1. Drew, you are still outsider. You don’t know inside their minds. On surface Japanese are friendly and courteous and so on……but inside of their minds they are cynical and prejudice against anybody look different. Even though they don’t act like you or American or European, verbally blasting away others. But inside their minds subconsciously hideously discriminate others on culture, tribe like Korean, race . But don’t worry they love white people with their hands and knees….Ha,ha…😂🍻😁🎻

  2. Nutz. Missed another one. If you only knew how screwed up my sleeping habits are now, it sucks to say the least. The replay was good and I knew you were saving PR’s for the very end. HA! Have a great day Drew. Cheers Bro! ps: It looks like you’re getting spammed and trolled from a couple of replies below. Just a heads up.

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