A Lechon Place in Dumaguete, Philippines

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    1. @furbygr Not sure about Dumaguete or Manila, but in Cebu:   goat meat is the most expensive, beef a little less, pork cheaper than beef and chicken is cheaper than the rest.   Lechon is one of the more desirable ways to eat pork and you pay for it. 

  1. Thanks for that, I was wondering the other day if they did roast pigs there. I was raised in Louisiana and it was a big thing there. Any idea on the price?

  2. Very nice video my friend, Thank You… – Yes sure I will try to visit and taste the place in my next visit to the PH… – Best Regards from Stockholm Sweden

  3. My opinion and my taste is that those lechon (piggies) mostly left too raw! A ham for the christmas is ready when inside temperrature should be at least 78 – 82C…I never met that in the Philippines. Salamat! Only a bit for my plate, please! ¬†ūüôā

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines¬†Yes! Better be sure! It seems that this place could be in a hurry to make all these ready…You are choosing the best parts of a pork I see! Many filipinos like the skin most, what I`ve seen in our celebrations!

    2. @Leo L√∂pp√∂nen¬†I’ll usually get the met closest to the skin. ¬†If not, I’ll often re-fry it hot in a pan just to be sure. ¬†Like yesterday, then mixed it in with rice and soy sauce. ¬†ūüôā

  4. For those in the area, you should have posted their phone number, so they could order ahead. ūüôā¬† Hope to do our visit next summer.¬†¬† Lechon is on the top of my wish list.

  5. Very good vlog. Our mouth is watering. Me and my wife can’t wait to go back to the Philippines. The food here in Indianapolis indiana is ok but it can’t beat the food from the Philippines.

  6. As a loyal subscriber to your great informative videos, all I can say is welcome back from your short time off, whatever you were occupied with. Thanks Henry. Bahala na.

    1. @roysjoy¬†I only wish the sun would come out from these storms so I could get better colors for the outdoor shots. ¬†Storms should be over soon. ¬†ūüôā

    1. @Josh49546¬†Dumaguete is a very safe place. ¬†I personally dont’ travel into Mindanao although I know plenty of other expats do, and live there. ¬†But Dumaguete has been rated one of the top 10 places to retire in the world, so that should tell you something. ¬† I have been out after midnight and see 17 year old college kids at the McDonald’s studying, walking outside, riding skateboard.. no real crime issues here this year. ¬†Only in 2012 there was a short spree of robberies, but even that got contained.

  7. I’m finally in Cebu, arrived Saturday. I saw on YouTube this restaurant in Cebu where they cook the pig for 19 hours, they say the meat melts in your mouth. I will definitely try that dish out.¬†

  8. Uprated.¬† I feel sick looking at this!¬† Just with thinking of indigestion, ha ha ha!!¬† I would definitely eat this!!!!!!!!¬† I found a suckling pig in my local greenmarket, and a lady was right there to share it with me — 15 euros each.¬† Split all along the middle.¬† Roasted it, Sardinian style, served garnished with fresh radishes.¬† Too much food for two but wow, good!¬† ūüôā

  9. This little pig went to the market.
    This little pig stayed home.
    This little pig had roast beef.
    This little pig had none.
    This little pig cried “Wee, wee, wee, wee!” – Squealed ¬†
    All the way home.

  10. You need to get your facts right before making ill advised comments. Pigs are fun loving, sociable animals full of joie de vivre. Piglets are very fond of play. They chase one another, play-fight, play-love, tumble around and generally enjoy themselves. They do not grow into normal pigs when deprived of play. In factory farms piglets like you see here they cannot play, they live in crowded, dirty concrete or gridded pens with nothing to do. Factory farmed pigs are given concentrated feed and spend a short time eating. They have no opportunity to root around and this is a serious cause of frustration and acute boredom in these intelligent animals. Almost all pork, bacon, ham, pepperoni and pork sausage sold comes from factory farm pigs. This is the modern way of farming animals, to get as many animals into the smallest space possible, to reduce costs. Not only is the flesh you eat a product of immense cruelty and suffering. It is contaminated with many things you probably do not realise you are ingesting. Animal products are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, dioxins, and a host of other toxins that cause serious health problems in humans. A high percentage of meat is also contaminated with E. coli, campylobacter, listeria, or other dangerous bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts, flesh, and faeces of animals. Over 70% of food poisoning comes from animal products. Say NO to eating animals.

