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  1. What I do with my videos #gratefulfilipina channel I just add music on top of the music on my videos…like I will add bird music on top of it…the YouTube can’t read it…I used it many times

  2. Hi Sir Brian. All I can say is “there’s always the Catch-22″… True, people make’s mistakes without their fault or accidental. YouTube control the programs either way they win. Anyways, Take Care Always.

  3. Get lawyered up ! Fight back and take control. Power to the people. On a serious note just try to control what music is on your videos etc and look for red flags before you record to avoid this from becoming an issue. No matter what YouTube is too big. Google owns it and they can bury anyone in drawn out legal fees.

  4. Sorry to hear that happened Brian, YouTube has been pricks this year , last month they deleted 4 channels I subscribed too , all of them over 200,000 subscribers !! There is no free speech anymore !!

  5. Some channels get away with uploading Documentaries & TV series and have been doing so for a couple of years and somehow get away with it (and rather big channels as well). I went through my channel a couple months back and got rid of around 100 videos that could be possibly deemed as copyright. Now I just play it safe and only use 100% my own stuff. All the best Brian, Take care 🙂👍

  6. Don’t worry about it, claim music is ok, copyright strike, you are right takes 90 days and all will be OK.. They are watching lot of channels, more than ever now, two big channels have gotten strikes this week. I have many use my content all the time…. Hang in there

  7. I know I took your advice from your videos when I started up my channel to make sure I have no copyright music in my videos. Right now I just mute in areas where I have music playing.

  8. Well I know what video your talking about Brian? You are still one of the best vloggers in the Philippines buddy? When your on top someone always looking to knock you down my friend but I’ll say this out of hundreds and hundreds of videos and this is the first time it shows what a professional channel you run? Keep your head up Brian your a great guy. God bless buddy!!!!

  9. Hey Brian I’m an Admin on yt and it will pass in due time but on record there is a guy there in your country striking alot of channels on yt for bogus reasons that were looking into daily his name is frank batiligla his channel is my philippine intrest I think its called the guy who striked you in future just add your own music or none at all I’ll talk to my boss here and see if I can get this strike Off for you take care buddy

  10. The copyright stuff sucks. I’ve had a few claims over music in my videos, .. and even had one banned world wide for a catchy melody I used as background music when I was just getting started.
    Now in “most cases” I just change the music but being as my channel’s small and I’m a long way from ever being monetized so it doesn’t really matter a lot if I’m going to lose monetization.
    Fortunately (so far) I’ve stayed clear of strikes. There seems to be a lot of grey areas.

  11. They sure are not hesitating to run commercials on your channel while this dispute is ongoing. I have been subscribed to your channel for a long time and
    have visited Angeles City many times and have hooked up with JC at Margarita station and Dave Fisher who used to have many bar interests in AC including
    Kokomos. In fact Dave took me on my first barhop in AC and I have a deep respect for both these gentlemen. I really enjoy your site and your videos and I and many others here appreciate what you do. I know you have been in Corrections and I have been on the other side of that for a 16 month term and I still respect you for who you are and the perspective you bring as a newbe to the AC stage. Lots happening these days and you work hard at providing us with current information and a personal view into your life in AC. I myself appreciate you and what you bring to the perverbial table. I will not be returning to AC as the entire experience has changed and will never be the same as it was in the the early 2000’s. The old point and shoot days are long gone and that is inevitable but change is hard as we get older. I am sad when I see your videos on Fields…AKA Walking Street…and Perimeter road because the new visitors will never know the fun times we had years ago. That being said you stand your ground and know that many of us value you very highly and we understand that though many of us were and are mongers to some degree your sense of family values show the character you posess and we want only the best for you and your family.

  12. Tim K even got a strike for the same stuff so I’ll be looking into this for you both cause this guy is a real Prick and D and a very jealous person if he sees your making any cash on your channel.

  13. Thanks for explaining what this is about. Some viewers, like myself, just enjoy quality video’s like your. I never knew this is what happens. I have complete confidence this will be fine. Thanks for explaining everything.

  14. These big tech is using its huge powers to censoring and control content to what they deemed fit to their agenda. It has moved from the past from government to now huge multi national companies that want a say in what you can say and what you cannot say.

  15. I DON’T think with the 3rd strike they will disable your channel. I think they terminate your ability to monetize your videos only, which in essence kills your channel, for some. Google is a beatch company to deal with. I used to make 15k/month as a “Youtuber of text” 🙂 back in 2007-2011 with my big entertainment site, no youtube. It’s called Adsense for text. They disabled my account due to some script that went crazy on my site one night, which was messing with Adsense-Google’s spiders that loved to feast on my site’s contents everyday. Overnight I lost that income and they seized thousands I had in my account unpaid. They ignored most of my appeals. Learn to diversify, diversify, diversify. Don’t rely on Youtube-Google for income. Do your thing. Promote your own branded products on your own site, Instagram, open your own offline business, etc. And make sure to keep a copy of all your videos offline.

  16. Brian that sucks. I think the way you handled it here on YouTube by making a video about it was very professional and handing out an olive branch. I would think these people who did the strike could respond to your email and work something out. I mean you are the type of guy who would even help promote their channel. It’s a shame this kind of thing happens to good nice people. I even got a chance to meet you and your wife. You are the easiest person to get along with and hang out with . Both you and your wife. I hope they will reach out to you to remove the strike and just talk to you. I’m sure there is some kind of mutual beneficial agreement the both of you could settle on!

  17. No big deal here, I went through that several years ago before just deleting my channel. It went away in a short period of time. The other thing is, not just this channel, but many others I watch, keep just complaining about music in the background and such over & over in nearly EVERY video. Uploaders need to stop doing that, no offense. I like this channel and the others. It just takes away from content and frankly, if it’s so bad, just move on like I did. It’s their rules. Live with them or time to find another ball game. For the record, I think the restrictions against music are very stupid and draconian.

