1 year of travel! – Whats next?!

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It’s been 1 year since i left the life i knew behind to travel the world.
I didn’t know what to expect or what would happen on the way,
but i knew that any decision to leave was better than any decision to stay. during my time travelling i met some amazing people and managed to work with some big brands to make videos,
i’m now back in Melbourne, the story continues…

ANA Video

Welcome to travel Melbourne video

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  1. Woooh! I’m back! 1 year later! thanks for all the amazing support everyone! you guys freeken rock!
    no that i’m home it’s time to make some killer videos!! (:

    follow me on instagram for behind the scenes – benn_tk

  2. I’ve been a fan for a few months, maybe I found you when I was in cambodia, I was under the impression you had taken some time off work for a month or two and few times then gone back to make some coin. But whats your living situation did you manage to mostly pay off a place on fat tradie wages?

    1. You are welcome. I love your Channel. It courage me love traveling. It is beautiful view outdoor in the world.
      Traveling is Life. Enjoy our life to travel to where we want and love.

  3. You have to travel to Ireland. A plethora of places to film and photo there. Cliffs of Moher, Gap of Dunloe, Carrauntohill, Ring of Kerry, Giants Causeway and lots more. Would love to see you do a vid of Ireland.

  4. Hi Benn! Been a faithful follower after watching your cinematic video. Do DM me if you wish to do collaboration in terms of your website design and development. Look forward to hear from you soon!

  5. Hey Benn, did you go to school for film making or editing? I know the answer is practice but how did you get so bloody good at editing? Like I feel I could practice for years and still have no clue how to do 10% of the shit you can do….

  6. You’re probably the best video editor on youtube right now….can’t wait for some of yours transition tutorials cause you’re killing it bro…that’s the best thing I saw on youtube

  7. if you are didn’t use your a7s anymore 馃槢 i would take it 馃槢 and duuuuuude don’t sit at home !!!! travel now !!!!!!! 馃槈 greetings from Germany <3

  8. Watching the video at 0.25 speed to try understand how the hell you do your great transition 馃榾 It gives some tips lets say which shootage you did ! I wish you a lot of eternal success in your business

  9. Greeting TK, I’m a big fan since watched your amazing works! and now I also traveling at some corners of Australia, can’t wait that one day you visit to Taiwan and show everyone how you will describe my country by your amazing film 馃榾

  10. Hi, TK! I really love your videos and thanks for sharing them with us. I was wondering what the name of the sound effects you use are, or what category they are under in the link you provided. I like those wind like effects, but I don’t know how they are called. Thanks!

  11. Hi brother ! There is another parsdise in Indonesia it palced In Banggai, Central Sulawesi, Google it, or you can visit my insgram to know it more spesific.

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