You can NEVER ESCAPE the Communist Party of China!

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  1. I’ve been harassed by wumaos on twitter before, and I can honestly say I am so incredibly grateful for having been born where I was born and getting to enjoy the freedom to speak my mind that so many take for granted.

  2. I am a Chinese novels reader, all that wuxia stuff
    But over the last year i read alot of modern Chinese genre, and believe me all what u have said on your videos and much more i realised it from those novels

  3. With hindsight, Coronavirus has been a blessing in disguise for China. The whole world, USA in particular, are under the knees of Coved19 while China has ZERO cases and her economy is booming.

  4. I think personally its time that Chinese went home and got their nation straightened out. If my nation was in this shape: I wouldnt be running away. Chinese society and people seem somewhat cowardly.

  5. This is why we westerners have to preserve our way of life. These communist are coming to our countries and trying to turn it into exactly what they ran away from. We must block communist people from being able to obtain a visa and coming to America.

  6. “I wanna share democracy with my friends when I get back home to China”🥳😊

    – Student councilor:
    “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, citizen…”

  7. China is not and has never been communist. Communism is a stateless society of equality and justice. If you have a dictatorship or an oppressive government, how is that stateless?

  8. Didn’t know if you saw the new Sony Play Station 5 EULA, it has provisions for banning your account if you speak out against the CCP. I know this is not usually your sphere but it just shows the reach they try to obtain

  9. They say people are spreading lies about the atrocities they have done – why dont they ask their god (literally god of hell) why their afterlife depiction is always about hell, many undergo the tongue torture, and incarnating into animals.

  10. That Chinese Student Sheepherder is right. He shouldn’t be lectured to about democracy in a democratic country.

    He should be deported back to his non-democratic country. And if he isn’t being deported right now for this video, then democracy is in trouble.

    All CCP party members and every single one of their family members needs to be deported from western nations. This needs to be a global priority. If we are going to murder the CCP once and for all, we need to start by sending the spies back to their source. Then we can isolate and break the CCP in its rathole. No more talk, no more dialogue. Only total victory over CCP fascism.

  11. To be fair in Germany you don’t really have freedom and liberty even if you are German. The “social market” economy we have basically means that the government can kill your business with an arbitrary justification, like you cause competition to the local bus corporation.

  12. The question is more complex than the CCP. If it disappeared tomorrow, would China become a democracy? I have serious doubts. Why would they be any different to – for example – Russia?

  13. I say it nearly every time but I wish the communist worshipping people causing so much trouble in the U.S. would spend a few years in China. Maybe they’d finally understand.

  14. Winston, I’d be interested to know if either you or Matt are familiar with Frank Dikotter’s books about China’s past 70-ish years of history, and if so, your thoughts regarding the accuracy or even prophecy of the material.

  15. Weird how when you describe a cult, it sounds like what happens when step away from antifa or blm. You get called all the worst and denigrated for your own conclusions and actions against their dogma.

  16. i found this channel in 2017 and i was like oh this is interesting but why doesn’t he ever mention the totalitarian hellscape realities of China?

    i am glad that he finally is.

    i have always found winston to be cool and inspirational. he came from a country where he was no longer welcome and started a new life in a faraway land. then that country squeezes the walls on him and he has to emigrate again.

    i wish him success and i would buy him beer.

  17. I wonder what the coordinator at 0:30 would say if the KMT won the Civil War, and he’d voted last November for the National Assembly and in January for the Legislative Yuan, while at the same time of the LY elections, the National Assembly was voting for the President and Vice President of the true China, the Republic of China.

  18. You’ve become a propaganda tool for people with zero accurate political knowledge. Stop repeating China’s lies. They are a state capitalist dictatorship. That is the polar opposite of communism.

  19. Winston look up “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” , (victims of big brother harassment and directed energy weapon attacks), human rights violations that are off the chart and happening all over America today. Rip China apart if you must but DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE VICTIMS OF AMERICA. But I bet that you won’t even bother to research “targeted individuals”?

  20. LOL, that Commie Chinese man claims that “Democracy is not their Chinese culture” YET he CONVENIENTLY left out the FACT that Communism ISN’T from their culture either.

  21. 0:52 Our western history also included monarchy and the one that rules them all policy, but the population realized that this system is shit for 90% of the population and just the leading 10% have something from it. That`s why France had its revolution, that`s why Germany lost its kings and the Queen of Britain only exists for representative purposes. If your history is based on a shitty system then it is time to change it and not to continue with it for the sake of history. Also Chinas communist party has nothing to do with its thousands of years of history anyway. Monarchy is Chinas history for 99% of its existance and was just replaced by a communist dictatorship last century. That shitty Mao picture over the forbbiden city is an insult to Chinese history. That man itself is an insult to Chinese culture, he destroyed most of it after all.

  22. Hi Winston, I have resepteced you for years and have watched you since you were talking about what chinese girls were like, for years. I loved what you posted and how you showed the good and bad of china, I myself live in China and love it. But since you went to America, I’ve seen a change in your videos, I can understand to an extent, you want to vent your grievances. But you and C-Milk just seem so anti-china now, I think because that is what the west and youtube likes, I just hope you can respect your wife and child and basically kind of chill out. I know you love China, so do I, stop making videos, just for money that says otherwise, I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. With respect. Peace ( And don’t give me a bullshit answer that you are just going after the CCP, if you have lived in China long enough, you know the people, the country, the CCP are all one thing, I know you learnt that, but I just think you want to earn that extra dollar from the click bait from thirsty China haters in the west, Much love

  23. I was a victim of operation fox hunt. Not anymore hopefully. Trump should be tough on those spies and arrest them. China is arresting our democracy advocates and then of course the US should arrest those people engaging operation fox hunt.

  24. wish with the great idea of marxism, they also pick up all those wonderful western people, like LGBTQ, climate activists, feminists and of course all the marxists, and leave us alone.

  25. the old always lie to the young. Old people are full of shit. Time for young people to have critical thinking and be informed from all sources, regardless of culture or background. When you don’t know shit and have to rely on your elders for information, you’re at the mercy of being misinformed.

  26. So is the teacher talking about culture or politics?

    Teacher; yes….

    EDIT; Hilarious… not even 30mins from posting this, I get a call in Mandarin (855) 389-9559.

  27. EVERY word you spoke in this piece I could apply to a America , you are in the lions den Winston mate. You are in the Stasi state that has 23 century technology (secret technology). Satellites that can monitor your thoughts and give America’s TARGETS electric shocks and the like!! And I shit you not. Please look up targeted individuals , look up remote neural monitoring , look up gang stalking.

  28. Ain’t no democratic country that will willingly deport anyone back to China, would be like sending a defector back to NK.
    Nothing good is gonna come from that situation.

  29. Trump is the only President that ever stood up against the CCP. Everyone needs to Vote for him. We need strong leadership at this time. Biden will sell us out to China in a heartbeat.

  30. They can’t follow the rules Winston. They cannot change their behaviour and still survive as a party. The way the system is set up, it REQUIRES them to be totalitarian cunts, the twisting of reality, the faux outrage. There is no going back, they’re heading down a one way street.