    1. These pigs are only bread to be eaten, if nobody wanted to eat them they would not be there just like the majority of farmed animals.¬† If yo don’t think animals should be eaten then simple don’t eat them, just don’t tell the rest of us about how bad their lives are they are bread to eat that’s it!

    2. You need to focus on what is actually being discussed and written, rather than spilling out a pre-bias you have on eating pork. ¬†First, I never said pigs were mindless or lacking intelligence. ¬†I made no comment on that at all. ¬†So your comments about how they play, etc. are irrelevant to this discussion. ¬†We were discussing the amount of squealing pigs do when bothered in any way. ¬†If a child so much as takes a pig by the tail, it will scream just as much. ¬†Secondly, this is not some giant pig butchery house in the USA, so all your comments on that are again, irrelevant. ¬†If you can’t follow along and pay attention to the discussion at hand, save the “eating meat is torture” bias for the 20-something, coffeeshop vegetarians you likely get nods of agreement from. ¬†And lastly, “Bacon is the candy of Meats.”

  11. I payed for three lechons this year for my pinay neace,we have three birthday parties Two in leyte one here in louisiana pleny asians here.

  12. henry,i just got something i love to eat and i nw craving for it!!!!!
    anyway,any idea if i were to get the whole lechon baboy,hw much would it be in peso?
    and do they provide delivery?

    1. @vincent tay¬†a full lechon as you see here in the video.. about 3,500 pesos. ¬†i didn’t ask about delivery but i’m sure for some extra pesos they’d do it. ¬† ūüôā

  13. This is the way they kill pigs up in Canada. I used to work at the slaughter
    house and chase them to the kill area when I was in hi-school. They come
    in thru holding pens, and they are herded up a ramp to the kill floor. You just
    hit then with a canvas cloth on the rear and they go-“squealing all the way.”
    Some can’t walk well, and they are called cripples, so a guy has a 22 caliber
    revolver and shoots them between the eyes, and their dead almost instantly,
    however they kick and squirm for a couple minutes. They also slit their throat
    I believe-can’t remember that far back. The rest of them that are healthy are
    herded into a big chamber and they are gassed which sort of knocks them
    out, then the chamber opens and they are all lying around, ( not dead)-then
    they are shackled by the hind legs, and hoisted up, and then their throats are
    slit, to bleed them out. Then they are quickly butchered–no pain for the pigs.
    ¬†¬† Now this was about 40 yrs ago, so I don’t know what they do these days, but
    whatever method they use will be very quick and humane–likely same in USA.

  14. Thanks for sharing this vid as well, Henry. Very interesting. Never been inside lechon establishment. The fresh and the ready to pick up lechon side by side ūüôā Now I know where we can order lechon.

  15. I don’t know, Reekay, but I think they should at least put a fence to separate them live piggies from the¬†lechon.¬†To me, at least, it seems unappetizing and unsanitary to get your lechon very close to where they defecate.

    1. @iliketheodds¬†yah, not a bad idea. but then again.. there are LOTS of improvements that could be made here.. totally good, common sense stuff and yet, it’s done the opposite way. one pet-peave of mine is the fact that about 70% of the vehicles here use a heavy tint on the front windshield. common sense says, “don’t do that” because it makes night-driving nearly impossible without running the high-beams ALL THE TIME and still not seeing pedestrians in the road. but.. you look around here and there they are.. heavily tinted front windshield. : /

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