(1of2) Video Diary, Nov 4, 2014 – I’m Just Waiting On A Friend

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      you’re right, I’m connecting dots based on various videos leading up to this last one. I don’t have all the information; rather I’m basing my opinion over a broad canvas of previous statements.” I could be wrong” but I’m just one person and one persons opinion right or wrong. I’ve stated multiple times now “this is not an attack” yet you seem to be determined to engage me in one. you seem like a rational man in you videos’ so I don’t understand why you are taking a difference of opinion so personally. If you feel I’m am wrong in my judgement just dis-regard me text; but realize not everyone will always agree and see eye-to -eye with you. If a person voices an opinion that goes against yours “its okay”. perhaps I’m wrong..perhaps you’re wrong or we’re somewhere in between; either way contemplating other peoples view points is what allows us to get a new perspective and grow. 

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines or.. to make it even easier for you, imagine this;  You meet a woman, fall in love with her.  Then, you find out she’s cheating on you with two other men.  So, you break up with her.  And then, someone comes along and tells you, “You know what your problem is?  You want a perfect woman.  If you don’t commit to this cheating g/f of yours, you’re just not ready for marriage.”

      Now are you starting to see how ludicrous your statement is?

    3. @pumpkinjoe1313 you claim that i am not ready for marriage based on your previous statement that i am looking for a perfect, even trophy wife, who doesn’t exist.  that is the error in your assumption.  i’m not looking for a perfect person.  what possibly gave you that idea?  seriously.  i have had 4 relationships and broke up with the women for either lying.. cheating on me or not being able to get past the kids-issue.  so.. what is there about that which would make you conclude that (a) i’m not ready for marriage and (b) i’m looking for a ‘perfect’ woman?  I’m serious, I have no idea how you connect those dots together without adding in a whole lot of assumptions and imagination.

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      This isn’t just about Joan. She is simply an example. You want to date this woman Tuesday, that woman Friday, and yet another one Saturday. If your looking to settle down you find a person you’re interested in and date that person. The only way to determine if things could work out is to commit yourself to THAT relationship and getting to know THAT person; of course that is if your truly looking to marry. When you’re bouncing from woman to woman you’re just looking to have fun. I’ve done it myself; however you have to admit it’s very selfish and non-constructive for any relationship you say you want. I focused on Joan because she was the most recent example, however from what you’ve spoken of about past women there you’ve dated it just seems pretty obvious to me (just an opinion) that you’re not ready to marry or just not marriage material. Keep in mind this is not an attack. I like you and I like your channel; but I’m simply responding to a question from you. I don’t want you to get upset or become ugly feeling a need to defend yourself, because no malice is intended in my text. I also hope to live there or Thailand in a few yrs. and don’t need to watch my back for you.

  1. There is something to be said about enjoying time with someone who can add to attending festivals, sightseeing, etc. as friends but I have found on occasion, going out just as friends made me realize the intimacy factor drove the relationship and a long-term commitment would have been a disaster. Whew.  

  2. That’s the thing about being guys like us, we can hang out over a beer and pizza and don’t have to take selfies and make it a public spectacle. Just a couple of guys hanging out and talking… simple !! Give my best to Ned and Michelle !!

  3. Thanks for the vids. I have not been to the Philippines and really do not have desire to go. Is too different and too far from my Florida and the women are not my taste. I have been going to Central America, Colombia, etc for 25 years and the quality is far better. I recommend that you scout hotels, restaurants, and car rental places and look there. Jobs are tight so they only hire real lookers. Life is too short for anything else I have always had much success and the women usually come from good families who own cars, etc. Plus is only 3-4 hours by plane and I am back in the US to recharge.I am sure same principles apply there.

  4. lol the most awkward thing to do when hanging with guy pals is to take your phone out and say lets take a selfie lmao 😀 you can see why he dont have those pics 😀

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