  31. The CCP must be crushed and stopped, they will not listen to reason or play by the rules. The only thing they understand is force which is why the quad alliance in the indo-pacific is a very encouraging

  32. You know I very much appreciate your videos. It always gets me thinking. Today I just took a job as the CEO of a company. It’s in very important to understand these Concepts that you’re allowing us to understand through your videos. It affects the world and the way business is done. Thank you

  33. I work some mainland Chinese immigrants to Canada. There is a wall between them and the rest of us. I put it down to the language being an issue they truly didn’t always understand Canadian culture because of it. I now know that likely they have been told to just stay Chinese, loyal to Beiijing and not get Westernised. It is sad..

  34. A concise and eye opening report on a very real problem for democracies the world over. The revelations that come from videos like this one, aid in inspiring the push back that has started around the globe and is frankly, past due. Isolating the CCP from the rest of the world is a necessary act of quarantine that will serve to apply additional pressure on the Chinese government and while it is unlikely to affect their policies and behavior in the short-term, a steady and unrelenting pressure by Western democracies will in time, lead to its downfall.

  35. Germany, show us what you’re made of.

    Arrest this criminal. Today.

    I’m sure this guy and his Operation Fox Hunt allies are known to you.

    Give the Chinese students in Germany the freedom you claim to offer.

  36. He doesnt understand liberal representantive democracy.For he it means something like comunism nationalisation of properities. But if You studyied Chan dynasty, You surely knows that fact common value which liberate Britain were born there t first time in thr world.

  37. I’m a loner so I’ve largely escaped the CCP brainwashing despite having parents who are US citizens but continue to praise the CCP to this day having lived here for over 30 years. I don’t give a crap that I have relatives who have served in the Chinese military.

    I constantly talk shit about the CCP. I talk shit about the US government as well. I shit on Trump. And I can do all this cause I’m an American citizen.

  38. *WOW~We have a few thousand Chinese i think in Ireland. Those in my small area of a couple of thousand people have been with us since the late 70’s. Same restaurant, same family with the father, Chris, as its head are beloved members of our community. But now you mention it, i never saw them date an Irish person, or even play with us as kids. We went to school together with their kids & although they always had a smile on their face they were very reserved. And this is Catholic school in Ireland, tons of fun & freedom. Now adults they all still live together in a huge big country style house. They live in a house that is on the edge of the village but surrounded by massive big trees so i couldn’t even describe the house to you, despite growing up 1/4 mile from it. They dont live a fancy life or nothing like that, just normal people in a normal house but i bet they have a lot of money under the mattress, lol.*

  39. [begin sarcasm]
    How come this is still monetised??
    I thought any and all videos that complain about “The Party”, would be automatically and immediately demonetised…
    [/end sarcasm]

  40. I dated a Chinese girl who always wanted to pick my brain about politics. I had to ask her to stuff her Huawei microphone under a bunch of pillows to protect her family

  41. We already do get that here in north America.
    All you have to do is say something back about the Democrat party (Liberal/NDP party here in Canada) and they will pressure you, slander you, make fun of you, threaten you, get you fired from your job. Have you charged with an number of sexual offenses.
    These people act like the CCP.

  42. you make an example with trump, and how bad it is in china, but in america, you are in this situation with the DEMOCRATS.
    they won’t lock up your family if you are conservative, but they sure fire you, deplatform you and take away every possibility of your livelyhood.
    how is that better? democrats want for usa what china already does.

  43. There was a freedom rally in Melbourne Australia and the police showed up in large numbers and I noticed in one of the online video footage was a Chinese girl dressed in a police uniform waking around with a video camera filming all the protesters !

  44. Democracy only works in a homogeneous society, which we have dumped into the trash. The people whose frontmen pose as our leaders love the divide and conquer strategy, so they’ve filled our country with ‘incompatible’ people and we fight each other instead of them.

  45. Why is it is such an historically authoritarian culture?

    From emperors to conquering khans going native to tinpot dictators to the CCP, for thousands and thousands of years, it’s an unbroken string of capitulation to the lowest form of social rule: a strong man.

  46. This “community leader” and “student liaison” in Germany “helps” the Chinese students abroad by holding a club over their heads and the heads of their families and if they obey, he will “see what he can do” to make sure the club doesn’t smash any skulls. He’s a mafia enforcer who sells “protection.”

    China is not a nation. It’s a crime syndicate.

  47. When I see Xi’s mistresses and children deported to China…

    And Princess Meng in an orange jumpsuit in an American prison…

    I’ll know the west is serious about democracy, justice, and peace.

  48. Singapore does not truly have freedom of speech. The government can easily shut you up if they do not like what you are saying. The Chinese government does it more blatantly, and the Singapore government just does it more subtly (POFMA laws and getting sued by government officials for defamation).

  49. Sadly most if not all Chinese has been neutered and has no will to fight. That’s why they escape to US, Taiwan and other freedom loving countries. As Serpanza always says life is cheap in CCP. Any opposition and it will be squashed immediately. What’s the solution? Unfortunately it will involve a lot of collateral damage. US answer now is just try to contain it.

  50. To control the people cost a lot of money , police firewall collecting data …… , every year more and more , like east germany in the end it was to expencive , make the CCP pay more for this ruin the CCP with this

  51. the whole closing of people’s personal bank accounts and denying them isp access is happening in western countries. This ccp style harassment takes place but less in your face and more insidiously.

  52. In my opinion I think it’s really really hard for Chinese people to get rid off the CCP.
    Think about it for a second, for them the CCP is like just another dynasty, cause in 5000 years of dynasties ruling them you just get used to it.
    And i am 100% sure that is what xi Jinping is
    planning for, to create another dynasty.

  53. Western governments do kill their own citizens and harass them, good examples being the extra judicial killings off the Bader Meinhof prisoners in 1977 or more recently the harassment of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

  54. The sad part is that ~50% of US citizens and ~80%+ of western europeans, canadians and australians despite of their freedom and out of their own free will vote for a mix between the CCP and the IS in their own countries and cancel everyone (by branding them as basically Hitler) who doesn’t agree with them 100%. Schools don’t teach communism at all, they only tech newspeak “right-evi, left-good”.

  55. 0:35 @serpentza I’m dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 also stay safe man? Take care of yourself (and family) please. Good luck on your journey.

  56. Winston, you do understand the reason South Africa is as bad as it is is because of democracy don’t you? When when one of the current leaders was asked about the white farmers complaining he said they have nothing to complain about because of democracy making the decisions. Democracy is two wolves voting to eat one sheep. Its not good.

  57. If Trump is not reelected, DO NOT count on a continuation of even the totally half-assed DOJ effort thus far to do anything against China. Biden is totally compromised by China. See the best seller book “Secret Empires” and the recent Hunter Biden laptop emails about that.

  58. Anyone in China, if they are in a certain positions, they don’t like anyone else challenge their authority. Democratic, in Chinese culture, is subordinate not listening to superiors, challenging their power and of course, they are don’t like that. They like everyone saying “yes, yes, yes” all the times, not having any other ideas.

  59. I thought “freedom” and “democracy” were in the “core values of Socialism” which is promoted everywhere in China. 🤣 Funny how he talks about Chinese culture when the CCP has done more harm to such then anyone else by far. Also, the CCP was supplanted by the Soviets, who are western, and Marxism/Leininst are from the west. Which part of the CCP is originally Chinese? It’s just the past 30 years they have all magically turned into fascistic nationalists. Because they found out that was a much more effective idelogy for retaining power than one that spends all their time destroying everything around them and starving themselves.

