90’s Car Meet FAIL in Bangkok Thailand

#Skyline #Supra #RX7
This morning I showed up the 90’s Lover Car Meet in Bangkok as it ended. I still made a video about it since I did see some cool cars.


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  1. Hey Chad, Benz, Volvos, Vdubz, 90’s is worldwide phenomenon,
    They just g et it so right in Thailand,
    As you say Euro & Stanced cars wouldn’t get far on those roads.
    Not saying ours are any better in UK, by the way.
    Be cool and keep it up.

  2. You’ll make 100K subs. You are that good. But, you would already have passed that if you combed your hair and shaved… 🤣👍

  3. I have to tell you I love the car stuff but the bike tour, island hoping, filming the night life getting to know the local spots is what drew me to your channel and what keeps me here and your a pretty cool guy that’s very entertaining, a dude I could have a beer with and not worry about you stabbing me in the back. This is why I’m here and why I stay, the cars are just a bonus.

  4. Dude no excitement over the sick Datsun 1200 at the end of your video!.. clean machine.. I built one in the 80’s that was pretty cool until I rolled it 6 times.. 🤣😂

  5. I remember that cute model was digging drifting by the second ride ! Shit, this means I’m old…
    So is the 90’s crowd also into grunge music ? I was heading to Mexico for my TEFL retirement but you sure make a case for Thailand Ambassador Chad..

  6. the qualty of japanese cars was at its apex in the 90’s and their relative simplicity made them easy to work on. I own 2 90’s toyotas with over 200k miles and the engines are still going strong

  7. Hey chad, please join the 90’s lover fb group for Thailand. Members are nice and post when the meets are. 😇😇😇

  8. STEP KAI ❺❺❺ゞখণໂઈゆণਙະಥ_ಥ says:

    subaru ยังมา แล้ว EVO ยุไหน (90s)

  9. 2 things that are standard with thai vehicle shows….
    They advertise them 1 week AFTER they’re ended…
    They’re advertised as ‘bike week’ ‘car week’ etc but last 15 minutes….

  10. 2 things that are standard with thai vehicle shows….
    They advertise them 1 week AFTER they’re ended…
    They’re advertised as ‘bike week’ ‘car week’ etc but last 15 minutes….

  11. Thailand has a pretty mad American Musclecar and Classic scene also..
    Not to mention a killer Bike scene also…
    Damn i miss that Country every damn day 😔
    Live for your uploads Chad appreciate every single one

  12. great to see the car videos back, although the bike tours are awesome also. I’m curious as to the junkyard scene there, how about a boneyard video? !!!

  13. Hey Chad, is there many Ae86 “Hachirokus” in Bangkok? I did see one a split second in this video tho.. Sick video,dude!😃😃😃👏👏👏

  14. The stance scene is not in Thailand, but it is in North Malaysia and south of Thailand. But the cars they used isn’t any of the jdm stuff. Its more of Protons and Peroduas.

  15. Heck yea! 💨💨
    All the sick cars, even the euro’s I was asking about.
    Thx bud, awesome stuff. 🙌🏻
    Now go chill a couple days and get your things sorted. 😉

  16. We got the FN2 type R in Australia but not the sedan version or Si you got in the states. Those hatch versions are made in the UK and I think are only RHD so that’s probably why you didn’t get them in the states. Also at that time Honda had very different model lineups for different world regions. Like the Accord coupe for the us. FD type R sedan for Japan and Malaysia only and the FN type R for UK and all other RHD countries. They even imported that model back into Japan and sold it as the Type R Euro.

  17. สวัสดีครับ ประเทศไทย🙏🏻🇹🇭💚💙

  18. I went to Infinite Motorsport last December and its a pretty dope place! Sadly it was partly closed and only a few cars were there 😕

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