asawa ko.

  18. Yes, sad to see Walking Street empty like an abandoned street. I agree with others. Please have your background music lower, we prefer to hear your comments. As for the wobble of the trikes, I noticed that almost all trikes wobble. Must have to do we the tracking angle between the front wheels and trike wheel. Maybe they need some king of light toe-in angle. I am not an engineer but probably the design was never tested by professional and originally it was used on bad pavement and local village roads at low speed.

  19. Believe it or not that wobble can be caused be the rear rim or tire. The way the side car is mounted to the bike makes much difference in the wobble. Using a double U joint or knuckle mount plus adding a shock absorber to the front fork can greatly dampen that wobble. Not something they just do in an environment where most every thing is done as cheaply as possible. Custom mounting a shock to that fork in a horizonal position is not any to complicated but; does take abit of mechanical ability. That constant wobble would drive me nuts and cause excessive wear to that entire unit.

  20. Happy birthday brian, wish it is a great day on the 31st lot is a very attractive woman too yes love u both , great videos thank u so much all the best from central queensland australia.

  21. Brian if you have an Android phone all you have to do is go to Google and tell it to look for stream yard once you locate it it’ll open your browser you can do live streams from that on your cell phone

  22. I do my live streams every morning at 9 a.m. come follow me the name of the channel is Bulldogs house and the morning segments are breakfast with bulldog there I can show you how I do it right off my phone

  23. There was no bounce from the new phone, it was smooth. I figured that you had music over the video to hide the copyright music being blasted to an empty street. A nice walkabout, it does seem strange to see it so empty and desolate.

  24. I really enjoy your channel I watch you every time you put a video up I always give you a thumbs-up and I always try to leave a good comment

  25. Has no one else commented about the guitar instrumental music thats blocking out the entire conversation?
    I had to turn to something else….terrible.

  26. Nice video. Didn’t mind the background guitar at all. Brian, I agree with you, Lot is a hot mama. Very nice outfit and she looks great in a dress and high heels. Thanks for another great video.

  27. Hi Philly,
    Love watching your channel. Just as a suggestion, have the wheel checked for being true or not. I don’t know if they still do this in shops or if they just have you buy a new wheel. They jack up the bike, spin the front wheel and check the runout. Then they tighten here and there on the spokes to true up the wheel. Any wheel shouldn’t wobble, no matter what brand the bike-seriously. A wheel is a wheel. I worked in the auto industry for 31 years so have been around machines and know of which I speak. I have owned 6-bikes too. So, get that wheel trued up or buy a new one. You folks take care. We love you back here in the states. Have many pleasant memories of the P.I.

  28. Stayed at the hotel 2 nights, rooms on first floor really smelled molds. At least i got my visa extension done on amega travels while i stayed πŸ™‚

  29. Hi brian and lot lot.great video well done guys loved it.well stage four lock down here in melbourne Victoria Australia . Masks become mandatory on Saturday. It’s not good still alot of people being ignorant and not doing what there told but that’s there problem as our state premiere says you dont self isolate after you’ve been tested positive. And dont stay at home and you end up in hospital.750 more cases to day tested positive and the death toll rises .oh well just given you the news here in Australia brian all I know is where doing the right thing mate. The tricycle looks great brian take care guys .love ya channel keep up the great videos. Happy birthday best wishes and lots of blessings. Brian . Your friends in Australia scott arlene and baby cj scott expat in the Philippines

  30. Steering stabilizer will stop any of that shake you have in front end of the trike,..worth looking into ..Happy Birthday Brian πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ 🎈 🎁

  31. Brian being i have a house there and a house in the u s , The philippines has done a better job than the u s at following guidlines, at least in the areas outside of manila , You said when are they just going to open it up, well in the u s they kind of did open up and now we have a hell of a mess , Im here in u s right now , People here are still being careless , Some are not following basic safety guidlines, And the numbers are showing it. Your better off there right now and continuing safety protocall even though your tired of it, everyone is feeling the same .

  32. The Quality of the video was excellent , but please dont play background music while talking these two dont work , the latest news that keeps everyone bussy is the track bracelets that the cebu goverment are planning to intruduce , thats your take on that , Brian , ????

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