  60. China’s Operation Foxhunt is very much alive and working here in Canada. There are numerous instances of their operations. China is increasingly blatant in their coercion of Chinese citizens. Threats to family members back in China are the most common. Chinese feel safest when you talk to them alone. Gather a group of Chinese together and they don’t know who would rat them all out. Good video and a necessary topic. Cheers from Toronto, Canada.

  61. My unintelligent Trump friends call me a “Marxist” which is ironic: they’re the ones who get FURIOUS when anyone criticizes the USA and its flawed history of wiping out indigenous Americans and slavery. Ironic that they behave like communist officials …

  62. Do you really believe that (for instance) the US government does not wash your brain? It may be (a lot) less aggressive, but it is there. Media, press, social media. Yes, less aggressive, agreed. But still.

  63. Biden’s corrupt, illegal dealings with the CCP are literally a PROVEN FACT, bu the media hides it and gets rid of everyone who tries to bring it up, even their own like Glenn Greenwald.

  64. Never believe China and Russia they want control everything around them. Free North Korea, Cuba, Venesuela, China, Russia! In every communist/socialist country people are slaves of the Party. God Bless you all!

  65. I personally know South African Chinese Christians. They helped me and my family like no one else. I’m forever grateful and they are the most wonderful folk.
    I wish there were more like them.
    You can see a Chinese national from a mile away here. Rude load and filthy.
    South Africa is unfortunately ruled by commie lovers. It’s time for a peaceful revolution here. This has nothing to do with race. I’m married to a Zimbabwean woman and my son is a blessing. It’s got to do with blatant corruption and nepotism. Please keep us in your thoughts. ❤

  66. What I really would like to hear now is the opinion of Chancellor Merkel regarding of this study coordinator for Chinese students in Germany. Not very likely that I ever hear one, though.

  67. how about you just talk about how good your own country is instead of bull shit here about China ,maybe that way you can gain more fans .boy, stay awesome ,that’s what you wrote .how can you be awesome while you are talking negative all the time ?

  68. The 10 years those operatives will spend in prison will be better living conditions than what they had in mainland China. If they really want to punish them, send them back to China.

  69. I know you’re trying to speak clearly, but I feel like your videos would be a little better if you spoke more quickly.. otherwise, it’s too slow-paced. Don’t hate me. =(

  70. It is distressing to see China close off, making young people like yourself and others feel forced to leave the country where they made their home and put down roots and started families.

    Did you know that the Chinese who emigrated to Puerto Rico after the Chinese Exclusion Act completely assimilated? There is no Chinatown in Puerto Rico, no Chinese food. There are “Chinese restaurants”, but they serve a kind of Caribbean-Chinese fusion fare. It was a deep disappointment to me to find no Chinatown in Puerto Rico. (Everything else is wonderful, however.)

  71. these Chinese communists always saying they need to stick with their own culture. lol. the Culture of china was slavery, expansionist and barbarism! Remember, Mao killed millions of people and destroyed temples and other historic buildings and arts.

  72. Truth be known? they run every thing like that. Thats how they got into every aspect of America. Yes i know there is a infestation by them in every part of the world but in America its really bad. They use every means available and will stop for nothing. Money, Sex, drugs, black mail, Family threat. Here are a few names that can be looked up… Arrested Dr. Charles Lieber of Harvard, Qing Wang Professor Ohio, Yanging Ye, Simom Saw- Teons Ang, Zaosong Zheng and Zhendong Cheng. Small sample.

  73. Hold the wolf wankers accountable for silencing whistleblowers, disappearing citizen journalists, misreporting the rate of COVID-19 infection and number of deaths.

  74. Out of all the country you listed at the beginning only Korea and Japan can be called a true democracy. It is ridiculous that you listed India as a Democracy. If you argue voting as a proof as democracy then China is democratic too, just with very United preference for their candidates.

  75. That’s absolutely true, my mom has always been scared to talk to me on phone coz I’m in Nepal & the government knows that I’m not going back under CCP-controlled anymore.

  76. What do Chinese folks in the US call these “fox hunters” that plague them. What’s the word they use for them, is it fox hunter, and how do you pronounce it phonetically?

  77. If you take the threat of CCP seriously you should be campaigning against Biden like crazy because we know for a fact that Biden has been compromised by the CCP, we knew it even before the laptop, his son getting $1.5 Billion from the bank of China spells it all out.

  78. The attitude and body language of the guy in the last clip really reminds me of the shouting and finger pointing kid in the video you showed during your ADVChina Podcast about Chine celebrating Trump getting Covid. Just makes it sadder that kids that young are being so heavily effected by people like this.

  79. Why the children don’t go back to China and study? What’s the point to study abroad if their motherland is so exceptional? They don’t need to travel thousands of miles and separate from their families to learn how to become independent.

  80. Democracy, the illusion to make us our own scapegoats. It’s a lie dude. A scam by a bunch of Freemasons. Fun fact. Adam Weishaupt and his Illuminati were kicked out of Bavaria the same year George Washington became President of the USA.

  81. It’s all about education, If you don’t education the people how do they know what else is out there. That’s why the CCP dumbs the People down . They do the same thing here in America.

  82. The left in the USA is following the Chinese model. The leftist media blocks unfavorable news about Democrat candidates. Left-controlled social media blocks and bans any that oppose the “party line” The biggest story on the news right now should be how the Chinese have bought and paid for a US presidential candidate, but they remain silent!

  83. China Doesn’t have an open society. Just like America ,the News media don’t tell the people the truth, but unlike China we have other sources to look at to see what’s going on, thank GOD

  84. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority, let’s not focus on that, individuals’ natural rights are the only thing that matter: and the CCP doesn’t respect those.

  85. If I was a student & that was my “community leader” and “student liaison” guy, I’d tell him to stfu…but then, I’m English & that’s what we do

  86. 0:31 CPC goon (sneering): “Which Asian country has Western democracy?”
    Me: “Oh. ooohhh, I know the answer! TAIWAN!!!”
    CPC goon: (scowling while rapidly scribbling in a little red notebook): “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

  87. One thing is for sure, when war is declared I’m joining the US army after everything China has done to the world. Clearly their citizens do not care to move past communism, so they will have to be dragged past it. Time’s up to get their shit together.

  88. Bovine Doo doo!, Self segregation is universal, every city has its Latin quarter, China town, Polish and Russian quarters, the only real multiculturalist are the whites.

  89. The first generation of Chinese immigrants to the US were very insular even in the 19th Century. At one point they were even hiding plague deaths from health officials. This is not to dispute the premise of your video, but to add some nuance.

  90. Years ago I met a Chinese woman in Canada. She and her son were here for landed status, her husband had a successful business in China. It made no sense of why she wanted to live in Canada when she had an affluent life in China and here in Canada she live near poverty. I asked her if she was a spy, she never did answer that question. She did support everything that the Chinese government did, even justified the treatment of Uighurs, Falon Gong, and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. She said the reason for combining to Canada was to obtain Canadian passport so that she could travel freely. I did not believe her and even though she went back I never did understand on why she bothered to come here.

  91. If we can’t dissuade them from Marxism using democracy and freedom, because it’s not “their culture”… Let’s talk about Confucianism and Daoism then. I concur in one thing: it’s really hard to bridge the gap between so different worldviews. But that’s the thing, maybe we don’t need to.
    Even an Imperial regime is better then the shit they are doing, at least monarchy has dignity. And maybe they can see the bridge and opt for a parliamentary system based on the two aforementioned philosophies.

