A Secret Spot for all your Household needs in San Juan, La Union.

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  1. That was a kool day. The store. Has got many good things you need on a daily basis. And I have never seen a beach with no waves. Be good for paddle boarding. Stay safe and keep living the dream!

  2. Hey.. hope you’re enjoying the life in Philippines! Our family here in (Chicago) have been watching your videos for the past week and have been enjoying them. I wanted to let you know that our family Vacation home is literally a house you pass by every time you go down the beach lol but we always try to see if you would ever take videos of it ( but haven’t) it is Owned by my Aunt here in Chicago & she hasn’t been back for a few years now. I myself haven’t been to Philippines in over 15 years . When that house was built it was maybe the 1st on built on that land (no neighbors ) now we see that it’s literally surrounded by Hotels ! To be exact… it is the house on your left side.. surround by white walls .. right when you walk out onto Eagle St ( my mom says ) towars going down the beach ! If you could and If you don’t mind… we would be very happy if you could somewhat just show a glimpse of the house! We are hoping to go to Philippines next year and we are hoping we would run into you 😅 anyways this has been a long message, but we are a fan of your page ! My Mom and Dad enjoys your videos because they’re native of LA Union ( San Fernando) they also have houses over there . Ok well thank you and we are looking forward to seeing your next Video

  3. That sucks about your tire maybe a nail or screw should be an easy fix. Days it’s flat like that we be like who wants some food lol hit up chronic tacos 🌮 or Chinese in Newport. That always low price has so good deals thanks for the spot 🤙🏻. No beer breaks lol . How much was that bbq?

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