A Sign of Things to Come?

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Last week I went to a cafe here in Australia and decided to pay cash for my coffee instead of the usual tap and go card and the girl behind the counter gave a dirty look when I handed over a $10 note. She hesitated to touch it and reluctantly gave me my change by dropping it rudely into my hand. Made me feel like a leper. I can see where this is going.

  2. It’s not to do with the virus, although it sure seems that way at the moment. China is virtually a cashless society and when you attempt to use cash, the cashiers will accept it, but do not like it. China had a big problem with counterfeit cash, and the 99% cashles society that operates now has basically solved the problem. Of course, they can trace all of your WeChat and Alipay purchases. You used to be able to keep a tab at the bar, now it’s the government that keeps a tab on us.

  3. I saw that in Thailand, the Starbucks would soon begin serving alcohol. I thought that this video was going to be about that. Scott, I see your point but as someone who is heavily invested in cryptocurrencies, a no cash policy seems a move toward adoption of cyber payments. This, in the medium and long term, means quite in increase percentage to my net worth. I sometimes hear you advise your subscribers to go along with things in Thailand. Would it ever be possible for you to see this as a move forward? There are still numerous places that will accept your pictures of the king. All my best….

  4. My closest store doesn’t take cash. I haven’t been in there the last 10 years. I thought Thailand would be the last country discarding cash.

  5. If the general public boycotted these establishments who won,t take cash they,d go bankrupt,while people stand for this shit they,ll carry on,and if you do you,re a turkey voting for an early christmas.

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