  92. The ultimate irony here is that the communism is nothing to do with China and abandoned all its cultures and traditional systems and making it the worst system ever by combining the worst parts of communism and capitalism for the ultimate corruption! 😂

  93. The CCP really are just a bunch of savage thugs. Going after people’s families is the lowest of the low. Their sycophantic supporters have absolutely no moral compass. Speaking from experience it is shocking that even some western supporters of the CCP adopt the same tactics. Thanks for the interesting video!

  94. I wonder if they might not have expected such a bitter fight to the death on the horizon for them. Despite the efforts of the peasant mobilization front, not much has changed for the worse in any significant way here, and the sun still shines some of the time in this western hemisphere you definitely don’t envy☀💸💋.

  95. I would love to talk to someone like that first guy. I wouldn’t be disrespectful it is just such a mind warp I would want to know more. I can’t imagine living like they do any more than they can imagine living like I do, I imagine.

  96. ……..I remember during the time of Tienanmen Square massacre back in 1989 here in Australia :– the train pulled up at Glenferry station where Swinburne uni is located and at 8 am there were two student at opposite ends of the platform taking flash photos of other Chinese students . This was something never seen before. Anyway our prime minister granted Australian citizenship to all the students who wished for it as a result of the killings .

  97. Carrie Lam had to postpone elections because of Covid-19, not because she would get voted out by a landslide. Xi couldn’t hold a free and fair election and have a snowball’s chance either. Putin’s detractors get straight up poisoned. Maduro has to cheat; nobody is voting for him after they have no power and water so they have to boil and filter water from the sewer, and Venezuela is oil-rich. The truth is that dictators are weak and unpopular because their power is forced on people an held through fear, not given to them by people with the freedom of choice.
    Serfs could not own property and were bound to the land, kind of like a hukao binds Chinese to lands they can’t own. We are so far past Middle Ages fuedalism, and yet expected to embrace that culture today. Let’s all just sit idly by as the all powerful government of China uses modern day concentration camps and surveillance state tactics to destroy minority cultures in their own country because we wouldn’t want to interfere with internal affairs of tyrants.

  98. OMG SerpentZA, I’m so proud of you for coming out with this. It’s brilliant, first-hand reporting (I wonder how many had to die in order for us to see that CCP “pep-talk” video) without slander, name-calling, racial slurs, or anything of the sort. And yet you bluntly presented the honest, ugly truth of the matter. The world needs to hear this and understand it. The Chinese people (God bless them) *desperately* need to hear this kind of thing and understand how badly their leaders are treating them.

    Keep up the good fight…. and keep yourself and your young family safe.

  99. The Chinese Communist Party is scared and is afraid of those people who left China and don’t want them describing what is going on inside of China. I can understand them using the tactics they use to get them back where they can penalize them for betraying their government or possibly doing it, but their time is coming as the CCP will suffer if they try to invade Taiwan and there is so many ships and aircraft within their territory which is just waiting for that order to attack the continent and when they do it will be hard and fast.

  100. They hate so much the western countries i fear what they will do….in March, the waters of south china become good again for navigation and they say that thats when China will “take care of Taiwan”….it will be the first attempted step to take over the china sea. Its not only a fight they are buying with USA, but also Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia…..but China thinks they owe it all. Fight will break loose and we will all be in troubles. even here in our country. We, humans, are so stupid….

  101. That´s the way totalitarian dictatorships work: Pressure, fear, blackmail, violence, crime and murder. The USSR did it the same way and I think, a lot of western countries are practicing these kind of methods as well, maybe not in the exact way China is doing but close to that. See Russia today as an example: dissidents, runaways, scientists, critics and so on, have strange accidents, were poisoned or shot by mercenaries here in western countries. Putin doesn´t care about. Press and people are upset for a short while, but they need the Russian gas, the Russian metals and minerals and so everything is kept under the carpet after a little while. And there are tons of Russians through the whole Europe, who “fled” mother Russia but stay close to Putin.
    Thank you for your open words about a China I wasn´t forced to see in my past.

  102. Oh wow that ‘student counsellor’ really exposes the true depth and size of the problem. So they found 8 of the Foxhunt operatives, what about the other 10000?

  103. If the Western Civilization kowtows to Communist China or Extreme Islamic, the Western Civilization like freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

  104. Honestly the CCP has been corrupt and evil ever since well ever since I have personally known them and before. Tiananmen Square was absolutely horrible and tho they are not doing that they are doing all these back handed and “sneaky” and evil things to control the people that live in China and not only them but other countries. Alot of people don’t see it but tbh I see that they are slowly and very slowly trying to take over the world and let’s face it if it they could have complete control they would.

  105. Isn’t it true the Chinese Consulate in Houston was shut down by the US Attorney General, at least in part, because this sort of espionage was run from there?

  106. So True Winston, most 1st gen immigrants in usa dont believe their lying eyes. They get all their news from weibo, weixin or other mainland websites… I always try infuse Epoch Times into their mix….lol

  107. That’s why America was founded as a theonomic democratic REPUBLIC! Rule of God, rule of Law based on Principle, and rule of tradition pertaining to those aforementioned. NOT rule of whims! And certainly not rule of brute force by thugs who are devoted to an ideology centered around envy!

    However, the thug in the beginning of this video sounds too far gone to ever comprehend such a system. It’s a pity America of today has strayed so far from its founding. Even a good lot of modern Americans think we’re in a pure, Greek-style democracy. We’re not! In fact, America’s founders warned that such a system was inherently suicidal!

    However, for him to say that being ethnically Chinese means no one from China is allowed to embrace any ideology except the CCP’s ideology? That’s incredibly racist! Not surprising, as communism is lynchpinned around collectivist ideology.

  108. ya you should just separate yourself from chinese people as much as possible. even when you were living in china and making videos about china i thought that there was self censoring going on because that’s just the way it is over there. so when you said something positive about china, i didn’t really believe you or if i did i would wonder what your agenda. bottom line, any one with connections to, whether that is investments, family, relationships, business, school, any thing of value that is in some way or form connected to china, can’t be trusted. period. i still don’t trust your content about china since your wife is chinese.

  109. “They become socially isolated, no matter which other country they reside in…”

    With all the lockdowns, most Americans are becoming socially isolated from each other, in their own neighborhoods! No bars to go to, means social activities everywhere else are collapsing. No one even knows how to socialize anymore, since every move to do so that one could possibly make could be construed as some sort of violation.

  110. This really hit me deep. As an iranian i have faced same issues with niac in usa. A member by the name of negar mortazavi has been trying to dox a political activist by the pen name shareh amd expose their name an identity.

  111. Winston’s more upset and using funnier slang with each video… Hahaha… Love it! ^_^
    But, yah- it’s great that our DOJ is being vigilant, because they ought to have been doing so since the 60’s and 70’s. It’s almost like they just let things slide for so long, which is why we’re in the situation we see today. Also, Trump may be a hard pill to swallow, but we have to give him credit for his tough stance in foreign policy dealings in such matters.

  112. You show us a clip of a Chinese student coordinator in Germany yet you don’t tell us what happened to him. WE NEED TO KNOW IF HE’S BEEN FIRED OR DEPORTED! Or is Germany bending to the Chinese will?

