1. We can get it back to looking like it does in Shanghai soon. It’s just a matter if people will listen to the rules and not break them, which sets us back further. People breaking those rules are psychopaths and don’t deserve the respect.

  2. This is a hideous smack in the face of the suffering that we here in The United States are going through let alone the whole world. There is no cheer or happiness rekindled by any memory of times past by exposure to Christmas display in China. A land where to be a Christian is criminal. To a world that has lost five million people from a virus that by no fault originated in China ( hopefully). But by fault the policy judgement of the CCP spreading the virus throughout the world by intent or by criminal mistake by inaction for containment.

  3. The trees wrapped with lights are really nice! I never expected Shanghai to look this clean. This neighborhood is almost a replica of SoHo, NYC in many ways…

  4. LOL, the fat girl has an ice cream cone!!! Strange how so much is in English. Anyhow, another great video. A beautiful and clean city. 28:38 interesting sports car. God bless you and thank you.

  5. You see that wearing mask in public is not a obligation in China? Chinese government don’t even control the citizens at all to show off their success in response to pandemic crisis while many other countries citizens endure so much inconvenience wearing masks and locking in them selves at home during Christmas season thanks to China. What a shameless selfish administration it is.

  6. The streets were so clean and calm to watch. I hope Philippines is next Asian Boss, either in Cebu or Manila or Davao 😁
    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays! 🎄🕊️✨🎁

  7. Thank you so much for showing the real China. Like all countries, it’s not a perfect place. But it’s certainly not the one dimensional evil place that western media and fake media portray it to be. Happy holidays everyone!

  8. For people wondering about masks, as someone who has family Shanghai, the virus has mostly been contained in China and there are less the 50 daily cases in Shanghai which is why people have been a lot more relaxed recently

  9. Beautiful, I love China and Japan. Beautiful cities and villages, beautiful architecture, and beautiful music. I’d love to travel around China and Japan, someday!!!

  10. Después del puto desmadre que hicieron por ser “negligentes” acá en el extremo occidente nos la vemos negra con el porvenir nos dejaron sumidos en más problemas gracias al sars cov 2

  11. mask situation recap: the statistics for the day say that in the whole mainland China there have been 20 new cases (same day has seen 18000 cases in Italy), asymptomatic. in Shanghai wearing a mask is mandatory on public transportation like metro or bus. if/when more cases appear (this has happened more or less a month ago) the alert level is raised and the areas where the cases came from see increased security/restricted mobility. According to where you are headed when flying a swab test may be required before you get on the plane. so yes, life is like 98% back to normal but the alert level is still high.

  12. I see the officials numbers from the Chinese government and I don’t believe them. But then I watch videos from vloggers based in China, I have to think they’ve done a great job containing covid.

  13. Christmas! I feel like this year Shanghai has leveled up the Christmas decoration. Mostly in malls, one has put up an ice scating rink with a Christmas tree in the middle, big brands (the Christmas trees from Tiffany as seen at 25:50 , Vuitton, Dior…) and a bunch of Christmas markets scattered in different areas of the city center selling decorations, food and rivers of mulled wine. I think it’s very pretty and also believe is quite peculiar of Shanghai as other cities in China do not have that much of an interest and their decor is low profile.

  14. My first thought on seeing this was, “Wow, almost everyone is wearing masks,” then I look at the comments and half of them seem to be the exact opposite sentiment. I just got back from the post-Christmas sales here in Brisbane, Australia and I’d say less than 5% of people were wearing masks. There’s really no need here, we’ve all but eliminated the virus, except for a small cluster in Sydney.

  15. While here in Ontario Canada we are entering a new provincial lockdown in an hour on December 26th,2020. This holiday season is hopeless, the new lockdown would last for 28 days.. Welp

  16. Guess a lot of folks there didn’t see your last video from that Korean expert. Only 50% masks, wow. I don’t think we’re that low in participation here in the states.

  17. For most people in China, it doesn’t matter whether Christmas is a traditional local holiday or whether they believe in god or not, people just take every chance to enjoy the holiday happiness moods.

  18. Xi’an is also the same this year. Lights, decorations all around. I wish 2021 brings more happiness to everyone and we get rid of all the sadness due to this pandemic!

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