You Always Get Back What You Give Here In Thailand.

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  1. Man, did you say 130K? That’s great. My Wife says you still have Christmas Decorations up. Says Thai people always be like that. One thing I can think of in quarantine, no alcohol. That’s a beautiful house, guitars and awesome t shirt. Now I had to stop the video and show my Wife Billy Idol video. Rebel Yell.

  2. Billy Idol is British. He might live in the States now, but he’s British. He was actually kicked out of Thailand in the 80s when he was on tour. He was being a bad, bad, bad boy. LOL. 😛

  3. เจอะเพื่อน. มากินข้าวด้วย. ดีนะเพื่อนมาหาขับรถตั้งไกล

  4. Speaking of Billy Idol and others, when I first came to Thailand 51 years ago, some Thais thought I looked like “The Invisible Man” from the TV series! 5555 : ))
    When I was visible of course! 55555

  5. I’m sitting here in my quarnatine hotel right now watching Klaus talk about his time in quarnatine lol I’m on day 2 right now and I can tell it’s going to be a long two weeks

  6. Thx for another great video. First time I hear Klaus speak swedish several times with Toon. Swedes don’t eat bakery without coffee. That’s our famous ’Fika’ tradition. Fun when other bloggers shows up. I follow you all. Take care!

  7. How is your afternoon nap sweet dream. Caught a 5k big fish… We’ll when in Thailand n have a lots of friends the is no time to b free haha. Take care n enjoy your friends company. Have a pleasent time… Et.

  8. Damnit Chuck that cream filled donut looked good. I’m on a diet so my butt can be comfortable for that long plane ride so that’s as close as I can get to one. ☹️

  9. This is one of your best vlogs. Nobody is acting up for the camera,totally natural ,v. difficult to achive. Bert Reynolds once said that he wished his acting was like ,’the news’
    Meaning’less is more.’ In anyone else’s hands this would have been a boring 30mins but with your polished approach the mundane becomes facinating….
    Ps Paige is the perfect foil for your meticulous presentation…

  10. That is called Karma. Big things might take more time but the universe demands it. Enjoyed this vlog very much. Mafia doesn’t like sweets? Those donuts really did look good. Thanks for sharing. From the old lady in Vermont.

  11. I’ll wait until Thailands BULLSHIT quarantine ends, then go. 😉 They should do like here in Hawaii, make a negative covid test a requirement and go. The retarded Thai government is destroying their businesses with their bullshit quarantine concept. 😕

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