  113. that is really shocking!, thx for opening our eyes!.
    and if america arrests these chinese, you know what china will do, harrash americans in china and just pick them up ,, for sure!

  114. Why be scare of this CCP if they here in the USA they be shot if they come threaten me in my property. They might be strong in China but don’t come here to the state n try the Chinese here. They’ll never leave here. China ain’t the only ppl willing to use violence. Come here to the states and try us here.

  115. democracy is a shitty system that has failed

    order through fascism or monarchy would be much better than the oligarchy we have now
    as things are globalists loot our nations and betray our peoples with no loyalties to anything other than money.
    the illusion of choice through democracy is just that, because the truth is that all power is bought by special interests
    at least in china or non democratic nations you know who is in control and they can be held acccountable
    but in a system where no-one can be held accountable there is no revolution or reform as people are distracted with bread and circuses and pit against each other rather than against the ruling elite.

  116. It makes me think about the one German friend I talk with, she is from Europe… Conversation got around to Huawei being all over the place and how it is dangerous because the government owns it, stuff like that, and I mentioned some things about how China covered up Covid stuff. She thinks I’m just crazy because “Trump said that” and actually said something along the line of, ‘You just think China is bad and US is good?’

    Even intelligent people in places like Germany foolishly accept whatever lines the *CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY* put out… Apparently there is no difference between the USA and China.

  117. Interesting video Man, what’s worth remembering about this, is most of the people who make these threats, would crumble instantly, if you caught them when they weren’t expecting it. Cowardly Trash.

  118. Every country is spying on the people, China is the testing ground that is a pre cursor to the global agenda. I have a friend who had her facebook account shut down for talking about the hellywood pedophiles, and the many politicians from both parties, including creepy joe and his son. Watch creepy joe around little girl’s, and especially his granddaughter, if she is really a biological offspring. Most actor’s, and many politician’s are transgendered. Watch for the birth pangs to increase, especially after the election. Get ready for planned food shortages again, as well as the poison vax. Hashem is number one, and His Son will be coming in a few year’s, just be careful of the false Messiah that is coming first,and it’s not Trump, or anyone we know yet. The false Messiah will be very attractive and charismatic, and will have the beauty of an angel. He will be able to personify goodness, but will then turn the other way. God bless everyone.

  119. I paid really close attention to the tiananmen square episode when it happened, it seemed like there was a slight chance for more freedom for a few days and then it was crushed.

  120. Question for serpentza and laowhy86: How is it that the ccp does not arrest your wife’s family?
    I don’t want to be rude, I’m just legitimately curious as you make it sound like they would arrest the family of anyone talking badly of the CCP. Are they safe?

  121. Very important! The same you have in Russia till today, the motherland of communist secret services and the CCP. Cause in post communist Russia no company can exist without the acceptance of this ex communist secret services. Great thank you and best wishes from Germany. We should ask Russia an China for license fees using Western communism as their own. Socialism used in East Asia or Russia is theft of ideas and robbery! 🙂

  122. I don’t know about the situation of the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and some other countries shown here 0:43, but Singapore for sure isn’t a democracy, the same party has “won” every single election for many decades, demonstrations are illegal and tourists sometimes get canned (physically hit with a cane) after being jailed for 9 months for minor offences like graffitiing,

  123. You mentioned a person “Miles Guo”, 郭文贵,he is actually the undercover agent works for CCP. He is not what he said he is: a exiled / expelled businessman from China. He is being watched by FBI now.

  124. Like you I have been frequenting SZ which was my base with an M Visa for 12 years with my personal consultation business until my last exit in January 3 prior to Covid not knowing of the imminent pandemic. I also spent 6 years during this time in Wuhan and travelled extensively throughout the mainland. It was apparent from the get go mainland Chinese under 40 have seen nothing but economic growth and have a myopic view of the world with its Nationalist narrative.. I know countless young educated professionals like your wife who look to the outside world with a desire for another option and have minimal options under the CCP yet many have secured foreign passports via personal or economic means. My personal view is Change of the Chinese political system can only come within the CCP itself and via its citizens exerting its influence through number and universal suffrage. The International communities economic free market and trade rules is the only means in my view that will bring China into the International Family of Nations. The CCP is by virtue of its insistence of representation in all State Run Enterprises so called CoOperation is a proxy Corporation which drawfs Apple Google and Amazon combined. Unless and Until the Intergovernmental WTO and free market countries foreign investment regulators call out the Chinese government nothing will change to the Chinese Domestic Governance. Why ? Because China is now a entrepreneurial culture with CCP with its heavy hands on the levers not it hard working citizens

  125. Hong Kong has been gone long ago under the 50 year transition agreement Thatcher signed off on and with 20 years to officially complete the agreement this is the timeline for China to come in to the International Community or stay in the wilderness or to stay within its walls which is a feature of how historically the ruling class has preferred ! It takes courageous Chinese leadership someone better the Deng to lead China out of its forbidden city

  126. 6:06 – have you seen the recent propaganda that is being pedalled regarding a certain recent worldwide event? Any authoritarian regime would be pleased at how far the (former) free and liberal western countries have fallen, now adopting the very rhetoric and tactics used in said regimes in the name of “safety”.

  127. Why is this man allowed to be around children? I realize that there is a serious language barrier but if authorities know who this is and what he doing then enforce your local laws regarding child abuse!

  128. Wow Winston that was powerful reporting to date! Right from the horses MOUTH! That’s how you do it, Trump too is doing. Proof! Thank you for protecting those who come to you covertly.

  129. China is not a communist country and as far as I can see has no political philosophy only worn out slogans of a bygone era. I would say it more accurately the CCP should admit to itself it in fact an Authoritarian Capitalism Corporation that enrols its citizens as its work force .. The CCP effectively is the world largest corporation that in addition has a military and police force to enforce its corporate laws of governance

  130. I am from Germany. It’s pretty ironic that the indoctrinating bullshit speech of this guy sounds very similar to what Germany’s leaders said about democracy in 1914-1918 and 1933-1945. Since these chinese exchange students, who have to listen to this crap, are already here they should take the opportunity and learn from German history where that has brought us.

  131. The douchebag in the end isn’t all that bad. He told the high school students to study hard with good grades, so that they will enter college and do whatever job they want after graduation. The western education now is let students freely roaming in schools, so that they graduate with no job, and they can join BLM or Antifa.

  132. The CCP directorship is accountable only to its own internal self determined audits which in its self is a kleptocracy of cronies in its Proud One Party system.. Under any measure it is an illogical measure of accountability and I can’t imagine how it’s over 2000 members representing its many provincial governors of the CCP congress can be accountable or administer-able. I would predict is why it’s economic and governance figures and administrative statistics are hard to believe

  133. Feudalism can function as a form of human government, using a very loose definition of function, so long as the governance brings benefits to the governed…

    When the flow of respect gets too lopsided, when too many people of lower station do not get the care and protection that they bargained for, any form of government breaks down.

    The CCP has morphed from Feudalism to a blend of Feudalism and Fascism – and has to use a continual high level of repression to attempt to retain power.

    Modern “Western” Democracy (or our Democratic Republican form of Constitutional government) don’t work either, but they fail to work in the least objectionable fashion of anything that’s been tried, to paraphrase Winston Churchill.

