A Quick Update: All is Good! :)

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Ha, that´s the life…pretty good that nights, especially the stars and when it rains and thunderstorms far over the sea. I like it.

    2. @Outback Dave i have a nightwalker schedule.. awake around 10a.  breakfast between noon and 2p (trying to fix that, breakfast at 11a)  Then lunch around 7p and dinner around 11p, ending the day around 2a-3am.   the only time i change my schedule is if i’m in a relationship, to match their hours.  otherwise, i’ve been a nightcreature for over 30 years.

  1. Good to know everything is ok Henry. Got worried, wondered what happened to you. Been checking everyday to get my LBTS fix lol. Looking forward to new vids. tc.

    1. @jim nichols Your right; it reminds me of those WWII war romantic novels as the male in the novel is off to some battle as a result the romance has to be compressed in few days.

    1. @edwinodus for a lot of things, like antibiotics, no Rx is needed.  but for ED pills and sleeping aids (apart from melatonin), most pharmacies will want a prescription.

    2. @edwinodus you can get it either via Rx and pharmacy, or there are bootleg/generic ones available.  problem with ‘on the street’ stuff is you have no idea what you are getting.  have to know a reliable, trustworthy supplier.

  2. This is so what I wanted to be doing in Hawaii but now I’m going to florida into an over 55 gated community, not exactly freedom but ill be on the sand on Captiva imagining being in PH…lol

    1. @BusyBeeCompany Oh and the average cost of the properties are $300k…..going up to and over $1m so…lol… any old grannies with a dodgy ticker…lol

    2. Well, I’m married but if I was single it would be quite fun im sure…all those GILFS and all their widows funds…lol and me being 20 years younger…lol..id be ‘jail bait’.

  3. The info you provide for Life Beyond the Sea is great. I’ve been through your website, and noticed I couldn’t really find any new content. I began to wonder if anything had gone awry. Tonight, I stumbled across your YouTube channel, and immediately subscribed. 

    I hope to be in the Philippines this time next year. In the mean time, I feel like I am getting a head start just by learning from your experiences. Thanks for sharing!

    1. @Mike Kano welcome.  🙂   yes, i am way behind in updating my main site since i’ve been putting my time into the videos here.  but i hope to do some additions to the main site soon as i have some new ideas to share specifically for that site.  typically, i spend 2 hours going through just messages and comments each morning.  then creating, editing, uploading the videos so it does take a chunk of time each day.  but i have some new galleries for the site that will be online soon.  🙂

    1. @paul chambers still alive.  someone asked for the vids to be in reverse order so, can’t upload until all three are completed.  should be ready very soon to upload all 3 on the Malatapay Merkado.

  4. This is my second comment and we’ve done some changes since your last visit.  In addition to Village pizza in Loboc, five weeks ago we opened a second unit in Baclayon at the Petron Station there.
    The original location was the flagship unit in Loboc with the intentions to franchise from the start.  However, since Baclayon  has opened it is representative of what a franchise unit will look like and aside from some document completion we are ready to offer Village pizza unit to the public for turn key franchise unit.  Because we could not get final clearance of the name we have since changed the name to”Villagio’s Pizza (A Village Pizza Haus)
    Villagio’s is available for a full turn key operation unit.  We will do the demographic studies, select and build the unit, staff the location and completely train the staff and turn over the operating unit to a Franchisee.  The total cost will vary depending on the size of the unit and will range from 600,000 to 800,000 Pesos.  This includes all construction and equipment cost ready  to operate.  These units are very profitable and can easily be operated with an absentee owner or operated as a family business.  These units are very attractive and inviting.  
    I invite you to visit Baclayon’s  Villagio’s Pizza and see how we operate and how this can be a profitable venture anywhere wihin the Philippines or outside the country.  Outside the Philippines we are in the position to offer a master franchise those interested in multiple unit location.
    Please visit face book at Village Pizza Loboc and watch for our developments or contact me at : [email protected]…….I look forward to talking with you……
    Currently working with potential franchisees in Cebu and Vietnam……

  5. Hope your doing well! It’s been over a week since you posted a video and look forward watching it when you have time to make another one and upload it! 

    1. @Videogame pro good news.. 3 new videos uploading right now.  ‘malatapay merkado’.. enjoy!  (should be online in about 3 hours from this post.)

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