  18. YouTube notified me a couple of months ago that some scumbag copyrighted one of my videos with more that 800,000 views. I filled out a form and gave the guy 7 days to take it down or YouTube would remove it. He didn’t take down and the only he changed was one word in the title. YouTube took it down after 7 days.

  19. It’s probably best not to use other people’s content without receiving their prior approval to do so. I watched the videos in question and while you had tastefully presented them they weren’t in actuality content that you had created. You said in your opening that you had found these videos and wanted to share them. Evidently he didn’t want for you to share them.

  20. Man, that’s nuts! People have gotten so “touchy-feely” and the liberal morons that now run GoogleTube have zero capacity to think logically, or for themselves. Some of their rules are just absolutely stupid. You’re a good guy, Brian, but don’t let people screw you over.

  21. I watch your channel because you’re just a real easy going person and even when you apologize to that person they are still been a dick….I would take them to court…

  22. I assumed it was the old photos ,but was it for music? Don’t worry you have a great channel and most of your videos get an amazing amount of views , even old vids . Stay strong mate and keep doing what you are doing you will soon hit 100 k

  23. Sorry to hear about that. You have a good channel and you put effort into it. You open up your life up for the world to see. This too shall pass. Keep up the good work. Stay safe from the CHIMMP.

  24. Had that on my Facebook mute, had my music playing also Doing vedeo life ,Have my music on, not copy ,I was listening to my music Also.They allowed before now can’t used music background. Don’t feel Down Brian .

  25. I actually kind of understand the person not liking their videos used. I might feel that, here is some guy using or profiting on my property without my permission or he didn’t like the comments on his memories. I understand that your main goal was to put out some interesting content while in down time and not specifically to make money off someone else. but you are a monetized channel and in fact you put out another persons content and would have made money and satisfied subscribers for retention. They are not monetized I think you mentioned so maybe they wanted it out there without money being made from it. Sure they should have just contacted ou and easy peasy it would have been handled but maybe they were just miffed and didn’t know the procedure or implications Only they know their intentions.. So bottom line its no big deal. Live and learn. Only use your own content. As far as others using your content, if they’re respectful and give or list your link you actually will gain further viewers so its a win for you anyway.

  26. In Philippines they sell pirated stuff everywhere. Let the guy sue you LOL, by the time it goes to court you will be in your 80’s and senile. You make videos of walking/riding around the town. Is all this to do really worth it? Are you making Thousands and Thousands of dollars doing this? And I don’t think it’s a copyright problem if you are walking by a place and they are playing a Rolling Stones song, maybe in youtube world, but not in the real world. If it is really a copyright violation then that would mean no business or bar can play that music either. You are walking by a place and they are playing a song, it’s a copyright violation for you, but not for the place playing it. It makes no sense, I don’t think the band will or can sue you lol.

  27. Go to BitChute, that’s where most all other banned YouTube Channels are going, screw Commie YouTube! They’re Evil! I seldom even come here anymore because of YouYubes criminal and unconstitutional behavior!

  28. I watch a guy in Thailand ride 4 kicks laidback like you dubbing music on his stuff talks only whenever outside.I think if you watch this guy you can get some more ideas for your stuff and then you can get more creative on how you can edit your program. Past LLB yesterday on the way to RAO. Take care check him out he is really good and interesting personality.

  29. U did take his video without his permission…i was looking for original YouTube owners credits,, u didnt give him credit…u made a mistake and now u r turning it around and saying it’s his fault…he probably didn’t like your altitude regarding flashing ur camera at people and filming ,, blaming people for not letting u film them…to make money off them….and make money off him…sorry to say,,,but that’s how u r coming off as…now u blame the guy and inferring he’s a bad person if he doesn’t retract his complaint LOL….I still like ur videos but u do come off as a hypocrite,,and a person who can never do wrong…still follow u but that’s how u present yourself….been following u from day 1….being an established angeles YouTuber has gone to your head….but I still watch and follow u….coz u r in angeles city….my apologies if I offended…

  30. Not sure what video it was or the content. But I can say for most of us, your work makes the world a better place and interesting and we are better for it. As far as I know, all I have heard are your opinions, advise, and observations which have no copyright issues. If background music is a thing, then just hum something and mix it up or play a musical instrument and make your own composition to stay out of trouble. There’s news. There’s “the” news. Then there’s Brian’s news.

  31. I’ve seen videos on youtube that are copies of other people’s content. They basically just re-upload someone else’s video. They may make some minor modifications but they don’t really add anything essential. I’ve also seen that video where one of Brian’s videos was used for a reaction video. I considered that one fair use. There are also people who think that if you use any part of their video, it’s a copyright violation. Like the one of the British doctor in Australia who’s being sued because he said their videos gave wrong medical advice. They’re mad that they’re being exposed and their profiteering off false medical advice is being stopped.

  32. Hey Brian Dave here in Australia good luck with this bullshit I hope it works out for you mate… why the way good to see your dog Rocky running around the yard guarding the fort. Hope he’s okay after his operation a few weeks ago

  33. Sucks to hear that.. those were awesome vids too. I actually wanted to find out one of the songs used on the last vid. Some people are just too sensitive and just wont give people chances.

  34. Hope everything’s will be fine with u my best friend .. by the time I have some questions .. I’m in Philippine now .. so can I know what time the curfew start and until when .. ?? And what’s the requirements to enter Angeles city or clark airport .. ? .. and is there are a quarantine if I arrive or not .. or just waiting for my swab test results .. then I’m free to go out ??!! .. thank u Philly..

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