  134. You should stop endangering your Chinese family and secure your American escape by being a Chinese analyst for the U.S. government (or NGO if you prefer). Don’t waste your talents and your skills as related to China. I’m sure you can accomplish this without risking your integrity. Good luck.

  135. In past, living outside your country because of political reasons, was called being banished.
    It is an punishment. Then even send agents to harras. Is pure evil.

  136. I dont blame the Chinese. They should not integrate. Every Western country is in a complete mess because of integration. They understand democracy is an illusion by the West. How can America be democratic with only 2 parties? In the name of democracy has resulted in more deaths than all the religious wars. Multiculturalism destroyed the West, just look at France, South Africa, America is burning from it & you still want to preach this B.S?? Give me a break, if you want to marry Chinese people thats your choice, dont force opinions onto other cultures or people.

  137. I have began my own campaign here in Denmark. I have taken contact to Danish companies doing business in China. Asking them if they are okay with slave labour, or child labour.
    Child labour is legal and organised.
    It is called “being unable to be taught” the kid signs a document at their school, they are then free to not attend any more classes, and are legally able to take up any full time jobs.
    My fiancé got such an offer when she was in school in the 2000s.

  138. This is true. Some of my mainland friends tend to be cowed or avoid any bad mouthing the CCP even I know they are not being themselves and guarded.

    What I don’t get is people actually from free society, buying into those CCP nonsense and become a willing party of that crux of humanity. (which I also known people that turned… Those people are covered in hypocrisy.)

  139. “If we embrace this value [democracy], then we’re ruled by them completely!”
    They’re already ruled by “them” completely; it’s just that “them” is the CCP.

  140. Democracy ends up as little more than rule by a certain Middle Eastern tribe that I cannot name due to the automatic YouTube censors. The values that democracy forces upon the people are globalist in nature. “Tolerance”, “equality”, diversity, the promotion of many tongues and strange gods, and open borders are among the core tenets of democracy. The big lie of democracy is that it is rule by the people.

  141. The teacher had to instruct the students to remember the CCP is “looking after them”.
    That reflects a concern that the CCP might loose the students to ” truthfully facts and ideas”. I am confident that the students will learn how to ” play-the-party-line.” Many kids are breaking the old family chains and keeping their pay cheque.

  142. Uh oh you discovered the Donald Trump national army, I can easily identify them as they all use orange fake tan solution or is that to make them look more chinese.

  143. Sounds like Jehovah’s Witnesses here in Alaska and down in Cali where I grew up. Except they do this stuff to everyone and anyone. It’s a cult folks. Steer clear!

  144. You have to wonder how the Russians would deal with foreign agents found pressuring Russian citizens. There would probably be a rash of sudden and very fatal illnesses.

  145. Winston it be a good idea to send your video to number of German newspapers. Bild, Frankfurter Allgemeine etc. Important that you verify the subtitles, maybe get Matt to verify it too. It would be very effective to wake up the German population to it

  146. Excellent video , Winston. You tackle stuff that no one else will. I want to add this and it’s my own opinion. I don’t want to defend any Chinese people against the CCP because they don’t want to fight themselves. They don’t want to die, to beat up others for their freedom. They always depend on the USA or UK or other people to fight battles for them (American or UK blood or other citizens).

  147. Send the Chinese agents, Trump is waiting.
    They are what you called ‘artificial intelligence ‘ a working ROBOT!

    They forgot all the human value attributes even not brushing their teeth.

  148. if they spend all this time money and effort into becoming the great nation that china always say it is, they wouldn’t have to do all this bull and waste all this time. I guess cheating is easier. But becoming a Great Country and doing what you preach takes longer but in the end you hand down to the next generation something solid, something they can thrive on.

  149. He’s not wrong though Democracy is a massive failure. If you read US federalist papers and journals of the founding fathers. You’ll quickly realize they weren’t a fan of Democracy either and instead gave us a Constitutional Republic with an Electoral College as a voting system.

  150. My friend in Australia, this is exactly what happened to him.for peacefully PROTESTING. A one man PROTEST, the Chinese consulate sent 40 year old men 10 of them to the university and bashed the AUSTRALIAN, yet the AUSTRALIAN got kicked out of University, for the CCP dollars funneling through it. I’m so wrapped People are going all the way. The best INTERNATIONAL lawyer is working for free, their going after the Chinese communist party. This lawyer has unlimited funds, that’s the awesome part. If a QC takes on your Case for free, there’s a massive chance he’ll win, which will set a precedent.

  151. Once Trump wins and then the fakeonomy eventually collapses the communists/fascist will take over the US. Maybe in 4 years and work hars in the meantime to shred the 🇺🇸

  152. yea, lived in Bay Area since 1967. Chinese rarely participate, assimilate, or care one shit about the rules and customs. The ones, as you say, who are third gen are OK, but not always. Too bad! The West was converted by the blood of martyrs who lived only to love god and their neighbor! We forget that easily in the US, but the Chinese still have to learn that, ALL human beings have to be in step with the true ‘Party,’ the great Trinity whose Son gave his life for all, even intimidated and intimidating. Thank you one more time for such boldness, honesty, and compassion.

  153. Some people are way too quick to refer to Scientology in such a way, but visiting someone’s place of residence, or door knocking is expected of any parishioner, if someone that you knew and liked suddenly disappears. More often than not, you’d find out that the person has been put into a state of fear by a friend or family member, let alone the mainstream media, which we’ve seen plenty of lately. Just my opinion.

  154. “We have our own culture…” thats the problem with that guy at the start. Communism is not a cultural thing to be passed down gens to gens.

    He’s having blind patriotism, to the wrong thing too (to CCP).

  155. People in China are aware of that. They are hoping that Xinjinping can stay as the general secretary as long as he lives, so that he can have enough time to bring CCP to its demise. Xijinping is called 总加速师 General Accelerator

  156. The CCP is a lawless and transnational criminal organization that does not represent the Chinese people. Republic of
    China, Taiwan is the legitimate representative of the Chinese people.

  157. Please remove Japan from the list, it isn’t anything like democracy in the west, I am terrifying if this is so.
    Another thing I know of Korea has a perfect democracy by Kim family. The government of him, by him, for him. Handing over it from him to Xi.
    To me the Philippines is a difficult one, they tend to believe a country as a god, which ever bring a lot of benefit, election everyday.
    They love bean cake and I love mango smoothie.

  158. 🖐 I write so much bad review about the CCP on YouTube and other social media channels. And now everyday I recieved so many phone call with different number on my phone, and if I don’t pick up they leave me a whole bunch of messages in mandarins which I don’t understand sht. Can anybody tell me if Im being troll by the CCP or there 50 cents army?.

  159. A while ago, we have a professor from China who came to Singapore to recruit a spy for them who later got caught in USA. We were so deeply embarrassed and upset about it. Our deceased leader once said that their governmental structure is outdated. How would they be able to control the narratives as their people become more educated and are more informed? The CCP devised a plan to demonise the westerners whom they are unable to control and often showcase the worse of the west in order to manipulate their people into thinking that the west is against them and that China is the best.

  160. This is a bit off topic but today I talked to this girl from china she is from guangxi and pure zhuang and she honestly didn’t know that zhuang her language had been written she thought that the writing had only been made up during mao zedongs time

  161. so this guy never went to college, right? ever heard of cultural hegemony? read gramsci. and you’ll understand why saying they reject democracy, it’s insane!… would be absolutely wrong.

  162. Even some of my wife’s (Chinese) relatives who have lived in Western democracies for most of their lives and used to be very anti-Communist have, in recent years changed their tune and now praise the Chinese government and parrot Chinese State Media criticism of Western democracy, denouncing anyone who opposes or calls out China for its human rights abuses. “Uighur detention camps? Nonsense! And what about Guantanamo Bay????”, they declare, with reddened faces. I think they’ve bought what the Chinese guy in the video is saying – basically that China’s system of government (“Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”) is the embodiment of Chinese culture, and the CCP’s authoritarian rule and lack of human rights is appropriate and justified, because it’s the “Chinese way.” You can’t argue with these people, because if you do (and even in the gentlest manner), they become very upset and defensive, and instead of an argument you get hit with a barrage of all sorts of accusations, such as being “anti-China”, racist, and in sympathy with Hong Kong separatists or something. Wow. I believe the seed of ultra-nationalism was always there, but what made it mature and sprout was 10+ years of sitting in their American living rooms watching CGTN. First came the pride stuff – the amazing opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and then a constant stream of pro-nationalist / anti-West propaganda, year after year. When we visited them they would invariably sit us down after dinner and have us watch something like one of those Gala shows where every performance is declaring the wondrous beauty and harmony of China, the benign stewardship of the Chinese Nation by the CCP, and presenting a parade of truly cringe-worthy skits featuring awe-struck foreigners of one sort or another that end in them, with pasted-on grins blurting out, “我爱中国!(I LOVE CHINA!)”, to peals of applause and cheers from the audience. Really?

  163. Could u do a video about north korea coz am kinda wanna know the things your going to say. Because your videos are really good giving out truth thank u.🙏💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  164. Wenston It looks like were going to loose our democracy hear in the united states if Trump doesn’t leave office when he looses the election. There is a high probability that Donald Trump might not “Concede” to a peaceful transition of power, and if he doesn’t it winds up in the courts. Eventually the states decide, which; there are more red states then blue, so; he ultimately will get another 4-years, which will send this country into civil war. The first thing Donald Trump will do once he gets a second term is “Go Out For Revenge”. He will have certain people locked-up and executed. “Make no doubt about it” Imagine what that means for our democracy? How much different would we be then communist China?

  165. Good that the US finally started to catch the fox hunt operatives, and other countries around the world should also begin to do that soon. Seriously, the world is waking up too LATE! China has been thuggish for 71 years, and why it is still not listed in rogue state?

  166. Becareful Winston, your enemies on the internet are going to say your are a Trump supporter now even though you are not an American citizen🤣😆. Supporter of Orange Man Bad is worse than being an animal abuser by some unhinged people.

  167. Im a college freshman. I spend all my time studying. Before, I didn’t and paid the price but, still, when I did buckle down I had a friend whom I knew who was chinese international student taking this course he once told me so he could script his own server.

    He was not vehemently supportive of china, myself being firmly against their communist ideology and when i would bring up the facilitation of marxism in the west via funding by the CCP he would always be visibly uncomfortable.

    I knew him well enough at the time to know at least it wasnt some form of patriotism..
    But i could never get him in our conversations to ever say anything critical of the CCP. When I would be critical of their treatment of Ughyr Muslims, Organ Harvesting of Folun Gong he would agree it was not a good thing. But he would say, not with enthusiasm or any excitement, that the CCP’s brand of communism was changing, and that the Communism of Mao was in the past. When I would bring it up that the Red Guard destroyed thousands of years of chinese history, relics, art, heritage he would say that China is China, and breaking the past was done, but now that the CCP are different so I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

    He was a smart person, inherently. Not quick to anger, very balanced and placid type of guy. So It was strange to see him so completely against any conservational persuading into a corner where he would either have to say that the CCP wasnt that way any more, and that they were much more of a democracy-communism hybrid, or renounce them, which he never did..

    After watching you now I understand. He was probably fearful for his family and wouldn’t risk any chance in a stupid conversation of anyone pegging him as anti communist.

    I only realized this while i was watching this, but this is somewhat eerie.

  168. Individuality is a good thing in the west. Things get wired as individuality goes up a level. For example, your neighbor might look wired to you. Gossip starts to spread around the blocks. Things get even wild when individuality goes up to the political system level. Not only you have to agree with me otherwise I will trash talk about you, killing and war seems not far fetched.  Of course, someone might make a career out of this. Crazy human 😉 God loves us all and God hate people with two faces.

  169. Its funny how this CCP dude talks about preserving their own culture yet they destroyed it during the Cultural Revolution. The culture he is preaching which is communism didn’t start in nor was it invented in China so how is that their culture?

  170. Your comments, true they are, held true for students and peoples from Taiwan under KMT control in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The KMT declared all overseas Chinese since the Song dynasty were subjects and must obey KMT rule, and monitored for correct behavior and thought under the rubric of 爱国, love of country. This is the Chinese way, I don’t excuse it but this is the way it is. Older people in Taiwan well understand this mentality because they were once subject to it. Singapore manages by filing lawsuits for libel and slander against any criticism of the government or highest officers and carefully controls speech and unauthorized movements. In all these situations citizens know the invisible lines demarcating thought and discourse that may not be crossed without penalty and censure.

  171. ‘People’s Liberation Army’, my foot. How ironic that the PRC/CCP has carried the ancient ideology of emperor-worship into the 21st century using ‘revolutionary’ rhetoric. And not only do they hold individual liberty and the rights of ethnic minorities in contempt. They would undermine TRUTH itself, if it did not speak so loudly.

    This same CCP wishes to ‘revise’ the Word of God, the Bible, making it conform to their own precepts. If they do this thoroughly, they will have to edit out every verse of every page.
    There can be no agreement between light and darkness.

  172. I have an acquaintance who is a lawyer, so I have no reason to doubt her story which is that she took in a Chinese Overseas Student as a boarder.
    The boarder heard about the ‘Tian’anmen Incident, so contact her old classmate studying in Canada to see what she knew abut it, using WeChat.
    Within a few minutes, her cellphone rang – using WeChat – and a voice on the other end of the connection reminded her she had family back in China and should watch what she says and does…

  173. 10:47 funny thing is actually its happend with me when i said wrong things against trump and somebody wrote me to stop doing it and told me things about me what he know only if he work as agent or idk lol. After that im sure i wrote tonns of things vs trump

  174. Dude I think you have a clear, and rational view, of just what we need to preserve . To heIl’ with the partisan extremists. Those people wish to ( ignorantly ) make us vulnerable. To divide and conquer as the saying goes. Triggered easy and ruled by emotions. That’s no way to live!
    Thank you for your presentation.

  175. It is not my thing to draw up people bad history or past, but I find it hypocritical that Nathan Rich (your nemesis) – is pro CPP when he himself grew up in the cult of Scientology and despises them heavily whilst sucking up to the Chinese communist cult.

  176. We made China, a totalitarian government, incredibly wealthy by trading with it. We assumed that if they shifted to capitalism, they would also shift to democracy. That’s an assumption that only someone from a Western, Christian, culture would make.
    At this point, we need to shut off all trade with them, and treat them like North Korea.

  177. If you have kept up with what’s going on politically in the US, there is a great divide. You chose to live in California which is politically one of the most extreme “left” states in the US. Its divided left/Blue and right/Red… by the media although it actually much more complex. Anyway prior to the Trump administration, the US looked at China as a most favored nation… primarily because it was financially beneficial to so many politicians to do so. Under Obama the military was even degraded. Now we are playing a catch up game with China. While our jets might be better, a 10 to ratio in their favor puts us at a disadvantage. That goes the same way with all out military branches. So the entire strategy and arsenal had to be rethought and with so much animosity in congress it’s hard. I am hopeful that the US will continue to thwart China’s ambitions and stop its operations against Chinese on the US. If we did in China, what they do here, they would declare war on us…

  178. We don’t argue with them. We stay away from them. It’s also better to pretend not being able to understand Chinese when you unfortunately encounter one of those. They’ll leave you alone. Some might go berserk on hearing you speak any foreign language tho. Just run.

  179. It’s sad that he thinks Communism is culture. China had a long and rich culture before Mao came along and led the cultural revolution… that in fact destroyed Chinese culture.

  180. Winston, I have often wondered if your wife fears for the safety of her family.
    Once, I put a sticker on my car of Calvin pissing on a hammer & sickle, and my Chinese wife flipped out. “Someone is going to take a picture and trace your license plate number and then my parents go to the crazy people place!!” I had to remove it. Once you’re tied to China, you’re under the CCP’s control.

  181. SerpentZA & Laowhy86 have been exposed as frauds by ‘JaYoe Nation’ and ‘Nathan Rich’. JaYoe was a former friend of SerpentZA but the Serpent burnt that bridge lying about him in order to promote the Anti-China ‘USA JEW Agenda’.

  182. Hey, let me first say I love you and I love your videos. But I just came home after a few drinks with a friend and thought, man, I really wish serpentza was releasing more uplifting videos like back in the day. I fully understand the duty to tell the truth and inform people of what’s going on. But I can’t help but miss you and watching videos where you talk and I don’t have to worry about hating anyone, where you’re just talking about nice things. I don’t know, maybe that’s over. But let me just tell you, I do miss that, very very dearly. Maybe you see this as silly, or not worth your time. But maybe now, more than ever, that’s what we need. I don’t know. Just some thoughts.

  183. It is a shame many people like that living in other countries instead of China forgets they enjoy all that it provides because of the very thing they dont care about, If that is the case why leave China the utopia and this has the samething in common with other messages speading ideas against western values they take advantage of all of it while biting the hand that feeds it.

  184. Here in Australia I have came across a few of these types government now is cracking down hard on these dirty commies how ever one day one was harassing my friend to the point she was so scared I beat the total fuck into him

  185. im chinese indonesian. we are not accepted even when my ancestors have been here since 18th century. and many chinese communities have existed since 10th century-16th century-onwards. we bring many advancements to food technique. but the reason we can’t integrate is because of jealousy from the native.

    only in singapore where we aren’t discriminated and can fully integrate

  186. The ex-Communist agents of Hungary are still harrassing, smear campaigning and coercing Hungarians living abroad. I’m not sure they keep record of all their harrassments, because many times it looks completely pointless, but they do it gladly anyways.

  187. 西方的民主主义就是胡乱搞,你看中东实行民主自由的国家都是过得和乞丐一样 难民一样,连所谓海湾独裁王爷奴才的奴才的狗都活的比他们强。(别和我辩论,自我感慨)

  188. America has its problems as well. Dual party system that plays off each other in a race to the bottom.

    President who is actively pretending covid is defeated as it spreads rampant and worse than ever.

    Biased Media abound

  189. I agree….Democracy is not for all…..However, when experienced, most seem to like it and do not care to live in a totalitarian state where the State is more important than the individual and where the State literally becomes God on earth…..and in those states you better not mess with God…..our younger people of the US have been indoctrinated by the poison of Marxism and the false believe that a totalitarian socialist/communist state is the answer to their problems….they take their freedoms for granted up until the time those freedoms are taken from them and suddenly the State with is utopian Marxist propaganda becomes their true enemy and oppressor….but by then it is too late…..because now they have become the hve become the victim who better stay in line and speak the propaganda that has been fed to them…..there is no room for individuality in a communist state….the CCP ( the Chinese Communist Party ) is a classic esample of this and unfortunately our main media and press ( with the exception of Fox news) has drank the ‘ kool aid of Marxism and is beginning to act just like the CCP……China doesn’t have to attack…..all they have to do is wait and watch us attack one another….I never thought I would see the day when our own press has turned on us and our country….but Americans are tough, smart and pragmatic and we will fight back if need be….the British found that out and so will our Press and our giant Tech Totalitarians who have become so skilled in taking over people’s minds….we know all about the CCP and we are beginning to find out what our main Media is about …….

  190. Winston, you are so wrong about singapore. singapore is CCP lite.

    Its illegal for a singaporean to smoke weed overseas even in countries like Netherlands & USA.

  191. Once again thank you for your openness, honesty, integrity and most of all ‘balls’ for telling the truth. In a world of misinformation and misdirection it is nice to hear. Being from Australia we see Chinas true colours. Thank you

  192. Serpentza, you missed out one other draconian gangster law which the CCP uses to control the world – HK National Security Law.
    Actually, this so-called security law is bullshit as it concerns not only HK but throws a dragnet beyond HK. The law stipulates that anyone (in the world) & that means even a foreigner is liable to be charged under Beijing gangster rule of law if he or she is caught committing a ‘crime’ against China. A crime can be as harmless as speaking against CCP or mocking WinnieXi ChiBai.
    If he or she is marked & flies into HK enroute to another country, the law will wait for him / her at the HK airport. I am not sure if they will use foreign proxies like the Chinese Tongs (local Chinese associations) or gangsters to harass a marked foreigner.
    If one is a foreigner (even a foreign Chinese) & criticises the CCP, be prepared to be marked & to ‘battle out’ this global gangsterism.
    The new world order of gangsterism of CCP has mistaken the resolves of the free world – there are many ready to fight this global bully to the end.

  193. Communist Party in China is like penetration of Free Mason Lodge in USA, the only difference in USA it is more secretive and behind the scenes. It is everywhere, but to talk about its influence is a taboo. Everybody pretends it almost doesn’t exist and country is ruled by Public opinion and market forces. The fact is you can’t be a President outside of Lodge or have any significant power.

  194. Any dog turd for a brain who supports China can say what they uneducated like. The simple fact is no other country instills fear in its people like China does. If I disagree with the British government – which I don’t coz Boris is a boss- I can say so freely without ever having to fear I will go to prison or be killed. End of story. You just lost, China!

  195. Not completely agree with your speech nor disagree of that Chinese man at the beginning and the end. Both you have a point, but the picture is big behind all this.

  196. Look at chaos in America and Europe now and imagine it is just begginig of the end of some western powerful countries and claim again about western capitalism are better then Chinese version of communism?)))))

  197. Also I have observed an international alliance being formed. It looks like it will turn into the whole world united against China. The CCP is really doing everything it can to make this happen.

  198. Democracy in Chinese literally translates as people’s freedom. People’s freedom? That’s not our thing! Yes, CCP drone, you are right – it’s not! F, I hate the CCP…

  199. Nothing a local restraining order couldn’t fix. They (Chinese agents) would be deported or confined to the Chinese embassy grounds and not allowed to make contact directly or through a third party. If violated, off to jail they go.

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